The Prayer of the Puppy

IT’S 2:00 AM on a Tuesday.

I am wide awake.

The little Shelty puppy will be off on his flight to Washington in three hours.

He is is already immortal, already a perfect expression of perfect Love, as are we, too.  He is already beautiful in the timeless spaceless realm of Here and Now.  He will arrive here (by my own belief), in a few hours, when we’ve agreed to begin a little adventure in our fantasy of space and time.

He can sleep for this flight.  He has his own spirit guides with him now, floating near him.  He is perfect as the guides are perfect.  So am I.  So are we all, untouched by the pretend world that once appeared so large and powerful.

No matter what seems to be, our perfection is already and forever true.

We have met before on Earth, the puppy and us, too, and we will meet again.  I am grateful, deeply grateful, for this beautiful event.  And for the many others which have guided us, year after year on year.

The death of Lucky, the crash, this belief of this very moment, is every one part of the story we’ve been blessed to have written.

So many stories!  So bright the colors we’re writing.!


13 thoughts on “The Prayer of the Puppy

  1. Enjoy your new little soul mate, Richard. I can’t wait to hear what yoi name him and to read about your adventures. You two are Lucky to have found each other.

  2. Such inspiring writing. You single-handedly helped me see past my Navy days and into the world of possibilities, Awakenings, and my own book about the whole deal. Glad you continue to share these amazing stories from within!

  3. Well Richard, you’ve pulled me in again. Over the years I have read most of your books, Illusions, the one that appeared to me magically, is still the one I am most drawn to, I give it away often (usually used–because I can’t help but reread to find out what it says this time).

    I am waiting for the dog to arrive. I have one living with me right now and know how powerful their presence can be in a life. Mine is my current best friend.

    The crash had me worried–so glad you decided to stick around for a while longer. Take care and keep us posted how everyone settles in.

    D. Blecha

    • Weird that we still call them “mine”. Mr. Mugs is my best friend but would bristle I think at being called mine–very independent that one. LOL Or maybe he loves me enough to thing that oversight endearing. But then again people call each other “mine”. People are often too greedy, we need to learn that very little is “mine”.

      • I like to think that they think of us as theirs, too 🙂 Kind of like in 101 Dalmations, where the dogs called the people their pets!

  4. Richard,

    I too have recently met another four-legged expression of perfection and love, arrived to me through the harsh Mojave. When we met, I knew all his journeys were meant to bring us together. Blessed be!

  5. I wonder if Lucky’s decision to come back (in dog form) had something to do with your decision to come back… Whatever the case, I love the joy of it all, and looking forward to updates!

    • You give yourself too little credit, David; I think maybe for you, as for myself, Richard’s presence has inspired you to save your own life!

  6. Since 2012 I’ve been reading about Lucky, something deeply inspiring touches my soul, Congratulations Richard.

  7. “Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.” — Bhagavad Gita, Ch.II : 12

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