Bid Time Return

IS OUR LITTLE FAMILY, is our meeting here, is it ever a remarkable experience? Is it warmer and closer than most Facebook families or Twitter’s? Some say it’s just the same, others will feel there’s something about this place that touches us, in a way we can’t quite define.

Last night I took some time off and watched a favorite film. Have you seen Somewhere in Time?  It’s a 1980 love story about a journey across time, with Chris Reeve and Jane Seymour.

There’s such a lovely feeling about that film, it’s close to me, just as in this website. There’s a site for those who love it: Often the creators of the film talk about the strange and beautiful feeling they had, playing Richard Matheson’s screenplay of his book Bid Time Return. (They changed the title, since it sounded like “Bedtime Return,” the title for a sexy B story.)

Somewhere in Time was filmed at Mackinac Island, and at the grand old hotel there. No cars on the island, just horses and carriages, and the people there became bit-players, wearing their 1912 clothing, remembering what the hotel was like in those times. They said that it was magical, shooting that film, and I heard that word for the time, over and over.

I had just a brush with the film industry, and I hadn’t heard that word from anyone there. Magical. And sure enough, I said the word again, having seen the film for maybe the fourth time last night.

I met Chris Reeve in the early ’90s, when he and Ned Beatty flew up to Oregon In Chris’s Beech Bonanza, and we talked about a film of Illusions. Both them had this same lovely sense. We sat under a tree on the lawn one summer day, and talked about how to make the film happen. Chris had some quality, he could make anything happen, and by the time they flew away, I was sure the film would be made.

Not long after that, he had some difficulty with a horse. We still talked about the project, and he said. “My problem is not that people think I can’t do things; it’s that people think I can do anything!”

He wrote a screenplay about a man who was paralyzed, but every night, in dreams, he was perfect…which one was real? I know what happened to Chris, of course, he’s become his own character, real and perfect once again.

There are little flashes of magic that remind me of Chris in this site, when someone mentions a word about the spirit of love that connects us together. It’s reflected in people, in films, in stories and music. Can you recall other times when they touched the same magic, in films and events that sparkled their light upon us?

I’m probably not alone. I’d be grateful to see that enchantment in stories we never knew existed.


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  1. “Somewhere In Time” is one of maybe five movies I would take with me if I were moving to an island home, or a starship. I’ve always described it as “haunting” but not in the Casper the Friendly Ghost way. Rather, “Richard’s” connection to Elise, his certainty that they have been together, showed me what it would be like to truly find my other half. And the music! Just listening to the soundtrack can bring me to tears.

    I don’t watch a lot of movies, but one bit of “magic” I do remember was in (oddly) the first Star Trek movie. Watching Captain Kirk in a shuttle craft flying up to space dock and seeing the Enterprise again…the look on his face was much like Richard’s face when he first sees Elise’s picture. Still gives me goosebumps.

    • I not enjoy reading this book often, but always follow it up with watching the movie. I love the idea of that being possible. I, at times, daydream about that! That might sound silly, but I’m a hopeless romantic! Besides, what have we got, if not our dreams!? I think, nothing! Thank you, Richard, for reminding me…again!

    • Hi Richard and Everyone: I meant to add I also love Star Trek and have them all 🙂 I love the music also has a lot of truth! I have been sensing Leonard Nimoy since he passed on. Wish there was a better word that is not the true state of things. I loved him as Spock 🙂 it’s really cool how everyone and everything are all connected. Love, light and hugs to you all <3

      • Hi again Richard: Bare with me 🙂 and everyone, it seems to come in spurts, he he! I noticed the date of this post, right after my Birthday 🙂 nice synchronicity. I love… I will talk about Christopher like he is present in a way they all are with us :-). I love Somewhere in Time. Also, Star Trek The Voyage Home is abut time travel too and well done. Richard, I wanted to say too that you are making it a lot of fun! I enjoy your website and books. You have a special way of connecting to people with your writing 🙂 Illusions is my favorite. Love, light and hugs to you and everyone <3

  2. This is one film that made a lasting impression on me when i first saw it as a teenager. I remember that i felt a sort of eeriness when leaving the theater….a sort of lonliness came over me because i couldn’t figure out what i would do if it worked-to travel back in time, like how my mother and father and siblings would feel if i were not in present anymore. I remember for the longest time practicing and concentrating in my room and focusing on date and trying to transport myself.
    This may seem a bit unusual for some, but about 10 yrs after, while i was being a guinea pig for my sisters past life teacher training, i was led into a very relaxed state through her guidance and i was asked to describe where my body was and the scene that i described ( which after i found out was supposedly my ´past’ life in this case) was the Somewhere in Time epoch. I was in the dress and culture of that era and moving about….it was very real for me. Perhaps i live (ed) in that place still. A lot of me is surrounded by products of that era.
    Maybe i should view this film again….afterall, i have seen it only twice and that was more than thirty years ago.

  3. I’ve always felt like the atmosphere of this site is rather magical or ethereal — a feeling coming from a community of beings who share an understanding of how the world really works. I’ve only talked about this site with others that have that kind of understanding — and I’ve not found very many. I have talked about my beliefs about how I think the world works with others and often get ah “uh – huh sure” kind of response from many. With them I talk about the fact that I like your books, but for me being able to come here is a deeper part of my life that I keep to myself.

    I too got this same kind of feeling from the film “Somewhere in Time”. Another movie that gave me a similar feeling was “What Dreams May Come” ( the happy parts). There are a couple of others that have to do with time but I can’t think of the titles right now. I love how “real” to me these kind of films are!

  4. That is such a wonderful film. And soundtrack, as well. I saw Chris just once, as he left a movie theater late one night after a premiere in 1988. There were about six of us on the sidewalk, and everyone clapped as he walked to his limo. He had that quality of grace, even off-screen.

    About Matheson, one thing I admire about him greatly is not only how he wrote classics in many genres, but how he left writing scary stories behind him, firmly believing that what we put out in the world should be uplifting and not simply messing with people’s fears. It’s made me reflect on my intentions with my own writing, and that’s good for any writer to consider.

    For two movies that might not be as magical, but still worth checking out, I’d recommend “Never Cry Wolf” and “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”

  5. Since I’m still stuck with my love of aviation, I link the thoughts we all seem to share on this site with the movie ‘Always’. Enough flying, interspersed with the hereafter forever spirit world, I’ve watched it many, many times and find each time I’m taken on the roller coaster emotional ride it offers. The delightful scene where Richard Dreyfuss is discovering he is dead in the middle of a burned out forest fire all the while having his haircut captures all that I wish to believe in. The eternal spirit, the possibility of interacting with those we love even after death, while having to accept that our chances in this life have come to an end. Being able to remember our past life and reflect on it’s teachings but being absolutely oblivious to the moment that it ended – all powerful, and yes, magical notions. Thanks for making me think of Always again through this interesting enquiry!

  6. Love is far more than an emotion felt between two people. It really is the Source of ALL, and the Creative Force of ALL. We have often heard or read, “God is Love.” We do experience it in many ways in our time-space lives because its magic of wholeness is what brightens the moments and experiences of our lives with a meaning that exceeds our ability to articulate it fully , but just to suggest that it is an evidence of something much more. It is the medium of our Oneness that celebrates and shares our individual and personal gifts to one another.

  7. Richard you just amaze me! Yes, you are right, Chris is whole and perfect! He may be beyond our spaces here, he probably knows Don(ald Shimoda) and how the world works.

  8. My sister recently lost her beautiful cavalier dog ‘Willie.’ Her friend sent her the following poem which somehow I missed all these years – magical.

    Death is nothing at all.
    It does not count.
    I have only slipped away into the next room.
    Nothing has happened.
    Everything remains exactly as it was.
    I am I, and you are you,
    and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged.
    Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
    Call me by the old familiar name.
    Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
    Put no difference into your tone.
    Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
    Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
    Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
    Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
    Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it.
    Life means all that it ever meant.
    It is the same as it ever was.
    There is absolute and unbroken continuity.
    What is this death but a negligible accident?
    Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
    I am but waiting for you, for an interval,
    somewhere very near,
    just round the corner.
    All is well.
    Nothing is hurt; nothing is lost.
    One brief moment and all will be as it was before.
    How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again!
    Henry Scott-Holland (1847 – 1918)

  9. Ahhhh yes. Somewhere in Time. There is a dusty VCR copy around here somewhere, stacked atop Always, Oh God, It’s a Wonderful Life, and that Warren Beaty one…. If only I still had a VCR player. Maybe today’s post is a reminder to update these favs to DVD’s. I fell hopelessly and madly in love with Mary my wife-to-be and Jane Seymore at precisely the same time. They both light up my life to this very day, when they enter a room. Mary and I had an unexpected magical experience several years ago while attending a Car event in northern Michigan. A spontainious side trip to Mackinac Island found us sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of that grand hotel , hearing for the first time that this was where the filming happened. I found myself wondering if I was sitting in the very chair cris woke up on. Yep. As I revisit the memory, and think about all the magic I’m experiencing in this lifetime, I’m positive I was indeed, sitting on that very same chair.
    GREAT story about Cris and your visit. love it! You have just GOT to get that movie made Richard. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
    Joe from Jupiter

  10. Richard and Family,
    that strange and lovely way has been evolving the spirit of this

    I’ve certainly seen several times Somewhere in Time: Chris Reeve
    entering to the museum of the hotel is the most beautiful scenes I’ve seen in a movie screen, deeply touches the soul …awakening insights beyond the space-time …, yes, the movie is simply a masterpiece .

    There are also magic to connect with Richard and this family.
    I remember my first comments in 2011 and 2012, I began participating
    with severe paralysis at the level of theological and esoteric beliefs fixed for 30 years.

    Today I feel that I am a real person and magical ….!

    Each day I learn more from the books of Richard and the comments of this magical family,

    Infinite thanks to all !,

  11. Of course Always because of the flying, the lovingly photographed m
    World War 2 era aircraft, the origninal movie “A guy named Joe” with Van Heflin and Spencer Tracy and probably the only extended film of the P-38 Lighting, the spiritual nature and of course Hap. One of my other favorites is “second hand lions” with Michael Caine and Robert Duvall. finally the music of Neil Diamond watching him perform live and feeling like he’s singing just for us.

  12. This page is remarkable. For years I’ve been telling myself, “Don’t respond with a ‘Yes,’ that means nothing to a reader.” Yet every comment you given on this page, I’ve felt a powerful affirmation for what you’ve said. It’s like the angels are in chorus: “You loved what they’ve said, say YES!”
    So… YES!
    I love the wonderful new thoughts and the reminders you’ve given me, all those delightful thoughtful images you’ve brought alive from the dusty attic of my mind.
    Thank you.

  13. Loved that movie, Always as well
    on Fridays after a long week I would walk the video store looking for
    movies I’d like to watch over the weekend, this particular Friday there was
    nothing that interested me, I wanted one, so I let myself judge the movie I picked by the cover only…a man, a woman, a guitar, Ireland…. sold…
    the movie ‘Once’ a truly lovely moving movie, and an even lovelier soundtrack

    thanks Richard, love the conversations you start

  14. Richard,
    I have never watched Somewhere in Time but I am sure I will soon. Your book Illusions left a lasting impression in me from the first time I saw it, and the way it came to my life was unique. More than 20 years ago, a friend of mine asked me to wait outside a building. As he said it, he asked me to hold a stack of books for him. Illusions was one of them, a book I had never seen before. I looked at the feather on the cover and started reading in a sunny morning here in Latin America. I had always been skeptical about life in general. I could not believe my eyes. Every word in your book seemed to be written for me. When my friend came back out, I asked to borrow Illusions. His answer was as unforgettable as the book itself, “Just promise you will pass it along as I have. This book is not to be kept but to be shared”. I did not understand what he meant right there and then. I do now that I have bought it quite a few times and it has never stayed with me. Richard, thanks for such a powerful book. It is indeed a pleasure to be writing this message to you.

    Sandra H

  15. That was my very first thought – YES!
    This movie has been a part of my life since first seeing it when I was 9/10.
    It is one of the very few things that my Mother and I can simply “be” while watching it together….
    Thank you for the reminder to share it with my daughter now….I can’t wait!
    And to find out there is a book- who knew?! yipee!

    I must say and share another good soul hug for me is the movie, Secondhand Lions.


  16. “Somewhere in Time” is truly a great film, I too have a copy of it. There is another film that you might like… “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams who was willing to risk his very being for the love of His wife.

  17. To Richard Bach,
    Meeting with you and Shimoda most mornings. Don’t be afraid. I haven’t built an altar to you. There are others meeting with us….just as great and as small as ourselves.
    You have created a safe field for landing our own biplanes. To paraphrase one of our fellow pilots named Rumi:
    You offer us a field out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing. We meet you there.

  18. Most recently a movie called Dean Spanley, with Peter O’Toole. It’s about a dog reincarnated as a man who actually becomes a bishop, But whenever a cat goes by, it brings him to attention, nose in the air, and he often has to give chase. It’s a beautiful story–funny and profound.

  19. In “Somewhere in Time” we can see authority for believing in the superiority of spiritual power over material resistance, of focused thought over the thought forms of the material realm… our thoughts open doors… it is just what doors shall we open today?

  20. I’m a big fan of “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. One of those surprising roles for him. Ironically the title is from the Shakespeare soliloquy about suicide in Hamlet (To be or not to be…), but in the movie (mild spoiler) it’s the wife who commits suicide. I happen also to be a fan of Richard Bach’s works from way back, but this is my first post. On a note related to this post, one time I re-read Jonathan Livingston Seagull cover to cover while listening to the soundtrack of the movie on CD, and when I closed the book, the soundtrack ended at that exact moment.

  21. My mother passed from this life six and a half years ago. Since then, I have had recurring dreams of her…not unusual, since we were very close. The situations, locales and other participants vary, but the dreams all have one central theme. I have been told my mother is dead, I mourn her, and then, after an unspecified time, I discover that she is indeed alive. As a matter of fact, I had just such a dream last night, and in the dream, after seeing my mother again, I tried to explain to someone (in the dream) what had happened, and they looked at me as if I were crazy.
    At first, I thought the dreams were just my subconscious trying to console me, but now, after so many years and so many dreams, I realize it is instead, my subconscious reminding me that death is not the end. My mother is indeed not dead, and I’m sure she and my father are quite happy together again. (Oddly enough I don’t dream about my father, who has been gone 13 years, in this way. I wonder why that is?)

  22. It was your book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull that carried my longings into the knowledge of the power of the written word. it was there that I made the decision to paint love into my life by writing about love.

    The second event came from the movie, The Wizard of Oz…

    My people were Native Americans, but there came a time when it became unsafe to tell people that you were an Indian, so my Ggrandmother decreed, “No more will we tell people we are Indians” My dad took it to heart and our family was raised as white people.

    When I was in 4th grade I had my first Indian vision. After that the Indian Nation walked with me, even though no one could see them but me. When I was 12, a beautiful Indian woman came to me and I was taken into a vision that lasted until I was 30. She taught me the Laws of God had been written in Nature. I was to look to the Earth for my answers.

    Life if very tough for a girl who is in vision. There were all these Indians who walked with me, and when I would ask them why they walked with them, they would tell me that I was a great warrior, and that would be all they would say.

    My life felt a lot insane seeing into other dimensions like I did, and trying to adjust to a walk through a world of 3 dimension. One night I had a nightmare in which a Indian man on a motor cycle was chasing me. I had thrown myself into a ditch when an Ancient Tree Spirit appeared and told me that I was interpreting the whole dream, and my whole life wrong. She said I had come to this planet on my ChaCheToWAH, the Rite of Passage that would lead me.. then she pointed down a path that seemed gray and bleak to a place at the end that covered by a shroud. And yet I could feel it, and it felt like Home..

    Right after that, in the year 2000 I surrendered to the Earth, to obey her instructions so that I could be guided to do what which I came to do. Immediately Indians show up and took me into their Tribe. I still believed I was a White girl and did not know why they had come. Nor could I feel worthy when they would say I was Indian.

    In 2004 I came into the magic. I was staring into the face of a lightning strike, looking at the lights dancing in the clouds belly when the cloud began merging with me. I spent 2 weeks almost glued to my seat inside that vision while watching the formation of the lightning bolt first through impulses, that gained in strength through their longing to kiss the Earth.

    Then Kabooooom! they exploded and I was inside the Earth watching the power spread out through the Eons and Ions like the roots of a tree. And while here in this state of being a full Harvest moon had arrived. And the drums began beating, so I went outside and followed the drums to a place in the clouds where the Ancestors danced before me.

    One dance did they dance and then it was over, so I made my way back to the porch, pulled up a chair to sit in the moons light. Then I heard a voice asking, “May I sit with you?” He told me that I was Indian, and that they had come to reclaim me.

    Indian? Indian? How could I not know I was Indian? Then suddenly I was standing as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I had just clicked my heels together and for the third time I had said, “There is no place like Home”

    In that moment I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt in this dimension we have hidden the magical aspects of ourselves in book that are called Fiction and Fairy Tales.

    • A truly exquisite story, you are very blessed to be an American Indian! We have friends who were told the same thing as young people….do not speak the language nor the customs…….that is very sad as it has stayed with them all this time.
      I loved the lightning wishing to kiss the earth! Recently many Thunderstorms took place in the mountains where I live, the earth was kissed over and over…….a wonderful movement of energy. Yes, we do have magic and those incarnating now are showing that side, it is a magical time to be on the earth!
      Many blessings to you for sharing. Toodie

  23. A great post. All the comments are so interesting, and having seen the movies mentioned, it’s amazing what a film can do for us. I like Joe vs the Volcano, an older movie with Tom Hanks. To me, its the story of life itself. We go along with the way we are told things are suppose to be, and then wham, something jars us out of our sleepy state and life unfolds in front of us, if we just say YES.
    What an adventure. This site is a great place to meet those who bothered to seek out something different. Thank you for it Richard.

  24. Hi Richard: Awesome! I love (late) Christopher Reeve, I have the DVD Somewhere in Time I love it and the Superman movies, more.I know when I meditate and in dream time like all of us that we can travel in time. I loved Christopher as Superman as well. He was superb Actor and he accomplished a lot even when he was paralyzed because of the accident. But then there are no accidents. I am learning through my spiritual studies that everything happens like it should. I love your books Richard you are fabulous! We are all connected 🙂 I like talking to Christopher when I am alone like he is standing right next to me. Anyone else who has passed to the other side. They are very much alive 🙂 I pray Richard that your loneliness has passed..if I start to feel lonely I know that we all have Angels and Spirit guides as you know I either talk to them or write. I love Illusions and all your books. I am glad you met Christopher I am sure he was a very kind soul as you are as well. Love, light and hugs to you and everyone <3

  25. I have loved that movie since I first saw it, shortly after it was made. And like others who love it, I have watched it more than once!

    Reading your reflections on it made my day brighter – thank you for sharing.

    When Christoper Reeve was speaking of his accident, he said he had the realization, “We are not our bodies.” I listened to him say that and my life, my thoughts, have never been the same since.

  26. I have always loved movies and reading, there is something about ‘otherness’ that seems more real when you can engage with words and images that indicate that there are other people who feel that same way about All That Is. I haven’t seen Somewhere In Time, but now I will seek it – one of my most favorite movies ever is Harvey with James Stewart …. rabbits are a Big Thing in my life!

    Also, the community here is a great blessing – thank you every one XXX

  27. I LOVE and appreciate your thoughts and explanations, Richard – and in more that simple ways you have helped me to understand and accept this fact: LIFE IS, period. Life is, and will be always and everywhere, whatever we do or don’t, and never mind the strings attached or cross-tied or cut. Thank you for pointing your light right on some “shady spots” in my younger mind. Best wishes – and hope to hear more from you. John

  28. Magical is definitely a word I would use to define this forum, Richard, as well as you, personally. You have always shared magic with your readers…. for those who wish to see it, which it seems is many, many, many. Beautiful. I find life to be pretty magical most of the time, and I prefer that perspective over any other, because it’s very real for me.

    Erick and I both love “Somewhere in Time”, too, in fact, we own the video. It seems it was a very special project in many ways, with much apparent synchronicity driving it. Magical, indeed.

    Blessings abounding!

  29. Richard, your comment “there’s something about this place that touches us in a way we can’t quite explain – yes, yes, love this place. It’s a coming home to family and to a precious sense of peace.

    I’m not a movie buff but I’m touched by the magic of certain movies, as I’m touched by your writings – each of your stories containing a gem of spiritual thinking, of imagination or quirky humor that I treasure.

    To be in this place is to partake in the magic of this site. And how do we define that magic?

    • I guess it may be that here we’re free to say what we feel about lovely ideas, knowing that someone (me) will keep anyone from being cynical or destructive about what we say. Not that it happens much, only a few folks have been blocked for trying. But here’s a garden without weeds! (Of course weeds can be nice, but not in a garden that grows magic between us.)

  30. Richard,

    It is quite true that anytime we engage our heart magic is found. For me it usually happens looking at the sky or observing nature. Otherwise it is through books, and “Illusions” is one of the key books I read where my senses make the words come alive. Since 1977 “Illusions” for me is a friendly place that comes alive on occasion where the scent of hay mixes with corn stalks while the sound of planes are always in the background. Whatever problem was whirling about in my head that nudged me to read the book by the time I finish reading is back into proper perspective. The problem is solved, but it is always tough to say goodbye to that everlasting Midwestern summer. Until the Internet, I thought no one else had this experience. Then I communicated with others who also experienced that same insight and connection. Now through your website, it is fascinating to read the posts written by the members of this community. I am grateful for the sharing.


  31. I faintly recall _Somewhere in Time_ being a beautiful, wise movie. It may be time to see it again.

    I’ve been obsessed with _Lars and the Real Girl_ this week. Such a powerful story of family and trauma and healing. A whole community coming together to make a path for love.

  32. A recent film (7 yrs ago) that had a lasting impression on me and sort of eerie and profound was ‘The Curious Case of Bejamin Button’. I felt it conveyed the sense of returning back to womb as we age….like going back to our home when there is physical end. It has an earthy type of message and i liked the way we had both the very elderly woman alongside the very small infant and yet they had both lived their lives but in reverse mode and still, both going to the same end. For me it was a wonderful portrayal of this concept . And i was intrigued When i read that the film was loosely based on a short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald.

  33. I think Chris is a remarkable man. He didn’t cave into his life-altering injury. You could still see the spark in his eyes and his determination. His wife followed him shortly after he left this world. I think they have a very strong bond, not unlike in the movie Somewhere in Time. I think they will always be together in one form or another.

    Another movie that sparked my imagination was Woody Allen’s light-hearted movie Midnight in Paris and the musical score is also beautiful. It conveys the lesson that most of us don’t realize that we are living in interesting times, our own Golden Age; we always seem to long to be either living in the past or in the future. Life is exactly what you make of it. Simple to say, but sometimes very hard to remember when you’re in the middle of quicksand. There is just so much to learn and do while we’re here that it seems almost impossible to complete anything satisfactorily in one lifetime.

    Of course my absolute favorite book will always be Illusions. It’s a masterpiece. I can’t begin to tell you how many copies I’ve given out over the years. Whenever someone is going through a difficult time or trying to find an answer and they are open to suggestions, I give them a copy of your book. I can’t remember having a copy returned yet. Once they read it, they don’t want to let go, and I understand that feeling completely.

  34. Dear Family,
    As Richard wrote, the idea to make a film of Illusions was discussed in early ’90s. More than 20 years have passed.
    Maybe It is time to make the film happen? With a little help of our small family and modern technologies (especially crowdfunding platforms) it can done.

        • I’m so glad you said that. I’ve just been in touch with the one who may be be the director. It’s been a long time quiet, but perhaps good things will be happening soon.

      • Such magically wonderful news Richard – cant wait to see it!!!
        Blessings to you and all the wonderful people who are making it happen for us! x

  35. Dearest Richie,

    What a strange coincidence this newest post about Chris Reeve!

    A few months ago I saw a 1985 film on television, named ‘The Aviator’! It starred Chris Reeve in the titular role. In it he flies a biplane, dressed in a brown leather jacket, leather gloves leather flying helmet, beige trousers, leather boots and flying goggles. No need to tell you he reminded me of you. And so I liked the film, only for that reason. Months later, this post from you about Chris Reeve.

    What is happening here!?

    – Pushkaraj

    • When “The Aviator” came out, I remember thinking how wonderful Chris Reeve would be in “Illusions.” At the time, my imagination cast Ray Liotta as Donald Shimoda.

      If Reeve had made Illusions, just think: it would have been the *second* time as a character named Richard in a magical film. 🙂

  36. Hello Richard and thank you for this site and your writing and all you do to make the world a better place. I learned of you many years ago when a friend gave me “Illusions” …. and there were many, many connections and experiences for me regarding your books after that … “One” and “Bridge Across Forever” were very powerful for me when I read them ….. and, of course, “Illusions “…. and I even manifested a very large blue feather from a Macaw …. I have the VHS of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and I have the DVD of “Somewhwere in Time” and I will watch both of them again – probably tonight … 😉 …. I also love the movies “The Love Letter” and “The Lake House” and the Star Trek Voyager and Next Gen episodes about time travel. I love your writings about flying, as I have always had a “thing” for flying … even soloed many years ago … I would love to have been able to do more but … well, life took me on a different path …. so, I just want to say thank you … for everything.

  37. Hi – I wasn’t going to respond to this post but I’ve had such fun reading all the responses. Since I was a child I’ve always been an avid reader and movie watcher. I still love books and movies but for me they’re more of an escape. What the posts have reminded me is that there are times when a book or movie resonates in a deep way and I learn (or remember) something profound that stays with me. As a romantic and lover of all things fantasy (especially time travel), I saw Somewhere in Time many years ago. I’ve also enjoyed many of the movies others have mentioned, reminding me that our little family has much in common. Richard, I saved a post from your old website (dated November 24, 2011) where you gave a listing of books and movies that you liked. It was titled: “Books I Read Again, Movies I Watch Over and Over”. While I was familiar with many of the books and movies, there were others that I’d yet to read/watch. I thought that was a great post as I’m always looking for something new to read or watch.

    Although embarrassing, I’d like to share how I found my favorite book and music. When I was 13, I saw Illusions in a metaphysical bookstore the year it was released and I wanted it because I loved the cover (a blue feather on a black background full of stars). Yes, I bought a book based on the cover. As with most everyone here, it had a life changing effect. I started reading other RB books and became a fan. I found my favorite music the same way. I was 7 and there was an LP with a black background filled with stars. I didn’t know the music (Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice’s: Jesus Christ Superstar) but somehow convinced my mother to buy it. I loved the music and have since purchased the sheet music for piano, CD’s, VHS movie and then the DVD. I know we’re not supposed to buy books or music because of the cover art but I feel I was led to both.

    Thank you to Richard and everyone for sharing, Ruth in Maryland.

  38. I only know this family touches me in a way which I, at least, can’t define. And that’s a perfect way to phrase it. My biggest frustration is trying to find the words!

    I’d never heard of Somewhere in Time, but judging by the description, I’ll love it! So I just ordered it. I can’t even remember when I last bought a DVD, there just don’t seem to be many “newer” movies I like. A film of Illusions?! I hope so!

  39. Could it be that we all love this movie (Somewhere in Time) because we know it’s not fiction at all? That there is truth in “fiction” and that this movie reminds us of what we’ve forgotten….

  40. There are at least a few films i have watched before that stuck in my memory and my being I think ….E.T. / Schindlers List….i have watched Somewhere in time ….that beautiful song…..the story ….its like .. I did want Reeve get back again to the Past….if I would have been the writer……:) sorry for being a softy here.

  41. How wonderful that many of us have discovered the same three films: Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come, and Always. To that list I’d like to add another film touched with magic: Tuesdays With Morrie, a moving and uplifting account of a man’s final months in a terminal illness. This was Jack Lemmon’s last film, a performance touched with a deep sincerity and a wonderful spiritual quality. Like the other three films, it is a beautiful and inspirational love story. It is also a story about and how to live well: “We must love one another or die…”

  42. A little off topic but still….
    I know someone who has a heart problem. In laymens terms it’s called “drop dead syndrome” (Yes, it’s actually called that. Google it.). It means that at any moment you can be having a latte at Starbucks or enjoying a picnic and out of nowhere …..drop dead. What if we all lived like that? Would be live better and love more?

  43. Absolutely love that movie! I’m into time travel in general, and love the funny ones like Back to the Future, as well as the serious Interstellar. But Somewhere in Time was so very personal. And so mysterious and beautiful! I seemed like something you would write!!! 🙂 So fascinating that you met the real-life Superman. I have such admiration for Chris.

  44. I have now seen it, and thank you for mentioning it! Magical, lovely, special. They’re all appropriate adjectives! I really can’t think of *any* movie it reminds me of. But somehow it reminds me of something I knew long ago. No idea what at the moment. Except a dream years ago, a little. Different “plot”, but that same sense of *knowing*… The only thing which came to mind while watching it is Richard’s writing. Jerianne, I think you’re right. We know, at least deep down, that it isn’t fiction. This movie just got a place in my all-time favorites. Now if I could just figure out how it arrived 8 days ahead of time! 🙂

  45. Geez, here I go again off-topic…..
    I’ve been a little anxious lately due to a little business setback which is kinda like saying the Grand Canyon is a little deep….so I opened a book and asked for a little help and guidance. I opened the dictionary right smack on “magnesium.” And then googled magnesium. Turns out magnesium alleviates anxiety. Steve, the dictionary, it works!

    • Wow. So do computers, at times! I just sent a rather long email to a friend about my anxiety! I’ve also been trying to hold a word in thought and opening a bookto it, though I haven’t managed it yet. Practice, practice… Maybe off-topic, maybe not. Seems to me that it all boils down to suggestion accepted, whether it’s (re)creating the world of 1912 or disintegrating worlds of anxiety…

      • Steve, you can start by thinking of 2 or 3 words. Then open book and see if just one of the words turns up on the page. With practice, you will eventually be able to do it with just ONE word. Again, I’m not sure why anyone needs or wants to do this sort of thing but it’s a cool demonstration to do if you have the need to prove your magical abilities and it’s a whole lot easier than levitating.

  46. Hi ….here am i again ….since this is somewhat a thread regards time travel and films and in its purest sense …about Love….i had to state that the Film ;;The Notebook should have a place on this thread……I had watched that film …thought it was about a typical love story……
    then tears welled up in my eyes near the ending where both husband and the wife turned into a symbolic Birds after them passing away asleep…. i could not let this film be watched by my father as we could both have our hearts get broken again …as i have lost my mother just last year…..

  47. Sometimes the magical moments in life can sometimes be quite surprising and mysterious. This morning I cam across my copy of “Jonathon Livingston Seagull” and discovered a sheet of folded paper. This is actually my second copy. I’m not really sure what happened to the first one — one day a long time ago I tried to find it but it was gone. About fifteen to twenty years ago I was in a used book store called Oliver’s and found another copy so I got it even though it seemed like someone who had previously owned it glued the first page and last page to the inside of the cover (which did keep the dust jacket in place).

    While sorting through some old favorite books this morning I came across that book and excitedly picked it up. Finding that the first page was now coming loose from the front cover, I slowly peeling it back Hiding behind the front page was an old folded paper. What is this I wondered. When I opened it I found this message:

    “To the friend who receives this book . . .
    I had a dream about giving someone at this party a copy of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ but in this dream I did not see who it was! So on my way home one night I stopped at Oliver’s and there was the book and so I got it to give to you. Someone once said that nothing happens by accident. Since you are the one who received it, it was meant to be yours. Perhaps there is something you want to learn in here or something you already know but have forgotten.

    Peace, (no signature)”

  48. Oh! How I love Somewhere in Time!!
    Magical is how I always describe it, in terms of the beautiful magical feeling it creates… Interesting that you mention there was a magical feeling on set also…. Well, it certainly came across in the film…
    I have watched the film countless times… It is among my all time favorites.
    Other favorites films that come to mind just now, include: The Time Traveller’s Wife; Ladyhawke; Franco Zefirelli’s Romeo and Juliet; and Cinema Paradiso… and also Warren Beatty’s Heaven can Wait.
    Thank you for existing Richard!! This is the first time I write but you opened something deep in me when as a young teenager long ago I read Illusions… A fan of yours ever since… Thanks again.
    Ana (from Mexico)

  49. Oh, the synchronicity! I’m currently on tour in Minnesota performing my Bubble Wonders show. I use ordinary bubbles to inspire others to follow their dreams. I had the weekend off and discovered there was an airshow about an hour away.

    The ad mentioned there would be a variety of planes but the one that caught my eye was a Travel Air…the same plane that Donald Shimoda flew in Illusions!

    That was the deciding factor. The airshow was all weekend but I checked the weather and there was chance of rain on Sunday so I decided to go on Saturday. Further, I decided to get there before it opened in order to beat any crowds for a flight in the Travel Air.

    I arrived and parked my car and walked into the airshow. I spotted the Travel Air all the way on the other side of the airport. I headed straight for it, not stopping for anything else along the way.

    I was the first one to sign up for a ride! The pilot’s name is Clay Adams. His company is called, Nostalgic Wings. I asked him if he got many Richard Bach fans. He smiled and answered, Yes. He mentioned Nothing by Chance. He also said he has flown with your son!

    The flight was breath-taking. Made me want to take flying lessons!

    This was a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of your work since I discovered you in High School. I had set my self the task of starting at the A’s in my school library and reading every book there in order to learn the meaning of life. Thankfully, your name begins with B and I didn’t have to read all the way to Z to learn some life-changing lessons!

    As others have mentioned, I have read an re-read Illusions many times and often gift it to others. Further, I was positively obsessed with the idea of Illusions as a movie!

    Something I’d like to point out is that two of the movies many of you mention, Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, were both produced by Stephen Deutsch/Simon! No wonder there is some magic common between them.

    I met Stephen when he came to a Unity Church in Chicago about 15 years ago and did a presentation on what he called Spiritual Cinema. During his talk I started to get this dreamy, tingly, deja vu feeling, I knew what he was going to say before he said it and found it hard to contain myself. He mentioned his dream to bring Illusions to the screen!

    I jumped up from my seat and exclaimed excitedly, “I wanted to make Illusions!”

    He laughed and remarked, “Too bad, I’M going to do it!”

    I can’t remember much more about his presentation. I was just too full of the possibility of seeing Illusions finally gracing the screens. I knew Stephen was going to be doing another presentation later that week so I made up all of these pop-up cards with the blue feather on the cover and hand-written notes inside, each one saying a variation on the same theme, “You should have Geoff help you make Illusions!”

    Friends at Unity came to my aid and many people took the cards and gave them to Stephen on his next visit. I wasn’t able to attend the event but later heard he ended up with a huge stack of them!

    Last I heard, many years ago, he was in the process of trying to raise money to fund the film. I haven’t heard anything else in such a long time.

    After the ride in the Travel Air I decided to go online and see if there was ever a real Donald Shimoda. One linke led me to the gracious Q&A section you set up to answer queries from your readers. I decided to ask if Illusions would ever become a movie since I’ve read that filming Jonathan was not a good experience for you.

    I had to move my search from my phone to my laptop and went to to look for the Q&A section I had found on my phone. I never got that far. To my joy discovered THIS post about how, at last, there might be some new developments! There are no accidents!

    Even though Stephen never contacted me I continued to come up with ideas for the movie. One scene that still makes me tingle with expectation is when, in Chapter 8, Richard asks Donald why we’re here in the first place. In response, Donald convinces him to go into the movie theater to watch Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid in order to answer the question and make a point about how it’s all Illusions. Think of it! We, the members of the audience, sitting in a theater, while up on the screen Richard and Donald are sitting in a theater talking about choosing to go to a movie is like choosing to be here! I kept thinking there must be some way to break down the fourth wall for a moment, maybe have Donald looking right at the camera? when he asks Richard/Us, “Why are you here?”

    Another scene I envisioned was with Christopher Reeve…just not as Richard. No, my idea came after he had his accident. I saw Christopher as the man in Chapter 5, the last one waiting for a turn to fly with Donald, the man “in a battered wheelchair…kind of smashed down and twisted into the seat as if by some high-gravity force.”

    Again, such a beautifully-fitting moment of life meets art. Here would be Chrisopher Reeve (the man who flew both as a pilot AND as Super Man) playing the role of a man who somehow overcomes the illusion he is crippled and rises, (just like Christopher did in his own dreams) “launched off the wheelchair at a half-run, amazed at himself, toward the Travel Air” and climbs in on his own power to take flight!

    I thought even if Christopher couldn’t yet walk on his own strength then with the magic of CG they could help him appear to do it on his own.

    Even after his death the idea seemed possible. I’ve seen great special effects where some singer whose physical presence is no longer on this plane has been brought back through special effects in order to sing with his daughter so why couldn’t they bring back Chris to make a cameo in Illusions? Or find a look-alike as a tribute?

    …WOW, hours have passed since I first found this site. I have to sign off and get some rest for my performances tomorrow. Please, keep us posted on Illusions the Movie, Richard! I’m vibrating, literally humming with energy, at the thought!

    With light, love, and laughter,

    • I promise to let you know what happens. Things will be quiet for the rest of this month, and there might be some steps after that. Thanks for thinking about the film!

  50. One movie I keep coming back to time and time once more is Per Weir’s movie, Fearless. Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez star as two people who survive a plane crash and have to confront their mortality.

  51. Oh how I love Somewhere In Time Richard! It is such an enchanting movie, and one of those movies I feel part of as I’m watching – It resonates so deeply and holds a very, very special place in my heart.
    As does your writing, and too now that I’ve discovered it, this wonderful site and space you have created for us to express the perfect expression of eternal love that we all are, (your words) I know for sure that I’ll be visiting it very often in the future!
    Thank you so much for all your inspiration, which is so incredibly infectious and for the lovely warm feeling of belonging and coming home I feel when I read your words, and listen to your thoughts, ideas and feelings during very enjoyable interviews – and while ever you’re happy giving them, I’m more than happy to listen!
    I’m so looking forward to seeing Illusions on the screen – it know it will be wonderful and I wish you blessings galore regarding that happening very soon
    Love, joy and blessings Marie

  52. One of the places I get posts from on Facebook is the Mackinaw Island Tourism Bureau. I don’t know if you have ever been there but it is an island between the two parts of Michigan. No cars, only horses and bikes. There is an old hotel there. They put a post on FB about a weekend celebrating the 35th anniversary for “Somewhere in Time”. Since you say you like the movie, I thought you might be interested in this article regarding that celebration.


  53. I was given “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” at Christmas my second grade year among a bevy of other books that were all in some way Christian based for my chronological age whether fact or non-fiction. My aunt on my step-father’s side had given them to me with the intention of keeping me on “The Pilgrim’s Path”. The whole family on his particular side were baptist and as such concerned for my very soul.

    Fortunately for me my mom encouraged me to look for truth in everything I read and to actively question and discuss my unique opinion as to what I was reading. I learned very early, however, to be very selective in whom I spoke with when it came to matters of faith. My step-father was a very enthusiastic beast of a man when it came to matters of discipline and the aggressive application of “spare the rod, spoil the children”. Even at that young age, I knew that what I was being taught all day at school, at AWANA on Wednesday nights, youth group on Saturdays and morning and evening services on Sundays was not about love, but about fear. It did not add up, but I kept those ideas to myself. The first time I asked about the faith vs. fear contradiction and how it related to the “plan of salvation from the fires of hell” I mistakenly did it at the dinner table. I was eight at the time, two months into my second grade year at that baptist school. I was beaten until I was shrieking for forgiveness for my blasphemy without even understanding the concept of it. Needless to say, I did not bring it up until much later in my tenure at that school.

    Why the meandering history? To put it simply: A. To illustrate the wonderful serendipity life is. B. To put into historical context exactly when this work of love about love flew into my mind, and more importantly my heart and soul. My whole being felt comfort, compassion, kindness and wonder of what I might be and what should be every time I re-read the book.

    One warm, spring afternoon shortly after receiving, reading and re-reading a gentle voice I knew to be mine and was not yet mine asked a very profound question as I opened the mail box.

    “Why am I me?”

    What I remember about the experience immediately following is this. All I knew or thought about time and space dissolved and fell away (the best description I can muster). In that moment (or moments, I’m not sure) a pure simplicity of “I AM” accepted whatever answer provided as my own Truth. For the first time I experienced unconditional love and understood why unconditional forgiveness is essential to living without fear and with courage. Pretty mind blowing for an eight-year old, needless to say. The moment in front of the mailbox has guided my flying lessons ever since. That moment of magic facilitated by Jonathan’s flight gave me the fortitude to march to the beat of my own drummer while attempting to share love, forgiveness and hope through example. After all, it is unconditional love that binds us, elevates us, and encourages us to carry through infinite lifetimes to lead by gentleness, kindness, love and servitude to those around us.

    As for moments in film that have grabbed me way down in that magic place, there are two I would highly recommend checking out. Both of these movies are the kind that merit a high level of engagement on your part. Fear not. They both snap you up and before you know it, the credits are rolling and so are your thoughts.

    The first is called “Cloud Atlas”. Its beauty is both aesthetically sumptuous and thought provoking to the very edge of the binding love does for us all. Slowly but surely it is like the maelstrom of ancient sea lore. Seemingly random and widely painted vignettes spanning roughly 500 years merge into paralleled story arcs focusing faster and ever more concise themes until the big idea is revealed with the crystal precision our minds crave.

    The second is called “Interstellar”. Not only is it beautiful to watch, but it explores our natural ability to love, forgive and reach beyond that which what is known to us to bind us together and to leap forward in our own understanding of what our souls are capable of. Time, space, and the relative nature of them when exposed to the only constant currently known in our universe, gravity, are explored and presented in a way that doesn’t require a PhD in theoretical physics to follow.

    Much love to all,


  54. I seem to keep coming back to this post and have thought about why….why is it that we connect with things externally, like a film or a book, when in fact we are complete within? Do we project ourselves onto the story or is the story becoming ours? How much has film altered our sense of being?
    Why does a film sometimes feel like coming home? That thougt serves to remind me of how much we are intertwined with our environment which makes it even more difficult to be an observer.

    • When a story connects with the story of our lives, of course we love it, and all the lovely coincidences it brings to us. They speak our hidden language, and remind us why we’re living now.

      • Humans are creatures who live in groups. To be really happy we have to be connected to other persons. Books, films, stories of others help us to find that connectivity. Like Richard tells in several of his books and stories, I have often felt to be at home somewhere else than on Earth. Richard’s stories and those of others remind me that I am connected to a lot of people: we are not alone, we are with many, so we can share our feelings and experiences and be happier persons.

    • It’s stalled again! Zack Snyder had the kindness to tell me that he would not be able to make the film since some time after 2020, and returned the option back to me. What happens next? The film has its own life to live, and doesn’t always chat with me about what’s to come.

      • Oh bummer….when things are in other’s hands….not to be judged, but it had that exciting emotion, like a thrill to know there may be some Bach literature turned screen play Coming out of the shawdows…..

  55. Hi Richard,

    25 or more years ago I had the good fortune to locate and read “Bid Time Return” by Richard Matheson and also “What Dreams May Come”. I loved both and the movie “Somewhere in Time” is one of my all time favorites. I watch the movie frequently and seem to always come away with something I missed the previous time.

    It is a shame we lost both Chris Reeve and Richard Matheson (last year). But their work will live on and provide enjoyment for many years to come.

    Thank you for writing about the book and movie and introducing them to the few that perhaps did not know about them.


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