A New and Modern Vision of Jonathan’s Forever Principles

Kind Heart Productions has created a modern and uniquely engaging way to experience Jonathan Livingston Seagull as an Interactive Audio Book App for mobile devices. You can learn more about the Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1 App and download it by clicking the links below.

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“Instead of imagining, we and our children can see Jonathan’s flight under our eyes, on the very pages of spoken words. We can become seagulls ourselves, turning, soaring, even flying upside down, whenever we wish! Kind Heart Production’s App is a modern vision of the forever principles of the book. This is a perfect expression of enlightened entertainment!”       – Richard Bach


24 thoughts on “A New and Modern Vision of Jonathan’s Forever Principles

  1. What a wonderful idea! Such a special way to bring Jonathan to the newer generations!
    I just saw the Kickstarter webpage. Lovely!
    I am sure many will participate helping this Dream come true!👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍😃

  2. Dear Richard,

    This is fantastic news and I wish you and the team the very best in bringing this to fruition. It is what the world needs, more than ever! The sample material looks fantastic, and the music complements so well. So innovative as you have always been!

    Great to see JLS will be inspiring the generations to come.

    Wishing you the very best,


  3. Hello, Richard!
    Today I saw a message from your site and watched a video.
    So, this is the project you told us a year ago? An Interactive Audio Book App for mobile devices. That’s brilliant! I’ve been looking for something like this for years!
    I guess, everyone here hopes you successfully finish this job and be satisfied with the results.
    Good luck to you, Richard and welcome to your new age of literature 🙂


  4. Looks like a great trip into the imagination for us all. So excited to see JLS will be available to the younger generations who have extrordinary potential to extend far into the realm of love….what better support than bringing JLS into their lives through this medium…yay!!

    • This is the first time i have ever participated in a crowdfunding project and put in a pledge of an amount of money that I wished to give towards supporting this project produced by Kind Heart Productions of making the app for Richard’s book. For anyone who is unsure what to do….you just need to click on that link up above that sends you to the Kickstarter program (which funds many other projects throughout the world) and immediately puts up Richard’s project of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Kind Heart Productions. As you scroll down you will see prompts for whatever amount you would like to pledge…starting at $5. You do not need to be a millionaire to contribute 😎. I like that the thought of every little bit counts and we can all be part of this cool project. Payment is not collected until projected funding reached. I just think this is awesome! Thanks Richard for letting us feel part of it all.

  5. Looks fantastic. Well done. So this is one of the projects you have been working on. Endless fun you young .. and old! 😉

    But more importantly – you’re still alive!! I thank the Universe for this. (Perhaps you have something to do with it as well?)

    Anyway, I won’t rave on, just saw this today, check it out, is this pilot a brave man? Hope you like it, and hope you are very well,


    http://www.chonday.com/Videos/ runwamaoun5
    (One Crazy and Dangerous Airplane Landing)

  6. Hi Richard. It is wonderful to hear from you and know you carry forward the purpose and vision of Jonathan. My adventure in a body will end soon, but there is still much to do. When I was young I thought the The Age of Aq– would happen all at once. Well, it seams that Earth beings need more practice. It seams so simple now to become part of the great ONE. Taking sides wears me out! We all need to submit to the higher calling to be part of the ONE . MY opinion seems far less important now,
    Last year I was so very concerned that no candidate would be able to pull our different parts into one. I finally Bowed my head and knee to the Creator and asked for help and guidance for our country and all people on earth. Then I let go and just watch ed for the One answer that was neither side but a whole new answer that included the prayers of all. What a surprise was the answer that came!!. The Great ocean. became even more real to me. I was no longer to afraid to dive in and loose who I thought I was in long previous years. It feels great to embrace fellow travelers upon the Way. Many who I knew in my youth have passed on to greater jobs. There really is no ending and always new challenges. It has become a real test to drag and push my body around. I just do not have that boundless resource to fill the empty cup. Then I realized that life is neither full nor empty but a state of biological tension that is neither side but in stasis. Now there is no completely full or empty but approaching ONE -So simple!! All the years of searching distilled into ONE. I can almost feel the waves enfold my body as I lay back in the waves. of the ONE..Jonathon is now teaching a 4th generation in our family and they get to read the “forgotten chapter!!! That which was old is new again!!! As a new adventure begins. Thank you and God Bless you for your many years of service!!

  7. Hello Richard. Recalling your AirForce days in France, I am Neice of Moose Forman and daughter of Jack Forman here. About 20 yrs. ago I enjoyed reading a few books you’ve written. Caring for my aging father I came across “Stranger To The Ground”. Thank you for your work which comes, of course, at the most opportune time that assists a point I am trying to convey about myself that is similarly described in your writings. Connection. P.S. I have younger adults on the Island of Jamaica enjoying your books .

  8. Dear richard bach It is a pleasure to see that ah published after so much time, the truth is that I was waiting for this moment and that when I know and discovering that I had this site its last publication was the 4th of December 2016 I find the new vision great of Jonathan and excuse that I like the subject but wanted to ask you some questions about your book (ILLUSIONS)
    What does it mean when I say that everything is space and that time is pure cinema and pure illusion?
    What does it mean to pay the price when we accept to believe in the reality of space-time and because one does not want to pay it does not appear on this planet or in any other space-time system?
    I hope and help me to read and respond, I must have important points of view for your greeting from Venezuela

    • It means that every material thing changes. When you say “me,” does that mean the “you” that exists this minute, the “you” that existed a day ago, or the “you” that was nine years old? Are all of them real, or are they appearances, changing every minute? The price we pay to believe in the appearance of space/time is that we won’t understand the reality of the unseen world of Love. Does that help?

      •   Oh Richard Bach, thank you very much for your response, it is a pleasure for me to read your book and see things differently, haha so much that I stayed for hours looking at the clouds, I admire it a lot and yes, if it was of great help, the best wishes from venezuela for you

        PD: I hope and continue to change the world with your words with love Milagros

  9. hello again ~ just want to say thanks ~ your ‘aviation trilogy’ book inspired me to climb up on the top of my house and patch the roof. cheers, and do keep flying ~

  10. I tried to get the app in the app store, but it appears my old ipad is not compatible. I might have to get a new ipad so i can download the app or perhaps see if my samsung phone can download the app. Has anyone else had an issue downloading with an ipad? – KJ –

  11. Hello, dear Richard!
    Today I am glad to watch this joke of time zones again 🙂
    Sending you these words from a place where it’s already 2018. In Moscow it is half past midnight, and I have a chance to ask you: “Hey there! How are you in 2017? Greetings from future! Waiting you here!” Like I said once, that’s funny and wonderfull isn’t it?
    I want to thank you for this beautiful audiobook. I bought it and all showed it to all my friends and relatives. Some of them (who speak English) downloaded it too. You did really well! I look forward for the next part!

    I am also would like to say that I’m very glad to speak to you like this, not seeing a voice of “politics”. I wish our countries listen to our voices and come to some kind of agreement. Let it be this year. Please!

    Happy New Year!


  12. Thank you for nudging me all these years to read “The Little Prince”. I do not know why it took me 54 years to get to it but I am glad I did! I watched the Netflix original version of it this weekend with my one year old and three year old granddaughters. This got me thinking….What if Netflix or Amazon created an animated Ferret Chronicles series???!!!!!!

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