One thought on “The Bridge Across Forever – Greek

  1. How beautyfull to find the covers for diferent parts of the world. how interesting the design and how the titles are translated.

    the first book I read was “Juan Salvador Gaviota” maybe the first title I ever read completely. when I was a kid, now 26 year old version of me is finishing “UNO” (one in spanish) incredible trip I feel like in a High definition movie when I picture every single chapter or moment on the book. I love Pye and her look same way as I enjoy reading its Pages, “Illusiones” is another inspiring title I had the chance to have open between my hands.

    My Dad finds alot of inspirations in your books aswell and he allso learns to fly.


    Honestly Francsico Belàustegui

    fom the south-west of the Globe.

    Have a good one.

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