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  1. Hi Richard,

    I did write a short review for AMAZON ***** I used their Kindle free app so the
    cost was only about 3 dollars. My fingers are too big for my iPod so I submitted it hitting the button three times and it printed the review three times so I was able to erase all but one. Then I found that that I had made a typo (or a big finger glitch)
    with your last name Back instead of Bach. I was able to correct that and it did appear right,maybe they corrected it.

    You may be interested in Suzanne Giesemann who is a highly accomplished medium and she stresses seeing and believing ourselves as souls, not just human beings with
    a story. She is a remarkable woman with a remarkable life story and she does communicate with the other side in her SANAYA SAYS notes.

    You can just Google her name or try on your magic typewriter! Tell her who you are; she will be pleased to hear from you.

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