First Edition nearly Gone!

Thank goodness. 

I didn’t have the patience.  Better to publish this dear little book, than to take months to get the cover and the interior absolutely perfect.  Somehow, we’ll take care of that later.

Remember how guardian angels do a lot of their work through coincidence?  

It just happens that Sharon Starns, who has published a book… who has published eight books on, she just happened to find this website.  Next thing I knew, there appeared a comment from her: “I like the Paperback, Richard, the words of it, but tell me: Is the interior design simply terrible, or were you away when the monkeys got tired, and stuffed your manuscript in a bag and sent it to the publisher?”

“There was no bag! ” I told her. “I sent it in a box.”

I think that Sharon could have been suggesting that some readers may have found it easier to read the story, If it hadn’t been published by a tornado..

We talked for  while, and near the end of our conversatIon, she said, “If you’d like someone to work on the manuscript and make it look more ‘professional’, just let me know.  I’d be happy to help.”

Is that an angel coming to save this book, or what?

My response was a masterpiece of powerful ego: “Would you please help me?”

And that’s happening now.  Right now.

What could this mean for you?  Probably nothing.  Yet if you’re the kind of person who collects fragments of Old History, this is your chance.  In a day or a few, depending only on the speed of Amazon to bring Version Two of Life with my Guardian Angel on line, Version One will be gone forever.  

I hope you’ll agree that V2 will be much easier to read than V1, has no aspects of design that may trouble any reader, that the story does not require apologies if one offers a copy as a gift, then please wait a short while for V2 to appear.  However, if you’d prefer to prove that Richard Bach is a terrible designer for paperback books, and need to have a copy to make this clear, then now’s the time to get Version One!

I’d appreciate it, if you could say that it’s Sharon Starns’ fault when Version Two appears.

25 thoughts on “First Edition nearly Gone!

  1. Hello, Richard!
    This morning I was going to buy this book, saw this post and stopped. Tell me please, is there such a big difference between these versions? Will the content of the book change, or just design?
    Thanks in advance.

      • Hi Richard,

        Thanks a lot for the heads up! I was just about to buy one more paperback as a gift for someone I care about. But with these news, you leave me no other option than buying 7 books of the current edition, wait for the Version 2, and then buy another 7, all of them as wonderful gifts for people I really care about!
        Reading this book is simply too delightful! No matter its design! However, the version 1 vs version 2 conundrum, only motivates me to go after more volumes!

        And all this, just because of Sharon’s sagacity, and your expeditious self-publishing ways! 🙂

        Sincere thanks to both!



  2. I am the proud owner of seven first edition “Life with my Guardian Angel” books. There is plenty of room for notes and musings on the edges of each! Brilliant!
    I refuse to be out bought I too will buy seven more copies of Version two when it is ready. The paperback has the same words as the ebook but for some reason an actual book is much more magical.

    • Dear Gledo,

      It is a pleasure to be “on the same page” with you… Paper page! : )

      It is so nice to be able to help propelling this amazing little story into the reach of more and more kind-hearted spirits!

      All the best!


  3. Well….i will be the owner of the version 1 as i ordered it the other day…now i am eager to see what the fuss was about. Wow Sharon….one of your sturdy, loyal, tell it like it is fam members, how exciting to be working alongside Richard!!! Have some cookies and milk on me😀

  4. Words can’t express the happiness I feel about your new book. In a flux of major changes, once again I was recently (10 days ago) guided back to reading your books. I own them all.
    I printed my favorite quotes from Illusions etc & framed them yesterday. Very sad you weren’t writing more books:) obviously incorrect info I’d heard a while ago.
    I had a “clear other dimension” dream of you & your blue T-28 beauty last night. Remembered it all!
    I woke this morning to a true synchronicity! I looked for your website. I was astonished you have a new book Richard.
    I’ve met you in the past at BLI Heritage fly-ins. Merrill & Alan introduced us. Promising you & your T-28 anonymity, you were always delightful & enjoyed my enthusiasm & love of your books. You even allowed James to take a picture of us together. He told me that was rare:)
    It’s also framed, along with a zillion aviation pictures I took, as I was Alan’s “Gal in Back” working many airshows for years.
    I’ve flown with Merrill too. I’m so blessed!
    I’m beyond grateful you are writing again! I’d love to send that picture of your warm smile and twinkling happy blue eyes. I
    Thank your Guardian Angels for healing you & seeing to it that you keep writing!

  5. I like the idea of all of us being a part of your process! I just received Version 1 in the mail. I do like the bigger print…so I hope that makes the cut in the final final! Lovely work, Mr. Bach…thank you again!

  6. Hi Richard,

    I am still savoring Life With My Guardian Angel, reading so slowly, savoring each chapter, not wanting it to ever end…

    And now you discover that your wonderful book is a work-in-progress and will have a Version 2 with a wonderful new graphic design, courtesy of an Angel who exists in this space-time.

    Is this like us meeting Donald Shimoda in “Illusions’ after you met him in this universe, or the universe in your mind, or both?

    This does funny things to my mind — some kind of recursion is happening… an Angel in our universe is helping with a book depicting Angels. Fascinating…

    “What does ‘recursive’ mean, and why is your mortal trapped in this hall of mirrors?”
    – The Guardian Angels’ Handbook, Volume IX, Working with Your Mortal

  7. It’s Friday. It arrived. On the issue of quality, I liked V1, nice large print, easy to read the conversation you shared.
    The world is always in crisis. My entire life you were always around, teaching me how to vaporize clouds to just believing in my own thoughts.
    I ‘ll go hunt down how to talk to my guardian angel.

  8. Wow, and I haven’t received my 4 copies, they never made it to my front door so had to contact the Ontrac shipping company, my notice from Amazon said the package was delivered, then I get your note. From reading everyone’s comments I’m glad I ordered V1 !

    Just hope they can find my package, waiting with great anticipation since your readers have made such lovely comments on the story!

  9. Richard,

    I’m sure the “improved” second version will be just fine. However,
    I Love the book as it is. I was very impressed with your not needing any
    “appropriate” covers and added technological information.
    The perfect words on the simply readable uncluttered pages will not be
    enhanced from it. It is, after all, only the words from your Soul that matter,
    now isn’t it? You got me with the incredible Title.

    • Hmmm. From what you’ve said, Nancy, perhaps I should let both versions stay on-line. If Version Two (not finished but looking good), comes out appearing to be a different book (a different ISBN number, though the words will be the same), I’ll leave each of them remain available. Is that cheating, though? Two books same title, same words, each of them for sale?

      • Well, why not?
        Tastes different, everybody will like it. Your readers will have a version they like.
        As you said, the same text, same point of the book. Change nothing but the design. Nice solution at any rate.

  10. Richard,
    As you can see, I’m new to this communication form. It is actually the first time
    I have ever done this.
    The truth is, I was thrilled to hold in my hands a book not filled with notes,
    forwards, publishing information etc. It gave me great hope that I could
    thoroughly enjoy the Author’s words alone. Your previous books are, of course,
    brilliant. But not because of pre and post pages on the cover and back.
    This feels more like an intimate conversation from one friend to another, no explanations necessary, if that makes sense.

  11. I agree with Nancy.
    I just received the paper version yesterday. Wow! I actually really like the format or lack thereof. It is cool😎. The size and texture of book is vety attractive to me. It has a sort of indie feel to it—like a boho book. Unpretentious and relaxed. I feel part of it and it invites me in.
    I have the e-version and i can tell you, the paper version has the quality of adding much more dimension to the experience of the read …just a whole other expetience.
    I know that Sharon is working hard to have your book appropriated to a standard class act in the booksellers world so i would not want to undermine that. Maybe keep two versions…one for the indie/boho crowd and one for the more exacting crowd.

  12. I love version 1 just as it is. I agree that it’s probably not up to the “standard” expectations of the publishing industry.
    However; it feels like YOU Richard. It is uniquely you! You sent it off for a reason:)
    Another version will be successful & please people new to your writings. Those of us familiar & enlightened for decades by your books are just grateful for another book!
    Why would you feel you were cheating with 2 versions? It’s your choice! Again..unique! I don’t really understand your concerns. Hmmm?

  13. Hi Richard! I just wanted to say I love my copy of your new book, becuz “You” did it yourself! That makes it even more special to me. But that’s just me. It is plain & simple just like life should be. But I also know there are those other people in our world that like all the fancy here & there’s. Life has always been better for me when I kept things simple. We seem to try to make more out of things. I love this new book, I have ordered another copy for a dear friend of my mom’s. I lost my dad & mom 12 days apart in May. And I thank you for this wonderful treasure you have shared with me. You grew up in the same area I did. I was born in Hoag hospital. Which I’m sure you know where that is. Anywho, I’m rambling on here! Just wanted to say I will treasure my copy, bcuz it came from you.
    Love to you from within,
    Lisa 29 Palms, CA

  14. Dear Richard…….as in dear; endearing; inspiring Richard

    I just finished reading version one and all I can ask is:
    When is another version one type book going to be created? Choose any topic. I am already impatient to have more. More of your Soul willing to put more words on paper to enable us all to continue thriving on this Earth Journey with you. I can’t imagine life here any other way.
    With the deepest gratitude and appreciation,

  15. Am loving your book – the first part of which, I had a vision of your guardian angel with her head in her hand – trying to keep you out of trouble !

    May I share a personal moment? I’ve always believed in guardian angels and that our loved ones are very involved in our welfare as they watch from the other side.

    I’m sure we have all had close calls while driving — but some years ago I hydroplaned on a major highway, spun around and was facing an oncoming tractor trailer. He was able to stop in time by … yes… a miracle. I think that took BOTH of our guardian angels working together that day!!

    Many thanks Richard for your new book and a reminder to us all to appreciate every moment.

  16. I noticed my comments do not show up publicly, perhaps i am posting wrong. I do hope you see my comments even if they aren’t shared. Thank you for the great insights to what is and how it all works. Have a wonderful day.

    • I can’t imagine why your review would not appear on Amazon. Maybe try sending it again? Thank you so much for trying to send it, since there are forces behind Amazon that send your ideas into areas that we may not notice.

  17. Was thrilled and delighted when my book arrived on my front step. I took it to my favorite restaurant where I eat my lunch every day. I sit in a far corner seat at a tiny table. I ate my salad quickly so I could open my new treasure and read. I barely got started when I overheard the elderly couple in the booth nearby talking about their just receiving the news one of them had cancer. He said “I guess my guardian angel doesn’t care about me or even exist!” I tenderly closed my new book and laid it on their table as I quietly left the restaurant. Imagine my surprise the very next day when the gentleman came into the restaurant all out of breath and excited to find me there. He wanted to tell me he and his wife took turns yesterday reading your book, Richard, to each other. He said they were so incredibly spiritually uplifted and thanked me. He exclaimed “I think YOU must be an angel to give me this book right when I needed it.” Thanks, Richard. Ok. Now I have to go order another copy and wait for it to arrive on my front step.

  18. Got my two copies in the mail, reading it now. Sharing a copy with a friend. Thank you, Richard for continuing to share your thoughts and stories with us.

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