At Last! The New Book (for Other People)



TODAY IS THE PUB DATE for Part-Time Angels. As of a few minutes ago you can find it with photos in color as an Kindle e-book at,

and as a black-and-white trade paperback at:

These links worked for me, though they are not supposed to be ready till a few days from now.

The subtitle says that there are 75 other stories in the book, but in fact there may be more. After all that writing, I didn’t feel like counting that high. It has 426 pages, which is a lot of pages, for me.

Most of the stories came from this website, so you’ll probably decline to get this book. But I thought other readers might like it. Some of the stories, after months of reading over and over for typographical errors, can still make me smile.

All the work of the art and design and the technical problems for making them into a book was done by my friend Anne Louque, who did Curious Lives and Illusions II.

Thank you, dear Anne!


60 thoughts on “At Last! The New Book (for Other People)

  1. Congratulations Richard! You were able to weave your words into a tapestry again—a great skill and talent that you offer to the world. So happy to be witness to your commitment. Of course, i am going to be ordering this book to enjoy yours and our families words….and to add to one of my favorite inspirational persons collection. Big hug 🙂

  2. Great news Richard!

    Already bought mine on Amazon Kindle! (I will still get the paperback version but couldn’t wait to start reading it on my daily commute!)

    For long I have been concerned with the possibility that the great stories on this website might one day be lost in the vastness of the internet…

    Really happy to see you decided to protect them by making this book available to everyone!



  3. Well, I just bought both versions…one to read immediately, and one to have, just in case I someday wind up living somewhere where there is no internet or even electricity. Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Wow – my inner voice was right – there is great news here.. I was about to stop my reading on my computer and someone urged me to check here. That was fast! You’ve been really busy to have done all the writing, putting the book together and to have it out already! i sense that you had quite a bit of support and input from friends and from “part-time angels” that are from many places? I hope this book does well and I sure look forward to reading it soon! My thanks to you and all of your friends and angels!

  5. Excellent! “……so you’ll probably decline to get this book……” The answer to that is that my order is in for tomorrow delivery (hard copy, I’m still old school). If Amazon had their drone fleet activated I would probably have one hovering at my door right now!
    Thanks Richard, for saving these words and from wherever the electronic pulses of the internet go when the switch is turned off. It would be sad to lose all of this. But now that it is written, it is so and forever will be!!

  6. Dear Richard!
    Congratulations! I’m happy to see this news. I’ve been waiting for it. Well done! I guess everyone who visit your site is glad you made it. Waiting this book in Russian bookstores. So, this is a kind of “Book of why”, you told me once, right? No matter if it is so, I will read it as soon as I can, cause I am very curious and like reading. I hope lots of people will enjoy “Part-Time Angels”.
    Be sure, you are not alone in your thoughts. They will love you more. With my best wishes. Privyet from Moscow!

  7. Yay!! Thanks for letting us know. Just purchased both versions and can’t wait to start reading. With gratitude and love, Ruth in Maryland.

  8. Wow! what a treat. I’ll buy this book even if I read all the stories here because I love to read your books several times anyway) Congratulations)

  9. About 30 years ago, your words about soaring and experiencing life through our own doing of what makes us come alive in joy moved me off my own fence of just wondering about it. I jumped off, and have been experiencing my own joy ever since. I want to thank you for writing the words that I happened to find waiting for me on my Uncle’s very messy kitchen table one afternoon that granted me the outside permission to not only run towards those experiences, but to gain mastery enough to take flight and soar, too. At that time, I needed that permission from a source that I felt was loving and not restrictive. Sometimes, though, I climb back on that fence, and having your words right there on my bookshelf serve to call me back out into life when I read them again, fresh with new experiences, and a deeper way of understanding them. I’ve always loved your words…they have been my gentle friends, as well as the change agents needed to prompt me to change as well as engage. Looking forward to adding these stories to my bookshelf, too.

  10. Richard,
    Last night, a huge energy to read more than half of the Book!

    They are practical ideas of daily life in this space-time in which we live
    with Angels and Guides that also are in parallel worlds in this Earth.

    They are Love Stories as the Principles of chess …
    where win or lose is only to spread our wings to more high heavens
    as Jonathan Livingston Seagull teaches us …, and the principles of respect and courtesy at the Chronicle of Ferrets’s adventures.

    I’m so happy!…, and I’m going to share this marvelous Book with others,

    Lots of huges and love,


  11. Good on you! I’m glad to continue to have things to read from you. They carry such good energy. Best to you, always.

  12. Fantastic news!

    I’m getting the Kindle edition so that I can begin reading today and the paperback version so that I can hold it in my hands, highlight it and scribble in the margins.

    I loved the rediscovered Part Four of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions II.

    Thanks so much for continuing to shine your Light, Richard!

    I first read Illusions when I was a Cadet at the Air Force Academy in 1979. I have been a fan ever since.

  13. Well done, Richard !
    I hope it will be translated. Congrats to all !
    [ for Other People… (?) ]

  14. Yes Yes Yes this is so great!! I am old school & have to have the book in my hand. Just ordered a copy!! Wonderful…
    Thank you Richard for all that you share with us…. your friend in the desert Lisa

  15. Reading Part-Time Angels and 75 others, not yet finished…I just got to the part where you say ” Honk if you’ve read The Ferret Chronicles…I am honking!!!! ..I Love the Ferret Chronicles. I have read each one and plan to own them one day. I was living in my car. I found them in the library. I often look to see what you are writing. The Ferret Chronicles, they made me smile, they gave me hope and I am so very glad you wrote them.

  16. The Angels are so joyful, your book will open more doors than you can imagine!
    This is such a blessed group of Angels and I’m sure you’ve done them proud!
    Our evolvement is right on target and now more souls will be joining the rest of us………that is spectacular Richard! Bless You-Bless You-Bless You………..Toodie

  17. Great to hear! I’m looking forward to it, as always! Hopefully at least one of the bookstores I do business with online gets it in stock soon. I figured Powell’s, at least, would’ve gotten it by now. Oh well, the wait’s always worth it! 🙂

  18. Richard,
    I am also part of the way through “Angels” but am a very slow reader as I like to make the books last a bit longer.
    The early pages struck a chord immediately. I am, maybe 18 months older than you and I believe a Happy Birthday wish for you might be in order for you about now.
    I too find all my efforts take the 20 mins where 2 mins would have once been enough, having first searched for the required tools.
    In the “Angels” I have just reached your quotes, or misquotes, and have tried to guess which they were. Once or twice I got the answer right, particularly the one from the Ferret Chronicles. These stories I loved. I believe there were five of them but have missed one somewhere. I have read:”Writers, Ferrets Aloft, Rescue Ferrets and the Last War. What is missing ? I know Curious Lives will give me 5 stories.
    My favourites so far have been “The Bridge across Forever”, “One” and “Travels with Puff”
    I wish you continued good health and happiness

    • Thank you, Colin. You missed _Rancher Ferrets on the Range._ It’s a love story, behind Cheyenne Jasmine Ferret turning to the world of the motion pictures and Montgomery, who stays in the world of the ranch for his guests, the Scottish Rainbow sheep. I love that story!

      • I really loved that story too. Out of all the stories iMy Ferret Chronicle book, ‘Rancher Ferrets on the Range’ really hit home with the theme of earthly love and sacrifice. I read it a few years back and i still ponder on the choices made by the characters and how you, Richard, decided to weave that story into what it became at the end. I do not want to spoil the ending for Colin, but i always wonder why some of the characters chose what they did and why.

  19. I’ve got two hard-copies in my hot little hands…one for me and one for my Dad for his 87th birthday! We fight over who is your biggest fan! I always win!

    May the angels who surround us whisper to each other about our lifetimes together…over a nice dinner, of course.

    Love you!


  20. Hi Richard – thank you for your latest writing venture.
    For me “Part-Time Angels” is an expression of the joy of wings, the vignettes leading to higher altitudes of consciousness.
    I’m simultaneously reading your new book chronologically and selectively – a beautiful and fun experience. Must do that more often.
    Much gratitude Richard for this lovely gift of your writings.

    PS After much sleuthing in the used book market I’ve finally acquired a full set of The Ferret Chronicles. Great little guys and gals. Glad to meet them.

      • If ever you are casting votes for books to bring to screen i vote the Ferret Chronicles. The characters are so sharp and clear in image. When i read the stories the movie runs in my mind…as though i have already seen it.

  21. Richard,

    I am preparing for a move and am therefore in the process of getting rid of items that I no longer use, need or love. This past weekend I came across my copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and indulged in a one-sitting reading. Though I hadn’t read it in years the feelings I had when I read it as a teenager came flooding back.

    Since reading it I discovered your website and your other works. I read Illusions this week and am currently reading Part-Time Angels. I feel like a long lost family member returning after an extensive trip.

    By the way, my copy of Jonathan is an original and I’d be happy to send it to you if you were serious about wanting it for your collection. The cover price is $4.95! 🙂


    • Whyn’t you just check on the going price of a first edition of JLS before you hand it over to anyone, please Sharon?

      • Richard – Thank you for looking out for what seems to be my lack of interest in the monetary value of this wonderful treasure. My intention really was to give the book to you because you said you’d like to have any 1st editions. But now I’m realizing, because I’m new to your postings, that I may have missed the humor in your request for 1st editions! I often remind myself I need to “lighten up” a bit. In fact, if you do not want it this will be one of the items I keep as part of my “love it” criteria for keeping possessions. 🙂 Have a nice day. Sharon

        • Thank you Sharon! So much better that little book be in your “love it” collection that a paltry $4,000 every day getting more valuable in frangible little credits.

  22. I cannot wait to read your new book. Your writing has shaped my life from the time I was a young adult and read Illusions. I later became a pastor and went to seminary and have served churches for 25 years. I just realized today that it was your writing that helped open the doors to the life I have led. I am ready for the next chapter; once again, I see so much in your writing that calls me forward into the unbounded future. Thank you for being my guide, my inspiration, and my spirit friend.

  23. Hi Richard, Just finished “Part Time Angels”. A most thought provoking book, many questions with many answers to come and I’m sure there will be more questions. I have some answers but need to write them out to be sure I’m addressing the proper question. An excellent read Richard, thank you for delving deeply into areas of higher vibration, I came away with more understanding! I love your stories about flying, so I have one thought now, I owned a Cessna 182 and while flying home from a beautiful lake up here, my Cessna named Sweetpea (yep, from Popeye and Olive Oil cartoon very long ago … sigh) spoke to me showing what it felt like to be one with my airplane as we flew along……for all the flying in gliders I’ve done, that was the only time I ever felt part of the plane. A most special experience! By the way, I name all the cars I’ve had, a special bond is formed when you do that and the car becomes an extension of myself.
    I shall get back with some of my answers, but need the book to do so, I will wait until my daughter finishes reading it.
    Everyone should really enjoy this one, it’s special in so many ways. As for the people of Iran, we all can send them silent blessings for changes to that country, it will help immensely. Visualize Iran peaceful and free!
    Toodie… the high Sierra’s where we’ve had a lot of rain today…….more blessings!

  24. Get home from work. Book has arrived. Yay!
    Start reading that night………..argh, is that the time? I’m working tomorrow.
    Not enough sleep, doesn’t matter, wake early anyway to keep reading…..

    What a delightful flock of sheep you have assembled Richard. Warm, funny, interesting, exciting, thought provoking, poignant. A truly lovely book. Thank you!

    (Here’s a vote from me for the Ferrets as well. Own a copy of every one!)

  25. Richard,
    Such a gift, this forum, that allows readers and fans to visit and share. In return, how wonderful that all afford you the earned gift of respect. You are generous, kind and make each of us feel special. Best add wise. To those who dare cross the double yellow line, a back up plan… the insurance of distance.
    Hope this site continues as there’s always more to learn, more to know, more to teach.
    Thanks in all ways,

  26. Dear Richard!
    I don’t know if you receive my message. That’s why I post it here.
    How are you? There is so little heard from you for a long time.
    Some days ago I visited Jonathan Livingston flight club. When I told people about you they treat me like a friend. Moreover I found my uncle’s friends who work there. They are ex military pilots too! Unfortunately I didn’t meet that instructor, Denis, who invited me on MAKS-2015 airshow. I asked his friends say hello to him.
    They told me why did they call their flight club “Jonathan Livingston”: their chief pilot, Nikolay Chvostov, who built this club, read your book and it touched his heart. He has been a flight instructor for many years. He is a really good pilot, and I believe him.
    After flight I shot a video on which the club’s pilots saying some words of their greetings and thanks for you. Now they are asking me about your opinion. I’d never disturb you, but the they are worrying, whether you heard their words, especially chief pilot, who answered you personally. He is your fan since he read about Jonathan 🙂

    With best wishes.
    Privyet from Moscow!

  27. Hi Richard, I hope you are very well and enjoy flying Puff. Hope Lockie is as playful as he has been. What about the star gazing on the roof, remembering Sabryna’s great plan! 🙂 Hope all is well.

    We keep learning, stretching our horizon, claiming more freedom from our mindsets day by day. And within all, we remember you, your books, each became so personal to us. It occurred to me a few weeks ago, remembering your NDE experience you wrote in the Adventures of a Reluctant Student. You couldn’t be harmed in that dimension, no one would. Sounds like a perfect place to be, no more worry, no risks, we simply can’t die! Good news really, however, it also seems to me that our fragility in this space -time, how perishable we are is very beautiful. Even our limits.Our strive to overcome the limits, finding out we can actually do it, taking small steps, just require some practice maybe more sometimes. No rush, as there is no destination, no perfection.

    Wish you beautiful days with all loved ones.

    • It’s because so many in this little family who know so much about the reality of ourselves, mirrors of Love, that I’ll be closing this site soon. I’ll remember you always.

      • Fulfillment… its highest degree is a wonderful experience to have…..this site has proven to be that for me….thank you for using your gifts to bring it all to us to see on a page 🙂

  28. My inner me said to say “hello” and how are you doing? My comments are coming on your new book, life has a way of changing the intentions! As we fast approach the end of 2015, I look forward to more comments on this wonderful site and the dialog relating to your writings. You’ve change many lives and started many seeking their own answers. I’m one of those! At our almost forgotten glider field, we used to sit outside next to our long glider hangar and discuss the days soaring, when “Jonathan” first came out, everyone, beer in hand, sat and discussed the book! We did this for months, had many laughs and insights because Jonathan related to our flying. Wonderful times to remember, I know my fellow pilots loved that book too!
    Best to you, Toodie

    • Wonderful times for us to remember, and for us to live again. Not just for this lifetime, but for all our never-ending lives learning ever more about the only real, learninng about Love.

  29. Yes, various events have delayed my reading of the new book, but I’m sure there’s a reason, as always.

    Love and light to all!

  30. I am convinced that we are all feeling blessed, thankful and incredibly honoured about having been given this amazing opportunity to briefly exist together in this incredible space-time… I am grateful, Richard, for your loving generosity creating this magical space to share inspiring ideas and reminders from other space-times…
    Godspeed Richard, on all your future projects! It has been a real honour to have a small participation in this absolutely amazing space.
    Love to you and love to all the great souls who dared to see more than what meets the eye…

  31. A Song of Thanks to my Angel Guides.

    Thank you Juan from Switzerland for your beautiful, loving thoughts. Thank you all in our small, loving family for sharing your understanding, your adventures of the spirit.
    Thank you Richard for your gift to us – your love, writings, wisdom.

    “all there is, is Love”

  32. Estimado Richard soy de Argentina provincia de Corrientes lei muchos de tus libros el primero Biplano. Siempre soñe con volar, soy piloto de ultralivianos. Aviones. Paramotores y luego de leer viajes con puff decidi realizar una travesía a lo largo de los esteros del ibera verdadero paraiso de aguas brillantes y pantanos poblado debuna inmensa biodiversidad. La idea es adquirir un flyboat (amphibious trike) aprender a volarlo y lanzarme a la travesia juntoncon 2 pilotos más. Pasaron 11 meses desde tomar la decisión. Ya tengo el flyboat, ya aprendi a volarlo. El plan es en marzo de 2017 iniciar la travesía. Queria agradecerte porque sos fuente de inspiración para lograr desafíos. Me alegro mucho saber que te habías recuperado del accidente y habias vuelto a volar a puff. Saludos. Nicolas Brandes
    Si estuvieras interesado Quisiera mandarte fotos de vuelos por estos lugares. Saludos

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