Books in Other Languages

6 thoughts on “Books in Other Languages

  1. I have had copies of JLS and Illusions in Thai for many years now. These translations are often difficult to find in bookshops here in Thailand.
    Do you know of any on-line e-book versions of them as i would like to share with friends.

  2. Dear Richard,
    While living in Texas, I am originally from Belarus, former USSR republic, and that was the time when I discovered your books in Russian translation. With a thirty year delay now I say THANK YOU! And there are lots of your books published in Russian, they even have this website: (titled “Official Russian Site for Richard Bach”).
    All the best,
    Houston, TX

  3. wow richard you are so great spritual author . i read almost any book of you which is translated to persian (farsi) .

    with lot of regards and love from iran land of magus

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