A Mistake, or Not?

SOME READERS MAY REMEMBER a few comments of mine about being lonely.  According to the demographics of those who had lived for a few years, loneliness was likely to happen for those who had lost intimate loved ones.

Was it a mistake for me to list something so personal on a public website?  Maybe not. Some of you who knew a truth beyond demographics, reminded me that there is a principle that works no matter how difficult I had chosen a life to be found by the one I loved.

Events were all the time connecting, one after another, even though I was feeling lost by my guardian angels in the very days as they worked with my puzzle. It was a path of what seemed to be impossible coincidence, events that I knew could not happen, changes in other minds as well as in my own.  At last, pieces in place, the whole lightning event happened.

I began writing.  Sudden firework events, changing my life, and how could they happen?.  It was such a wild impossible story that I couldn’t write it for this website, it needed to be written for readers who don’t believe in angels, don’t care for the intricate patterns, or chains of miracles around us all.  And a writer’s superstition, too: never  talk about a book before it’s written.

So I’m off to write that story, it will be part of a bigger book that I prefer not to tell you, just now. You are certainly free to imagine what is happening, for the fun of imagining, yet I must not give a hint of what happened, save on the manuscript.  Not a hint.


140 thoughts on “A Mistake, or Not?

  1. Hurray! !! Another enlightening, uplifting, and soul stirring book from Richard Bach. Thank up from my heart. Discovering your work has changed my life.

    It seems unlikely, but at the same time logical. I discovered this type of conciousness from the teachings of Abraham by Ester Hicks. Now im off to internship and on the job training with thd workbooks and stemulating excersises in your books.

    This is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Thank you so much for your gifts to this world.

  2. Wow! You sound so happy and excited! I’m very happy for you, Richard! While I was reading this, it seemed like a realization had suddenly “gelled” in your thinking. I couldn’t think of what the word for that was so I had to look it up. The one word I found that seemed to fit was for the feeling called “epiphany”. As it states in the Wikipedia entry for “Epiphany (feeling)”, this word “can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.” It goes on to say “Epiphanies are relatively rare occurrences and generally follow a process of significant thought about a problem. Often they are triggered by a new and key piece of information, but importantly, a depth of prior knowledge is required to allow the leap of understanding/”

    Maybe this book is one of the reasons you came back.

  3. Ha. You are a tease, Richard Bach, a tease I say. You realize that your “not a hint” is a hint in itself? I’d admonish you to write quickly, as we are all waiting, but as a writer, i know how it chafes to be told to hurry a story. It takes what time it takes, right?

  4. Oh, Richard, I am sighing with relief at reading your joyful post. Your life is righting itself, and before our very eyes. Nothing could warm my heart more. Thanks for telling us!

    I especially like your 3rd paragraph above. Isn’t it lovely how that happened? The light is never so precious as when we see only darkness for a while…..

    We can surely wait to hear the whole story, and in the meantime our minds will be imagining all sorts of delicious ideas and events that are transpiring in your life. Live on! Right on! And, as Jerianne and you wrote, Write on! We will always be here waiting for the time you are ready to share your newest story with us. Thank you!

  5. Wahoooooo! Love, in all its forms, finds a way. And now you are writing a book for the doubters, the naysayers. How exciting! You are flying high, Richard. Literally and metaphorically. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see what magic you will bring to life.

    I know you will be busy writing but please continue to drop in here once in awhile and keep us guessing!

  6. Richard,

    Your musing this time are no surprise. Your mind seems to always be bubbling over with ideas just waiting for your hands to find a keyboard or paper and pencil.

    Looking forward to maybe a few more hints – Write on brother.

  7. Dearest Richard,
    I salute you for being so brutally honest about loneliness. And now I could kiss your feet for overcoming it. Your realisation of being happy within you, without an external crutch is path breaking. Everyone is lonely, married, unmarried, divorced, old etc. Being surrounded by people there is loneliness and losing a loved one is also lonliness. Actually it’s nothing but a state of mind. Your book will really help you and in turn others. I love you Richard Bach not just for your books but having the balls to admit to lonliness publicly. Salute, respect and true love always.

  8. “lost intimate loved ones … list … personal …. public … events connecting … lost as they worked with my puzzle … path … coincidences … could not happen …” Then the clue “changes in other minds as well as in my own” … the last piece of the puzzle wasn’t a piece, it was a lightning flash. Writing … the only way to bear the rushing joy, the only way to centre the worlds and be coherent on the journey beyond.

    Ah, Richard, remember us, drop by with your news updates now and then.

  9. i just wanna say thank you mr. Richard Bach, reading your books changed my whole view of life, i can say that you are my guru and Illusions is my bible.
    and i just can´t wait to see upcoming new book.

  10. Your words gave me the same happy, inspiring and mysterious feelings that I get when some lonely beams push through the clouds to light up the sea. Turning it partly blue. Enjoy the journey.

  11. I’m so happy to read your latest post! I can almost see the joy and excitement. You provide so much to others through your books and this website and you deserve all the happiness life can offer. I can’t wait to read more about this in your next book and will try to wait patiently. As always, thank you for sharing. Your writings are a gift to be treasured.

  12. I am sure your Guardian Angels were busy at work all the time. Some of them even incarnating and becoming friends to give you a little push here and there. Dear Guardian Angels, how much they give us, how hard they work for us. They even give their own hearts, sometimes. I bet they often don’t even know that’s what they are, Guardian Angels. Do you think they forget what they are if they incarnate?. Don’t worry, Richard. I will show my gratitude to them, and yours, in case you forget, immersed as you are now in your bliss and your new book.

    • “Do Guardian Angels forget what they are when they incarnate?”
      Mostly, I think we do.
      From time to time, such as this moment now, reading your words, we remember. What a deep beauty this Now is! Please, let it never fade from my mind.
      That single sentence, what a lovely book it suggests to one who would write! Gifts of light, from one of us to another. Thank you.

  13. Wonderful! Hearing the joy and inspiration in your voice makes my own heart sing. Richard, you’re back!

    And as a writer myself I understand the need to pour all that energy into a manuscript rather than disperse it in any way. So I will leave you to your work. Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I feel the sudden need to go fire up my time machine again. I think a little trip into the future is called for. Something tells me a good cup of coffee, a comfy recliner and a delightful new book await me. Patience was never my strong point.

  14. Thank you for sharing your joy. I’m glad you are willing to share all of your emotions with us. When we all talk openly about how we are feeling, we can allow people to see that they aren’t alone in having feelings. The way you let us in for your joy and your loneliness is a wonderful gift in itself.

  15. A triumph of the mind… Having been there when Travels With Puff was developing, this will be another journey to enjoy.

  16. “Chains of miracles around us all”. I love that. We are bound together by these chains. And only a few recognize this. This post still has me giddy and light and breathless. I had to reread and comment again.

  17. I think being open to the inspiration of our angels and light beings around us is the way we find our way forward, and a way we can become a light that also inspires others forward. Thanks for being open and allowing to that source of light and life, Richard!

  18. Richard… This comes to you as I too am experiencing that dreaded loneliness again.. These seem to be the times that I grow the most!!! As a huge fan of your writing through all these years, I feel such joy to know that you are still alive and still writing!!! Peace my dear friend !!! I can’t wait !!!

  19. Childhood friends come and then are gone. Services to the country come, and then are gone. Planes come and then are gone, taking their varying lifestyles with them. Soulmates come and then are gone. Ferrets come and then are gone. But when the time is right all past friends and past lives nudge in the right direction. Will today be the day, will this be the airport? Will a soulmate be waiting to be met, or a companion that barks? Loneness is a passing inconvenience hardly more than a cold or the flu. Love, in its many forms is the substance of life.
    Live on Richard.

    • Yes. Writers change worlds of imagination. Your world will change, and your imagination will light readers, from time to time.

  20. So pleased that you have ‘a-mused’ yourself again, dear Richard! I adore your writing … I especially love the ferret whimsies … and Illusions. I had a huge ‘clang’ when I read it – so much serendipity – my grandmother’s name was Gladys Hutchinson (the name of s library in Illusions!). You can never be alone when you live in the world of ferrets and angels. Much love and angelic guidance for you and your work – Write On indeed!!

  21. HI Richard: Cool! I’m sure everything you are doing is in accordance with the Universe…I am learning to that everything happens at the right time. I have been lonely too but I know the right person will come into my life and being patient will pay off. I love your writings and you are very talented! It’s cool that we all have angels that guide us. I love all the sync’s and coincidences…like little pointers 🙂 I am grateful for you and other Authors and all that comment. Neat that we all give insight to each other as we are all connected and our beloved Mother Earth/ Gaia. Seems chaotic right now but it’s all in it’s rightful place and a lot of karma balancing. Lots of love, light and hugs to you Richard and everyone 🙂

  22. Dearest Richard,
    I feel the awesome energy in what you wrote. The Joy you share is so contagious it dissolves the loneliness of all of us here. Having Angels and fans while the book is in process. WOW !!! This Book will really fly, doesn’t even need a plane.
    I am not a writer, but now you are making want to write too.

  23. Not wishing to mention Angels in your new work Richard?
    I find that in the current time the Angels are here in this dimension in force and in turn many people are connecting to their energy. No need to worry about mentioning their presence.
    As part of my experience and as per the teachings of ancient mystery schools Angels are pure rays of energy and light, oscillating at a frequency that we can accept, understand and absorb.
    Not so the frequency of the Divine who wishes to emanate divine love and compassion to all but is aware that as we are in the world of the material, the physical, Malkuth, as per the teachings of the Hermetic Qabbalah, that we are unable to come close to that energy.
    Many of the people I work with can really relate to this understanding of Angelic forces- as rays of light, conduits of the Divine Light, embodying qualities or virtues that can transform and heal both individuals and the world.
    I feel that it is fine to mention them in any work in doing so you too become a conduit for the Divine Energy and it’s healing flow. Just a thought but deeply felt.

    • That reminds me of the Zulu proverb Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – a person is a person because of people – and we become more a person through the interconnectedness experienced in community – I certainly am enriched by each story you share with such delicious sweetness, this community and the amazing sharings and comments. Jane from South Africa

  24. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, and please know that you are deeply appreciated on so many levels! Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions were and are very important guides in my spiritual journey. So thankful that you have recovered from the accident, and while understanding how loneliness can be a valued learning experience, also appreciate how wonderful it is to move beyond that darkness. You have impacted my life in so many ways I cannot express! Thank you and best wishes always!

  25. But once in a while there’s a great dynamite-burst of flying glass and brick and splinters through the front wall and somebody stalks over the rubble, seizes me by the throat and gently says, “I will not let you go until you set me, in words, on paper.” Words that began for me a wonderful friendship with a fellow pilot with whom I have never shared the same space-time continuum. Yet, I am forever grateful for the illusion of his existence. Write on my friend!

  26. I would love to read your book when it’s done.
    It’s similar to having a baby and choosing to wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.
    Life is so wonderful when we are willing to be surprised.
    Maybe it will be something I’ll refer to my clients who need to shift their perceptions about their prospects for love.

  27. When i remove the blindfold that is my ego, I see I am not separate and alone. I see we are all – one, bathed in the universal light of the eternal Now.
    I am so happy to have wandered into this enchanted site, and to be part of this explosion of joy!

    • I like your words. I’ve started to drop the blindfold and not wrap it round my neck ready for action. This is an enchanted site and here I feel the energy down here south of the equator across the ocean – just marvellous. Jane

  28. Can’t wait to read the new book and I’m hoping for another book that will touch my life as much as Illusions did. I have read that book at least 50 times over the years and given away more copies than I can count. I have not found a book anywhere that has affected me as much as that one. Some have come close but Illusions is really my all time favorite book

    • I too have read Illusions many, many times and gifted many to others.
      It is my joy, my guide and source whether traveling or simply a shift in situational time. Namaste, Susie Jo Colorado

    • I love reading new books from seasoned favorite authors and seeing how their choices (influenced by their place in in space time now) of characters and events have been presented throughout the story. I am also able to better relate my values, that i have more clearly understood, to the authors values, some of which include perspectives of our time now, here, in the present. I think it is the fact that we are in this moment together now that makes it so much the more exciting. Like living legacies being made by writing at this point in time.
      Any one author has certainly had to bear a small reminder of a their being a product of their time, and yet, their message expands to beyond that to a place of universal understanding to the reader…and THAT is the excitment i feel for an upcoming Richard Bach story, or book, or whatever comes our way… 🙂

  29. Richard, you are a man blessed. Imagine having the best wishes of so many people from every corner of the earth, all creating positive energy and sending their love your way in the hopes that your brow will be unfurled and your soul soothed. To how many in the history of humankind has this happened?
    For your positive impact on the lives of so many, have you come to deserve this honour. You may also just have given us all a tiny taste of the exultant joy Guardian Angels must experience when those in their charge come to feel happiness, inspiration and love……….thank you, Earl

  30. I take your words as a message to me. I stopped painting twenty years ago raising kids and what not. Feeling lost and lonely so many times in the middle of crowds, living with my husband only as a partner. Lately I feel like I’m waking up from a deep slumber, seeing and feeling things that are so new to me. Seeing signs, dreaming and creating my dreams, feeling those angels. Been thinking, taking walks, meditating and petting my dog most of the time as those are the only things that make me feel good- avoiding doing much else, unless I have to-looking for clues and answers. I feel an urge to go back to painting. Your writing has inspired me so. Maybe that’s where I can remember to fly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and so much more.

  31. There definitely is magic in the air. I can verify that. All I can say is where can I preorder your soon-to-be-written book? I can'[t wait!

  32. I’m looking forward to your new book. Makes me think of your short story “The pleasure of their company”. We never met in person, but I have the feeling I know you better than a lot of people in my surroundings!

    It’s a great comfort to read that I share a lot of thoughts and feelings with millions of people around the planet and that some of those people are able to put this thougts and feelings on paper in a wonderful way!

  33. Dear Richard, I was just about to write, ‘Thank you for reminding me that my angels might just be quiet because they’re working on something to help me’, when I realised what you’ve just told me: that you are :0) Thank you. Ali

  34. Richard, do you think maybe our brothers and sisters here on our enchanted site ( thank you for the name, Glyn)could join together for an intention demonstration? I read somewhere once that the world needs only 200 kind and enlightened souls to join together in thought to make a most beautiful change in the world. If we could altogether just pick a specific time and a High Thought. What say you, Richard?

    • I’m an individual person, only. Group events have some problems that I’m not willing to meet. I wish everyone success in whatever they choose to do.

  35. Richard, Thank you for this beautiful community and for inspiring each of us to see the empty hole as the pathway to wholeness and connection.

    This community is a beautiful manifestation of connection and love that reminds all of us that we are not alone.

    Thank you and this community for the opportunity and encouragement to share what I have to share. It’s opened me up to becoming aware of my own flawed ideas. The very thing which I encourage others to do, I’m now having to remember for myself. It’s this: Whatever we have to share and the way we like to share does have it’s perfect match. We have to be willing to risk. Vulnerability is not what it seems. It is the only way for love or anything new to come through. Not sharing our light and our love deprives those who would benefit from that sharing. It’s probably the most selfish thing we can do.

    Tonight something is taking flight for me. It’s about love and soulmates. My desire is that those who would benefit most from what I have to offer find me and that I get out of my own way enough to let that message come through me. I’d like to be a transparency for Love.


  36. I’m so excited! You are amazing, Richard, and the anticipation of your newest venture gives me goosebumps. Hugs and Love to you!

  37. Richard, The expression “do not give holy things to dogs; and do not throw your pearls before swine…” came to me this week with a new insight. It used to strike me as being a bit condescending towards the dogs and swine. But lately I see it as being caring and knowing how to meet people where they are. If someone has a basic need and we give them some pearl of wisdom that we know they cannot digest, it will in effect put what they need out of reach. It is a disservice. I think that that is what you mean by writing for those who “who don’t believe in angels, don’t care for the intricate patterns, or chains of miracles around us all. ”


  38. What I love about your books Richard, is that they are unambiguous, nothng is cryptic, just nice and clear. I really think everything is very uncomplicated, or maybe I just don’t have a problem believing the impossible. I don’t believe that there is anything we cannot do, only that we might not want to, but if we did want to we could do it and Jonathan and Illusions reinforce that. John Part 4 and Illusions II are in my Christmas stocking, I am very much looking forward to reading them, and now another book. Your mission is clearly not over, hopefully for all of us you might have another one after this.

    I am interested that your new book is going to be for those who do not believe in angels and that side of life, but I think everyone is aware but has different ideas. I was taught at school that I had a guardian angel who was with me always, frankly I was terrified by the idea of this scary thing monitoring my every move and reporting to God if I did anything wrong. So, I prefer to feel that I am a part of everyone else and God and that is much more comfortable for me. My cousin says she doesn’t know if there is anything outside of this life, but it doesn’t matter, she just tries to be a good person because that is the way she is. I don’t believe in heaven and hell, after all we could live a perfectly heavenly life right here on Earth.

    Can I just add one more thing. In Bridge Across Forever, you wrote that unconditional love equated with not caring. I think it means caring so much that all is forgiven. Loving in spite of, not because of. After all if we loved for a reason we would never love anyone, there would always be a reason not to.

    • Why, thank you, Sally!

      I’m just slow, when it comes to unconditional loving. If a person decides she ought to kill butterflies, destroy other people, poison acres of lovely land, I’d probably have a little problem loving her. Someone advanced soul might say it’s all illusions, so he can love her always. I’d have to think about that carefully, and meanwhile prefer not to love her for choosing such life-denying behavior.

      • I’m not saying I’m any good at it Richard, I’m just saying that that is what I understand it to be. “How do you love a bunch of crazy birds who just tried to kill you?” You explained it and it makes sense. That is the curse of this world, nobody is perfect, they may seem to be, but we all change and affect each other so nothing stays the same. I think the trick is to try to find someone who is going in the same direction. My husband and I agree on what kind of world we would like to live in. We might come at it from different directions and it may sometimes seem that we are completely opposite. We love the bits of each other that suit us and try to ignore the bits that don’t, but we’ve always known we are right for each other, just nudging each other along on the, for us, right path.

        • Jonathan Seagull didn’t love the destructive actions, he used your own truth…to find others who wished to fly in a direction that he loved. Some were interested in learning to fly, others weren’t. Not a big deal for the flyers, and not one for the non-flyers, either.

      • Richard,

        Unconditional loving is not for the benefit of the loved. It is a characteristic of the lover.

        When you choose not to love the destructive person, you do it because somewhere inside you believe that by not-loving her, you will stop the destruction. But, potentially you add to it instead, by the harm that not-loving does to your own soul.

        Or, perhaps you believe that if you love her, you will be unable to act against the destruction you see her doing. But that’s not necessarily so at all. For example, bears kill innocent fish (and sometimes people), and mountain lions kill fawns (and sometimes people) but we do not hate them (indeed, many people love them).

        Nevertheless, loving the bear, we may choose to discharge a large firearm into its body, to stop it from killing us, or other people. We do not do so because we hate the bear. We do it with regret, but we do it because it is necessary. We may look for other ways – distract the bear, tranquilize the bear – and it is in looking for other ways, that we love the bear. And, loving the bear, if we run out of other ways, we do what is necessary.

        We may conclude that strong action is needed to persuade the butterfly-killer to stop. But, we need not hate her to do it; we may look for the least-destructive path. We may even take action with regret for the harm it may do her.

        Not saying it’s emotionally easy to do. In many ways, it parallels the two views of love: one, that it is an emotion; the other, that it is a choice.

        • It could be that bears and mountain lions live by different rules than we do. Much of our ethics are grounded by the principles of empathy and kindness to others. Some of us (me) are new at the ethics, and have a difficult time loving one who seems to be uncaring of others, mortals and butterflies, too. I have not harmed a butterfly-killer (have only known one), but I considered him an example so bizarre as I would be to consider him a friend. Same with many others who love killing of mortals or butterflies. Love them unconditionally, regardless of their choice of pointless harm to others? Please may I never reach that state.

          • Oh, Richard. But it is never pointless. We just don’t know the whys, but that doesn’t mean it is pointless. There is always a lesson. There is love in the butterfly that offers herself, and there is love in the killer, who is developing awareness through every act, every single one. We are Perfect Expressions of Perfect Love. You don’t want to reach that state, but there is no other state. You actually are in that state, you just can’t remember.

          • Amazing and beautiful, that some of our little family here are deep into understanding, that they’re on the edge of never visiting space-time again.

  39. What I got from “Running From Safety” ( which has stayed with me forever since) is that to the “butterfly killer” I would say….that she is probably making some UNwise decisions that were not in her long term best interests.

    • I agree. And would you love her, Jerianne, as you would the one who helps kittens, and strives to live the highest love she can express?

      • Not sure I could love her, but I’d give her one heck of a lecture involving consequences of unwise decisions. What I learned from RFS was some smart thinking that can be used not only for “butterfly killers” but it works on children who are also prone to making stupid decisions from time to time.

  40. I’m practicing unconditional love. To me that includes protective use of force and honest communication about the appreciation that I have for butterflies. And it includes self love in spades!

  41. Perhaps a way round this knotty one is to condem the deed, not the person. It is through understanding what happened to the person to make her become a butterfly killer that leads you find compassion for her. It is compassion that breaks the vicious circle of hate.
    Look at the butterfly killer and ask yourself ‘would I like to live her life? No! I would not!’ Then imagine waking every morning with your mind filled with her thoughts, not yours. There you will find the seeds of compassion.
    I was shown this by a very advanced soul, I had the good fortune to meet. She was at the end of her life. She was old in years and had only a short time to live, but being with her was such fun!

    • Why do we need to get around the problem? Why is unconditional love a capacity that mortals must learn? Become a destroyer, and one will learn the lessons that come with this belief. One small lesson is the odd feeling that gentle people don’t much care for us.

      • Wow! This is going to be fun! Why do we mortals need to learn unconditional love? Tricky in a few words… Imagine seeing a man punching himself over and over. You ask him why he doing this. He replies that his Left handians are at war with his Right handians, but he can’t get through to them that they are all part of Him.
        We are evolving from a species where the survival of the fittest was necessary, to an ‘enlightened’ species, where we are aware that we are part of a much greater whole. And to regard another being as ‘other’ is as mad as the man hitting himself!
        I’ve rattled this off, I hope it makes some sense!

      • I don’t think it is that simple. The highest lesson they can learn is that despite killing butterflies they can be loved. That awareness, the knowledge that they deserve love, even if it is just one soul that shows them, is The One lesson. The sadest thing about the butterfly killer is that they don’t love themselves. One who loves oneself, cannot kill a butterfly. Why do we have to love them? Simple. Because they are part of us, too. Because we were once the butterfly killers, even if we don’t remember. Because human kind evolves individually and collectively. And I am concerned about human kind as I am concerned about my own learning. Because it is one and the same thing. We don’t have to care an inch about others if we don’t want to. But our evolution is inevitably linked to theirs. I do care because I am them, too. We are One. However, I am aware that everyone has their own times. By raising my awareness, I contribute to them raising theirs. I won’t lecture. I’ll show my highest truth with my own example. That’s the best I can do with my life.

        • I think unconditional love is to be learnt by all forms of life, not just humans. Fortunately for us our Guardian Angels practise unconditional love! How many times they would have turned around and found some other human to help! Or, better still, a wiser being than a human! It may take us thousands of lifetimes, but even if we don’t like it that much, Richard, chances are that unconditional love is part of our lessons here on Earth. Loving unconditionally, however, doesn’t mean that we have to like everyone unconditionally. I may love the destroyer, but I don’t like him one bit. You could start another post to discuss the difference…

          • “I may love the destroyer, but I don’t like him one bit.”

            There. That’s one step I cannot quite make.

          • Of course you can. You just don’t want to. And that’s fine, too. But I must say I am surprised. I would have never thought that of all the possible limitations to argue for, this would be the one you would choose. ;). Sorry, I couldn’t answer below your reply.

          • I feel we are free to choose what we like and dislike. After all what a place this would be if we all liked the same things! Also I feel that love and hate are extreme versions of this. And these also we are free to choose.
            But unconditional love is something else altogether. It is not a choice, it just happens. But what we can do is choose to let it happen. This involves the.scariest thing we can imagine. That is letting go, taking that leap of faith into the unknown.

  42. Isn’t there an old saying about “hate the sin, love the sinner”? Do we stand by and let the destroyer destroy, while we practice living a loftier life in isolation? Or do we attempt to love and teach and change? WWJLSD. Or WWDSD. Are we all really One? Just wondering.

    • Really One, of course. Do we play as One here on Earth? Perhaps not quite. When a destroyer destroys, we can stop him if we wish (reference WW II), or we can seem to be the destroyed. But is there such a thing as death to a spirit, to a soul? Not possible. Only a Seems-to-Be in the beliefs of space-time.

  43. Some people, like farmers, really do believe that animals have no senses as all. If they did not think that they would probably have to find a different line of work. Sometimes people are unaware of what they are doing, perhaps they just need someone to gently teach them. The butterfly killer may be an otherwise gentle soul who is afraid of butterflies and thinks they don’t feel anything. I’m with you Glyn Morris, someone has to look past the deed to the person who actions it, otherwise we are just in a circle of blame and reaction.

  44. Sometimes when a little ant crosses my kitchen counter….I sometimes wonder: If I kill it, is there an ant somewhere that will wonder why it didn’t come home?
    Sign me,
    An unlover of butterfly killers.

    • Jerianne, what a beautiful loving recognition you write! Could you offer a T-shirt with a dear little ant, and this quotation beneath it?

      How many thousands of hearts will you touch! And my order, please for six T-shirts: two small, two medium, two large. You’re an angel, once again!

  45. This in particular has been a most fascinating thread. I may not have added anything to the thoughts this time but have been following the discussion keenly. A big thank you to all who have contributed. Much, much to think about…

    (Love the ant quote as well Jerianne!)

    • Thanks, Nick.! I really do think about stuff like that sometimes ( although I DID kill “the ant” btw). As far as unconditional loving though… I’m wondering whether killing a cancerous growth ( via chemo, radiation, etc) to save The One is considered UNloving???

        • Are human armies hateful or kind? Friendly armies are kind, enemies are hateful. Could be possible to suggest that the wars themselves are unnecessary.

      • Interesting thought Jerianne. Those who are further along in their lessons could probably answer better (Richard?). All I can think of is that love, as we are able to project it, is directed. Although we are surrounded by expressions of life in infinite forms, in this world we need to “kill” some of those to survive. Whether for food, in self-defence or just to find somewhere to live, it just seems to be the way this world is built and I haven’t worked out a way around that yet. It’s a moot point as to whether that expression of life is plant, animal, fungal …… No matter how big or small, we “kill” on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s just required or we can’t play in this arena.

        • One answer for us may be that we keep our lives to the smallest possible killings that the arena requires, along with an understanding of the belief of an arena itself.

          • You are of course right, Richard. I have thought a lot about my post for some days now, worried that it would come across as too harsh.
            In the end what I think it comes down to is simple respect. Of course, respect for life is not an excuse not to eat my peas, (I happen to like peas). It does however mean that I will not destroy wantonly or needlessly, and that I only take that which I need.

        • I agree Nick. My view is that we should remember that The Immortal aspect of ourselves has chosen this Mortal existence. Life and death and hunger and pain and joy and pleasure are the nature of this Reality for all “living” things. So here we are, perhaps most of us in this forum, with our basic needs fulfilled, pondering how we can be a better person. Reduce our discomfort – increase our joy in each day, hour, second? I do believe that we direct our life but
          the moment we interact with another personality the theater of life begins. 6 billion directors sharing one stage. Thanks to all for sharing. I have enjoyed the conversation much.

      • I think it is the fact that we believe in the myth of kill to begin with. What Richard mentioned earlier….it is our believe that there is such thing as a soul dying which gives the idea of death and kill, etc….once one eliviates that burden of believe systems being put on quote living things unquote….then we are truely free…..condiontionally, unconditionally anything just evaporates.

  46. As I see it: the reason I like or love some people and the reason I don’t love other people (or at least it costs me a lot of trouble to do so) is what they DO not what they ARE or think. For instance: Muslims may think that their religion is the only true one, but the Islamic State is absolute Evil in a political and military form because of what is done to other people.

    I am member of a group which is reading the complete works of Etty Hillesum: a very brave and wise young Jewish Dutch woman, who died in Auschwitz in 1943. She kept a diary which has become world famous. She strives to deal with the threatening and difficult period in her life during the German occupation in the Netherlands. She writes things as that it is good to hate Nazism, because it’s an evil ideology, but you should’nt hate individual Nazi”s or Germans in general, because they are all human beings like me and you. She even writes that if she would be trampled to death by a member of the SS she hopes she is able to look him in the eyes and to ask: “What has bring you so far that you are doing this”. I doubt if I am able to act in this way, but it is a way of thinking which has great inspirational power for me.

  47. One day the butterfly killer will become ill, her body/mind finally overwhelmed by the sorrow of her actions, and she will be swept away in a landslide of remorse. In the profound healing process that follows, she will learn compassion for all living things, including herself. Her life will change forever, she will be able to speak from the heart about love, and she will be an inspiration for others.

    • Confession—-i was once a plant destroyer—i crushed and stepped on a little bui bush hedge which was part of a square framed hedging at an old chateau garden where i once lived. Why did i do it? It was in my way and it stopped me from getting to another place nearby. I was caught in the act by a loving male who drew my attention to the fact that i was killing the plant. The descriptive qualities used to express this plants life and all of its life giving assets, benefits, and beauty among other things….was hard hitting to me and i fell into tears. I took on another understanding of heart and emotion. It was that moment that i remember that i became conscious of the fact that there are other ways to see the world. I am greatful for having been able to hear that voice that day.

  48. As a total non-believer in angels and miracles, but one who sees that most people vastly underestimate the likelihood of coincidence, the richness of intricate patterns, and the power of choice when applied to a world with both, I see the former as useful metaphors to communicate the latter.

    I very much look forward to your take on the topics!

    • What an easy life you lead, thou believer in the Principle of Coincidence! Events that bring others to a startled recognition of unseen magnificence around us, they ask only that you shrug and say, “Coincidence.” After a thousand uncanny events in your life, does Coincidence still explain every question, calm your heart against the astonishing odds against it happening?
      I believed in the same image of the Unlikely that you honor, through perhaps the first five hundred of them. Then when my life turned on a few billion-to-one coincidences, the shrug no longer worked. I changed Principles.

  49. Sometimes it is not necessary to have 500 coincidences to change a skeptic’s mind. Sometimes it takes only ONE of such magnitude that can make all the difference.
    And when you have been at the receiving end of a “coincidence” of that magnitude….you too will know.

  50. I did not see the original posting – my thoughts on this: Loneliness like most words only touches on some of one’s real feelings but does not encompass all of them in the least. Apparently, this word triggered whatever it means to your followers and you are working through those thoughts. How courageous of you that you shared something that is very personal and has infinite meanings, if your followers will only try to sense some of this part of you. You have planted a seed, lets all watch it grow and work it’s magic. We are here to learn to love to love to learn.

  51. So glad to hear that you are working on a new book! I hope to get some of your older ones that I don’t have, for Christmas gifts. This past year, I’ve noticed so many synchronicities, that I don’t really believe in coincidences anymore. There’s meaning in everything, and everything is connected; it’s just whether you notice it, or not. And I’ve also had experiences which have no explanation, one of which involved you, Richard. I had this Kundalini awakening last year, and was completely caught off guard and confused and frightened by it. I started hearing voices, and one of the things I kept hearing was a man saying “Richard Bach.” I had heard of the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” but I had never read it, nor any of your books, and I absolutely did not know the name of the person who wrote that book. Yet, somehow, I heard your name! And that guided me to read some of your books. It was not unlike what apparently happened to you, when you heard a voice say “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” and that voice is what guided you to WRITE the book! Life can be lonely, but it can also be amazing, and we’re connected in ways we never could have imagined.

    • “We’re connected in ways we never could have imagined.” Just like the incident you shared with us. Some divine intelligence, some conduit of pure Love, when we’re open to learn, it says Hi and we’re floored to hear its voice. Love, I guess, is always beautiful.

  52. Wow Richard, you always seem to have the capacity to come into my life when I need a confirmation or reminder that I am on the path.

    Before I ramble I must also say Woohoo, so wonderfully glad for you.

    Today I was talking to a friend about my upcoming birthday ( its 55 days away) and I realized it will be the 5th that I have spent alone, and to be honest I had hoped that it might be spent with the “yet to materialize in physical form in my life, Beloved.” Right now that seems an impossible dream yet I know when I least expect it the Universe will present me with a opportunity to meet this amazing person. My belief stems from meeting my best friend and soul-mate just over a 12 months ago, he loves me, cares for me, bosses me around when I need it, and generally teaches me to accept love in all its forms ( he is gay), its like I am on training wheels. Its the second time in my life I have had such unconditional love, the last time I didn’t know how to handle it at all, so this meeting feels like its a preparatory before the right one for the foreseeable future comes into my life. Having love in all its many and varied forms in our lives makes them sparkle. And Richard you most certainly are shining. xx

  53. I’m new here and happy to have finally found you out there… somewhere. Happy you are still here and more so that you continue to write from your beautiful point of view.
    I’ll catch up with your journal writing as I can, in he mean time…

    Don’t Forget To Write.

    Your words sooth the spirit and release its’ restless heart from the boundaries it gathers upon itself, living in the mundane.

    With Overwhelming Love & Respect,

    • Thank you for the kind words. I won’t forget to write, though for a while the writing has been on a book that I mustn’t print on the website…it needs to be a flour-cloud that no one’s seen before. But still I listen to the site and to whomever feels like commenting here.

  54. Richard, I am so glad to find you still with us and active – and moreover, actively working on a book!

    I earned my pilot license the week that I turned 17 years old, in El Paso, Texas. That same summer I read Illusions for the first time. And ever since then, reading your other books has always felt as if I were in a conversation with an old friend. For 30 years I have turned to your writing, again and again, to remind me about some of the most important ways of thinking.

    When I heard about your plane crash a couple of years ago the first thought in my head was, “Oh no, I haven’t yet talked to him in person.”

    I know, a little self-centered isn’t it?

    But here we are, and the Internet is an amazing thing. And now you know the thoughts of yet another stranger who considers you a friend.

    Much love,


  55. Just got distracted by a bird repeatedly dunking itself in the birdbath, though I think it’s no warmer than 38 out there. That fits in with my sending of positive regard to all in this wonderfully adventuresome season and time we live in.
    Hope you’re all warm and able to take a bath any time you want to.

  56. I was happy to read your recent comment about some earthlings deep into understanding may not have to repeat the space-time class again. I’m trying my best to learn this stuff….but is theory just as good as practical application? Because while I think I understand it, I’m not so sure I always put it into practice. I DO hope I move on to a more advanced class next time. It gets kinda scary in the lower grades.

  57. I will add my story of how I became familiar with your writing. In 1979 I went to see a friend and he was not home but his door was open so I went inside to wait for him and picked up a book on his table. I read Illusions in one evening and, like many people, it altered my life in positive ways. 35 years later I find myself in the 4th quarter with no dragons to slay or mountains to climb and I found myself back at your door wondering if there is something I think I already know but also know that you have the better skill to put in words… The best way to find joy while waiting to die. Sounds morbid but I have had a great life, and you helped me Mr Bach, and I really want to make the most of the time I have left. Ever think about sharing your thoughts about life past 65?

    • What a pleasure, Richard, to find that you’ve tested the same beliefs that I have shared. We’ve been certain that our time here is just about over, and then something happens and we discover some secret, that it’s not quite over yet, this act of it. We’re still learning, aren’t we?

      • Yes,even in being in the over-65 stage of life I think we’re all still learning and have things to learn in this school we are presently in — even though sometimes it feels like we’re done being here. Sometimes it feels like I have done a lot and learned a lot — and sometimes it still feels like I’m just getting started!

  58. On our best days yes! Learning, remembering, reminding ourselves of what we knew all along. Expect to find something to be joyful about every day and sure enough, you will.

  59. I’m not sure this is the right thread to share this, but I think you might like to hear it so here goes:
    Last night my daughter rushed me to the ER. She’s a medical student and it appeared to her that I was dehydrated and in danger due to an intestinal thing. With blood pressure pretty high, and being more than a little frightened while waiting for the doctor….she pulled out a book from her purse. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We read it. Chapter by chapter. Even our “roommate” in the next bed was listening. By the time Jonathan was reaching speeds over 140, my pressure came down, I got my meds, and we went home .

    • Yes, this is the right thread. : )

      I have heard of a few healings that happened when Jonathan was
      read or remembered. Never one that happened so early in the book, though. Do advanced mortals need just a little hint and they’re back at once, knowing they’re already perfect expressions of perfect Love?

      If so, I guess you can throw out the meds, Jarianne.

    • Jerianne, thank you for reminding me about the connection i have had with Richard’s books and healing too. Mine came after, not during, an imbalance that happened about 3 yrs or so ago….it seems similar to yours where I thought i was goner (of course, there is no such thing, but when i was in it at the time, it felt like that). It lasted a bit longer longer too than yours…a few weeks. During the whole trial of it—i had time—i was trying to center myself from within…while trying to figure out how and why i was manifesting illness to the world as such. Hmnn…..then one day it hit me the thought that i am the ultimate healer of myself and no one else could be responsible for my healing except me, moi, the one and only. The power within myself could either make or break me. Although, i wasn’t sure how to do it, i felt it and the higher self picked on it and began healing. So then, came the Richard connection. Like a door sort of opened and i mean, almost directly, after higher self was seen, i wanted to read a book and there, among hundreds of books on my shelf was Johnathan in English….i thought i want to read this again (had read it 25 yrs earlier), and next to it was the French version….so i decided to read them both. Then, the next day, took Bridge off the the shelf…..i did a RB overdose and reread practically his whole collection in the weeks to come during which by the end i was back to center, in balance, and the reading continued. Then, i found him on line where he had literally just built the new web site and the rest just grew from there. It seems so natural that this was the path to where i was going. I had really never questioned why it was Richard’s books that i had turned to–perhaps it is the feeling of home and understanding. I wonder what would have occured if i hadn’t been able to have had contact in real time with him and others during that time…nope-do not want to think of it!

  60. Richard,
    Jerianne has the reason, your books heal, and are written for humanity
    more advanced and equitable sharing of opportunities.
    My newly example is the book Travels with Puff-in Spanish-, I felt a lightness and joy in my heart reading the introducion and the first 4 chapters: literally I felt my imagination that the spirit of Puff helped me be free.
    There are millions of space-times, the important thing is how we express the One Reality: Love

  61. Thank you. It is just like my dream is coming to be true. I have read all your books that are translated into Finnish, and have been waiting for new book to be read.
    Here I am now as writing, looking out of a window seeing the wintery sky, thinking what it would be like flying right now. Little snowing and little blowing. They say the storm is coming but now all is peaceful. Lot of snow all around and sky is pearly blue-gray.
    Best wishes and love, Marja

  62. Hello Richard! My name’s Nadya. Im from Russia. Im 27. I have read your book Illusions in 2014…And it was surprise for me that was born new book Illusions II ! Im glad to find you! With great interest I will read new book. Thank you.

  63. Hi Jennifer, what a lovely post you shared with your brothers and sisters here! Btw, I’m still recovering and still reading….and although Richard would not like to hear this ( cover your eyes, Richard) he is the one who brought our true family together here. The ones who share similar values and quality of thinking. And I think that from time to time it helps to validate what we believe to be true when our “family” writes and tells us the kinds of things which you just wrote about. Thank you, Jennifer. Be well.

    • Jerianne, I’m glad you voiced what I was thinking about the family. It’s kind of difficult to prevent a group from forming. I’ve always thought of myself as a loner, and yet I always have these connections with others that show up. It seems to be that being a loner is a belief in separation, which is another illusion. Our spiritual family is connected in the invisible.

  64. Hello All!
    I dropped in to see if i had missed something because it had been a long time since Richard posted, and i have enjoyed reading the lively discussions on this last post. I wish happiness, health, love and light to our little family.


  65. Richard, we are so happy to read your new books! We’ve been thinking about you constantly. You and your thoughts is a big part of our lives. Thank you again and again.
    Evelina. Russia, Crimea

  66. Just checking in to see how the writing is going. Since I wrote a few months ago about needing some more feathers, I have been finding them in many different places. They give me reassurance that all is right with you and the world. I reference “the blue feather” from “Illusions” of course. Take care of yourself, dear soul, and create another book of enlightenment.

  67. Ok so again I might be a little off topic but I’d like to share something that happened to me once in the event that someone here might need to hear this. Many years ago ( when I was 16) I was reading a book on the beach that was written by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Philip Roth. After finishing this book I wondered to myself “what ONE word would Philip Roth use to describe me, since he seems to be able to capture a person’s personality so perfectly” Ten years later I was working in a dental office in NYC at the reception desk. In walked the actual Philip Roth one day for his dental appointment. Without so much as a hello, he walked right up to me and he said, ” if I had just ONE word to describe you I would have to say it is demure.” This encounter astounded me. I had no understanding why or how this happened. And even after I began to understand some of the principles of the universe, I still didn’t understand why such an insignificant wish/thought would manifest until I remembered the name of the book I was reading on the beach. The name of Philip Roth’s book was “Letting Go.” Could this strange encounter have been a hint from the universe? What great directing! Central Casting did a great job! ( True story. )

    • I think the co creating of our ‘reality’ often takes some time in our way of thinking of time. I think not many hang around consciously to notice the connections that we ultimately make. I find your story very familar to my experiences that i have had throughout my life. I am glad that you shared it as it confirms my way of thinking.

  68. So happy to see you’re doing well. I’m excited that you are writing again. Your books have always been an inspiration. Thanks for giving a part of you to all of us.

  69. Hi Richard

    I’ve just come across this website seemingly purely by chance (Nothing by Chance, hey?!). I just want to thank you for what you have given to the world all these years. The world is a better place with your books. Marco

  70. I am so happy to read all your books! It brings in a sense of understanding and helps me explore myself for BETTER! Ture Inspiration! Your writing has touched my life and I can’t really thank you enough! I am new here and its an absolute pleasure to having found this!
    Keep writing! Anxiously waiting for the new book!

  71. It is sort of neat experiencing the stories of people who are just finding this site….reminders of how manifestation works…..where a concept of time is irrelevant.

    • Jenn, it’s a lesson I’ve just recently started learning from a new angle…that Time, and its cousin Age, are meaningless. I’m working on a bit of reprogramming; I will not accept society’s concept of how old I am. I am Ageless. And Time is just a magazine.

      • Age is a number that is loaded with assumptions.

        When someone says that they are 15, or 45, or 312; we tend to have a pre-formed image of what they “should” be like, of how they “should” act. Yet time and again we meet individuals who don’t fit their number.

        One is worn out in their 40’s. Another is going on a paragliding trip to Chile with friends in his 70’s.

        Perhaps we shouldn’t talk of numbers. Perhaps we should talk of experiences, of lives lived.

  72. Kindest wishes. What a joy to have something to look forward to from you.

    When I read Illusions, I loved it. What happened, coincidentally (not possible) immediately thereafter is amazing, for which I feel so very fortunate, and have felt sorry for other readers who may not have benefited likewise.

    I was shown a picture of you standing next to my new friend in front of your red bi-wing.

    Mike (if memory serves) had just moved from Orange, CA to Southern Oregon, and coincidentally (not possible) married my high school buddy’s sister. He had long blond hair and a blond mustache, rode a red Kawasaki 900, was an Aviation Tech and If memory serves he’d just performed some service to your Fleet before the picture was taken with you.

    Interested to know if this is a moment you have any recollection of? It was a “small world” shock to my system, and made the whole read digest very differently.

    You do not know what it is like to see you and your plane are in fact, very very real after thinking you’ve read a strictly fictional piece of work. I was now certain I could walk on the surface of Applegate Lake.

    I was young, perhaps 17 years of age. I’m 52. Your story has impacted me all my life, for the better. My 17 year old daughter is on chapter 16 of Illusions this week. What an amazing chunk of space-time, I am confident it will change her life positively, as it has mine.

    In the months following the read, my buddy’s younger brother was killed in a motorcycle accident (riding the red Kawasaki). He was 17. Having read your book allowed me to handle the situation very differently from his family.

    Please accept one more friendly comment of thanks for being. Though we’ve never met, I’m your friend, always. So happy you healed and are well.

  73. Rear Richard! This is amazing, Let me just say the words of admiration. The words of a man who knows firsthand what is being lonely. I’ve been lonely for many years. In my first school I was some kind of stranger, just because I was different from them very much. Maybe this is the reason I have been an unsociable person thinking that the main problem is hidden inside myself. And yes, that was the time I didn’t know JLS yet.

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