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IF YOU’VE ALREADY read Life with my Guardian Angel (and since there’s no publishing company sending copies to every bookstore in the world), I’d be beholden to you if you could write a short review of this book for Amazon.com. 

How does one do that?

On your computer,

  1. Go to Amazon.com,
  2. Type “Life with my Guardian Angel,”
  3. Click on the Paperback or the Kindle page,
  4. Move down to the end of the Reviews section,
  5. Click on the Write a customer review box,
  6. Click on the stars that best represent your feelings for this book,
  7. Then you’re on your own. When I tried to do this, robots stopped me from continuing, because they thought that perhaps my review might be biased.                                             Computers are so smart, these days!

9 thoughts on “About your review

  1. i usually like to leave a review when i have an experience with something and i like to read reviews too and see what kind of oversall feeling i get before or after an experience with a product. Was happy to leave my review of your book (under a company name). What i didn’t know was how important it was to an author that a review be made….but i do now 😊

    • PensĂ© que quizĂĄs Amazon automĂĄticamente traduce el libro al español.

      Aparentemente no es asĂ­, ya que tu comentario acaba de aparecer. ConfĂ­o en que pronto habrĂĄ una forma de enfrentar este desafĂ­o.

    • The power and the effect of reviews on Amazon.com to bring readers to one book… it’s amazing!

      The words you chose to share with others has brought this book to the #1 position in Bestsellers of her category at Amazon.com. The computers reset that list every hour, so the number is constantly changing. This morning it was #25. Then for the sake of just one additional review, The sales for _Life with my Guardian Angel_ increased, and the number moved up to #8!

      Sometimes we think that nobody cares what we write. Here’s proof that our words reach and touch many people…we just don’t know what we’ve done.

      • Yay for the power of book reviews! In my review I encouraged everybody to buy seven copies and gift them!
        Worldwide Guardian Angel convention! WhooooHoooo!!!

  2. Richard, I haven’t read your new book yet, but I’m ordering it on Amazon today. When it comes to your writing, I can just about give my review without reading it. Every one of your books has been an inspiration for me. You have an awesome body of work that will be influencing many generations to come.

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