YOU HAVE reached the only recursive About page in all webdom.

I write about myself, mind and spirit, in every entry on this site.  It’s up to you to decide what those abouts may mean to you.  Check this page from time to time, read these lines again to test your defining of me-your-fellow-mortal-for-now and match it against your own.

It’s possible that I might have made a number of questionable judgments in my lifetime.  This page is probably one of them, as I won’t always appear quite the dashing chevalier I fancy myself to be.

Ray Bradbury, my friend and mentor, had a word for this moment when he answered my letter of thanks, finishing my first book, for his example as a writer.

At the end of life, he wrote, when we must all lay ourselves out, with what thoughts shall we do so?  Will we think, “I did my best!” or will we think, “I never tried…”

That Ray’s writing is astonishing in its clarity, that in my opinion Bradbury is the best writer of imagination in the history of the language, doesn’t matter.

He does his best.

So shall I.