Everything Came Together

GUESS WHAT?  He’s here at last, in my home / his home.  At the moment, he’s curled up by my side as I write (my right hand movng slowly, not to disturb him), and he’s sound asleep.

How ideas take form.  Not just form, but sometimes personalities, close to our hearts.

A few weeks ago, I never once thought of getting a Sheltie puppy.  Then came the memory of my dear Lucky in old communication, and all of a sudden I was living a sequence of moments that he said would happen.  Soon as it happened, I could look for him here in our belief of spacetime!

Then everything stopped, I looked everywhere, found no dog, no nothing, finally a photo of a remarkably similar Sheltie puppy, so familiar.  I bought hiim.  He arrived by airline yesterday, in fine shape.

He is calm and thoughtful.  Strange, for a puppy, normal for Lucky.

He was instantly comfortable with me.  As was I with him.

He barks rarely, un-Sheltie-like.  But Lucky rarely barked.

He puts his chin on my wrist, looks as me sideways when I talk.  As Lucky did.

He walks with me, no leash required, from the first day.  He remembers?

Does this puppy carry the same sense as the one I loved years before?  He seems to have that way about him, so far.

This puppy has needle-teeth, same as Lucky had, of course, when he was a puppy.  Both of them could have bit hard, neither of them did, nor do.  Light enough to say, “I have powerful teeth, but I’m only biting you at about 18 percent of my full bite.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

Is he the same personality, is this puppy a re-born Lucky?  Is anything different?

The markings between the two, that’s different, and a subtle sense of change.  The Lucky I remember is not a puppy, this one is.  Is that the change?

I’m coming to think that each of us has a one-time personality, no two aspects of us exactly identical across lifetimes, and each of the other choices has a subtly different personality.

Someone very much like my old Sheltie, but a little different.  As I would be different, if I chose to be re-born.  Does each of us has a one-time stamp of personality, unique, somehow, from all the others?  My guess, based on this puppy – yes.

For the last couple of weeks, the little guy has changed.  Lucky’s comment three years ago after he died:  “If ever a person walks through the door and talks about Shetland Sheepdogs.  I’ll be there.  You’ll find me in the south of this property.”

Not a single Sheltie here today in Seattle, in Washington; not puppies, adults, shelter guests, not one of the breed available;

But one in Missouri, south of here by 1,500 miles, one single photograph I found in a host of other cute puppies which did not call to me;

Yet this one puppy, his expression at the second the camera clicked looked exactly like Lucky’s;

He was available to me when he could have been sold instantly;

Between the time I saw his photos and the time he arrived in Washington, there were an uncountable number of mistakes that could have happened.  Weather delays, maintenance delays, a baggage error, a hijacking…not one of them happened.

He arrived at the cargo port, the place where Steve Roos at Delta Airlines had read many of my books.  Very rare, but fun, I was glad to hear that, and Steve told me the minute the puppy arrived… not a second’s delay;

After a nine hour road-and-flight from St. Louis to Salt Lake City to Seattle, and a five-hour drive home, he was one bright puppy.

He is still that way.  Everything was in order for him, all the details were perfect.

His name?  Not quite the same as it was: Lockie, “…a pet name for the Scottish Lachian,” according to the Wikipedia.  Interesting –  “a pet name.”  Pronounced the same, but subtlety different.

One of the differences is that he doesn’t come to the call of “Lockie!”  But he does look sideways at it.


12 thoughts on “Everything Came Together

  1. Oh, be still, my heart! Such wise eyes. And yet, Richard, you say he is a bit different, as you, yourself would be different, if you chose to be reborn. But you forget, you DID chose to be reborn, not so long ago. Oh, for the sake of argument, I’ll grant that the physical stayed pretty much the same. But I’m sure there are subtle differences in the ‘new’ Richard that the ‘new’ Lucky understands. And it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if you and your new baby met while your body was in that hospital and your soul flew free. Some of your friends here who were holding space for you wondered if you and Lucky were hanging out during that time. Maybe old Lucky introduced you to new Lucky and the match was made, as they say, in Heaven. 🙂

  2. Welcome Lockie! Welcome back! He certainly seems thoughtful and will surely amaze you as he slowly remembers…

  3. Sooo sweet!;))
    Good luck with your new friend Richard!

    My best wishes for you from Russia! 🙂

    P. S. : I’m happy that you are back to the site 🙂

  4. Lockie is adorable. He looks very content; he’s found home again. I’m so happy that you two are reunited. The little people are very special. They bring such joy and happiness into our lives.

  5. So happy for you Richard. Lockie is such a cutie.
    Just like Lucky did, and Lockie now does for you, YOU bring me happiness and peace when I read your regular updates.
    What is it about your writings…. be it your books or your posts… such a breath of fresh air…

  6. Dear Richard, you show the perfection of Love in your words. Enjoy your “new lifetime together”. Sharon, I am there with you. “a match made in heaven”, I bet it was. As we believe so, so it is. Richard, he couldn’t be more adorable. Lucky you to share his days on earth ;-).

  7. What a sweet, intelligent looking puppy. And what a delightful story of meeting again in this lifetime for those who are friends! Regarding the question about whether our personality stays the same from one reincarnation to the next, I think we have a core personality that evolves according to the attitudes we adopt towards our experiences – both good and bad – and what we learn from them. Your puppy must remember good experiences with you. I wish you many more years of delight in each other’s company and the experiences you share!

  8. “LOCKIE” He will let you know it that is suitable, soon enough. Wishing you both many adventures ahead.

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