Hypnotizing Maria

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  1. Dear Richard, I am happy. Happy of finding this website (why didn’t I search it before???) I am an Italian lady, started to read your books when I was very young….You taught me first what is the distance between the places (and souls). I’d like to tell you how your books affected my life vision and trips…in how many places of your writings I found myself, and seeds of truth…how much you helped me to share all of this. It moves me to think of your great soul.
    Feather, ring, birthday, fly… these are all parts of my story too.
    My name is Maria. On good days I am a hypnotist, for the others I do photography.
    With grateful love,

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  3. Richard,

    I don’t believe in spooky. I’m an ATP rated pilot, an aeronautical engineer and I have a good background in physics. Spooky only happens on the quantum level. And yet, it’s spooky, every time in my life I was in a deep pit, you’d come along and write a book that had just the insight I needed at the time. And then, eight years ago, I fell into the biggest pit of life I was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. The chemo nearly killed me by itself and left a shell of myself. A year later ‘Hypnotizing Maria’ came out and … I ignored it. “It’s about airplanes and that life is over”. Well, that life is over but I finally picked up the book a couple of months ago. That book was filled with the insight I needed and I ignored it. You had written another book just for me. I apologize for ignoring one of my chief advisors.

    Richard Isakson

    • Doesn’t matter what we do. We may not listen, but our Boards of Advisors never stop offering their subbestions.

  4. This book is a part of myself as it connects to my subconscious to answer a question which i might hold at any point.. opening a page in random gives me guidance..

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