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IN CASE YOU’D like to see the dearest book review of my books that I’ve read.


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  1. Incredible review! It must have felt so, so honoring for you to receive such comments from someone who was discovering you as an author for the first time. It is so awesome too that this blog writer had never read any other of your books and coming in pure and fresh to your world. I think this is just what you need, or anyone needs, to jolt them back into knowing that there are people who can discover new material or new things, etc…that speak on their own merit in our day and age. After reading this review i think i will be rereading my Ferret Chronicle book again. I am so happy for you and this writer for entering into our family. I feel like saying Welcome! (maybe i will)

    • I have the same kind of experience as the guy who wrote so lovingly about the Ferret books. More then twenty years ago I was roaming around in a bookshop to by a present for my wife. I stumbled upon “A Gift of Wings” by Richard Bach. I read the text on the back and I discovered this Richard Bach was the same guy that wrote “JLS”, “Illusions” and “Stranger to the Ground”: books I consider to be just about the best writing I ever discovered. So I read one of the stories and bought it. I read it many times. “School for perfection” and “Anywhere is okay” made a great impression. All Richard’s books have an atmosphere of light and warmth and great respect for other people in them. I’m not very into New Age, but Richard is a very good author who puts words in such a way on paper, that you really are sitting in the cockpit of a Piper Cub, a biplane (I once flew in a Tiger Moth as a passenger: great!), a glider, or a jet fighter. I like Richard’s view on life, the world and the people around us. I try myself to live up to this ideas. I had my own difficulties and challenges in life, but basically I’m a happy person. A happiness I reached at least for a part by reading Richard’s books. Thank you very much for that, Richard!

  2. Amazing review!

    It made me relive the enjoyable reading of those wonderful books.

    The Ferret Chronicles are more than just books, or stories… They are an entire new universe put together with such love, such craftsmanship. They are one of the finest pieces of literary art and with such a profound meaning!

    I can’t even begin to imagine how this universe came to existence inside your mind. It is a testament to your affirmations on the existence of Inspirational Muses.

    Your dream Richard, became true when my Daughter (then 5 or 6 years old) read those books to my Mom during loooong and delightful evenings.

    I can confidently testify that other than the deep and unique worldview provided by the Ferrets, there’s also plenty of everyday truth on them. On Air Ferrets Aloft, the cargo flying parts are a perfectly accurate description of what happens in a real commercial flight and in the mind of a pilot. Trust me, I do airline flying for a living!

    I really look forward to see those Ferret Chronicles back in printing!

    They are a blessing for humanity!

  3. He seems to be writing a fictionalized book review. I mean, come on, a librarian who doesn’t know who you are?

    I predict that the ferret books are just a wee bit ahead of their time but the realm is starting to catch up to them.

    • I think you’re right about them being ahead of their time. While they were in print individually, I simply couldn’t decide which one to order. Ended up missing out on all of them until finally buying “Curious Lives” a few years ago. What amazing adventures I missed out on for too long! Sheer joy.

      And until reading that review, I had no idea the originals were illustrated! I feel an Amazon search coming on. 🙂 Great review, I wish I had his way with words…

  4. Thanks for sharing the link to the awesome review! I read all of your Ferret books when they were released. Before reading the first one, I thought it was a children’s book too, but learned that it (and the others that followed) were soooo much more. You deserve all the wonderful praise. I’m awed by what you as a writer can create with words. I don’t have all the words to describe what your books bring to my life: inspiration, self reflection, happiness, peace, belief in more, belief that there are no limitations except for the ones I myself impose and so much more. As I’ve written before, I love reading not only your books, but the blogs that you post on this site (and the positive and thought provoking replies as well). Sometimes I learn something profound, sometimes I get a digital hug when I need it and everything in between. As long as it gives you pleasure, please keep writing! 🙂

  5. thanks Richard! i want to read them all. discovering your books is like discovering an alternate reality, the one i really belong in. i love you!

  6. An unexpected, surprising review! He captured how I felt when I read them. I’m subscribing to his blog to see what he does next. Thanks for sharing.

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