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  1. I was very happy to meet you yesterday as you picked up your new puppy. I claimed, in error as it seems, to have read most of your books. I see now that I have read quite a few, but far from all. It seems that I have some catching up to do! It was a pleasure meeting you, keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

    Regards, Steve Roos

  2. I read “Stranger to the Ground” when I was about 14 years old in the Dutch translation. I wanted to be a jet-fighter pilot and I was very impressed by your story of a pilot flying at night in a F-84 F Thunderstreak. The Dutch airforce also had this type of aircraft in service and I’ve seen them fly over many times. I thought and still think it’s the best book about flying I’ve ever read. Reading this story brings me into the cockpit and let me almost feel the movements of the airplane and the sounds an airplane makes. Years later, when I was about 21 years old I read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. A few years later, reading “A gift of Wings” I discovered that these books were written by the same author! Later I read more of your books. “The bridge across forever” is the best love story I’ve ever read. It helped me to overcome some troubles my wife and I had in our relationship. We are still together and very happy!

    Johathan Livingston inspired me to follow my dreams. Mathematics was one of those things I did’nt understand, so a career als a pilot seemed impossible. I took to gliding and got a Private Pilot License a few years later. Unfortunately I had to quit flying when I lost my job and the money ran out. I love to ride my bicycle in the countryside, my wife and I walk in the mountains on vacations and I like to row with my team on the beautiful river IJssel which flows along the beautiful city of Deventer, where I live. So, flying is over, but there has ever since been a connection with the adventurous and challenging sides of life, inspired by your books and stories.

    Thank you very much for that, Richard!

  3. I read one of your books Jonathan Livingston Seagull a very long time ago. It is not at all an exaggeration when I say it was one of those books that has made a huge impression/impact on me. I speak about the book to my friends, my family and whenever the sitation demands it.
    I often try to psycho analyze as to why it made such an impression on me and maybe because I could relate to it in my life, maybe so, whatever the reason. It does not matter but it is awesome work.
    Now I am going to order the rest of your books to determine if you are indeed a true genius LOL
    Keep up the good work.

    • Save your money, since I’m no genius, true or pretend. I do love certain ideas, though, and I’m one of a family around the world who loves them, too. And from time to time they’re here. Welcome!

      • no need to be humble Sensei, Mr Bach. you have the power to change lives more than you might imagine at that day. if i am alive today and able to write these, it is thanks to you may be. I think i owe you.

  4. Dear Mr. Bach,

    In talking with a fellow writer the other day I realized how much your writing has influenced my love of travel. In 1991 my college professor mentioned your book “Stranger to the Ground” and for the first time I understood how I’d felt all my life. I instantly read “Illusions” which has come to mean so much as well.

    I became a travel writer several years ago. Then I became a travel author. To this day, being in flight is the one place where I feel happiest and least stressed. Just going to the airport is a stress reliever. In the car on the way there I feel the weight of my simple world begin to melt away, knowing the sky is almost within reach. Even now after hundreds of flights, when the plane is climbing and especially seeing another plane climbing alongside us in the distance, often times your timeless title “Stranger to the Ground” will pop into my mind. They are words that, for me, answered the internal question “Who am I?” in a time of confusion and few options.

    Sometimes when I need a mega dose of wisdom, I’ll re-read segments of “Illusions” while listening to Danny Wright’s “Phantasys” album. Every time I read it, I learn something new or am reminded of why a passage meant so much in the first place. My favorite is the line about the sky knowing the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, “and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.” I have lost count of how many copies I’ve bought and given to people who are trying to resolve a problem or figure out a new path in life — my copy had so many scribbled Post-its stuck throughout the pages that I recently had to get a new one just for myself.

    I’m so grateful to that teacher, Mr. Whitman for introducing me to your work. It was a part of my path to find my way in life, which still works for me to this day: up. Thank you for the words you’ve given to this world. — Kelly Merritt

      • Dear Richard Bach,

        I’ve just finished reading Illusions for the 3rd time and plan on reading it several times more, but there is a passage I’d really love to be able to grasp and apply to my life immediately.

        You are led
        through your lifetime
        by the inner learning creature,
        the playful spiritual being
        that is your real self.
        Don’t turn away
        from possible futures
        before you’re certain you don’t have
        anything to learn from them.
        You’re always free
        to change your mind and
        choose a different future, or
        a different

        “Choose a different past? Literally or figuratively or how did it mean? “I think my mind just boggled, Don. I don’t know how I could possibly learn this stuff.”
        “Practice. A little theory and a lot of practice,” he said. “Take you about a week and a half.”
        “A week and a half.”
        “Yeah. Believe you know all the answers, and you know all the answers. Believe you’re a master, and you are.”


        Is it possible you can delve in deeper to the practice part, the how to. How does just belief allow it to come into one’s reality. Many people hold fast to a number of beliefs steadfastly and many do not come to pass.

        I’m going through an incredibly tough time, a decade really of tumultuous circumstances, people, and events that I acknowledge I’m the creator of, but I’d really love to receive further information if possible on that particular passage. I’ve tried the whole believing
        “I Am” and have received some less than favorable results, even at times more negative than my current circumstances. I’d really love to know what I’m missing as I’m considering suicide and there seems to be no way out of this hell on Earth I’ve created.


        • My guess is that most of us have had times like the one you’re living now. Suicide, as they say, is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Two years ago I was trapped in a hospital after a plane crash, was lost for one I could love, and remembered a heaven so free and waiting for me. Suicide was a lovely idea.

          Something suggested that this was another test for me. I could die, or step by step I could overcome the problem by holding the image that I am a perfect expression of perfect Love, here and now. I held that image, second by second, over and over and over. Today it’s happened that I am healed of nearly all the suggestions of the crash, and what I thought was an impossible healing of loneliness — that suggestion that kills so many of us — found a miraculous healing, too.

          How many of us have had tests that seemed utterly hopeless, but by constantly reminding ourselves of the forever truth of our real being have been healed of the tests and suggestions that sometimes seem to haunt us in space-time?

          • I do like that description of suicide. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. In addition to this, I understand that whatever problems we had, has not been resolved. Therefore it is possible that we may need to return to earth and face the same problem all over again, until we get it resolved for real. I wish this person and whoever else is considering this emergency “exit” to think it all out carefully. Love
            Joe from Brazil.

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  6. It is my privilege and honor to have found your site, Professor Bach…
    I too have read your book “Illusions” a couple of times. I admire your simplicity of purpose; just living and creating, but changing the past ? we could only do that in our minds. Guess that is how anything starts, a simple thought, this however suggests we need to almost lie to ourselves and play a pretentiuos existence. Why the honest ones, and the truth seekers seem to have the toughest tests of times here in the physical world?
    And suicide is NEVER the answer to any question!

    • As Dumbledore said to Harry Potter, “Of course it’s only in your mind. What makes you think that it is not real?”


  7. Dear Mr Bach, I have read some of your books. Illusions changed my life like it did for so many of your readers. I practiced vanishing clouds and on some occasion succeeded too! I feel truly grateful for having attracted your profound wisdom into my experience. And the time I then had to put some of it into practice. I reached a place where I was so very happy. I was alone but I loved myself and my life. I then went on to attract to me my soulmate. Whom I met! It was perfect! He is wonderful. We fell deeply in love. And we are now married. And he continues to be wonderful everyday.
    However I made the mistake of loving him so much so that I forgot to love myself. And now I’ve lost my way. I don’t like who I am at all. I feel alone again, alienated from the happiness that surrounds me because the happiness that I found in me is gone. I miss myself very much.
    Im humbled by the lesson that one can learn so much of what’s worth learning, hold all that power of happiness and contentment and then lose all of it and oneself in another person, a soulmate.
    If you could find a piece of wisdom to help me find my way back, I would treasure it. Is it harder now that I had it and lost it? Is there any forgiveness for disrespecting oneself?

  8. Dear Richard,
    It was an odd winters day when I first learned of you. I was a ninth grader, sitting on the dusty floor of a history classroom. For one odd reason or the next, our teacher decided to read stories to us before the holiday break. At the end of all the stories of hollies and jollies, this man pulled out one of your books. He began to read “There’s No Such Place As Far Away”. At the end of it, and as the bell rang, he muttered quietly to himself, but not quietly enough,”someday you will understand”. I filed that mysterious tidbit away in my head along with your name.
    My next notable encounter with your writing wouldn’t be until years later, as a freshman in college. Though time had passed, I still remembered you and decided to see if the library had anything by you. It was then that I found Jonathan. (I will not describe every journey to each of your books that I have read, no worries – this one is just particularly special). It was November. It was Thanksgiving. I had been banned from festivities due to my chest cold vs some vulnerable immune systems. Though I understood, I was still offended. I had brought Jonathan home with me, so I read it. It was on that holiday that my spirit jumped at the idea of no limits and decided to soar. I decided to go out for a run. In my euphoria of no limits I ran ten miles, at a time where that wasn’t a normal distance for me, in the cold, with a chest cold. I saw a butterfly that day and thought it must have read your book as well, to have been living so long. This experience marked me and I will remember it always. It is one of the reasons that whenever I find a spirit that may be kindred to our type, I gift Jonathan to them. Or at least make them aware of you. I actually have a copy that I will be giving away soon, and I am very happy about that. I feel like the people who are touched by your works are driven to share them, to seek out “like”, if you will. At least that’s what I hypothesize about the first encounter I described.
    Most recently, I finished reading “Running From Safety”. Before I put it down I gave it a hug and a kiss, not the most normal thing to do – but who cares? I feel like the more I read of you, the more your books give insight into each other. Read “Illusions” and you understand more of “Jonathan ” read “Safety” and you understand more of “Illusions”. I love it. My favorite thing though, and I can’t quite explain it properly, is to find and go to used book shops and search for anything by you. There’s something about knowing that that book passed through someone else’s mind and touch … It makes it seem like a treasure hunt. I found “Safety” that way and just the other day I found my next read. I will be embarking on “A Gift of Wings” shortly, and I am very much looking forward to it.
    I just really wanted to write you and thank you for being such an inspiration. I just realized your writings have been in my life for a little over ten years. Ten years! My apologies for not writing sooner! Thank you for touching my soul. Thank you for embracing being an individual and being a constant learner. I am so happy to have found your books, to let go of limitations and just “be”. Facing the challenges of life is so much more fun when you have an arsenal of seagulls reminding you that you can do anything. Thanks again, Richard.
    With love, thanks, and cheer,

  9. Dear Richard,
    I read Seagull first, this was years ago when I was living in Istanbul, the book was in Turkish. I fell in love with Jonathan (my son’s middle name is Jon – Can – John).
    But the book which I was truly inspired by was ‘The bridge across forever’ My daughter’s dad, at the time he was my university sweetheart, had read it before me and he had underlined the bits which was special to us both and post the book to me as I was working away home at the time. Before the book arrived he actually send me a hand written letter which was directly taken from your book, but I knew right away it wasn’t him speaking on that letter. So the letter didn’t do what it suppose to do.
    Thank you for the beautiful people, stories you have introduced to me….
    PS. I still think about the Richard in that story then thinking ‘I mustn’t be the reason for killing a living-being’ so I order lemon cake for breakfast…

  10. some years ago, when I was still at college, I found a book under a desk. My first thought was trying to return it to the person it belonged to, but then something happened: I opened the book randomly, and on that random page I read: “… Quizá no tengas este libro en las manos por pura coincidencia…”. So I kept the book, and I kept reading. It had been a secret until now, but since you don’t know me I guess it remains a secret (smile) I’m from Chile, and the name of the book is “Ilusiones”.

  11. Dear Richard i’m italian and please sorry me for the worst English. On 31 January I lost my mother for a bad tumor…..
    Tonight I read another time Illusions …wow….the first time was in 2000….I feel better then and now I want to read all about you
    I’m sorry for your accident and I hope you feel good
    Thank you for your words.they can help to survive when all seems black.

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  13. Dear Richard
    I enjoyed your books when I was younger and would love to reread them. I have eyesight issues due to my MS (Multiple Sclerosis), so now the books I read have to be on an e-reader so I can increase the text, I have a nook HD+. The books I am searching for are “The Bridge Across Forever” and “One”.
    I was wondering if these two will be available as an ebook?

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  15. Will you be making any public appearances for the new book? Thank you for your insights on life, living, and afterlife. Hans

    • I don’t think so. While it would be fun to do appearances again, travel in airlines (or even by car) is no fun. It’s amazing to me that once I traveled all the time! Did I not care for quiet days, them?

  16. You inspired my brother and I as barnstormer pilots, we have met you a couple of times. I was fortunate to fly and maintain NC499H for several years and I am going to check up on it shortly. It has not flown in 25 years, and is in storage, but is not for sale! I have had many adventures in aviating over the past 40 years, and “nothing by chance” is the story of my life. I hope to follow in your footsteps and publish some of my adventures after I retire in a few years.

    • Just because we (or an airplane) haven’t flown, doesn’t mean our spirits are on the ground. Thank you for caring for that dear (and sometimes troublesome) biplane, she’s so much a part of both of our lives.

  17. Richard,
    I just wanted to thank you for your writings through the years. I first started reading your stuff back in your days at “Private Pilot”. I was nuts about airplanes and flying and your articles and books were all about that. It slowly dawned on me that there was a sub-theme to your writing. They were about freedom. “you can do. Whatever. You want to do.” Boy, what a hard lesson to learn. But I’m suppose to do… But I’m suppose to be..
    Anyway, thank you for contributing to a free and happy life.

    Richard Isakson

  18. Dear Richard Bach;
    The first book of yours I read was Illusions, I think it was 1978, I love that book and have purchased and given it away at least 20 times over. I then read your other books, and in 2003 when my brother died, I discovered I had not read everything you had written. So I caught up. Then I read the book Hypnotizing Maria and I again claimed to have read everything you had ever written. I see I have made a false claim once again, so I will catch up, again! You are my all time favorite author, everything you have written has inspired me to “Be the Greatest version of my Highest sense of Right.” I would love to some day meet you. Flying a Bi-Plane is on my bucket list, flying one with you would be my dream come true.
    Thank you for your inspiration!
    as ever…dar

  19. Hi Richard, I have a very dear friend of some years and we only discovered yesterday that she was a huge fan of Ayn Rand as I am. So we got to talking about other authors and I said my other top favourite was Richard Bach but she has not read any of your books. So I have a Christmas present for her with at least Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull in it. Like so many people Illusions and Jonathan have been read several times over my life (I am now 70) and plan to read them again along with the other books that I have not read! (life gets away from us sometimes). I know your books will bring much pleasure to my friend as she was a pilot, a nurse and she is very spiritual. I had a canary once that displayed such determination to get out of the nest (before he had feathers) and was as great a character as any larger bird, I named him ‘Jonathan’. Thank you again for bringing such joy and wisdom to the world.

    • Then certainly you must love Nevis Shute, as well. _Have poured Round the Bend_? if you haven’t, there’s a new present for both of you!

  20. Hello Mr.Richard ,
    A friend that I hold close to my heart introduced me to your writings a short month ago. She speaks of how your book JLS literally saved her life. Since then I have looked to you in great admiration. I just recently turned 21 but I have wanted to be a writer for as far back as I can remember. Trolling your website and reading how everyone of your books have touched so many lives it only makes my admiration grow. Mr. Richard you are truly the embodiment of everything that made me love literature. Please keep writing sir and I and my friend will certainly keep reading.
    On a sidenote sir, I read that you do not send autographed copies out anymore. If you know of any places that may have an original autographed copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I know this young lady will be speechless if I were finally able to find that copy for her. I have looked for it consistently over the last month and have only come across copies that do not seem legit (no photos given).

    Thank you so much for being the phenomenal writer that you are

    C. Jenkins

      • Dear Richard ! Today is a happy day , I have found an information you are still in our World ! Thank you ! I have written a lot of your book but in Russian (my mother language is Russian ), although I live in Lithuania ( Europe Union ). Thank you again you are alive )

  21. Dear Richard,
    I lived in Calgary Canada for a while a long time ago and I read Johnathon and then saw the film and to say it changed my life is an understatement. I have been back in England for many years now but just found my battered copy of ‘a gift of wings’ and I am about to re-read it as it is so profound! I also loved the love story in the other book but I had not realised you had written so many others. I live not far from Goodwood in West Sussex so I see many spitfires taking people out on trips doing ‘loop the loop’ etc. They do spectacular flights over the sea at Bracklesham Bay where I have a small holiday caravan. By contrast I live in a small old cottage in the middle of Angmering Park forest and watch the planes fly over doing their stunts from Shoreham Airfield.I have always had a natural freedom in my soul and I do enjoy the simple things in life. Do you ever fly now? Or do you just let your imagination take flight. Love light and blessings…..JAN

  22. Hi Mr Bach,

    My name is Isabel and I read your story “Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” when I was a senior in High School. Long story short, it changed my life. There is so much I could say to you to express how much that story means to me, but I do not want to waste your time. If you do want to understand a bit more, I wrote about it for Cosmopolitan Magazine a few months ago. Check it out here.

  23. Bonjour Richard,

    Moi aussi je souhaite acheter le livre “Illusions” ( The adventures of a Reluctant Student) traduit en français. Je promène le mien (en livre de poche) un peut partout depuis 30 ans, il est un peut abîmé. Je ne peux pas le prêter car il est couvert d’annotations.
    En France, Il y a une spéculation pratiquée sur ce livre, qui se négocie d’occasion à 40 euros environ. Alors qu’un livre de la même catégorie coute ici 3 euros.
    Si vous pouviez convaincre un éditeur …
    Je vous remercie pour vos textes qui mon permis d’ouvrir mon esprit tout au long de ma vie.

    Me too, I want to buy the book “Illusions” (The adventures of has Reluctant Student) translates into French. I walk mine (in paperback) everywhere for 30 years, it is damaged. I cannot lend it because it is covered with notes.
    In France, There is a speculation practised about this book, which negotiates second-hand in approximately 40 euros. While a book of the same category costs here 3 euros.
    If you could convince a publisher (editor) …
    Thank you for your texts which allow to open my spirit throughout my life.

  24. Dear Mr Bach,
    This book is my bible. I have read it 20 times and discover something new every time. Just reading it is putting me in a better state of me.
    Endless thanks for putting it on paper.
    Warmest regards,

  25. Dear Richard,

    Forgive the familiarity. We’ve met several times beginning with a talk you gave at Green River Community College in 1977. Whereas my count may be inaccurate, I’ve purchased and given away more than 100 copies of Illusions. I won’t prattle on about how much it’s meant to me – that you can glean from the numbers. I do mention that I keep a copy under the front seat of my 1971 VW Bus which I practically live in and from it I am given quoting and anecdoting my way into beer and bowls of chili in front of campfires in campgrounds across America. It is a good thing, a wonderful thing. Richard, I want to thank you for occupying the space time that you have. Mine has been better for it. I hope that you are still alive and able to touch your toes.
    My Very Best,
    Jamie Stevens

  26. Hello!,

    I would like to share my experiences and how you being an outlet for truth has kept me sane lately.. unfortunately I would fail to do this wonderful energy anyone who has witnessed this light in their life can confess, language is unable to convey the metaphysical property’s that share in the experience…Thank you Richard for allowing this energy, this love to flow through you and having the courage to share it.


  27. Dear Richard

    Her first book I read was Fernão, and I became her fan. When I was eighteen I read his book Illusions.
    At that time I lived in the city of Natal in Brazil, temporarily with my parents.
    Since Dad had two cars and one always stopped, I asked him to learn how to drive in that car. And he called an employee of yours and asked him to teach me how to drive.
    We went to a field where people learned to drive, as I was there learning a lot.
    I took the direction of the car and drove de facto and right without hesitation once. Everything Claudio told me to do, I did: I went up on the hill, down, stop in the middle of the hill, walk straight ahead, back and forth. I did everything!
    And he said: you never drove before? I do not. He: How can you know how to drive? and I said: I read a book where Richard says we already know everything just remember. He did not believe it!
    I asked to drive home and when Dad saw me driving he gave a scandal, because of that fight, I decided not to drive his car anymore, two years later I made some money working and bought my own car.
    You have lived all this and you do not even know it!
    I think because of you I decided to be a writer. I just say what I think and I feel and I love doing it! Thank you for making me the person I am! Very well resolved!

    Celia Barreira Queiroz

  28. Dear Mr Bach, I’m so happy to be here on your website, I want to tell You, how I love your “Illusions” – my favourite book forever. I read also “Illusions 2” and about Jonathan Livingston – every book in translation, I’m from Ukraine, I’m Russian) I can cry every time I’m reading or listening to your book (I like most of all one audio variant of translation in Russian). It seems to me I fell in love with Messiah :=) He is really great) I agree with opinions, that your books change lives of many people. And thoughts, and way of life. I’m sure you are very great person. It’s miracle to find you here, to write to you, it makes me happy! I often write the sentenses from Illusions on my page in social network Vkontakte to give others the happiness to get acquainted with some deep thoughts of your books. I love you really very much like a Person, like a Personality. And I want you to be very-very happy.

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