A Little Tired Tonight, but

ALL WORKED PERFECTLY today.  I’ll tell you more, but for the moment both me (exhausted) and the puppy (12-hour travel today was fun — can we do it tomorrow?) need to sleep.  Everyone’s fine, the prayer(s) worked as smoothly as guardian angel plans always do.

More later….




5 thoughts on “A Little Tired Tonight, but

  1. Excellent! Great to see you both have re-encountered in this space-time-playground! Enjoy the ride! Enjoy the adventures!

  2. In 1972, one of my Navy buddies handed me a copy of “Johnathan Livingston Seagull”, which I sat down and consumed in very short order, becoming an instant fan of Richard Bach. I have read and enjoyed many of his books, and have them in my personal library. Richard was instrumental in my learning to fly, and it is everything that he alluded to. The Amphib shown on the web page is one of my favorites, and if I didn’t live in Hawaii, I would be working on acquiring one. \
    1. I am glad that Richard Bach was born.
    2. I am forever grateful that my friend shared “Johnathan” with me.
    3. I am thrilled with my flying experiences, though few in comparison.

    Thank you.

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