5 thoughts on “Bridge Across Forever

  1. I came across this book in my 20’s and having read it a second time now in my late 30’s I was wondering if you still believe in one soul mate? For me it’s a little limiting. I feel strongly connected to several people and know I’ve known and loved them throughout many lifetimes.

    • Soulmates, I think, are magnificent teachers and wonderful students. We share the best we know with them, for lifetimes or for a few years. Sometimes, when the lessons we have for each other are finished, we go our ways, remembering always the teachers who lifted us so high, in this life.

      • Great words. But what if we could not learn a lesson from them and require from them more then they can give to us. Do we stop this time in our life developing until we will not get our lesson?and what if we have already left this person/people and we miss them even if this releationship is harmful for us. Can we return to finish our lesson after a few years?( im talking exactly about partners and lovers)

        Sorry if I have too annoying and unclear questions)

        • If the words we read don’t work for us, it could be that we’ve just read the wrong book. Maybe we need a book about sociopathic relationships. : )
          I suggest that simply be patient. In time, the later you will realize what’s happening now, and will bless you for your love and your highest choices.

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