The Bridge Across Forever

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  1. It is beautiful. I’d been curious about it since reading “One” when it first came out. For whatever reason, it was almost 20 years before I ordered it. Maybe it was just the right time? At any rate, I purely love it!

  2. I am about to read it. But the three books I have already read are unbelievable. The most usual things in life described from a different angle.

  3. Every time I read this book, I experience a lot of pleasant emotions and feelings, sometimes my breath away, but I want more and more …I am sure that i’ll read this book many timesI love it very much!!!
    Thank you!

  4. Dear Richard,

    More than 22 years ago I was only a teenager who was looking for a book to read. Searching through my mother’s bookshelf I came across The Bridge Across Forever. I started reading it and it spoke to me, someone reached out from the pages and told me to get ready, something was about to change. Shortly after a dear friend introduced me to her brother-in-law. We found that we could talk for hours, we could listen to almost any music together, stare at the stars for what felt like days. Was it possible I had met my soulmate? What I felt for him was so different than anything I’d ever felt before and somehow I knew that that difference was important and part of the reason that I recognized it was because of The Bridge Across Forever. I bought him a copy of the book and it became the theme of our love. We were soulmates. There are so many quotes that spoke to us, but the most striking was “Time and again and again we had drawn ourselves to each other, because we had most to learn together, hard learnings and happy ones too. How is it that I know, why am I so utterly convinced that dying does not separate us from the one we love? Because this one I love today…because she and I have died a million times before, and we’re this second, minute, hour lifetogether again! We’re no more separated by death than we’re separated by life! Deep within us, every one of us knows the laws, and one of the laws is this: we shall forever return to the arms of those we love, whether our parting be over-night or over-death. The only thing that lasts, is love! At the start of the universe…Before the Big Bang, was us! Before all the Big Bangs in all of time, and after the echo of the last has faded, is us. We, dancers in every form, reflecting everywhere, we’re the reason for space, the builders of the time. We’re the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters triumphs challenges impossible odds, testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and LOVE!”. You gave us a glimpse into what we really have, not just a love affair, but something infinitely better. More than 20 years later, 16 years of marriage, 2 kids, joys, sadness, loss, struggle, I truly believe that we are still together because we know we are soulmates. There is no stronger bond than soulmates. Thank you and Leslie for being there to show Brendan and I how special our love is from the very beginning.

    With love and thanks,

  5. Dear Sir,

    Having read many of your books many years ago, am trying to remember which one made reference to ‘virtual flying’, ‘war games’ played in a ‘VR’ environment. I would love to be reminded.

    Thank you H

  6. Many years ago, I met, what I believed was my soulmate. I read this book and the words have stuck with me. For reasons of ”smothered by customs” and many obligations, I made the decision not to truly live and parted ways. Not a day has gone by that I did not think of this person or whisper the name that brought me so much joy. One day, about two weeks ago, forces drove me to google his name and within seconds, I was reading his obituary. To make matters worse, he has been gone for 12 years and only now am I learning about this incredible loss. I am heartbroken to no end. I feel like I lost a huge part of me. It feels just as bad, if not worse than the day I said, good-bye. I searched through my books for something to soothe the pain and remembered this book.
    Maybe it is not the end. Maybe we will meet again, and I will feel again.

    Thank you,

    • While I can’t guarantee anything in mortal terms, I can in the terms of spirit. As the bond of love still connects you and your friend, so will you meet again in the worlds to come (which exist in our now, of course).

      • Thank you so much for those words. I always had hope that one day, we would run into each other, or one of us would reach out to the other and we would pick things up where we left off.

        Today, I find myself getting emotional and breaking down every time I think of a word, a song, or thought we shared. I miss him more today, knowing he is gone, than those 12 years believing he was still here on Earth.

        I re-read The Bridge recently. I am amazed at how similar our conversations were. Leslie’s letter is almost identical to the many conversations he and I had.

        Some day, I hope to see him again, but I also hope to remember the pain I feel, so as not to repeat the same decision.

        Thank you again,

    • “Sometimes, soulmates may meet, stay together until a task or life lesson is completed, and then move on. This is not a tragedy, only a matter of learning.”
      ―Dr. Brian L. Weiss

  7. Mr. Richard,

    Your writing is so touching to me.
    I found, many years ago, one of your bestsellers, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and it is, to this day, one of my favourite books.
    I have always been an avid reader, and, after reading tons of different kinds of books, I found myself searching for those that can touch both mind and spirit, making us question our own beliefs and ideas.

    I am, in a relationship with a man, much like the Richard with the armour, high walls and defenses. I know and feel that he struggles with the urge to use the flight mode that years of unsuccessful relationships and scars made him build.

    Not long ago, he gifted me a copy of To a God Unknown by John Steinbeck, which helped me understand him better.
    Two days ago, searching through the bookshelves of our home, in the middle of my love’s books, your book, Bridge Across Forever, called me.
    I have read it, practically non stop, and I feel very happy and thankful, that someone like you, put to paper what I believe it must be so hard to expose.

    Thank you, for even without knowing, helping me connect the pieces and walking a step closer to trully understanding the man I love.

    I can only ask the Universe to give us both the strength to keep moving towards a life as bright and as full of potential, like you and Leslie share.

    You both are an inspiration and role models to what true love actually is.

    Best regards,


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