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  1. I have had copies of JLS and Illusions in Thai for many years now. These translations are often difficult to find in bookshops here in Thailand.
    Do you know of any on-line e-book versions of them as i would like to share with friends.

  2. Dear Richard,
    While living in Texas, I am originally from Belarus, former USSR republic, and that was the time when I discovered your books in Russian translation. With a thirty year delay now I say THANK YOU! And there are lots of your books published in Russian, they even have this website: (titled “Official Russian Site for Richard Bach”).
    All the best,
    Houston, TX

  3. wow richard you are so great spritual author . i read almost any book of you which is translated to persian (farsi) .

    with lot of regards and love from iran land of magus

  4. Hola! Saludos desde Argentina!
    En mi lugar de trabajo, una escuela de enseñanza primaria, comparto con mis alumnos un espacio para acercarnos al arte. Todos los días, antes de iniciar la mañana de clases, los docentes leen un recordatorio o efemérides. Me tocará hacerlo el 23 de junio. Buscando algo especial para recordar, mirando fechas, descubrí que un 23 de junio había nacido Richard Bach. Entonces recordé también que a mis 16 años de edad, cuando mi país vivía bajo el gobierno de una dictadura militar, una amada profesora de Literatura, nos invitó a leer Juan Salvador Gaviota. Un canto a la libertad, un impulso para que nos animáramos a conocernos y superar límites. Jamás pensé, en aquel tiempo, que tendría la oportunidad de darte las gracias a mis 51 años.
    Entonces, desde el corazón, por Juan Salvador Gaviota, por Ilusiones y por Ningún lugar está lejos, gracias….

    • Hermoso tu mensaje Mariela. De él se desprende que sos docente en mi país. Tenemos la misma edad y hemos leído a Richard en la misma época de nuestra adolescencia. Sin duda ha influenciado en nuestros rumbos. Aquí dejo mi e – mail para contacto y relatarte mi experiencia, a través de la inspiración de Richard en las escuelas primarias que visité. Gracias Richard por unir a esta familia que somo s tus lectores!.

  5. I write the text again with google translator
    Hi! Greetings from Argentina!
    In my workplace, a primary school teaching , I share with my students a space to approach the art . Every day, before classes start in the morning , teachers read a reminder or anniversaries . I must do it on June 23. Looking for something special to remember , looking dates , I discovered that a June 23 Richard Bach was born . Then I also remembered my 16 years old, when my country was under the rule of a military dictatorship , a beloved literature professor , invited us to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull . A hymn to freedom , an impetus for us to meet and exceed animáramos limits. I never thought , at that time , which would have the opportunity to say thanks to my 51 years .
    Then , from the heart , I thank you for Jonathan Livingston Seagull , illusions and no place is far

  6. Hello, Richard!
    A few years ago I read your book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”, and told about this unusual thing to my brother, after a while he brought me record of radio performance according to the book “Illusions” to which I listened with a great interest. Your book very much was pleasant to me. I have many questions which occupy me long ago, but there is nobody to talk – about that why we live, about values of this world, about influence of television, about an education system. And quite recently I saw and read your new book “Part-Time Angels”. I saw many answers in this book. Thank you that you speak with me.
    I read your list of excellent books and movies. You know, there is an unusual movie – Andrey Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” (1979). Maybe you saw it. This movie (with subtitlings in English) now here – v=JYEfJhkPK7o&spfreload=10, but on the Internet everything quickly changes.
    There is very good movie of Stanislav Govorukhin based on works Jules Verne – “In search of the captain Grant” (1985) which inspires me.
    With interest I looked at your site. It seems to me that in the section for books in foreign languages there aren’t enough photos of books in Russian 🙂 If you want, I will send you some photo of these books, only write as – through the site or on e-mail… By the way, about studying of languages – there is a site WordDive ( on which it is possible to choose and learn on-line the different languages.

    Best regards,
    Anna Koltunova
    Russia, Far East, Khabarovsk

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