A Warning for Me, Advice for You

I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT that this little place was a small personal website.  It doesn’t seem rational, but I’ve thought that you knew that I was the sole advisor of the site.

I’ve thought that since it was my site, I could delete any messages that suggested ideas that differed with the strange ideals (my personal ideals) that I thought might lift readers from the conventional to something that felt loftier, more fun.  If you didn’t know, I must tell you now that all this time I’ve been screening (deleting) a fair number of comments that didn’t quite fit my taste.

Now I’ve heard from a thoughtful reader that this is not fair.  That there’s an informal Internet Courtesy that requires almost anyone with almost any ideas to write what they wish on websites.

Of course I don’t agree.  If you feel that this is true, though, that I should allow most any comments to be published here, please let me know.  If most of you agree, I’ll thank you for the wonderful comments you’ve already sent, delete the website, and send my apologies for violating the Courtesy.

It will not be the first time that I’ve felt like a ferret blown by a hurricane and raised by squirrels…so much to learn of kindness to others!


123 thoughts on “A Warning for Me, Advice for You

  1. I must agree with you, your site, your message. There are(were) a few sites with a good message that were silenced due to negative commentary and I find there loss an incredible shame.
    Keep up what you are doing and stay true to your calling; your words inspire and if some are confounded by them, they just aren’t ready to recieve yet.

    • I come to this blog because I have discernment and choice. I come because I take something each time that is relevant to my soul’s path.

      In a world where negativity permeates many places, I would like to think you can create a place where you can be the proprietor of content.

      I quite like this place and the written word is very powerful; creating peace or chaos. I side with you.

      🙂 Vanessa

    • I completely agree with you. To me it is like I would not invite certain people into my home. I feel the same about this being your site and you can do what ever you want with it. You have a specific message meant for like-minded people. I personally know of the wrath of some who do not agree so again , I completely agree with your freedom to delete what ever you want from your site!

  2. You don’t have to publish anyting you don’t want to publish. Freedom of the press does not require that the writer be provided with one.

    Let them get their own websites.

  3. I agree with Diogenes. Your site is like your house. If you want dissenting views expressed that is OK, but if not that’s OK too. It’s your choice how strongly you moderate your site. As a moderator on another site I’ll tell you that with no moderation at all almost any issue will descend into… something you probably don’t want to see here.

  4. In the same way that I censor what my children see on the web, you too must maintain a safe environment for your site. Whilst inclusion is a wonderful thing, as a society we recognise that not everyone is fit to be a part of it and hence there are some who are rightfully excluded or incarcerated. Unfortunately the web attracts a considerable number of people who offer nothing constructive and the exclusion of their scribbling is, on the balance of judgement, societally fair. However, the exclusion of spirited debate is to be avoided and it is in the evaluation of what is moderated that the tone is set.

    This site has a nice tone, great content and I sincerely hope more people add comments to the effect that you’re doing a great service. I don’t visit to read what you don’t agree with; I want to read what’s here!

  5. Wow! I am taken back that someone would have an issue with your acting as administrator on your own website. I agree…your site…your message. And a good message it is!

    • I agree with you Richard. Let them write on their own website if they disagree, if they want to argue with your thoughts, then let them go at it somewhere else. I do not want to see negativity. I enjoy reading your works with an open mind to the world around us. Keep it the way it is and has been.

  6. Thank you for replying. I promise to tell you about negative comments (though not necessarily to print them, depending on their language :).

  7. I’ve noticed that good blog-hosting sites like Google have settings that give bloggers the ability to moderate comments giving them control over the kind of comments that people leave on their blogs. On your website you’ve been doing this yourself and I think that is very important. The way that you’ve been doing this has kept the quality and character of this website where it is. Both your writings and often the writings by others on here give people inspiration, encouragement and a sense of connection. Please keep doing what you feel led to do and those that are ready to learn what is offered here will come.

  8. It’s your site Richard, do as you please. Thanks for walking point for us here. The environment and tone is right, it would be sad to have that change. It’s a big Internet, there’s plenty of places for negative energy to be expended, just not here please.

  9. It is your website. You run the show; therefore, it is your prerogative, if you
    decide to publish or delete some entries. This is your personal space and people need to become receptive to the idea of free choice. Perhaps, some people not there yet.

  10. Hi Richard – I agree with what you’re doing and with everything that’s been said in reply. This wonderful community is like a family and your moderation has kept the content and tone what it is. Without your oversight, I can only imagine the negativity that can take root. Please keep doing what you do, so that our growing family can continue to be inspired, sharing and learning from one another. Thank you.

  11. it’s totally ok that you do what you like about the comments on your site. the policy on every site is different and while somewhere one can say whatever one wants, in other places people do just as you do and it’s ok. No there’s no single courtesy rule for all Internet and how could there be one. Anyone with any ideas can write what he wishes on his own blog or site. That’s it.

  12. As one who has had some of her comments not shown on here i have only great respect for your sense of propriety for your site. When a comment is published here from one of us i know that it has had a thorough screening and i like that-it gives real value to the comment. As i reader too i learn a bit more about your values and how they apply to our world. Thank you for maintaining the integrity of this site. For those who have an issue, pethaps it is because they did not understand and had no intent on hurting anyone.

  13. Richard:
    The posts: The Three Languages, Our Silent Fires, The Prayer Of The Puppy, constantly help me to heal my heart…, anf also I bought and study carefully the book : Answets of After Life by Bob Olson,
    Thank You

  14. Dear Richard, Please do not close your website. You have been my inspirations for years. First I read JLS and thought I must read this again. On my second tour thru I realized that this is not about a bird. That was over 40 years ago. I borrowed Illusions from a lending library. When I finished the book I brought it back and said, ” I want this book.” The lady said “but you just read it”. I said “I have to have this book, I will pay you double for it”. She said “take it’. Now when ever I see a copy I buy it to hand out to friends and strangers. You are an amazing soul and have brought inspiration and enlightenment to many. I have always wanted to meet you, but if I did I would probably be dumbstruck and babble like a fool. Keep up your inspiring work, Dear one.

  15. I agree with Rev Frank Gusset that it is ‘in the evaluation of what is moderated that the tone is set.’ and that ‘I don’t visit to read what you don’t agree with; I want to read what’s here!’

    I also agree with Indigo that, ‘with no moderation at all almost any issue will descend into… something you probably don’t want to see here.’ It’s frustrating when an interesting thread gets hijacked and flooded by petty squabbles. It can become hard work then to pick through the rubbish to find the gems. Here we are in a fine jewellers and those gems are shown off to their best by settings that you have chosen yourself.

    All you are doing is maintaining the tone and keeping the ideas and messages clear for us. I have no problems with that at all. The thought that your wonderful site might disappear IS something that worries me, and is enough to make me comment here for the first time.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing. The work is most appreciated.

  16. A ferret blown by a hurricane! Raised by squirrels! That’s a story. Thank you for that. Anyone I know who has a blog (I have one, too) reserves the right to ride herd on the content. Your site has a purpose, and I trust your judgement to serve that. That’s why I come here. I’ve sometimes challenged or disagreed with you, so I know you’re not bothered by that. If anything got in, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to come here.

  17. I respectfully disagree with the “thoughtful reader.” A person is free to do what they want with their site. That is only courteous to the owner of the site. It takes so much care to hold a unique space. There must be boundaries. I appreciate all the care that you take in tending this garden. Please count my votes for pulling whatever seems to you to be a weed.

  18. This is, for me, one of the few sites on the internet worth visiting. As so many others have already said, that’s because I know that whatever I find here, it’ll be something *positive*, something which helps me and resonates with me, and something which often leaves me thinking about it for a long time.

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been feeling rather hopeless and lost, only to look here and find exactly what I needed. And so very many beautiful comments from so many in this family!

    Maybe others have their own truths, and that’s fine. But not on your web site, Richard. That’s what makes it a treasure to me. I’m not offended or upset in the slightest when my comments aren’t posted. If they don’t resonate with or move you in some small way, they shouldn’t be!

    “I claim for others the freedom to live as they wish, to think and believe as they will. I claim that freedom for myself.” –Avedoi Merek

  19. Others commenters have said it well, so my ‘yes vote’ for freedom will be brief. Please continue to create your site in a way that pleases you.

    This is a little like an extension of your home. I want to bring a guest’s attitude and cheerfully support the host’s wishes. I’d be sad to learn there would be no more get-togethers at Richard’s place.

  20. Thank you for your comments. How interesting, how important, the things we say can affect others! So have yours affected me. I needed to know how you felt about choice, in order to decide whether to continue this site. Your ideas (and the one from Avedoi Merek) reminded me that we’re all free to do as we wish. Something deep in my heart, from as far back as I can remember, tells me not to be where I’m not wanted. It reminds me that there are other places to be, as there are for everyone, that do welcome our presence. Something in the suggestion that I must not delete a visitor’s comment, triggered the old “Please Leave Now” reaction.

    What is it that this site offers? I guess it’s the slant of my mind near the end of my life. You can get a sense of it and find, in time, to see if it reflects your own. I had some of that feeling in the late writing of Mark Twain, and enjoyed what he thought and wrote.

    The strange thing is that near the end, I’m the same kid that I’ve always been!

    I doubt that I would write as I do if I weren’t lonely, as Mark Twain was. Happens to many of us, of course, toward the end. We know she/he exists, yet we begin to believe she doesn’t exist as a mortal…she’s a spirit that we will meet when this lifetime is finished. Could that be one reason why some of us are willing to let this dream of living to ebb? Could be. Some of the near death experiencers say that they’re homesick for the world that they saw. I feel that, too.

    Thanks again for being here.

    • What is sitting in me still what you shed light on that you are still the one you used to be….which i agree. So, to continue on that train of thought, we are still the same at the end of our life as at the beginning….did we ever go anywhere? Were we always here, are we always here? Or should we think circularly….we come out of womb to go back to womb….as we age do we return in reverse motion? Are we getting younger? Lots of great stuff to ponder…thank you for sharing not only your NDE with us, but also your aging process and feelings associated with it.

    • Richard i think we’re all kids somewhere inside. And besides this, I think it happens to most people when the years of life on this planet start to go somewhere over 60- they get closer and closer again to “the kids they once were” psychologically too. I remember my granddad and how he felt more and more like a child in many ways with time… it was beautiful and sad to watch because the ways of this world seemed to hurt him more and more once again…. until the end. But I think it gives some extra special beauty to old age that compensates for the hardships a bit. this ability to be childlike and real.
      and yes, dont leave now please, your words carry such warmth and clarity for me that helps me with this life I have here.
      Love, Margarita.

  21. Now *that* rang a very familiar bell! “The same kid that I’ve always been…” And too often, I start believing there’s no one else like that in this belief of physical world. But isn’t it just as likely that she’s sitting somewhere alone, avoiding the crowds and shunning what doesn’t ring true for her, just as you, I and probably a few million others are doing? I know that I’ve never met a real friend by looking for one. It’s always been purely “accidental”. And I think I’m probably rambling without really saying much, but this echoed my own thoughts so closely I had to say something.

    The one thing I haven’t experienced is a near death experience, but it makes sense that many, having seen the worlds beyond, would feel a longing for it. Still, I love the “test to find whether your mission on earth is finished”. Seems like there must still be things to learn, adventures yet to experience.

  22. I’m just another to comment that I most totally agree that you not publish any comments that are significantly negative to your views and outlook. No backup comments needed. Continue your good work for those of us that appreciate it, which is the vast majority.

  23. Richard, LOTS of websites edit comments like you do. Delete as you please. If some don’t like it, they can move on to other websites.

  24. I am in agreement with all of the previous comments. How sad that someone’s negativity would cause you to question the benefit to others that your willingness to share your wonderful view of Life truly is. Thank you for continuing to do so. I don’t always get to this site to read as often as I would like. However, I’m so very grateful that it’s here.

  25. Hi Richard, i actually tried to post first time on So Slow….checked it the other day and found out it was deleted. It was ok. Its like me using a scratch paper to take out my emotions and apriori , i also mentioned that i am messing up the whole thought pattern being discussed there in some way, i knew it.it was forced thru.

    Thanks for moderating this site. Please don’t leave or end this link. I would straighten my thoughts.There are no more of your kind these days. Just Like Chrichton. Reading your books is like listening to Beatles or watching the Sun set….the nice smell of brewed coffee ,,,,. morning…..my mothers presence. 😉

  26. Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but the mark of a fake messiah. 😉

  27. YOUR website Richard… YOUR decisions…. YOUR edits….

    And to quote from a famous book that you might have read….. 😉
    “The world (website) is your exercise-book, the pages on which you do your sums.
    It is not reality, although you can express reality there if you wish. You are also free to write nonsense, or lies, or to tear the pages”…..

    So, just go ahead and edit to your heart’s content….

  28. It’s very simple Richard. If it’s your airplane, it’s your rules. Your site, no difference. We are here because we choose to read your thoughts and comments, not what some feel they have the right to impose.

    Fair winds!

  29. I love that this is YOUR website and we are blessed to be able to come along for the ride. I know that I can come here for thought provoking nourishment for my soul. Thank you for including all of us.

  30. This is your website.A playground for words if you will, for the thoughts and ideas you choose to share.You have so far chosen to allow us,your readers,to comment on the chalkboard in your playground.What you choose to leave or erase in your own playground is of course your prerogative.Or put another way…you found this thermal and started making circles to the right,the folks who saw you climbing and flew over to share the lift don’t have any right to demand you start circling left.

  31. I agree with the comments above – I come to this site because I’m interested in your viewpoint – not the negativity of others trying to rain on the parade. I have been so surprised at some of the comments on blogs that people think are acceptable to post.
    Your site – your choice

  32. You have EVERY right to monitor, screen and scream, Richard. Carry on… please! This is YOUR site. Do as you wish, dear friend!

  33. I believe that “Internet Decorum” allows you, as the proprietor of this establishment, to dictate the tone. I would guess that many of the deleted comments were disagreeable not so much for the ideas they expressed as much as how they expressed them. Insightful comments are insightful, even if they express a different viewpoint, and I would welcome them provided that the ideas are expressed in a thoughtful and polite manner.

    You set a high bar for yourself. I think it is appropriate to set a similar bar for commentators.

  34. I come here for a few reasons. None of those are to get into a debate. I’m here because I love the message, Richard and this growing family. The internet is what you make it. Your page is your page. It’s your experience. I do a radio show and a podcast. I hear everyday from people who actually think my website and shows are their place to wreak havoc and try to get all the focus on them. Block and Delete away Mr. Bach. I know this runs the risk of sounding insensitive, but I have found great glee in removing the lower vibrations from my daily life.

  35. Your site, your ideals. I assume that most of us are here because of those ideals and ideas. Some folks seem to want to impose their will on others… Please keep using your good judgement to not let that happen here!

  36. Dear Richard,

    This is your website. I am grateful for your great generosity in making it available to everyone who cares for your thoughts and values. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your perspectives and taking the arduous job of filtering the incoming feed-back in a way the site remains true to it’s spirit.


    What else can be said?

  37. Richard, I completely agree with you. It is your site and your message. You needn’t publish anyone’s opinions, differing or agreeing. The fact that you even allowed for an exchange was above and beyond what most of us expect. I am just grateful that you are still in the world and value your voice in the ethers. Please don’t eliminate our opportunity to hear your changing impressions and learnings… many of us value them very, very much.

  38. Life is too short to let others choose Your direction. Do not disable your delete button. It’s yours. Keep it that way.

    I love you everso.

  39. Why would someone but the most selfish take issue with your choice? Why would someone else’s point of view take precedence to your own on your site?

  40. Thank you for your open door hospitality to virtually ponder about questions and revelations that all of our lives have gifted us with…as well as protecting this bright spot on the web. I was at a flying field on Sunday, watching planes lift and land…was thinking about you, and paid attention to a new feeling of curiosity about what it feels like to be in the cockpit looking down and around, instead of on the ground looking up. I owe that curiosity to you…thank you for sharing your ideas here. Makes my world richer because of it.

  41. Richard, you are an inspiration to many people and I really don’t think they want negativity mucking up their lives when they are looking for and need positive thoughts and energy. When we come to this site, we know we’re going to going to leave feeling a lot better than when we first came in. It goes without saying that you have every right to manage your own website and, of course, that “thoughtful person” had every right to let you know his or her opinion, but that’s where it ends. You are under no obligation to publish someone’s negative thoughts just because they say you do “as a courtesy.” I think it’s stunning that a person would have the audacity to feel someone is under some kind of obligation just because they say it’s so. I can only speak for myself, but I assume that most all of us come to this site so we don’t feel like ferrets blown by a hurricane and raised by squirrels.

  42. I absolutely agree that you have the right to moderate your site. I’ve been reading your stuff since it was on the back page of Flying (I think) and I am sure the magazine moderated letters to the editor. My favourite, by the way, was duct tape and milk crates.

  43. Agree with you completely Richard, I put unwanted unsolicited post in the bin, ones I like I keep to look at or share.

    I have a theory that all of us here are characters in a video game, and our true selves are sitting on a settee together with our perfect partners playing the game. Maybe our characters don’t meet in the game, maybe one of us goes to get snacks and another person takes over for a few minutes. Maybe we do meet for a while. So don’t worry, you are with your perfect partner all the time, you’ve just got lost in the game. Personally I really like this idea and am sticking with it.

    PS. When I was a small child I lifted up the leaves of a weed and saw space where there should have been earth, it was like peeling off wallpaper and seeing another room instead of a wall. I’ve been looking ever since. Has this happened to anyone else?

  44. Dear Richard: Think of this like one of your books. The difference is that we aren’t charged and it is ongoing. But it’s yours. Your creation. Your heart. Your gift to us. And with it you give us the gift of responding.

    It’s not our right to be heard on your site.

    I treasure the gift. You’ve helped me through more crises than I care to count. And given me laughs and brightened even the bright days. You are a gift. Thank you

  45. Richard, I love your website! I look forward to each update immensely – I find them thought provoking and helpful. Thank you!
    If somebody was to throw a rotten egg on your home you would get the bucket out and wash it off. Why should you behave differently online? Get the virtual bucket out! “Internet Courtesy” – isn’t that a paradox in itself…

  46. Hello Richard,

    First of all I love reading about your adventures and the stories you share here.

    Secondly as an Internet Marketer/Blogger/Webmaster there is no such protocol of having to even accept comments let alone publish them. You are fully the master of this Domain (website joke) and can delete post, reply to post or publish posts.

    I appreciate having comments moderated to a degree, especially if they do not pertain to the discussion at hand or are hateful in some way.

    Keep up the great work send us some more flying photos!

  47. Richard, there are forums that are a ‘free-for-all’. And they are often related to product reviews and other such things where consumers expect all posts to be there. You, thankfully, are ‘sharing’ ideas not ‘selling’ a product. Completely different culture. You are right to edit this site as you would any of your books.

  48. Dear Richard,
    Absolutely, your web site, your choice 100% of what appears on it. If you were to choose to only allow so many comments per post and just pick the ones you like best that’s fine. The “thoughtful reader” is perhaps interpreting your not printing their comment as some type of judgement but that is their issue. What is heartfelt by one person and posted with good intentions in their own mind can cause dissent and trouble in the mind of someone else. I’ve seen several websites degenerate into bickering and hostility. Often the people that turned seemed like the most kind and caring at the start. Your website, your rules. Some people write what they want and allow no comments at all.

  49. Richard I love your site and have no problem with keeping positive happy comments. I have unfriended folks on other sites that gave me negative thoughts. I have been flying since my 16th birthday, 53 years ago, and your pre-Seagull stories changed how I fly and think about myself and the world. Thank you.

  50. Supporting your decision to moderate your site. I love the tone of this site. A tranquil respite in a sea of negativity — like a garden, carefully cultivated with love, a thing of beauty, but left untended and indiscriminate becomes another noxious weed patch.

  51. Thanks for sharing your concerns on this matter. This is your site, your rules. Simple as that.

    It is a courtesy to all of us that you allow us to comment!

  52. Thank you Richard for what you are doing. You are helping create a bridge between those of us who are drawn to and inspired by your messages that resonate with truths inside of us and cause us to pause and think. I am glad that you have chosen to light this bridge in a positive way. Those who have views that would bring darkness and dissension have numerous places that they can express themselves, be with those who share their challenges and places where they can measure themselves against each other. I hope that you will continue as you have.

  53. Stick to your GUNS Richard. I have been following you and your adventures for over 40 years. I keep all of the “blogs” I have received, and go back to them to see if I have missed anything……my very own library of “Richard” if you will.

    When I was a young teen, and just started driving, I delivered groceries. One of my regular stops was at an “old folks home” and I would make it my last stop of the day. There was a man of 91 years, my favorite, because he would share life experiences with me. One of those was, “at 91, I still see through the same eyes as though I were a small child, I just don’t recognize what I see in the Mirror”.

    I am getting much closer to that age and understand what he had said.

    Thank you, for allowing us the perspective of “seeing” through your “EYES” and dream a little of what things are like, from your perspective and vantage point.

    Keep ’em flying DEAR FRIEND.

    Mahalo from Maui

    • “At 91, I still see through the same eyes as though I were a small child, I just don’t recognize what I see in the Mirror.” So true, some of these times as a mortal. My eternal self whispers, “Enjoy it, for just the moment you believe it’s here.”

  54. Richard: You are a professional author and it is through your charity alone that those of us who visit this site enjoy the enormous opportunity to interact with the eternal thoughts and ideas of someone who has touched each of us in deep and lasting way. Your writings have informed my own life’s philosophy over the past 50+ years and I know from reading the comments of others that I am not alone. Write on good sir, and thank you!

  55. Richard,

    You can converse about a thought in ways that none of us have the talent to create and place on paper or a blog site. I certainly do not endorse flaming or other rather strong talk back and forth to each other. There is no excuse for not being civil. So for this reason as they say down south “It your hogs and your corn,” so you can do whatever you want about remarks.

    On the other hand let me be a lone voice in these comments with the “On the other hand” comment. What is wrong with a civil different observation on the subject to your great insights. Is the fear that this will lead us astray from your ideas. If so, you can certainly direct us back on the thought.

    This is a savvy group that hangs out here so from time to time there may be a positive thought floated up from you followers.

    • So long as they’re original ideas, such as Sally’s on “perfect partners,” in this discussion, they are so welcome here! We learn from them. Negative ideas and old dogma, I learn nothing, and I assume others don’t either.

  56. Dear Richard…. I feel exactly as you do…. it is your site and reflects who you are and what feels resonant with you. Please feel free to edit any comments you like, including my own, if you feel you should ever need to do that. I honor you and your integrity, and wouldn’t dream of expecting your site to be about me or anyone else who responds to anything you post. I would think that 99.9 percent of the folks who connect with you are within that field of resonance and would not need editing, and yet it is your prerogative to make any edits that fit best for you, and probably the vast majority of us. I enjoy and appreciate your musings and epiphanies tremendously, and hope you’ll keep them coming! You have been touching my heart and soul for many moons, and feel like a kindred spirit in my own world…. spiritual family. Blessings all around….


  57. You’ve created a site to “lift readers from the conventional to something that felt loftier, more fun” so naturally the only appropriate comments are those that serve your purpose, a purpose I highly agree with and admire. I’ve never heard of this so-called courtesy of allowing people to write whatever they want. They have the the rest of the world for that and the freedom to create their own site with their own purpose.

  58. In modern boardrooms conflict is now seen as a vehicle for creative thinking and problem solving under strict management conditions. It is time consuming for any individual to manage a blog of this kind. I know that discussing your ideas with non-readers can uncover illogical fears and responses, and I am not likely to give up when opening minds to endless possibilities without a good debate.

    Should you kill the debate entirely because of negative comments? That does sound a little childish. Allowing bully types to push their views over others is not acceptable on any website.

    You are the CEO here. What style of leadership you use is up to you Richard.

  59. This site is *you* so a sincere thank you for keeping your scissors and snipping every not-you comment. 🙂

    We can be invited to dinner parties with dress codes. Isn’t this just pot luck with a specific menu?

  60. Wow, just had to add one more.. stay with it please, this is great, what you’re doing here. Thank you for your stories, insights, fun, and this living book. What a neat idea.

  61. I agree with you. This is not just like any other open forum. This place is for those who are somewhat oriented in a particular direction and draw a lot from the posts & comments. Therefore it is necessary to have a moderator to weed out a few things every now and then so that the garden remains beautiful always.

    Best regards,

  62. We have a small pond right in the middle of an industrial site which supports wonderful birdlife and the only reason they thrive is because dedicated bird lovers ensure the surrounding industries don’t spew their toxic sludge into the pond. You must stay true to your vision and what feels right to you for sure. I posted a comment which you didn’t use
    and I’m so glad you didn’t because I realized immediately afterwards it was not the right
    place to open that discussion and I wished I could take it back. So you were spot on with your intuition not to allow it. I erred with my own intuition, to a degree, because a site
    like this makes one feel such intimacy and trust that one can ask almost anything but obviously there is a place and a time and I respect that. The only place I can read things like this is online – I don’t have a community of people around me who are like minded so sites like yours are something of a lifeline. I find myself longing to read your posts because it is like a source spring. Keep it flowing. Respect Jane

  63. Please… carry on as you are !
    The other billiions of sites have trolls & haters… only one has Richard Bach
    ..that’s why we come here !

  64. Hmmm… ‘Internet Courtesy’? Another way of saying “I must be heard!”.

    I am a guest here and I appreciate the fact that this place exists for me to be a guest. I feel like I’m sitting with you in your home admiring the view and listening to your thoughts.

    If a person feels it’s ‘unfair’ that a comment is not shown or deleted, then I’d ask that person why they feel that way? Rhetorically of course!

    Many of the questions we have, we also have the answers to. This place helps me find those answers in myself.

    • I totally agree with this comment. We are Richard’s guests, so it is logical to treat him with courtesy and respect, like we should do when we visit someone else in his or hers house. Why should anyone visit this site if he or she would not be interested in Richard’s ideas and books? I see this site as a place of tranquility and wisdom. A place where people interested in personal growth share ideas and feelings. It’s not a place for debate, but of careful reading and understanding what Richard and other people write and mean with their writing. It’s not politics we write about!

  65. I totally agree with your policy, Richard. Since it’s your own site it’s your good right to publish or ban anything you want. I noticed that even daily newspapers (in my country, the Netherlands there are no really bad ones) comments from readers are often very rude and personally insulting. Not so long ago the editors of opinion pages watched over what they did and did not publish. On the internet, and especially news sites you can read the most horrible comments, often very insulting and rude in use of language. There is enough filth and bullshit on the Internet. Your website is one of the oasis of peace, tranquility and wisdom. Let’s keep it that way, even if we don’t agree with everything you and others write.

  66. A great author once said, ” Here is a test to decide if your mission on earth is finished, if you’re alive, it isn’t.” So even if you are 91 or 99, you are still here for a reason. I usually sit back and read your posts with interest, however I am usually silent when it comes to opinions, I can’t be silent about this. I have read most of your books except the ones about the ferrets, but they are on my list. Your first “Illusions” book is my favorite and there is not a day that goes by, even in my 62nd year of life, that I don’t find myself quoting passages from that book. You need to keep doing what you are doing. We come here for a reason and it certainly isn’t to hear negativity. You have always given us reasons for believing..imagining…learning and teaching. “Your only obligation in lifetime is to be true to yourself…” I need more feathers…Don’t change a thing!!!

    • I thought I’d just volunteer to change beliefs of lifetimes, around now. Silly me! I had no idea that you needed more feathers! Feather-free, though, these ideas about leaving here happen from time to time.

      • Sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to stay here, when where we are going seems so much more interesting. I admit to wanting to leave, quite often, but then I become caught up in learning or teaching or dreaming, and I forget that where I am isn’t where I want to be. So, I stay. I suspect others understand…there will be plenty of time for the other place…let’s wring all we can out of this one before we leave.

        • We stay here, I think, because we’ve decided to overcome the power of our beliefs. When we can look at our beliefs (the way I look at my belief of age) and know that no matter what seems to be, we are an eternal expression of perfect love, our spirit is more powerful than it has ever been. In the afterlife, we don’t have these challenges. And time and again we go back to the tests of space and time. Over and over we live, and gradually we become the master of our beliefs instead of their slave. Once in a while (as happens here for me), a friend will see through the lies of space-time, and remind us of our truth, and why we live.

      • I should have said “More BLUE feathers!” I am still learning…please don’t go and keep on doing this wonderful thing that you do.

  67. Richard, This is yours. You are allowed to write what you want and publish what you want. The people who tell you otherwise are wrong. There are “trolls” on Facebook too, who like a page/idea/concept/entertainer and then proceed to do nothing but stir up trouble or write disparaging comments. Their comments are deleted and they are banned.

    We can learn from differing opinions of course, but only if presented in a gentle and respectful way.

    • “In the way we’re presented, do we learn from other opinions.” Wonderful! Someone tries to remind me with coarse images and thoughtless language, I delete him. Yet I’ll listen to a considered opinion, listen too a smile. Well said, Sharon…thank you!

      • Reading through all these comments, and especially Svetlanas makes me wonder and want to totally understand what is it about you, Richard Bach, that makes us ( oh, including myself of course) have this feeling of completeness, that would, if taken away, we would feel a missing piece of something….??

        • I think, Jenn, that what’s happened to us is that we’re a little community of spirits. We have no idea what we may look like, where we live, what’s the belief of our station in physical life. We do share a kindness, a gentle courtesy toward each other, even a love between us. Possible, of course, for any website, but this one, for now, seems to be working for us.

          • One of the things I do like about the internet is that I usually have no idea of anyone’s physical appearance, what kind of house they live in, what car they drive, etc.

            All I know is what they are, which is what really matters to me anyway.

      • It is warmth and joy to the heart of your words. I am lonely a long time too. I suffered, and I said :”Dear God, tell me if you planned other mission for me! I will not wait…” He didn`t answer yet ))
        It is difficult to think and write in English for me, sorry. But I try))

  68. I have been thinking for a long about your position Richard and finally I found out that as all in the Universe is vibration so this little community has to keep this positive vibration which is coming and is emanating from your site. So you have to keep this high and good frequence which will (I am sure) help not only to readers here but for example for all who will be in touch with them, to become a better people and to remember who they really are and why they are here. So you have my support and please keep this site alive. Love to all.

  69. So many replies already to this, but even though I have come in a bit late, I feel I need to add my own as well. To “join the chorus” as it were.
    The few websites I visit are all moderated. A free-for-all is just another term for an anarchic mess. I completely respect your decision when my comments have not been published and have no problem with that at all.
    It’s your site, you have high standards. The number of replies that have sprouted here may give you a hint of the numbers of us that agree.

  70. You’re totally right, Richard. I’m from Brazil, and your words of wisdom and peace come all the way here. I’ve tried to send you a letter (that oldfashioned technology) twice, unfortunately they have never arrived at their destination. Beside that, I’m very glad that I still can be so close to your words on these website. Please, dont never give up on this project!

  71. Please continue to remove and/or edit as you see fit. First there is no such standard or tradition. Most sites that allow comments/ discussion moderate. Second, and to me most important, it is your personal site. I, and I assume others, come to it because we find value in your perspective. So to reiterate . . keep moderating. Please!

  72. I have only just found your website…..last night! It should be for like minded people to connect and learn from you and each other: this should make us question ourselves and ‘push’ our beliefs but in a positive way. There are so many awful websites/forums out there, I think you know the importance of keeping this one free from unnecessary, negative and derogatory comments. Thank you, loving it so far. x

  73. Dear Richard,
    Of course you need to moderate comments on your website. You write beautiful stories and messages from your heart to share with us and your readers leave thoughtful comments that add to them, or even share a different point of view that makes us think. If comments are negative, they are fuelled by negative emotions such as anger or bitterness – even jealousy – and quite often, a distorted world view.

    It is a pleasure to read the comments here which add depth and colour and richness to what you share. Negative comments would be like having to endure a drunk at a party mouthing off. It would be discordant and enough to stop me reading through the comments. Nothing tears my soul apart faster than negativity that shouts. So thank you for deleting such comments. If you don’t think they fit here, then they don’t and we can leave your site feeling richer for a positive and meaningful experience.

    There is however, something I will disagree with you about: You are not old. Perhaps you are choosing to feel old because you are lonely and are too preoccupied with, and focused on, what you do not have instead of what you have. A daily gratitude journal of a couple of sentences works wonders for me.

  74. Richard,
    Screening is the best way to keep this site what you want it to be and I wholeheartedly approve. Readers should look at it as a compliment that you took the time to read their comment, even if their comment gets deleted. Your books and philosophies mean a lot to me and I’m thankful you maintain this website.

  75. One of the worst things to happen to journalism since its inception was the inclusion of public comment with the articles themselves… because it inherently gives the comments the same weight as the article, making it seem that objectivity is worthless, and opinion is all. If I’m reading your blog, it’s because I want to know what you are sharing with us. I don’t really care what others think about it, and I’m not interested in reading someone else’s contrary arguments. I came here to read what you have to write, not to know what others think of it. If other people don’t want to read this comment I’m writing, that’s ok with me. If you don’t want to include this comment, that’s fine with me too. I’m glad your sense of propriety and self respect isn’t dependent on our opinions.

    • I never made it as a journalist. I think I’m sharing my own flickering candle, stories as best I can write in the shadows. If the words matter to me, there’s a chance they’ll matter to a few others, a kind of magnetism of ideas, that can bring us together. That’s what I’m about this lifetime, a brushing of magnets for just a few..

      • Not being a journalist is very much to your credit. It indicates an intolerance of the kind of B.S. that a journalist must swim in to do their job. Using the metaphor of magnetism is very approproate here. You have a force that attracts some and leaves some unaffected. For those you attract, your force can do them a world of good, helping guide and direct them to their own destination. It’s good work if you can find it. We’re glad you did.

  76. Hello Richard, I agree with the replies, please keep moderating for all our reading pleasure. Nowadays, albeit they are lots of interesting videos in Youtube, they are accompanied with distasteful comments to such an extent that I decided not to read anything and let the video speak by itself. That is partly unfortunate because it deprived me from reading interesting and empowering comments, but that’s my decision, my lost.

    If I may add an analogy to this: in the last 13 years, I made a conscious choice not to get in touch with friends having more negative thoughts than positive on a daily basis. They are often very clever and extremely interesting to talk with but always quickly end up with non constructive, dark thoughts. Some people are born to help & teach these people. I tried but the negative energy sucked me right back to square one. I have enough to work on myself. Your site is a haven to which we were kindly invited to and your letters and their comments have helped me…and it’s just my first day.

    I’m trying to find answers to fundamental questions but most importantly, to increase my vibration frequency, my energy, my spiritual awareness.

    Happy that you’ve reopened your website.


    P.S.: I just stumbled upon your website with lots of eagerness & interest but I’d prefer to comment later on that (speaking of moderation!).

  77. After all these years, you have come back into my life at the perfect time. This site is magical! It opens my heart in the same way JLS and Illusions and all the others did. What a gift to be a part of a story unfolding! I am grateful for the time you are giving us, now and forever …..

  78. I just found this website yesterday, and I’m so grateful it exists. I have been eagerly reading the posts and comments, and have been enjoying the thoughts of the like-minded who have been writing.

    My only comment to this thread is that I’m sorry you even HAVE to edit, Richard. It’s too bad that folks feel they have a right to share whatever negative thought occurs to them, and have others be subject to it. Your vigilance is appreciated, though, so that others may still enjoy and learn what it is we might learn!

  79. Seems quite reasonable to me to have what you want on here and edit out that which detracts from the vibe you intend to create. Like a recording of a band, if one person flubs you don’t need to throw the whole session out but can just overdub that part or edit it out so that the composition has all the elements you’d like to hear.

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