Curious Lives

3 thoughts on “Curious Lives

  1. Dear Richard, Your book found me this week, as most books do, when I needed to read it. I love the ferrets and their practice of courtesy and respect for each other and all life. Their rule to live their life to their highest right. This book is one I want in my personal library so I can read it whenever I need the reminder.

    Right now though, I plan to check it out regularly from my local library, West Florida Regional, to keep the check out count high on it and give it a chance to remain in the stacks, available to other readers for a long time.

  2. Richard Bach,

    I am introducing this book (and others of yours) to my children now.
    It occurred to me that the world, or many of its humans might benefit from a compendium of the courtesies that the ferrets lived by. Would you consider writing such a “handbook for ferret wannabe’s”?

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