A Gift of Wings


One thought on “A Gift of Wings

  1. The section of GoW, in which Richard leave (I think) DACO, as a tech writer, to launch his writing career has had a pronounced impact on me.

    In 2013, after 24 years as an Aviation Technical Consultant, with one of the largest consulting firms in the business, I came into the office one sunny July day, to be escorted into the bosses office, (and “I’ll put my cannas any damn place I want”), only to be told the technical department had been eliminated! After 24 years and the longest reigning employee-but I digress!

    Immediately I contacted my peeps, and a wonderful, former DACO; now Boeing employee told me, “we have stuff,,,,, but you may not like it!”

    I hung a shingle the next day (remembering the potato chip anology), and never looked back!!

    I’m thriving and the courage was gained by reading your book!

    I was introduced to Richard Bach by an aviation investor (lessor), Dick Korn,,,, he told me back in the 90’s,,,,,,,”nobody writes about the power of flight as Richard Bach!”

    Dicks passed away, but I recently connected with his son, who I reiterated the story!

    People get put in our path, and we get, “hooked-up!”

    I’m glad Richard Bach wrote in a way, that Dick Korn passed it onto me, and I will hook other, like minded people up!

    Sorry for being long winded. It’s the acft engineer in me!!

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