A Strange and Mystical Event

IT HAPPENS OFTEN, they say.  We’re in the midst of our life, we take some photographs, think nothing unusual has happened.  Then when we look at the pictures there’s a spirit or an orb in the midst of our day!  It’s become a common event these days, with so many cameras at work.  Strange, but common.

I didn’t think that I’d have the experience.  I was working on Puff, the little seaplane, doing some maintenance.  For a friend, I laid out some parts on the deck, then got the camera and took several pictures.

To my surprise, well, to my astonishment!, there was an image that I had not seen when I pressed the shutter:


11 thoughts on “A Strange and Mystical Event

  1. For sure, on astonishment! Can’t get much clearer than that. Love it! And here I thought I was the only one who missed seeing so much while taking pictures. But nothing this impressive!

  2. Ooooh, seeing the beauty of that creature, no wonder you’ve quit your search for a human partner. His perfect perfection is no match for our perfect imperfection!

  3. It looks like the solar system and dog shadow looking on….like a projection-the projection seems mystic….not of this world….not solid or earthed.

  4. I just stayed at the Plaza Hotel on the square in Las Vegas, NM, in their most haunted room. I took pictures in the dark, wondering if there would be orbs, because I’ve seen other things in that room. I was as excited as a child to see them.

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