_Life with my Guardian Angel_ is on Amazon!

AT LAST, this mostly-non-fiction book of mine has been published!  The paperback version will be out in six months or so.   years of our mission have been finished.

How many readers will find it?   I tell myself that it doesn’t matter…I love the book, the story has been launched today, and has its own hidden destiny to find.

Off you go into the ocean ahead, dear book, sail your life with joy, and know that from time to time a few incidents, a few ideas you carry may touch a reader, and change their destiny, too.

Lots of emotion today.  Does everyone share these feelings when their book is published, when their movie is released, when their ideas are open for the rest of us to find?  Easy to believe that we all feel this same delight, after


10 thoughts on “_Life with my Guardian Angel_ is on Amazon!

  1. I haven’t checked in on your website in quite a while, and tonight, I felt the pull to come back, not knowing why….and here it is, a post about a new book that I did not know was coming. I’m not sure if it found me or I found it, but I’m glad I stopped by. I hope you’re well, Richard. You have provided me with inspiration and insight for a very long time, and I look forward to reading your words again.

  2. Richard! Wow. I had ordered LwmGA awhile ago and just started reading this evening…and BEFORE I looked for your website. So, yes, this reader found it…or, as Lisa wondered … perhaps it found me … as all of your previous, wonderfully delightful books seem to have done.

    My parents departed for their heaven early last year after spending 95 years on this plane—76 of those years together. My mother always was aware of her Guardian Angel. And now, with your book, I know how to contact mine.

    Thank you sir!

  3. Well Done Richard!! A wonderful presentation of your new book. Of course I have the original ebook as well as this new ebook.
    They took away my original review from way back in 2017….I guess it was not helpful enough (oh the woes of a rejected reviewer)
    I am looking Forward to purchasing seven copies of the new printed version for gifts for my earthly angels. Let us make this book a best seller. It belongs at the number one spot in the world!

    • Thank you! It was some kind of Amazon error that dropped your review. Send it again and I’ll be astonished if they didn’t put it up at once.

  4. Richard! Wonderful to see you back blogging and congratulations on the new book! Your works have had a special place in my life journey ever since my grade 7 English teacher gave me the book Illusions. It was the beginning of what has turned out to be my life mission -to understand the unseen and how this whole “life” thing works. I wrote your quotes inside letters to pen pals all through my teenage years and today I always have a few copies on hand to share with important people on my path.
    3 years ago I moved to SJI through a series of magical circumstances and I was completely astounded to see that the spiritual teacher who has been with me all these years is just one island over. I look forward to our paths crossing so I can express my appreciation in person. Thank you for your gifts to us all. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the new book, Richard! I just stopped by your site to see what’s new, and now I’m off to Amazon to grab a copy of your latest work. Best wishes to you.

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