An Ending

THANK YOU ALL, for talking with me these days when ideas have become strings of letters between our computers.

I don’t leave today because of difficult times for me, just that we have proven that there are others so much like us, all through our world.  I hope I’ll be writing more books, and that we can find each other and touch again on those pages.  Lacking the pages, though, I’ll remember that there’s a trace of us in everyone we have met, in everyone we shall meet in the belief of time, and in the lands far beyond that belief.

With you always,


180 thoughts on “An Ending

  1. I miss these communications greatly. They provided sanity in an all too often insane world. If you ever decide to recommence, please include me.

    Thank you for all you’ve done….Bruce

    • Thank you all!
      I don’t know if this page will disappear or stay here, an ancient cave-painting. Of course, if we increase our skills, we’ll all meet beyond time. One little change for Dustin Hoffman’s last line in _Tootsie:_ “…but I was a better spirit with you as a mortal than I ever was with mortals as a spirit. I’ve just got to learn to do it without a body.”

      • Dear Richard,
        once I comment that the collective spirit of this page is evolving, and this family that is growing rapidly … why? … what is the difference between a book that reads your extended family and your comments simple but powerful? … Your whole being is Here and Now, and the LOVE of all the characters in your books are present … it is a great gift invaluable for each member of this family … I’ve witnessed my own transformation since 2011. If Part Time Angels is really a great book, why not Part Time Angels II, what do you think Richard?,

      • Dear Richard,
        might “crowd funding” be the solution for the money problem regarding a film called “Illusions”? I´d love to see this film. Why don´t try to make it this way?
        With love from Germany

    • Dear Jenniferfrombelgium,

      Over the last many months I have missed speaking with you. We last discussed feathers during Puff’s trip across country here in the US.

      Please reach out to me as I would like to say hi once again.

      Warm regards,

      Keith from Polk City

  2. Dear Richard,
    I AM so appreciative of all that has been shared here….and throughout the years in all your work & play. If you do choose to do more writing that, too, would be openly embraced. I AM still open to the possibility of seeing Illusions on the big screen.
    As you say, it goes on forever. Be Well.
    Till later on up the road….
    In Gratitude,
    Steve Corwin

  3. “Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.” -of course, Richard Bach

    You’ve always said it best…

    Friend in all ways,

  4. What is an ending but a new beginning? I am reading again after so many years ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ and am enjoying it probably more than when I first read it. I just found your web site and am enjoying getting to know you better. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    To know you your writing is to love the real you.

  5. You’ve touched the lives of many more people than have responded here and I do hope you’ll continue. I’ve been trying to meet you, just to shake your hand, in some passing conference event or (ideally) cafe, for 30 years. I imagine I’m not alone. I hope you have the opportunity to see the light in people’s eyes you’ve helped to kindle :).


  6. You are dearly loved by everyone on this site, and that beautiful energy will go with you where ever you travel, you were meant to touch so many lives, this will make your journey easy because of this love. We are all connected, regardless of our beliefs, location, and faith, even a lack thereof. One day humanity will be benevolent, the tide is changing, rather quickly I might add, so keep moving forward in the knowledge that the power of love will win out!
    With deepest gratitude for all your writings, you are special because you “fly”, there is no doubt in my mind. I know the feeling of being one with my sailplane!
    It’s such a special spiritual relationship. Thank you for expressing it!
    Heaps of “Blessings” in what ever you choose to do……… Toodie

  7. I haven’t visited here in a while but I heard a voice within me tell me I should check in. I see that you are off on another chapter of your life adventure as I have been. I want to thank you again for all that you have done — and for how your writing has given joy and guidance to myself and so many others. Whatever you decide to do or whereever you choose to go in space and time or beyond, may you find love, joy, peace, and fun!

  8. Richard,
    that balance that expresses in your books between fiction-beliefs and Love, It is the fuel that keeps me basically at a level of joy that is indescribable …. basically, and when we are out of our bodies is to meet you and this familiy in this magical world between the contrasts described in Illusions II …,

  9. Thank you, Richard and all who’ve shared here. It means more than I can begin to express. So until we meet again, just thank you!

  10. NO! You will NOT desert (sp?) me now. I just this moment found this website. And POOF! You are No More…Bullshit! You and your writing, HALL Bartlets genius and heart and NEIL DIAMONDS MUSIC saved me as a 13 year old kid in a theatre in North Carolina (JLS). I wrote you. You sent me a postcard of you in the BD5 telling me to ignore all rejections and persevere! I have and I HAVE! THANK YOU! Yes! Selfish…I am! Guilty as charged! The opportunity to share with you what I have accomplished in large part due to you, DENIED. Damnitt Man…I survived open heart surgery without the bypass machine and filtering my own blood (No transfusions) two years ago today! And you leave when I find you???????? 30+ years later!!?? Messiah, Illusions, THE RING! I BECAME A PILOT Thanks to you and Jonathan. A Damn GOOD one. Selfish I am… BUT generous as well. Thank you Im gonna cry, this hurts Man to be so close and fail. I got excited might connect and thank you – DAY LATE AND A FG DOLLAR SHORT. I get it, you are Mortal. But you have been a staple in the raising of my children, the loving of my wife of 34 years and my enduring love of this beautiful creation we share. Especially a CAVU Cobalt Blue Sky with a rocket strapped to my ass! Jonathan would SLAP you! You never quit…you never give up…and you never give in??!!! Neither do I! WTF???? OVER………….Even then.. All My Love Forever and Always and a Day! Via Con Dios My gift from the universe..telegraph what Beta 9 looks like, Will Ya?! PAIN IS TEMPORARY…LOVE IS FOREVER WDB P.S. Kick the tires and LIGHT THE FG FIRES! P.P.S. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    • “Never quit! Never give up! Never give in!!”

      …Light the fires, and first one off is the leader? Don’t tell me, for I remember. You’re… the Commander… from _Galaxy Quest!_ I knew it! Off again, now WDB, for there are civilizations still to be saved!

      • Well, at least I had a link to you to let you know that your work, and by extension, you, have been a big part of my life. I had been a “Flying” magazine junkie back in the sixties when I was an introverted, dyslexic teen-aged kid. I know this will sound weird, but I can attribute (others might say “blame”) my interest in writing to four folks : Arthur Conan Doyle, Tom McCahill, Ernest K. Gann, and you.

        “Stranger to the Ground” was magical and showed me the power of words to transport someone from a nice, comfy chair to the cockpit of an F84F at night over cold-war Europe. It shook some of the rattly bits in my head and propelled me to try see if I could conjure up some of this magic on my own. Had I known what dyslexia is back then, I’d have given it up as a bad job. But I didn’t, and I was bull-headed, and I began making progress, and eventually, I was able to occasionally catch some of the magic in a bottle — however briefly.

        Although I’ve never made any serious money at it, I’ve found that writing pulls my goofy brain into some semblance of linear thinking and has helped me with several careers that I’ve pursued: truck driver, ad writer, auto mechanic, janitor, etc. It’s therapeutic.

        “Stranger to the Ground”, “Biplane”, “Nothing by Chance”, and “A Gift of Wings” also propelled me into a cockpit for real. In October of 1976, I received my private pilot’s license. It’d taken almost two years, and I’d logged more than 56 hours to get to that point. Not spectacular by any means, but I with my clanky brain had made it. There was a wide variety of aircraft that I could rent and because of that, entries in my logbook not only include time in Piper Warriors, Cessna 150s, 152s, 172s, and Beechcraft Skippers, but also Bellanca Citabrias, Scouts, and Decathalons, Piper Super Cubs, and one cherished hour of dual in a Piper J-3.

        While in college (1970-1975), I was writing the occasional op-ed piece for the campus newspaper. A friend on the staff of the paper one day mentioned to me that he’d run across an article written by a guy who wrote like me. I chuckled and (embarrassed that it was so obvious) told him that actually he had it backwards and that it was I who wrote like the gentleman who’d written the article.

        That gentleman was you.

        It’s a bit unnerving to realize that this link to you is dissolving. Maybe, though we might run into each other. I’m out in Birch Bay, WA, which has a lot of good restaurants and coffee shops — great for sharing a meal and coffee. Or, the alternate, alleys to duck into to avoid me if I’m jogging on Birch Bay Drive. Either way, it’s a nice place.

        Good luck on your ventures. Let me know if I can lend a hand.

        –Bob Aiken.

  11. Strange that this should be now as you’re going to feature greatly in a talk I’m going to give on 10th December. I don’t know if I should thank you as some would argue that little book of yours (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) ruined my life. But thanks Richard Bach. Right up until this ending you came up with some wise words such as: “You are a perfect expression of perfect love here and now.” At this time in my life there seems to be a convergence between you, Joseph Campbell and some aspects of what is currently called Law of Attraction; it’s all very interesting. Thanks Richard and good luck. With Best Wishes.

  12. Please don’t, Richard! At least until I can bring you to Mexico for a keynote talk or something you are comfortable with. Please don’t say “ending”.
    You saved my life several times!
    I am so sad.
    I, we, love you!
    Please don’t leave us!

  13. Richard, Tie that idea string to your finger so we can stay connected to you and you won’t forget us. You did change my life. Thank you seems so small.

  14. Richard, a boat travels where the currents and winds lead. The tiller doesn’t lead, it guides. You’ve given us the pleasure of a seat on your boat for many years with your hand guiding the tiller. You are a worthy Captain, and I’ll choose to see where you guide us next.

  15. “Underlying, overlying all we say on these pages is the ticket we’ve bought, finding each other: We’re immortal creatures, expressions of Love dancing for an instant in our belief of space-time as sunlight sparkles milliontly, instant after instant, on the surface of a summer sea.
    In this one place we _know,_ and comings and goings can’t change the meaning of connection we’ve found.”

    Love and blessings to you and everyone here.
    See you 😉


  16. Dear Richard,

    I am so sad but also grateful – grateful for you and your writings which have meant so much to my life and touched me deeply and also grateful for this website and the ability to connect with other spiritual fellow travelers. I will of course hope and look forward to many more books from you and maybe someday another website.

    Most of all THANK YOU! You have touched so many lives and I am grateful for the way mine has been touched and changed for the better.

    In Love and Light,
    Ruth in Maryland

  17. I (re)discovered your work in college. A professor…and fellow aviator…recommended “A Gift of Wings.” It felt like a chat I was having with a long-time friend, a “hangar flying” session I could take with me wherever I went. From there, it was “Nothing by Chance,” “Stranger to the Ground,” “Biplane,” and on and on…

    Where the books have been brief visits with a friend, your blog has felt like an extended stay. Thank you for your generous hospitality.

  18. Dear Richard

    On your site I have cherished writings, wisdom, adventurous thinking, with deep respect for you and all who have shared these gems (courtesies) of true reality.

    Now reading “The Last War: Detective Ferrets and the case of the Golden Deed” – the final volume of The Ferret Chronicles.
    The little kits of these chronicles are to me, guides to life as it is, not as it should be.
    Peace – thank you Ferret Friends, and thank you Richard for this gift.


  19. Great post WDB! I couldn’t have said it better… But I’ll try anyway,… Dear Richard, I will continue to be an ambassador of your philosophy as I travel my universe and meet the people I’m destined to learn from. I vow to inspire, as well. You have enriched this current lifetime beyond my wildest dreams. I look forward to the moment , I again get to call out to you, “Hello old friend!” It’s been a hell of a ride Richard. Now Smile. ! Yes! That’s it! Your smiling…I can tell !!!
    Joe from Jupiter, signing off.

  20. the grid, the circle, the vortex of my ALL celebrates and marinates with the same in you.
    thank you for the many gentle nudges …
    with only love I will set you free

  21. Wrote you a thank you on compuserve many years ago… you responded with a thank you of your own. You were the first person I ever contacted on the internet, never expected a response, just wanted to tell you I loved your book. Was going through a very difficuly time, your book brought everything in to focus, it didn’t change the situation, but gave me the perspective to understand and ultimately move through it and beyond.

    Once again I am saying thank you, for all you’ve done (and will continue to do!), the books, thoughts, observations and joy of life you radiate like a sun.

    See you down the road.

  22. fly high
    see you around
    in many forms
    and as always
    your words will find me
    when I need the gentle reminder
    that I run this show , that is me

    flaps up

  23. It was a miracle for us to be able to connect with you here in the first place after so long as an empty site… land our little crafts in this small electronic lake sanctuary… and it seems odd you would suddenly disappear.

    Great that it’s not because of difficult times… and you owe us nothing… but gee it would be wonderful to have some insights… some idea of what you are feeling and visioning that would lead you to end this… to take with us? What was your process? I suppose we have to go back to being readers again. You inspired us all before and you will again… as we all inspire others now too.

    It has been a joy to get to know you more personally and interact. May you have many circuits and splashes… many more safe take-offs and landings… in Puff and in the Pattern.

    Ever… family…

  24. Thank you for sharing with all of us!! You are a special soul, who has touched so many lives! As I’m sure you still will do! I enjoyed you & this suite so much! You will be missed deeply, as many have said here. Well Richard take care of yourself, we all will be watching for new books! If you come back here please keep me on your list! I miss this place so much! Reading & learning with everyone! Thank you for the help to find out where to sell the airplane motor I found, Also to get one up on my son! Love to you & all you do. Stay in touch we all love you dearly! Keep flying & keep writing!

  25. You have been a light when it was so dark, a place i still go to for healing and inspiration in the words you write….you have contributed to others well and i look forward to new books in the future…be well,….Richard our friend, i look up an see a Biplane over Surrey UK and smile fondly..You taught me how to fly…much Love Glen

  26. Richard, you’re saying goodbye and you may know better than we the reasons for that. There is life on the other side — not the life we know here on earth — but the life God has prepared for those who love him. We are two creatures, Richard, the one we see, know, feel, experience and, yes, love. The other creature is spirit. Because God is spirit we will not know our spirit side until we are made perfect like him. Thank you so much for all you left the world with. May the God who made us — matter out of non-matter if you will — go with you. May his Holy Angels accompany you on whatever flight you are undertaking. Adios, my friend.

  27. Thank you for all of the beautiful stories you have shared. Wishing you love and light and whatever serves your highest good on your journey.

  28. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly. Your inspiration and perspective walk with me each and every day – for that, I can only extend my eternal gratitude. With Love, Grace & Peace . . . Always

  29. Dear Richard,
    I have been away a while but am forever grateful for your presence in my life.
    I wish you continued presence and will miss you here but will carry the gift within and hopefully be able to connect with you again. This has been a great gift
    of connectedness, heartfull being, awake joy, and love.
    Blessings and Love always,

  30. Dearest Richard,
    I understand ! You are beyound words in the now ! I feel you in the silence ! Thank You., This has been the most incredible year of my 74 years here, meet the Love of my life and sooo many people from the past coming back in my life this year, including you. So much of LIIFE has been revealed through your books and others of the ONE SOURCE. Wondering what the New Star Wars movie will reveal for all. AWESOME time to be HERE NOW ! Can’t miss you because we are ONE !!!

  31. Farewell my gypsy mentor. I have been a student prodigy since your earliest times when you captivated my imagination with your unconventional wisdom – can an inanimate collection of flying parts really have a soul? Ah, yes it can.
    My journey also began with Gift of Wings and I must say that you are perhaps the first author I ever really bothered to remember. Prior to you, I simply digested an author’s words and worried not one wit who had written them. It was the message not the messenger that mattered most to me and still does. But with you I committed the author’s name to memory, for by knowing your name I knew where to find more of the message, clues to meanings in this life I might not have otherwise found. Thank you ever-so-much for sharing so much of yourself with this wider community, for allowing your readers to see much more behind your “writer’s mask” than you perhaps ever intended to share. It has made a significant difference to so many and I am proud to count myself as one. Fare Well (seems to have greater meaning when broken apart). Earl

  32. Be well, my friend. You have earned your resting time. We will continue our travels together in spirit. I paraphrase: “There is no such thing as change without a gift for you in its hands. You seek change because you need its gifts.” May you be acutely aware of the love you have generated, and may it boomerang back to you seven times seven hundred. Blessings, Lisa

  33. Farewell my friend. I look forward to the next time we meet again. May it be over a slice of Lemon Meringue pie and a hot cup o’ joe with Italian sweet creamer surrounded by laughter & good story. GOD speed Richard!!

  34. There is no question that your gifts of inspiration and insight will always be. As many have said your influence has been amazing and positive and has given a deep strength to my life. Thank you – may you be at peace and surrounded by the love you have shown us is always there.


  35. Dear Richard–You have been in my life for 40 years–since the day I picked up Jonathan Livingston. When my daughter died, Illusions helped me go on one day at a time and then you came to Denver and we spoke. I treasure your writing, I treasure your imagination, I treasure the paths you have sparked in me, I treasure the eternal being you are. You will continue to walk with me through your books and the knowing that one day we will sit somewhere beautiful and discuss all we learned in this lifetime. Know that everyone you have ever touched is a part of who you are and that so many of us do our form of prayer for you now. You are a blessing more than you will ever know and I hope you can feel our love especially now. You are one awesome Divine being and you have taught us to fly–may your heart fly now and forevermore. So much love,


  36. Thank-you for all your words. For all your wisdom. For sharing. For being a great and wonderful light in this world. Your books have been inspirational guiding lights at all major cross-roads in my life and as I have grown and evolved as a human, your body of work has given me the guidance and nourishment my soul has needed.
    Thank-you for these pages and for being you.
    I look forward to our next meeting through Donald Shimoda…
    Enjoy your ‘retirement’ rather than ending!
    Stay blessed Richard, with much love,

  37. There’s life–comings and goings. Best to you always. (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” playing on the radio–honest.) And thanks for the exchange–it always felt worthwhile (useful to purpose). I’ll go back to the Ferret books, too.

  38. “Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, and we’ll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of one celebration that never can end.”
    As Julie noted, “You’ve always said it best,” Richard.

    Life is…and may you never have any cross-wind landings!
    Your friend,


  39. Thanks for everything, Richard. Your writings helped me get through some very difficult times. I wrote to you a couple of years ago and you very kindly responded. The printed-out email is a cherished possession!

  40. Dear Mr. Bach,
    I’ve read your words for decades, always feeling they were written by a kindred spirit. I’m grateful, as it seems so many are, that you’ve shared them with us.

    I’ve also been incredulous when I’ve read not-so-positive things, wishing I could cast a gentle, downy net between you and the harshness. I haven’t figured out quite how to do that yet so hope you can find some comfort in the idea itself.

    Since energy cannot be destroyed, I myself find comfort knowing that while yours won’t show up on my computer screen, it will go on illuminating our worlds in its own feisty way.

    Your wordsmithing is so powerful many of us feel like you’e a friend we haven’t met yet. I hope my wordsmithing will be enough to help you feel the same.

    I wish many blessings for you and those you love.
    Catherine Marie Rose

  41. time and space will not destroy our friendship! you do what you need to do to fly your highest. we love you and will be flying too! until we meet again!
    suzy in arkansas

  42. Some sadness in me while reading your lines. You and the Messiah were so deeply present during those last days, I sent you lots of thoughts through the Universe. Should I have write? So.. We’re all one, there is no separation and another part of me somewhere did it.
    Your books and words have been such source of inspiration to me, and it can only continue. I’m grateful and bow for you. I wish you peace and light all over time. “Don’t look with your eyes, all they see is limitation…”
    We’re all One.

  43. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for the memories. I do look forward to speaking on the other side. Look for me. It will be as if only a moment in time has passed.


  44. I,too, haven’t been here in a while. I did download your last book and loved it. Please visit again when you feel the need! You will be missed! You are loved, always and forever!

  45. Richard,
    I have put off contacting you for years bc I had so much to say I did not know where to start and bc I bc I worried about how it would sound to you.
    This morning when I opened your website and saw it ended I realized how silly I was for not letting you know how much you and your books, especially JLS , No Such Place as Far Away and Illusions, have meant to me.

    If I see that this got through on the web site I will elaborate… If not I will figure out another way to contact you.

    You are amazing !

    Margaret Pratt

  46. HI RICHard,i,m not sure you,ll be able to read this.amid so many glowing touching tributes to you..theres no IN MY MIND THAT YOU SAVED MAny lives and inspired many others TO FLY HIGHER THAN THEY EVER HAd known before “meeting you”..i knew you were aBOUT TO WRITE “AN ENDING!” BUT ..JUST IF YOU GET A CHANCE..TO READ THIS..MY SIGHT IMPAIRED ENDING OF ITS OWN?..IN YOUR FREQUENT TALKS,WITH DON SHIMODA..JUST MENTION MY NAME..PLEASE?..HE,LL TELL YOU OF THE DAY YOU SAVED MY LIFE,BOTH OF YOU..OVER 30 YEARS EARTH TIME AGO..OR RATHER HELPED ME..FLY IN THE WORLD OF “NO SUCH PLACE AS FAR AWAY!”..FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS RACE OF BEING WITH OFTEN STUMBLING FEET,I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE KNOWN YOU AND ALL THAT WROTE BEFORE ME IN REPLY…YOU SET US FREE TO FLY…NO WORDS CAN EVER THANK YOU..IT IS HOW IT IS..I FLEW FROM SLIGO..WITH MY LIMITED VISION Last last first in a light instructor..told me of having been gifted “a gift of wings” as a grabbed him shimoda like to get into a plane..and..just before we took of into a clear sky..with shimmering atlaNTIC WAVES BELOW?..HE TOLD ME AND SHOWED ME..A TWIN OF PUFF..THERE IN SLIGO AERO CLUBS HANGAr..and we talked of your first crash.your fight to recover..and as you did..inconceivably??be writing a book while doing so..yep..i managed to read that before the eyes shut down…and kinda know how you just cant ever say..”an ending” deepest gratitude…dear friend I never met..but YOU ARE just LIKE FAMILY TO ME,AS OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE TO ALL WHO WISHED YOU BON VOYAGE..SOME SAD..ALL GRATEFUL..AND REALLY ALL..KNEW..IT HAD TO COME..I JUST say oops when my caps lock GETS KNOCKED OFF…HOPE IF YOU DID GET TO READ IT..IT WASNT A GREAT DISTRACTION….STAY WELL..LOVE ARCHIE..

  47. Thank you forbeing here for us all. And for- simply being there, always. For fulfilling my childhood dream to be able to talk to you for a while. Hope you’re happier now than you were when you started this blog. Hope it’ll be even better from now onwards.
    Warm wind to Puff’s wings
    Much love,

  48. Richard, your books have meant the world to me! From Stranger to the Ground up to Illusions II, you have enlightened me, helped me navigate difficult times and grow spiritually. My thoughts are with you! We shall meet again. Blessings to you always! John

  49. Thank you Richard for sharing your life, your stories. You have impacted my life in such a positive way for so many years . A true teacher! As I read what others have written I see how much love for you is speaking from everywhere . It fills my heart. Peace be with you always Richard.

  50. Richard,
    No words can express my gratitude for what you and your books have done for me! I am sad you’re leaving yet I understand we all need some time alone. I hope this time away will mean a new wonderful book. God bless you wherever you go.

    Big hugs from South America,


  51. Richard,
    Thank you for answering the call to write. You have changed my life. There is no doubt your writings have changed many lives. We are freer because of you.

    Yes, because of you and the parts of you that came to life as you wrote. i remember you telling the story once in Parsippany NJ about being down to the last box of mac and cheese and yet having faith in that little manuscript about a seagull…and finding a way and following a way to make it happen.

    Blessings to you on your new journey. Underneath your wings, be sure to ride on the thermal of so much love……….

  52. I’m not sure what’s happening, I knew for awhile that I had been missing something, one more last…

    —ah, but that feels right, to think of all the things out there all inside, reflecting what I am and what is, this one last moment reoccurring throughout time and repeating forever, hanging on like the perfect Eternal Leaf that never falls from the Great Tree, so beautifully fragile that a heart breaks staring and wishing, waiting for the one final moment of completion and fulfillment and…

    Always becoming.

    —peace love joy dream.

  53. Thank you Richard. You and Gerald Durrell are the two people who saved me when I was adrift as a kid. The only two well known people that I would love to have met in person in this manifest world. Illusions saved me from small country school minds and teachers and the limitations they tried to impose on me. After Illusions I knew what I knew and nobody could take that from me. I always wanted to thank you and now I guess this is my last chance….so THANK YOU for all that you are and all that you do and for your infinite adventuring. I took to the skies and became a pilot at 17 in large part because of your opening me to possibilities. Reading the comments here on this site I know that you know how much you are loved and appreciated. Enjoy your next adventures, Namaste

  54. Richard,

    I sure wish you wouldn’t leave. I wish you would keep this going and check in with us now and then.

    But I trust your judgment and I respect your decisions.

    I’ve been a huge fan since I first read “Illusions” as a cadet at the Air Force Academy in the late-Seventies. A son and brother of Air Force pilots who passed on too young, your words have brought me closer to them and to the vast spirit of flight.

    These internet dispatches from you have been a blessing. I’ve treasured every word, including the book “Part-Time Angels,” which found its roots here.

    Thanks for everything.

    Feel free to change your mind. 😉

    Chris Duel
    San Antonio, Texas

  55. Blessings all around you, Richard, for all you have given and continue to give toward the consciousness-raising of humanity, which you have done through sharing your stories, experiences, visions and wisdoms. What a sweet gift, and I know in the core of my being that your words and epiphanies have helped to shape my own sense of what is meaningful and sacred in this life on planet earth. I don’t know which direction you’re headed next, but I certainly will envision you embracing and loving all the golden moments yet to come. And if you’re ever here on Whidbey Isle and want to touch-in with a kindred spirit or two, Erick and I are here, embracing the sacred joy of island life. I will truly miss these communications! To me, it feels like we are family, whether we ever meet in this 3-D life or not.
    Namaste….. and may love and beauty surround you always,
    Sue Averett

  56. Thank you for this place, Richard!

    “I hope I’ll be writing more books, and that we can find each other and touch again on those pages.”

    That’s where we first met! When you write those next pages, know that I’ll be right there in the moment with you as you write, full-attention! 🙂

  57. My! How this feels, to be your friend!

    I hope I have just one book to finish. The last one, the one I was working on for months, all of a sudden it just blew up. That’s never happened to me before. There was no way to fix it…when I tried rewriting, it just got worse and worse.

    The new book, has it come back in a different costume? Perhaps this one will blow up, too. If you don’t see it after a while, that’s what happened.

    Please remember that I’m the only one running this website. If your comments keep being printed, then you know that I’m reading and enjoying your remarkable, your lovely presence. I’ll not be writing chapters here, but I’ll still be alive at least, and doing my best to finish the book that says it was meant for me.

    Maybe that’s not true. I’m going to write, though, and find out.

    Odd, the way we’re so much alike, isn’t it?



    • With Endless Love & Gratitude Being Sent To You & Jonathan, Forever!!!

      Every seagull I’ve ever met is Jonathan!!!
      Thank you Richard!!! We’ll see you again! :)))

      Rest now, were-y knot! Go inward and write your BIG heart out!

      Take the time you need to find your new sea…

      Ellen E Brock
      Vancouver, Coal Harbour

  58. Is there an ending? Any ending? Or just an upwind or a new wave. Best wishes from one shore to an other. See you around and thanks for all the nudges to think in different directions. The next wave brings a new one

  59. An Ending is good. It means there will be a New Beginning…
    Thank you Richard for all the wonderful thoughts you shared here, and thank you most of all for Illusions & Jonathan L. Seagull… Two books that had the most profound effect on me…

    And now, on to the Ending, something that is piquantly pleasing to me ….
    For, what a Caterpillar calls the End of the World, the Master calls a Butterfly…

    Keep flying, beautiful Butterfly, and we will watch as your wings turn as pure as starlight, and the glow from them gets gentle and friendly in the high night air…

  60. AsI’m reading everyone”s heartfelt goodby’s I am Realizing that very fact, we ARE all so much alike. We all have been deeply affected in a profoundly positive manner by having found you Richard. You’ve done an amazing job with this lifetime Sir. I salute you. Enjoy your day… Now it’s time to rise. I’m off to Naples Fla for a Bacon Fest event and then a quick flight south to Everglades city to pick up a few dozen Stone crab claws for a nice family diner.. I wonder who I’ll meet today???

  61. Thank you so much for checking in and telling us what is going on.

    This has been a beautiful connection. I’m very grateful to have had it.


  62. Blessings to you and your writing Richard. So many people you’ve touched. If you’re ever on Vancouver Island……..
    Love and Peace.

  63. What a mystical icon you have created for us, out of a living flying machine, and lovely worlds of pure radiance and innocence, all made of Love!

    If reality is endless levels of us and our mystical adventures, taking off is only heading into ever newer adventures like those you’ve had here.

    Everywhere around, symbols of you, reminding, comforting, loving, ever and again.


  64. Dear Richard Bach,
    I usually don’t post here, I don’t feel worthy. Many questions non verbalised. I do not understand so much, just a retarded child in this space. But seeing as this is a last chance, I will list a few. Some may be stupid, one is very personal, you may choose not to answer. Maybe you will delete this post. But it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?? So:
    1 – What happened to the movie of Illusions? Why was it never completed? I never found out, just rumours.
    2 – What happened to Sabryna? I have Illusions II, recently published, which ends with her as your partner. She is listed as your current partner on Wikipedia. Yet in a previous post you wished for maybe one more lady friend. Did I miss something here?
    3 – Many (including I) feel this world (Earth) is very soon going to change in some big way. End, or evolve, or split into two different streams, or something. Do you agree and is this the reason for your choice to stop posting? Could it be the reason for your last attempt at writing ‘blowing up’?
    4 – Recently you posted about Aliens, and, would we say yes if they asked? Do you believe in Aliens, and did you say yes? Is this why you are leaving?
    5 – I have been reading and listening a lot to Eckhart Tolle. (And Alan Watts). He seems to be on the money. Do you agree with his lessons? Do you think he is right? To be sure they are at a lower level than yours, but so am I.

    Well, there’s a sample. Thank you for everything, JLS, Illusions, Messiah’s Handbook, all your books, your kind, peaceful, nature, and words while here. Please hang around for awhile more, ok? I hope the last book gets finished. I know I shouldn’t, but I feel very sad. I wish I felt your conviction that this is just a dream and we will all be together – sometime, someplace.

    Much love, beautiful person,


    “May all beings in the world be well and good.”

    • Hi David,
      The film of _Illusions_ may still be. It was certain (I thought) when Zack Snyder owned the option to make it happen. Then he was offered and directed major film after film, became a very busy director. Finally he said that he could not do the movie until 2020 or later. I said I’d like it to happen before I died, and he talked about it with Deborah, and let go of his option. There is one producer interested now, but no option.
      Sabryna is my dear and beautiful wife. She doesn’t enjoy any comments about her on the internet. Sorry I can’t write about her, much as I would love to do that. (Don’t mention this to her.)
      The reason I wrote _An Ending_ was not the destruction of the world, but simply not to be obligated to write chapters in the website now. I may still answer some questions, like yours, but I need to be free to write without others asking why I’m not talking here, any more. (The last book blew up when I tried to force it to become something that it wasn’t.)
      I do believe in Aliens, though I’ve never met one. I believe that some of them, at least, are part of our own family, and care for us. I suggested that they would help us through our problems without interfering with our life and destiny, just by putting a few thousand saucers at low altitude around all the population centers on the earth. I guess they don’t agree with my suggestion.
      I have not read Eckhart Tolle or others. I wish them well.
      Your convictions may shape the world you believe, as mine do my own. I thought that I might as well imagine he most perfect world, and hope that the reality is better than my imagination. (Have you considered that we may make a perfect world in our imagination, but the principle of Love can’t?)
      I did learn, thanks to my little airplane crash, that there’s no such thing as death. Appearances change, but does our life end? Never. The dream of this world has to seem real, don’t you think? Sudden shatters of that belief may last for a few seconds, perhaps a few minutes in a lifetime. I tend to take those times as true.
      Thanks for asking, David,

      • Such a beautiful thread of Love & Light… I am with you in regards to our brethren from other planets and places, arriving here and filling the skies… much like the book, Childhood’s End… we could certainly use a little high altitude assistance…

        Richard, I would love to have you on my podcast if you feel so moved… just to share your wisdom with the many who listen and wonder about the nature of things… and living in this realm… as well as others… certainly nothing akin to Donald Shimoda’s last radio appearance…

        You have done much to bring Light to this world, nothing was ever required, and now nothing is asked of you further… Only your own joy and the courage to follow the whispers of your own eternal heart.

        Much Love my Brother…

      • Lovely questions, David. And so sweetly answered, Richard. Thank you for keeping in touch! We promise to not be greedy about any chapters from your new book. It’s fine if you just say ‘hi’ once in a while. 🙂

    • David thank you for sharing here. Your sense of wonder is such a positiive, refreshing gift. Thank you for posing those questions to Richard for clarity-questions that i had often wondered about too 🙂

  65. I first saw copies of Jonathan Livingston Seagull on the bookshelves as a child growing up in Africa. I was 10 years old. I was fascinated by it, a book for adults but with photographs of Seagulls? Last year a friend give me a copy of that along with Illusions…’ I read JLS then and last week picked up illusions which I just finished today, on a sunny November morning in Washington DC. I am just marveling at it. I turned 50 last month and last week left a perfectly fine job ( that was getting boring ) –with nothing lined up –to reset and recalibrate my life, to finally take a leap (of imagination) , to trust my intuition and to live what is left of this illusion from a perspective you have helped shape. No more will I be a creature clinging at the bottom of a crystal river. I decided to find out more about you and so came across this website only to discover you are taking flight again. So, I wish you blue skies (and the occasional misty fog to navigate) and to simply say my heartfelt thank you to you, friend, for helping to fuel the engine for my own flight.

  66. Richard, the Teacher for sure, also the Student. So, he does know how we feel, I’m certain. Perfection.

    No one can ever ‘know’ how ‘we’ feel, …..other than ourselves 🙂

    Fayre ye well, Little Prince, grown-up…. apparently x

  67. Dear Richard, I don´t know where to begin without getting teary… anyhow I will try. I read your book as a young teenager in Uruguay, I read it again now 45, blessed with cancer and your book shines more powerfully. Am a yoga teacher and have a small school in the south of spain, I am writing a blog about this vital experience of mine and how yoga is a support line and a life philosophy, in this blog I heartfully felt to quote you and so I looked you up and here I am, I have read all these comments, etc. and just wanted to share I have been studying over the years some philosophy and coming across life-vitalists and great teachers like you, and it is such a great feeling when we actually REALISE yes! we are all the same, and Truth is within us and is actually simple. We THINK its complicated, because that is the job of our mind…make things complex. E.Thole, etc say-know the same, it is just that each of us experience the way, the path, the life experience differently, but we all -those who are Awakened- know that freedom is here and now, once we pass the confines of the mind and thought-barrier.
    Now am reaching out to you in a state of perfect awareness as I write these lines from Paris where all is chaos as a result of a collective mind.
    May all beings from all worlds be happy.

  68. I can’t help but be sad that you’re leaving this website. Actually “sad” doesn’t quite cut it, but let’s go with sad for now. It was just such an unexpected and special treat to be able to communicate directly with you and share ideas with like-minded people. Why put an end to something so beloved and beautiful? Your discomfort with false obligations is causing unhappiness. You don’t have to post everyday or even every week or month for that matter. Why not just post when you feel you have something special to share and surprise everyone. That would work! I’m just taking a shot at changing your mind. Nothing to lose.

    All of your books are wonderful and everyone seems to have a favorite, but with me, Illusions is my bible. Whenever I have a problem or need guidance, I take Illusions down from its place of honor and start reading it all over again or just open it to a random page. It’s the equivalent of removing my head, shaking it out and putting it back on again. It always works. It reminds me not to take everything so darn seriously because it’s all just an Illusion and, especially, that I am and have always been my own messiah.

    I quote you: “From time to time it’s fun to close our eyes, and in that dark say to ourselves, ‘I am the sorcerer, and when I open my eyes I shall see a world that I have created, and for which I and only I am completely responsible.’ Slowly then, eyelids open like curtains lifting stage-center. And sure enough, there’s our world, just the way we’ve built it.” This can be a shocking realization for many people.

    Richard, you are blessed with very special gifts. You are a master of a magical combination of communication and wordcraft that can reach, motivate and help so many people. I hope you will find it in your heart to share again with all of us sometime in the future because we will most certainly miss you, your thoughts and guidance. I wish you happiness, good health, exciting adventures and, most of all, safe passage throughout.

    • That’s what I was hoping for, Laura, a place in this strange time in my life where I wouldn’t be disappointing this little family with my quiet as I tried again to make friends with a book. So skittish, the idea and even skittisher my thoughts, imagining that anyone would mind if I was gone for a while. Odd though it may seem, I’m safe and happy and in excellent health, except that it’s taking longer than I thought (and a trail of cookie-crumbs) to ease this story home. I’ll still be here, just not saying much.

      • Richard, those who come here do not fall prey to things like disappointment, if you go silent. We understand, because we need silence now and again, too.
        I would like to offer a bit of advice, if that’s not overstepping a line. If you are leaving a trail of cookie crumbs as you attempt to write, it might be attracting the dragon. What dragon? Oh. Well, I read about this dragon in a book that I keep close at hand. Some refer to Illusions, some to JLS. Because I am a writer, too, when I have questions or uncertainties or simply lack of motivation, I turn to a little book called “Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse”. I particularly like this paragraph: “A mess of a sentence? he thought. Simple fix: don’t print it.Cut it out. All the reader sees is what goes to press, final draft. It’s not skill as a writer that matters, it’s skill as a rewriter, over and again, each pass smoother, easier to read, till the final is a summer breeze over the harp of a reader’s mind, soft telepathy. Open our eyes to these patterns of ink on paper, and in silence we hear voices, watch ferrets dance, fly with them on adventures we’d never imagine otherwise.”

      • Richard! THANK YOU for calling us a FAMILY! I’m so touched, and feel so loved! As I hope you feel from all of us, as well. I wish I could tell you what you’ve meant to me, and all the positives you’ve brought to my life – but alas, I’m no wordsmith. I read your books again and again, and always find comfort and solace and warmth. And then to have this site available, to communicate directly, is more than I could ever have hoped for! We all thank you for your words, for sharing your thoughts, and for being Richard Bach.

        Thank you for everything, and thank you for including me in this family!

        My love, and my best, to you and yours. Safe and happy journeys always!


  69. Thank you Richard.

    I opened my handbook to a random un-numbered page and read:
    “Disaster is change. It’s opportunity in a loose-fitting, hooded garment.”

    It’s interesting how hard it seems to be to randomly flip to the last page.
    Which I guess some would call An Ending.

  70. Hi Richard

    I’ve been away from this website for a long time, sometimes I came here quietly, just to read, not expressing my ideas and feelings. I’m 26 and ten years ago I read you for the first time, I was so happy to find you and your words, they seemed to be the expression of my own feelings and thoughts even if I didn’t know them yet. During the last two years I’ve lost some “constants” in my life and I’m trying to find myself again.
    I just feel like there’s no one- nothing in the world I can rely on.
    Now I read “An ending” and… You couldn’t give me a better lesson on what “trust” really means.
    Thank you
    I hope Italian translations of your last books would be soon available 🙂

  71. Richard
    In case I never get another chance – thank you for your wonderful books, especially The Bridge Across Forever and One, both of which I have read many times. They are inspiring, full of light, wisdom, joy, and a deep truth. They just feel right, more than any other books I have ever read. If I could only have one book on a desert island, it would be one of these two.

    You have helped me immensely, from thousands of miles away, across the years, without even knowing it!

    Thank you again.

    Wishing you great joy on your journey.


  72. I just finished reading part time angels. Thank you. It is always refreshing reading your thoughts. I have always considered you one of my best friends. I love how you weave Seth/Jane Roberts concepts into your books. I read all of your books every couple of years. You are my favorite author.
    I have the Ferret Chronicles in Hardback and on audio. In Part Time Angels you said these books are no longer in print. I went to Amazon and bought them
    eletronically! Thank you

    my Kindle! I absolutely love The Ferret chronicles (I also have Curious Lives

  73. Thank you Richard connecting with you on these pages has been like a most wonderful gift,looking forward to reading your books.Loads of luck and love to you where ever you go.

  74. Thank you for the thoughtful, exciting, eye-opening, funny, high, low, wondrous moments, Richard. (Don’t worry about writing or books–they write themselves.)


  75. Books are timeless and in centuries to come people will continue to read and cherish your books and words of wisdom. Leave this website for your fans of the future who will be overjoyed to have the opportunity to get to know their favorite author in such a personal and rare way. Even after all of us have passed on.

  76. In my youth, two books got me interested in reading… Beautiful Joe & (your book) Illusions. Although, I was never much of a flyer, your writings helped me to experience it. In my business as a videographer, I have flown in small aircraft for film and photography assignments. And every time I’ve gone up, my mind would always drift to your flight stories.

  77. Ah damn, did I miss the boat again? I’ve visited your web site in the past, things were quiet for a while. Sent you a card when you were recovering. It’s been a while, but I just stopped by today and see you’re taking a break/sabbatical/swan song. Damn. Well hopefully you’ll see this and get my big THANK YOU for all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from your books. I’ve bought Reluctant Messiah 3-4 times because people keep borrowing & not returning it. I’m about to add a page dedicated to you (and your books) to my Seth forum. Everything/everyone is so connected. Thanks again!

    PS I just bought a copy of the Time magazine that showcased you back in the day (Nov. 72). It hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet. Much love and best wishes to you. ~D

  78. Precious wisdom you once shared with me…
    “There are times when being lost is a delight, those days when being found is nowhere we want to be.”
    Thank you so much for everything!!

  79. 38 years on and I am still telling people about Richard Bach. Buying friends that are and friends to be, copies of Jon, One and Bridge. Today I send the woman of my dreams a song written by Jeff Dumas that he wrote to celebrate the life of his mother called “Hey Jonathan”
    Thank you my friend Richard, may your flights of mind and body continue powered by the love of those you have inspired. x

  80. Remember Richard we do not need you to write “Where Ferrets Walk”. A “Children’s” book like “Bevo the Hummingbird” would be just fine!

  81. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for sharing your thougts and wisdom with us and thank you very much for your books! I hope for some more to come. I wish you happiness, good health and many wonderful flights to come!

  82. Your books have been with me since I first read a faded copy of JLS in the late 70’s. They have spoken to me, each in their own way, ever since. And now you took the time to write and maintain this site and correspond with all of us who wrote in. You gave so many gentle souls a chance to stand together. An act of generosity on your part that did not escape unnoticed. Thank you!

    Blue skies, Richard.

  83. Dear Don,

    This messiah business is very taxing. I have now started understanding the real meaning of what you were trying to explain in illusions.

    Will I ever get to meet you in person?



  84. Dear Mr. Bach
    I started reading your books when I was a teenager and now that I’m middle-aged I still love reading them. It helps me giving a meaning to this crazy world we are living in. I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ and please keep on writing because I’d like to read them when I’ll be older…

  85. Dear Richard! I’m in the middle of ‘The Ferret Chronicals’ and it’s quite different from your other books, but yet not. It’s more like a farytail than the others, at least I think so. But as always are your book full of humour, wisdom and love.
    I have also ordered ‘Part time angels’ as a Christmas gift to myself. Longing to be all alone, sneak away from the kids and husband, enjoying a piece of fine dark chocolate and your book! Could It Get Any Better?
    /Wish you all the best, Miriam

  86. You have a knack for getting me all teary-eyed and giving me heartaches. Much gratitude for sharing your stories with us, Richard, and much love. Hope to meet you in 3D (or higher) in some lifetime.

  87. I just bought the five Ferret Chronicles books at Tacoma Book Center. I was going to give them to a co-worker for Christmas but now I have second thoughts. My thirteen month old grand daughter and six month old grand son might enjoy reading them with me when they come to visit. My oh my, What a dilemma I have!

      • I bought my first set of Ferret Chronicles when they were first published in 2002/2003. They reside on my bookshelf next to all of Richard’s hardbound books. I read them fairly regularly.
        Today I gave the new set to my co-worker. She is very excited and is starting to read “Rescue Ferrets At Sea” tonight. I went back to the bookstore and now have three books out of five and am searching for the other two at local used book stores. Dilemma solved!

  88. Chapter Twenty One in “Running From Safety” is brilliant! I am enjoying finding the seeds of “The Ferret Chronicles” in all of your previous books. Thank you Richard.

  89. Hello Richard!

    I’m back again. Sorry, the connection is terrible sometimes, so I couldn’t answer you for a long time. I don’t know, did this message come to you: “I read your message and I am very pleased when I saw your Russian version of it, I really was.
    Reading your letter I saw one question – “…Sure enough, it was one of your radio guys, playing with me, and I turned west, instead. Did our radio guys ever do that to you?”
    Oh, yeah, they did 🙂
    My grandpa pilot sometimes heard their voices too. My another grandpa Sergey (mother’s father) served as a military translator from German. He served at a military airfield Wittshtock in Eastern Germany in 1970-80s and told me about these “radio games”. They lasted for all the period of his service there.
    I also have another news: I wrote a short story (about 20 000 words) about my flight club visit. Today I send it to the editors of literary magazines. They say it will be published soon.

    Greatest regards, greetings from Moscow
    And merry Christmas!

  90. Dear Richard

    I check back irregularly, but today was guided to find out if there was any updates. I see you are off writing and living your life, and I smile knowing that all is well in this life. The potential for a new book…yippee. Stay well Richard..we will meet somewhere in time and space.


  91. Hi, Richard!
    Hello America!
    Writing to you from a place where it’s January 1st 2016! It’s midnight in Moscow, exactly 00:12. Awesome that on our planet we have a chance to congradulate each other living in different time zones and joking that now you are living in 2015, while I am here in 2016! That’s funny and wonderfull isn’t it? I wish our countries come to agreement and friendship soon! For peoples’ friendship!

    Happy New Year!


  92. Dearest Richard,

    You know that place outside of everything where we all agreed to focus here together on some pretty important concepts and ideas we would like to work out? That spacious moment as Seth called it, where we float as pinpoints of living consciousness, growing, expanding and becoming more – because of what we are learning about ourselves here in this particular probability set we have constructed. Well in that place you are as close to me as a thought always, and that’s very close!

    By the way I’m learning to direct my thoughts, I can’t float spanners but I have had limited success dissolving clouds! I can however feel the trust now, that absolute trust, and it feels extraordinarily powerful. The trick now is to see this camouflage reality as available for instant revision, yet still be in awe of its absolute beauty – working on that one!

  93. I don’t understand, but that does not matter. I can accept it anyway. Illusions remains my favorite book even though everything in it may be wrong.

    I wish you growth and fulfillment in every lifetime.


  94. When I was in high school. After reading JLS, I walked to the beach and sat for a long time watching the Seagulls. My life had changed.
    Years later, one word in one book changed my vision of my life again. That word was: “ONE”.
    Thank you, and enjoy your journey through your love…writing.

  95. Hi – I’m the co-worker of Gledo who gave me the Ferret Chronicles for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE them! I will also be reading them, passing them on to my future grandkids.

      • A tiny white ferret scurried across the lonesome road towards the woods the other day in front of my car. First thought was ‘wonder how Richard’s doing?’ , second thought was ‘wonder why that ferret is white, it is Winter, but there is no snow, nor freezing temperatures (but today there was…ha…who knew best??), thirdly, ‘wow, that ferret is really small’, and lastly, ‘wonder who is reading the ferrets right now?’…. 🙂

  96. Hi Richard, I haven’t visited in a while and am glad that I came back to the site tonight. I am glad that you had this page and I hope you will keep it up. And, I hope to meet you someday too. I have always loved your books JLS started me on my own inner journey. My books are Illusions and Bridge Across Forever. The vampire left the biggest impression on me as a young woman.

    I got the chance to ride in a biplane this past summer and thought of you. (My husband has your book Biplane too.) It was a spur of the moment decision that my husband made while we were driving up in Acadia, ME. I think the owner of the airport is in this community too. We talked about your web site and the new book. I wish I could send you the picture that we have from the flight. It was a happy trip. I got to experience what my husband tells me is a wing over. I don’t know anything about flying but I instinctively knew where to focus so that I didn’t get dizzy. It was fun once I figured that out. All I know is that I was saying wow over and over again. I can truly understand why you enjoy flying. Keep flying and keep writing. Much love always.

  97. Dear Richard, Your and reader’s love and frank words fill Your website with warmth. I want to join them. Jonathan Livingston seagull sought reaching to freedom which is the space of dreams. The seagull understood that the dream is the most beautiful fairytale in reality.
    In “Illusions” real and spectral are knitted; the vanity of the vain illusions opens an abyss of disappointment. The crumbs of truths become bread of patience.
    I wish for You to continue writing and gifting us priceless truths as seagull to his friends.

  98. Well, I’ve been looking for a good Ferret book for a long time. Always seems like I’m late to the good stuff. Enjoyed reading the Curious Lives Ferret Chronicles, and will definitely start to try and find all the other books out there, it was a hard search and find. And yet reading the book everything seemed so familiar, like everyone here says, great job. Just hope I wasn’t too late to find this place and say that.

  99. Hello Richard!
    Congradulations! Yesterday I saw “Part-time Angels” in a bookshop near my home, bought it and now enjoying the reading 🙂 I am really delighted. You made a really cute and usefull “book of why”.
    Found a chapter about Russian pilots and couldn’t pass by. Do you know, what does this statue mean? (I know you could find an answer since 2007) It is a small golden copy of Yuri Gagarin’s monument in Moscow. I hope this information is useful.
    I have wonderfull news for you. Yesterday (a day of miracles) my friends called me with words: Stas, your story, it is published! I hardly believed them, but then they gave me this link:
    It is published in one of the most popular magazines for pilots (or those who is keen on aviation), “Wings of motherland” “Крылья родины”. If you wish, I can translate this story in English and send it to you. After all, if I didn’t meet neither you, nor Jonathan, I would newer decide to write any story about aviation, flights or self-fulfilling dreams and be an author.

    With best wishes

  100. Hi Richard,

    For years, I carried your books in suitcases and backpacks, finding reassurance and inspiration when I was at crossroads. Through you, I understood the importance of ‘choice’ and the need to believe in potential.

    Something made me think of you and your writing today and I reached this site. I was breathless for I had found you and could finally say hello and thank you. Looks like you are taking a breather yourself.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  101. Sorry I took so long, just found you and see that I also just missed you. Seagulls were never the same after that book.

    Thank you.

  102. Dear Richard Bach,
    I feel ashamed to confess that I just tripped over your website by accident – from the site of Leslie Parrish.
    After some travelling through the world, I just recently started to read and re-buy and re-read some of your books again. Your personal stories made me curious about you (again), so here I am 🙂

    Your books, along with those of a brother in mind, german Lufthansa pilot Rudolf Braunburg, influenced my life, and they do until this very moment.
    I hungered to get to the youth camp on the north sea island of Juist from when I was a little boy. The small yellow motorgliders where present to me throughout my boyhood, as well as the twin mot BN-2 of the local little island airline, curving in to their final approach to the little landing strip in the green, right behind the dyke.

    When I was fourteen, imagine my excitement to be able to get there- and my disappointment to learn the courses were all booked out… The only chance was to attend in a course to get the german pilots radio licence. After I read flight magazines (and, a.o., Jonathan Livingston Seagull 😉 ) from my early youth, I took the opportunity (and passed a couple of weeks later the exam at the Bremen airport, joohoo!).

    The next summer I finally got the control stick of one of these gliders in my hand. My flightteacher recommended me to make my first solo flight as soon as possible, now I’m one of these guys who flew before driving a car… We learned the dualities of this new world, the impressions as well as the necessity to take responsibilities.

    Every Morning the chief of the camp (how can I possibly thank you for all you have done to me, Hans Kolde?) stood in front of the breakfast room, explaining the weather to us and read a short story or a books passage. This spirit of respecting the nature around us, the sea and the winds as well as the vulnerability of that little island of north sea sand were accompagnying us through the day. And maybe, the words of a story, if it was more then only entertaining. Until today I remember the story of a pilot who could escape from a mountain meadow, because of the spiritual connection to his machine, which usually would have needed a longer runway than it was available there…
    Life is more than the eyes see and the ears hear. To understand what life and the world is about you need to trust your heart and your mind.

    And what could be a greater confirmation for this than the recent discoveries (about general physics and the so called dark matter), that from all we thought to ‘know’ about things, roughly 96 per cent appeared to be wrong – we literally know almost nothing, and won’t for a long time.
    Some call it religion, others call it freedom of spirit and mind. But still, your thoughts and ideas escorting me until today.
    Please try to share them as long as you can and feel satisfied with it. Maybe it’s the little things that can change the world. Your books, thoughts and feelings shared are for so many people all over the planet so much more than that.

    Go and fly with us, Richard! The world needs you, today maybe more then ever.

    Best wishes,

  103. Hi Richard. I honestly do not know what to write, but I would like to thank you for everything … it was a winter evening when I read stranger to the ground and I was 15 . And from that day, all the rest … only this, my sincere thanks.

    Ti voglio bene.


  104. Richard,
    Wow! I discovered you many years ago…Illusions, One, Bridge Across Forever….these books inspired me to take a journey to discover myself. When I read them I had such a feeling of wonder, love and connection. Then life took over and I stopped my path for a while (like 25 years! lol). I have recently resumed my journey, reading and learning all sorts of information and am beginning to remember who I am. As I have been on this road I have been having trouble reconnecting with those original feelings I first encountered with your writings. I keep wondering where that feeling has gone…I am learning so many incredible things but where is that “feeling”? How can this information be true without the feeling? I’ve been asking for confirmation of the things I have been studying (ie the afterlife, angels, guides, benelovent ET’s etc). I have had a few confirmations here and there but nothing that reignites that feeling. For the past few weeks I have repeatedly been “told” to look up Richard Bach, look him up and see what he has to say. Well, I finally did it last night! Found your website, started reading and got so much confirmation! I bought and read Illusions II – it was incredible to read and brought out so much emotion. Woke up this morning, began to read more of your entries and was immediately hit with a flood of emotion and guess what, I felt the “feeling” again (along with many tears!). I am so, so thankful you have not deleted this sight, that it was here for me. I am going to sign up for the email notifications, with the hopes that I will receive new posts some day.
    Thank you Richard Bach, you lit the flame for me and reignited it for me when I needed it. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I hope you are well and am sending you massive amounts of love and light!

  105. Dear Richard,
    We are still reading and loving your writing… Lydia says she knows how you feel about communicating by computers. She does not relish it either, although she has good friends on the other end. She wishes you well and looks forward to many more books!!! You have been a tremendous influence for good in her rather tumultuous life. With best wishes… Lydia

    Hi Richard,
    Enya’s Carribean Blue just came on. Thinking about you and Puff sailing over blue waters. Thinking about airplanes that talk to us. Your characters are indeed sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats! I’ve been blessed and honored to meet your son James and now I’m a student of his wisdom too…

    Thanks for my imagination!!!

    See you in future pages…

  106. Dear Richard,

    Rediscovering your delight, I read Illusions II. Awakening, connection . . . this morning wondering how to keep in front of me what is really wanted/needed/real although the only reality is love, and I keep forgetting.

    I wondered why I keep allowing odd manifestations in my life, and it hit me with a flash of light; in order to learn focus! I need to focus. I need to smile through the choices and see . . . and try again.

    How to be both light and focused? To REALLY allow myself to believe and live by what I claim to believe and live by . . .

    Oh. Such a joyous potential is felt in my belly and heart. Now, to move from potential to experience . . . I feel the smile of patience yet “Come on, already!” from those who are watching.

    Silly me. Focus . . .

  107. Dear Richard,

    As your student, I will not be dismayed by this goodbye. Through your works you have truly been a lifelong friend. So meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is inevitable…

    Happy Adventures!
    -lydia and john

  108. Dear Richard,

    I am yet another soul saved with the truth from your books. As I read them years ago it was like I was reading something I have already known but never articulated.
    Few years ago I was reborn, I had to let go of my old false self in order to survive. From then, with a help of a horse, I found my path… I am now flying, not with aeroplanes but with my horses and other animals that came on my path…
    I was happy to find you here along with all these wonderful people, like I always find your books when I need them.
    At first I was sad to see the title: An Ending, but then I laughed cause yet again something you wrote and I stumble upon directs me on a right path and answers my questions.
    Thank you for everything, hopefully I will meet you someday somewhere again…
    Hope you are enjoying your time of silence… we all need it sometimes.

    Doviđenja (Croatian for: till the next encounter)


  109. Be well my friend. Take care of yourself. And remember, the whole of Cosmos is rooting for you, all-ways!

    Love & hugs,


  110. Dear Richard.

    I meet you 30 years ago, when I was a teenager…. what a feeling knowing that there is no end at all…just chapters.

    I suffered a lot in 2012, when you had that crash 1 day before my bday…. We (me and my family here in Colombia) did a lot of prayers for you, I wrote you via twitter and check your page every single day.

    Knowing you are OK make me feel so happy, and keep me dreaming about the day I can (finally) meet you in person.

    A big hug from Bucaramanga, Colombia.

    Happy and safe flights.

    Juan Carlos Silva

  111. You opened my eyes and somehow, even though so young reading Jonathan… they were hardly closed again. And when they were closed, that’s when issues came along. I thank you.

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