An Odd Feeling…

HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED to you?  For years my Shelties have been sweet little dogs. They’ll bark, of course, since they’re so good at watch-dogging, and you love them for that.

Yet little Lockie, grown now from a puppy to a powerful dog, sometimes in the night, I’ll be typing on my computer in bed, like now, and something strange happens.

Instead of concentrating on my next sentence, I will have this uncanny feeling: I need to give some treats to my dog.

A few minutes of this and I can’t write at all.  I must get up, go into the kitchen and give treats to Lockie!  It’s midnight, I glance at my companion and he’s just watching me…


Has this ever happened to you?

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  1. ….it has occured, but not at midnight. It has happened with my dogs and cats during the day when i am with them in an intimate moment while petting them. More the cats–when one is nice and purring on my lap i sense that it is talking to me and i have the urge to respond by giving it a cuddle and a treat. 🙂

    • Slightly different as this is what my Burmese cat did when she heard my crying from the bedroom after hearing my 26 yr old son had died.
      She ‘Burma’ curled around my pillow at the top of my head and gently rubbed my forehead from left to right until I fell asleep. When I woke she was still laying there! That was in 93, I was the Sheltie and she had the power!!

  2. Yes, about 300 times a night (or so it seems), and with whatever animals I have at the time. I think they’re good at telepathy. I also think cats are even worse, lol.

  3. How cute! Until a few years ago, I had 2 cats and a black lab. I had the cats for almost 20 years and there are so many stories, if only I could remember them all. Being technology illiterate, I never had a digital camera or digital video when they were commonplace. It is one of the things I regret when I could have so easily had adorable footage. Anyway, I’ve always observed emotions and ESP traits in animals. Although both lovable, my kitties had such different personalities. It’s funny, I swear they trained me. There were very few things I wouldn’t let them do (i.e. scratching furniture) but in every other respect they were horribly spoiled!! And of course, I thought it was the cutest thing – just as I think you’re story is adorable. Is Lockie sending you messages when he wants something? Sure, I believe so. It’s probably easier than getting the box of treats and bringing it to you! 🙂

  4. Yes, it’s happened to me when I had dogs. While in bed and wrapped up deeply in a good book, I would suddenly be jarred back to the present by the feel of the large cold nose of my first dog bumping up repeatedly on my cozy warm arm. If this attempt to tell me “I need a Milkbone now!” didn’t work, he then would raise one paw and place it across my chest, sometimes pushing down on the book so I had to stop reading. If told to stop, he would lay his head on the bed staring at me with his sad dark Labrador-husky eyes, slowly wagging his tail if I glanced his way. So that I could peacefully return to my book, I would eventually get up and give him a Milkbone. The funny part was that sometimes he would “bury” it instead of eating it right away. He would take it to a corner, look around, place it on the floor, and then make motions with his nose like he was covering it with dirt. It was always gone in the morning.

    My Sheltie Skippy was much more subtle when he wanted a treat. Yes, he did normal Sheltie things at other times. He would bark if he heard a “funny” noise or to tell us that our other dog had gone into the neighbor’s yard. He would ‘herd” things like birds or our horses barking all the time. However, when he wanted a treat, he would just come over very quietly next to me, sit and stare waiting. This could sometimes be quite disconcerting at night. I would wake up in the dark hearing nothing but feeling like I was being watched. When I turned on a light, there would be Skippy sitting quietly and looking at me intently. I too would get that feeling of “I have to get up and get some treats for my dog!” He didn’t move or make noise until I talked to him, pet him, or got out of bed. If I got up and went out to the kitchen to give him the treats, he got all excited spinning in circles and sometimes barking like he was thinking “YES! You got my message!”

    If he wanted attention or wanted to go outside, he would usually let me know that he was there in some way. He only did that sit-and-stare thing when he wanted treats. Sometimes it almost felt like he was putting those thoughts of having to get some treats for him in my head!

    • Bobbi – I totally get it. One of my cats was just like your Labrador-husky. If I didn’t respond to her intense staring and telepathy, she would then resort to physical manipulations. She’d tap me on the arm with her paw until I responded to whatever she wanted. If this didn’t work, she would then put a paw on the book, paper or whatever I was doing to stop me and say: “Hey, look at me…” I find that pets and other animals are just as connected to us through LOVE. My cats have “felt” my strong emotions and responded by coming to me even when I was in a different part of the house. They somehow knew I needed comforting.

  5. I recognize that look that Lockie gave you. I see it daily but with love and affection. The one that says I love you but…please just one treat.

  6. I also once had a Sheltie. His name was Captain. Now I have a giant New Zealand rabbit (Harriett, or Hareiett or Hairiette – all appropriate spellings) and the outcome is the same – listen to any living creature and you will comprehend their thoughts. She is so quite I wondered whether or not she had vocal cords at all until one day, scarred out of her wits, she let out a blood-curdling scream. When the Raccoons come calling in the night, she stomps her feet to let me know that something unusual is about.

  7. At first after reading this, I thought my Spunky boy doesn’t communicate with telepathy when he wants a treat. But then I remembered an odd situation just a couple of weeks ago….After 6 months of unemployment, I was off one morning to my new job. I usually hide 3-4 treats for Spunky to hunt and find throughout the day, but on this morning, I dashed out the door forgetting to do so. Unexpectedly, Spunky was at the door barking after me – something he’d never done before. I was so taken aback that I wondered what he was trying to tell me. Then it hit me, “I forgot to leave some treats out!” So was it his unusual communication that morning or was it combined with a telepathic message about treats when I wasn’t understanding his language? Animals continue to surprise us!

  8. It’s a lovely post, Richard, and I enjoyed reading it and looking at Lockie’s picture and looking again, and again … It’s almost 2 in the morning and I woke up, don’t know why, and came to check my mail, don’t know why, and saw the mail from you and it is the only one I don’t want to leave until daylight. I laughed when I read about Lockie, I am still laughing. Across the road is a forest. I can see the outlines of the trees from my desk. I spend many hours in that forest – walking, picking up leaves and wondering about them, that sort of thing. My son put out a camping chair and groundsheet for me and I take that into the forest and sit there embroidering. A magpie finds me and struts around picking up the bits of leftover food that fall from the brown paper bags. No brown paper bags today – just hours in the forest quietly embroidering a thistle in purple. The magpie stood about eighteen inches from my chair and talked to me! Quite a long and melodious speech, an eye looking directly at me, much like the look in Lockie’s eyes. I talked back and said sorry but I will remember next time.

    • Thank you for sending such a lovely portrait of your morning!
      When I took that photo of Lockie, I did the same thing: I laughed. Those eyes! Not of this world. The intensity of the picture is terrifying, and yet the the little guy so sweet and thoughtful! The contrast! I thought. Would others know that, and laugh, too?
      There are just flickers of us on this website. Is it asking for understanding, or trouble, to wish we could know each other better?

      • Lockie is such a special being! He is clearly trying to reach you for the good purpose. I really think he already knows you “better”. Didn’t he finally get his treats? : )

        But of course, he knows about courtesy. He can wait patiently, controlling your mind and letting you finish a few more paragraphs!

      • It’s understanding, Richard. Always understanding, which leads to the ultimate, most important connection that is love. Of course, trouble also can lead to more understanding, sometimes in a more intense way. So, either way, all is well!

      • It is asking for understanding to wish we could get to know each other better. Trouble would come from getting to know each other worse 🙂

  9. One of my cats, Wendy, just sits and stares at me, without wavering, until she gets what she wants (pretty much always food). She will do this until she wears me down… 😉 One time when she was very ill and lethargic and was sleeping in Erick’s closet, I sat down in a different room to send distant (reiki) healing to her. After about 10 minutes I felt a presence next to me. Opened my eyes and Wendy had jumped up onto a little table next to me and was staring at me. She improved rapidly and was fine by the next day.
    For years, I have seen the eyes of my other cat, Coco, in my mind’s eye, which I notice most at night, although they are there in daytime, too, if I make a point to look. Her two golden eyes are always there, looking at me. She’s always been “my” cat, and somehow I sense this is an on-going connection we have where she is “there” for me…..
    I’ve also have several experiences of calling wild whales and dolphins over to me. It happens when I am heart-wide-open and sending love to them. Of course, they freely exchange unconditional love in return, for that is who they are.
    I’m so grateful for the animal BE-ings with whom we share this planet. Even the ones who use mind-control techniques on us! heh heh

  10. Our dog came to us in 2004. I have a connection with him like I have never experience.
    When he wants something he will stand in front of me and stare me down. All I need to do is open to the possibility that he is sending me a telepathic message. Nine out of ten times I know what he is asking me to do.
    He thinks he is human and we are not telling him different. What a joy these animals can bring if we open to them with love, especially dogs.

  11. Luna is the only canine amongst my three girls. Thanks to my stroke a little over a year ago, sometimes she was the only I could converse with – her treats were just the preamble. Thank you, Luna.

  12. Our cat Smudgie first started teaching me telepathy. He would stare at me and I’d ask him if he wanted food, water, milk, when I said “milk” he purred really loudly. After a while I realised I was getting a picture in my mind of what he wanted. This moved on to staring at me until I remembered that I’d put potatoes on to boil, or it was time to take the food out the oven, I’m terrible at cooking, my husband says that you are supposed to stay in the kitchen when cooking a meal, not going off and making a dress or something. We had him until he was eighteen and he and I became very close, my bestest friend and a wonderful nurse. Now we have Sparky and, thanks to Smudgie, Sparky and me have a head start, so our communication is pretty good.

    Both Smudgie and Sparky have verbal communication too. Smudgie would say hello, “eh,oh” in response to us. Sparky has very different meows for food, play with me, open the door. He has a cat flap but just uses it like a door knocker until we open the door. Sparky will not sit in Smudgie’s favourite chair. These little people in furry coats keep us sane, I just wish they were vegetarian.

  13. Shelties without sheep will find something to control. We have two, Emmett (oversized like the vampire), and Kelty (think backpack maker). Fun little dogs and special soulmates through this life.

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