Rarely Asked Questions: How I started flying…

I learned to fly airplanes because I took a course in archery, my only year in college.

At the archery range, the man next to me, instead of firing his arrow, relaxed his bow and looked up at a little airplane flying overhead.

How strange, I thought…nobody looks at airplanes unless they have a special interest in them.  So by way of a joke, I said, “I’ll bet you’re looking for someone to come out to the airport every weekend, wash and polish your airplane and if they do that you’ll teach them how to fly.”  Just that crazy sentence popped into my head.

Bob Keech turned to me a little startled and said, “How did you know?”

The F-86H: what a little (OK, big) sweetheart to fly!

He had just earned his Limited Flight Instructor certificate, and needed to train five student pilots before he could become a real Certified Flight Instructor.  And there I stood, Student Number One.

I washed and polished his Luscombe 8E, had my first flying lessons and soloed.  I loved it, went crazy for flying, dropped out of college, joined the Air Force as an Aviation Cadet, never looked back.

How our lives are shaped by impossible coincidence!



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