I Didn’t Dream This, Did I?

SOMEONE, NO POINT IN SAYING WHO, wrote a message to me two or three days ago, about the ExtraTerrestial chapter that I put on the website.

She wrote and said that the ETs would enjoy the chance to talk with me.   My Ferret Chronicle books taught me to be courteous to practically anyone. “That’s a kind thought,” I wrote back to her. “I’d like to talk with them, too. Would you care to tell me who they are?”

She did, next message. She said that she had a recent connection to the Sirian B extraterrestials, the  Arcturians, and Pleiadians and that she has spoken for years with angelic and some spirit guides, too.  She’s a lightworker.  She mentioned that she was connected with a group called the Ascension Alliance. She’s a medium (of course), she listens to them and translates their thoughts into to our language.

What would you have done, with an email like this? Yes. I did, that too. I went on the Internet to read about the Ascension Alliance, and found that they’re a religious group, there are rites and an organization of apparently wise people, they wear white robes…

So reading this, I replied that I appreciated her messages, but I have a little problem with religious organizations, and I would not be talking with the AA, that she must have mistranslated the name they said, but it wasn’t me.

Kind as I could be, I thought that was the end of the correspondence. Except on the next mail she said, “I think your Internet research connection switched to a different organization. The AA is not a religious group. They are simply ETs and spiritual beings who care about us.”

So I wrote back, said something of the principles that I value: not only that the most powerful, but the only reality is Love, I said. Everything else, this world of space-time and every other one designed on limits is an illusion, a dream that we come to from our after-world illusion, when we feel like testing our certainty of Love no matter what images dance before us. We’ll see injustice and death and deliberate lies planned to enrich some people, we’ll see joy and laughter and love there, too.

I’m afraid I went on for a while, since these ideas do not often make sense to others who believe that the power is God, not Love, and that this world has a lot of uncomfortable reality on it, and a lot of things we don’t understand.

That should have chased her away. But you know what she did. The next message in my mailbox, it was her again. “That’s why the ETs want to talk with you. They’ve been watching you for years, and now it’s time to talk.”

So I asked her how I talk with them. Would she be the interpreter?

No, she said, next message. There was a place that I could imagine when I was meditating from a quiet gentle frame of mind. I was to go there, and see what would happen. That was it.

I simply had to put my new book down for a while and try this. OK, I thought. I can do this.

So before I went to sleep, I relaxed my body, relaxed my mind, felt free of the chains of this world. Body asleep, mind alert, I imagined moving to where she had said to be.

There they were. I don’t remember their faces, just the same as a Near Death Experience – we see others, but most often not clearly.   Instead of thinking that they would be doing something with me, I asked them a few questions:

“Why are you all here on our planet? What do you want from us?”

They didn’t use words, which is common through all the books about them I’ve read, and about spirits. They use telepathy which I hear as ideas in good English.

“We’re here because we’re your family!”

I have a small recognition of family, as we’re a kind of family, here on this website. But the family includes angels and guides and ETs from light-years away? That was a startlement, and it made perfect sense the second I heard it. It still makes sense to me now. I love the idea of an exoplanetary family.

“If you’re spiritual beings, though,” I said, “why do the ETs use spaceships and UFOs, to reach us? Why do you appear and disappear in some fifth dimension, where we can’t follow?”

“Of course you can follow,” they said, “you will when you learn to do it. You’re a young culture, and if you don’t blow your beautiful planet into tiny little pieces, you’ll learn to do a lot more than fifth dimension travel.

“Why do we use UFO’s? Because we need you to become interested, become curious about us. Have you noticed how often you hear stories about us these days, when fifty years ago there was nothing? Have you noticed that no matter how the governments say we don’t exist, that we do, anyway?” There was a quiet for a minute while I thought about that.

“You know, don’t you, that if we wanted to destroy you, at least some of us would have done that thousands of years ago. But we don’t care for destroying things. We love your curiosity, your creativity, the wonder of your imaginations. Even though some of you are frightened of us, you don’t need to be.” Another silence.

“We’re concerned with the everpresent wars that your leaders are beginning now and that your children obey. Bigger wars, lasting not against a defined enemy, but against empty words: terrorism, religions, imagined destroyers. Just one nuclear mistake, and you’ll be gone, with your art and sciences and part of our family in this belief of space and time. Of course your spirits cannot die any more than we can, you’ll appear as other creatures on other planets for a while, till you discover you don’t need the limits of physical bodies.

“But perhaps we could make one simple introduction soon…a thousand ET spaceships, as you once said, hovering over every capital cities of your planet. We wouldn’t do anything, destroy anything, hurt anyone. We’d just be there, and hope you’d realize that your family is spread across the stars, and welcomes you to reach up and meet us.”

All these words, please forgive me, but they said that in just a second and I had to write it down in American English.

They let me play with bi-locating, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Impossible for me now, of course, but when I was there, I could be flying a saucer way overhead, yet still be standing in the midst of them…it was easy.

Then my time with them was over. I needed to spend hours thinking about this. I’m still thinking about it.

Was the meeting with the angels (who said nothing) and ETs (who said all this) a dream?

It didn’t feel like a dream. I was resting in bed, my body unmoving, but my mind as alert as it is when I’m flying.

Am I crazy? No more than usual.

I’ll probably try to reach them again. What matters now, is this: Does this little adventure mean anything to you? Did they reach me because it was a way they could reach you?

I have no idea.


118 thoughts on “I Didn’t Dream This, Did I?

  1. Richard,
    This is absolutely perfect. Of course you are someone they will reach out to. You have been showing us the way around the Universe for 40 years.

    The beat goes on.

    Soon, I imagine, so many more of us will connect with our brothers & sisters out there.

    Isn’t this simply an extension of Donald Shimoda? The Infinite Is?

    Thank You.

    Steve C.
    North Carolina

    • It’s wonderful to connect here with you Richard and fans… you have been a huge wonderful guide in expansion and spiritual growth! Thank you so much for coming to hang out in community and post about your new book and other fascinating topics! Much Love! Sher

    • wow! Thank you for sharing this page of your journey, I look forward to more.
      Was it real, was it a dream, was it imagined… What’s the difference? You’re the creator, and it’s all real.
      Peace & Love, Peace & Love, Peace & Love.


      When you figure out how to contact them again, perhaps you’ll share it and we can expand the communications & discussion with them. – Cheers!

      • I will. The technique is a simple three-breath affirmation:
        One: Relax my body (sometimes that needs tension before relaxation);
        Two: relax my mind (so that very little or nothing is on my mental screen);
        Three: I am free to travel to (the areas or the “place” I need to be).
        I don’t use a particular protection from evil interruptions, since I believe they have no power over me and they’ve never bothered me before.

    • Dear Richard,

      There a lot of things I would like to tell you and a lot of questions I would like to ask you. In fact, I never though I will ever write you something, but here I am. For now I have only one question.

      Could you please explain me why did you ask them why they are “here” in “our planet”?

      I’m asking that because I’m just so curious.

      I genuinely admire you and I’m deeply happy you are.


  2. Beautiful! You’ve shared your truth, and mine, about an experience that has been uplifting, unexpected, and one which flowed from a universal request which was honoured with trust and just a ‘few’ questions asked. Our friends of Space and Spirit are overjoyed. Thank you!

  3. I think this message is for us too-for those who want to hear-maybe touching us in another intimate way. We work through our mysteries in different ways at different times. The priority usually the biggest challenges right now to us.
    I am captivated by the essence of your approach to both the expeditor of the email and the expeditors of the telepathic messages. I have absolutely no judgement on your capabilities as an energy being. One thing is for certain is that for me and to me you very much exist and so, do your experiences. Thank you for sharing your processes of how you walk the planet within/without the confines of your body….i learn so much. Please continue to expand our horizons with such experiences.

  4. Am not surprised at all it happenned to you Richard. Hoping we will see this contact become the new normal, and then see a face-to-face encounter at last *salute to non-believers in ETs out there, cant wait when it happens to you too*
    And even if I am not surprised I’m very very happy it’s happenning to you of all people because it gives a very logical new development and meaning to your life.

  5. I am a great admirer of yours and of your work. I have read all your books. I believe that others can live in the outer space.Universe is so huge!!

    When I was a child, I had that kind of dreams. They were very real. The problem was that they were nightmares,not sweet dreams. I dreamt that I was in a space ship and I felt terrified.

    You are not crazy. A lot of people have felt the same, but perhaps they are afraid of it.

    Thanks for writing and thanks for being and existing, Richard.
    A huge hug:

  6. WOW, this is Steven Greer material and resonates with it very well. The idea of many UFO’s as a demonstration over many capitals would be wonderful news and proof to the whole world and no doubt a huge gift to mankind. Please emphasize this if you have another connection!!

    • Several comments talk about this — it’s a gift to all of us.
      I hadn’t realized that, but it’s true, isn’t it? Every once in a while, when times are difficult, a gift from our family can lift us all.

      • The idea of ‘travel’ only exists in the material world. In the spiritual world travelling is totally unnecessary as one is ‘there’ already! Just as they are here! I love the concept of family. It has so much more meaning than we are One. We are evolving from beings that believe we are separate, to ones who feel the unity of the universe. As we let go of our egoic selves, we are able to experience the total unconditional love which is the only reality.
        Thanks Richard for just being Richard!

        • Your observation, ” I love the concept of family. It has so much more meaning than we are One.” is wonderful! It points out that our individual experiences are important and meaningful even in the Big Picture

      • You have been a member of my family since 1986! Thank you for being there! I have so much more to learn! I NEED you! All of the family! ❤

  7. Richard, hi!
    I’m reading Empire of Angels by Bernard Werber these days. (Sorry, I don’t know if you have heard about it). Frankly, it is rather multiple-valued book and I have started doubting of sincere love and care of every angel… (Now, at the moment of writing, I realize how foolish I have been). I see I am one of those who need all your words.
    It was a way they could reach me. Thank you. It gets warmer.

  8. I think the idea about capital cities would impress only human inhabitants of this planet, and only those humans who greatly respect the idea of a capital city. Does this entity wish to reach the awareness of non-human Earthlings, or humans who aren’t concerned with large-scale politics?

  9. Richard, speaking of UFOs here, I will say that I was contacted by an ET visitor back in February or 1962 when I was 17 and in high school in Miami, Florida. I never went public as I did not intend to. I was born in 1944.

    This spiritual being turned physical for the sake of relating to me was a profound teacher who revealed to me that he had previous lifetimes on earth during Atlantean times and also in Northern India thousands of years ago.

    On my second impromptu meeting, I had a list of questions ready and “he” spent the next year attempting to answer them in terms I could understand. I wanted to learn how life worked. My list was, in short, Is there a God? Where is God? Is there a devil? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? What happens to me when I die? What is the purpose of life? How many other planets are inhabited by people?

    For is there a god, his answer was, God is simply the Energy Force from which all existence springs, that God is “All That Is.” God is a part of us and we are a part of God, no division. There is no personified, centralized God. There is no externalized God, for God is within everything.

    For is there a devil, his answer was no, that what we call evil is the misuse of energy for negative purposes.

    For is there a heaven and a hell, his answer was that the Christian definition of God, the devil, heaven and hell simply does exist in actuality, but man has created the belief in such.

    For what happens to me when I die, he said that I have an indelible unique personal identity that can never be extinguished, and that I have had many lifetimes before I became me and I’ll have many lifetimes ahead of me for everyone reincarnates for various reasons of education and experience.

    On what is the purpose of life he told me that I chose to be born here to challenge my creative abilities and one of the best things that I could look forward to is being in the service of those less fortunate than myself.

    I learned some fantastic stuff I had never even thought-challenged, being that I was raised Catholic, like that time, in actuality, does not exist, we create our time when we are born at the intersection of spirit and flesh, that time is a most limiting belief as all time is simultaneous. That the past, the present and the future exist all at once and we focus in on one very small view.

    There was nothing sensational with my contact and over the course of my period of contact I learned literally thousands of neat things mostly about life and why we’re here. Just thought perhaps you’d like to hear my story. Thanks for listening, ron

    • Remarkable, Ron, that these ideas were shared with you in the middle of the 20th century! How close they are, to what so many of us have learned, too. I’d ask, is our appearance in space-time — is that real, or is it a dream from which we can learn through a lifetime? (I have my own answer, but it would be fun to talk with someone as powerful and wise as your spiritual being.) Of course, you’re a spiritual being too, and I’m glad to listen to your own wisdom, now.

      • It is interesting to hear of what questions one would ask at an encounter such as this— through the process of formulating the question we can often discover the answer within ourselves.
        Maybe this is a great place to start when searching for answers. I wonder what would be my question—-this is what i ask myself right now after reading this.

    • Ron, all I’ve learned, read, listened to, believe in, follow resonates in your words – all the people, prophets, leaders, angels, authors seem to say the same thing – God is all, God is us, time – an illusion, no devil, no hell, love is the energy – the answer. Wow, Ron, 17? an incredible experience!

  10. I love that when I need to learn something new or be reminded of what I know deep within, then I come here. Your contact has such a gentleness to it. I would love know more about the place you went to in the meditative state. I often do meditative journeys. Would love to remember how to travel to distant locations just on a thought, to be with my friends half way around the world when needed bi-locate sounds like fun. As always thanks for sharing Richard.

    • I think you already know.
      Yet there are books on auto-hypnosis that talk about how to move in thought. There are week-long classes at the Monroe Institute in Virginia that give us a chance to practice and to talk with friendly instructors. I took a course from them ten years ago, and I’d recommend it today, if anyone’s seriously interested.

      • If we had been sitting chatting while you spoke the above I would have said

        I became familiar with the Monroe Institute work around 1993-ish and have some of the training tapes.

        Wish I could lay my hands on my copy of Nexus 7.

        There is a state of consciousness in which Alpha, Theta and Delta waves are simultaneously present.

        And so I chat to you in my head.

  11. Wow, I feel very delighted after reading about your experience! When I’m looking up at the stars, I feel a strong connection to certain ones, especially one star in particular. It feels like I’ve either been there before, used to live there, or know someone from there. That feeling is the same kind of feeling of connection I have to the places I have lived or visited often here. Sometimes I look up at one of my stars and think about a question I’ve had or something I’ve been wondering about that deals with the spiritual side of my life. Often I get an answer in the form of a thought (words in my mind in a voice that is not mine) or I later have a short “dream” about having a conversation with beings I can’t see — and I get an answer to my question. Although I usually trust that the answers I get are true, I still often question the validity of my experiences with this process — did it happen or was it a dream made up in my mind like my usual sleep dreams or daydreams? After reading about your experience, I feel more assured about the validity of my experiences. Thanks!

    • Your experience with the stars mirrors my own when I was a teenager, and when I wrote about in The Ferret Chronicles (_The Last War_ or published in _Curious Lives_ the story of Shamrock). Mine was and still is Vega, in the constellation Lyra (changed a bit in the book). Today I found on the Web: _Extraterrestrial Races in Lyra and Vega _
      What is going on, here? : )

      • Your reply inspired me to look up information about the star I feel most connected to which is Alnilam along with the star Mintaka which are both in the belt in the Orion constellation — and found several mentions of the role of this constellation in several civilization around the earth. I had seen this information on various television shows about how the constellation is important to a couple of ancient civilizations in Egypt, one in Mexico, and to a Native American Hopi tribe in Arizona — both in the layout of structures they made and in their mythologies. I’ve always felt like I had one or more lifetimes in the Egyptian civilization. This feels both alluring and excitingly spooky to me because I too am wondering — what is going on here?

      • My experience was similar… I was born into a very religious family and there wasn’t anything I can remember directly relating to ETs in their teachings, except, actually when I think about it, many biblical stories smacked of Extraterrestrial Encounters. The church also had their own book of modern day scriptures and it was the stories that were about direct encounters with other dimensional beings that really caught my attentions. My Dad and Grandpa were interested in mysteries, like Hollow Earth theory yet I don’t remember talking openly about ETs or people from space being real. I remember finding a tiny little paperback with symbols in it that supposedly came from MU.
        When I was around 8 years old, I have a very distinct memory of sitting on my front porch in SLC, Utah, by myself at dusk, and looking up at this little odd cluster of stars. (Now I know the name of that cluster is the Pleiades or the 7 Sisters.) I was singing softly to myself and my heart was heavy and my emotions were high.. I felt homesick and remember saying, as I looked at those stars, “I just want to go home!” I didn’t remember this until later in my life and never talked to anyone about it until way later.
        When I was 17 all I wanted was to find someone who could intelligently talk with me about what was up there in the stars, what was out there in space. Someone who was as curious about it as I was. Thank you Richard and Angelynne for opening the door for this amazing sharing. And in such a gentle way… thank you!

        • Angelynne sometimes calls them Love-centered Beings. No military, no religious connections there. I felt the same homelike feeling for the Pleiades, and for Vega, in the constellation Lyra. Whoever they may be, when we feel close and they never once mention that they need to fight someone. but remind us always of the joy of love in our lives…yes, those are the ones I’ll care about, too.

          According to the Near-Death researchers, many of the experiencers feel the same homesickness that you knew. “Why am I still on this planet, when I could be home?” There’s probably just a little work that we asked to do, that isn’t quite finished.

          • Dear Richard:
            THANK YOU!,when we recognize that we are LOVE-CENTER BEINGS though many life-times is a GREAT LIBERATION because the Love Inside Never born and Never Die, the only thing that we can DO is Expressed It, Share with others Humans and the Whole of this Infinite Universe.
            Donald Shimoda explain this beautiful, in Chapter 12, Illusions II:….When we came to appear to be, our worlds of form and fantasy, our universe sifting changing images of stardust, it did nothing. Love is the only Is, beyond space, beyond time, anywhere, everywhere……

          • Through my childhood and teenage years was looking for similiar words like here, as I was feeling this homesick looking at the stars and knowing the way back as well as knowing that I’m needed here more. I was trying to imagine the view from outhere, and all the sudden was there sending myself a message to hold on and help there(on earth) with my true presence, you can always return, but you cannot turn away on a 1year old baby who is trying to make its first steps, because you see its potentials… Sorry if my english is bad, trying… The most interesting about this subject is that we all looked at same stars, constellations, knowing that we are not alone here, on Earth:-)

  12. Thank you for your sharing. I am not sure why I am motivated to share this with you but I am – so I will.

    I had a dream time years ago in which Beings of Light, three of them, came to teach me (or maybe I went to them). The message was that we are all connected. In my cynical younger years’ way – I said, “No we are not. You are over there and I am over here – we are not connected at all.” They continued that the air is what connects us physically – to which I responded by rubbing my fingers together and saying “There is nothing here to connect us.” They then began to colour the air around me, as if with breath on a frosty morning, and said, “if there was nothing there we could not colour it.”

    In that moment I came back to awake with the very beginnings of understanding – and the strongest thought that I was never to forget this. The air is like the sea – in the sea whales can speak to each other across whole oceans as we can, through air. In those first few weeks it was as though I had this heightened awareness of the sounds through the air – I realized that we can hear the wails of a mother holding her dying child from half a world away. The same air that touches her face is connected all the way to the air that touches mine. We are all connected.

    During the first few weeks I became acutely aware of the currents in the air around me – I was able to see somehow those currents. When I walked toward someone I was aware of the air I was pushing toward them – like a stream it broke at their face and continued along either side of them. A room full of people looked like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night sky in action. I became very cautious of how I moved and of the way of how every thought and every step had impact on everyone else.

    Slowly, as the weeks and then months and years have gone by that almost hyper awareness has faded, but not the memory that it existed.

    • Barb – thank you, so much, for sharing this. Something about it is changing something in me – I can feel it. Just like so many of Richard’s words, that I’ve read over the years, yours have sparked a remembering that of kind of like a shift in the earth or a turn of the kaleidoscope, for me. Sometimes, the tiniest and most unexpected things change us, forever. That, to me, is grace. Thank you, thank you and thank you, again!

  13. I wasn’t that taken with the last “How long have I waited…” blog message – it’s all so suss. People could send you anything. Does it stomp on me with golf shoes? A little. But – you and your own personal story? – that’s different. Of course we will all believe you!

    Don’t you dream everything? For me, I can’t differentiate between your ET dream and any of your fiction or stories of dreams like in Bridge. I have tried to embrace nearly all the things in your books. Practicing 40 odd years now. Very odd years.

    Your books – as with all good books – are journeys. Written, guided visualisations. And all your students (readers), just like you, have been practicing your visualisations for decades. Your stories are invocations. It’s magic – literally – what you write and the opportunity you give us to imagine and invoke more light into our lives.

    So reading this – it’s another visualisation. We don’t even know if it’s true – or are you previewing some chapters of the new book? Are we – your family here – a chapter in your book?! Along with the ET’s? I’m just saying – realities blend. ‘One’ and all that.

    With visualisations we are expanding people’s imaginations so that they can believe and experience more. What if? Reality follows thought.

    Why do you feel you were contacted? How real was it? Does that matter? Same as flying with Leslie? For us that was real. Not a story. Don haunts us as much as he does you. Our lives have unfolded in a certain direction of truth because we have chosen to see the world through your eyes and your characters eyes.

    For me, your dream/post here is energising. Clearly, as you said, a trigger for all of us? It activates my cosmic awareness (as with any of your ‘visualisations’)… you take us there with you.. and it reminds me that my purpose and my projects – guided and influenced by you and others – also need to be fully empowered and put out there as part of this overall preparation.

    But what is real and true? ET’s? Your dream? Your story of the dream? Me reading it? This device of light that I’m typing on? The internet? The Noosphere? Everyone is pointing to the skies after 2012… global consciousness – we imagine it because it’s fun to imagine it. Are you Donald Shimoda in a mask? Is this another test?

    “DO YOU WISH THAT WE SHOW UP?” and I was yelling YES along with you and everyone else.

    Everything you know is true…. trust what you know. You may have to work for it, however…


  14. Our world is on the cusp of transformation from beliefs in separation, greed, lack. fear and hostility to TRUE awareness and KNOWLEDGE that LOVE is the only power there IS.

    Others in the universe are aware of us and are willing to help us make the transformation, but they know they cannot do it for us.

    A major show of benevolent awareness on the part of others in the universe, can break the control of the Main Stream Media over what people think. Their credibility is already rapidly deteriorating.

    Individuals must make the transformation in their own minds and hearts since we are all still free, in the sense that we all have free will to change our limited beliefs about Who and What we really are and what we can do for and with others and ourselves.

  15. Hmmm, very interesting indeed. Personally I have never in my own remembered past been too concerned with the idea of “visitors” or such. I think that, for me, being here and now and existing with the incredible variety of people and cultures on this planet (plane/physical existence/training ground/etc) is quite enough, and more than enough. There’s so much to learn, and I am so grateful for this old ‘internet thing’, considering it as a vast storehouse of information and gathered knowledge. More than pictures of clever cats and dogs! Love them of course, but I do so like to learn, and nature is such a great teacher. And people. Ah…people are so great and fascinating at times. So many good-hearted folk out there, and brave and daring, and filled with good intentions.

    But once I had read of the “message” that you had posted and began digging a little bit more into those kinds of ideas and considering them, I began having…odd dreams. I’m a fairly grounded individual I think, with a inner desire to want to keep things simple. So I wasn’t sure how to interpret my own experiences, but I almost wanted to think of them as some kind of “contact” because they were so unusual to my normal dreams and such. Then, remembering what good ol’ Seth stated, about how the human race will first make “contact” through telepathic means—well that kind of got me stopped cold in my tracks. And yeah there was some fear and concern (sanity? hallucinations? distortions? contacting the “right ones”?), but only after awaking and trying to reason out the events. While the “encounters” were happening, if that’s what they were, there was no fear, no real concern of personal safety or anything like that. No trouble at all. Things were easy. Perhaps it’s applicable on many levels, what Seth once stated: “Ease is the keyword”.

    Was it real, or a dream? Good ol’ Seth once stated that a dream is a translation of events that occur at deeper levels of experience that is beyond words and symbols, interpreted into terms that can be understood by the waking personality at nearly-conscious levels, as the dreamer returns or begins to return to normal everyday awareness. Of course there are many types of dreams and levels of action to experience and recall, depending on “where you come into the picture”, so who else would know of the validity or interpretation but your (inner) self?

    But isn’t it fascinating? In your dream-encounter, you get to fly and be a pilot? Very cool and interesting indeed. It shouldn’t be surprising to us fans, you do so love to fly! It seems the event was tailor-made. If it was a valid encounter as such, then that was a very kind thing for them to do. Very kind indeed.

    –Peace, and be well as always

  16. I can only think of instances when I have met with people that were part of my life when they were living and they now only come when I am dreaming. However, when they do they are really with me, I can feel their presence and their LOVE which as you said above is the only reality. I wonder if this is what we can do after we shed our earthly bodies. Did you feel LOVE from these ET’s?

    • There was a friendship, as if we had known each other time after time. Not a hint of anything scary, just that we had so much to learn and to share with them. An old, old love, yes.

  17. ever since reading illusions when I tried your experiment ( on page 146 I think) and it actually worked….I greet every new idea I hear with “hmmmmm maybe so, who knows?” Not a definite yes. But not a no either. Let’s just say that I’ve now suspended my disbelief when I hear a new idea.

  18. Hello Richard and everyone!

    I had an amazing experience about 5 years ago, I was at the home of a Lakota friend and was about to experience my first Sweat lodge ceremony. I was extremely lucky as the Chief of the Lakota people was there and he guided us through out the Sweat. This is a very Sacred ceremony where the Spirits come into the lodge, it was beautiful.
    Before entering the lodge, I was talking to my friend and asked her the question, What is 11:11? Since my mid twenties, and about the time I met Illusions, I have always known when it was 11:11. It gives me a special feeling, and I know everything is going to be ok. She smiled and got up and brought the Chief out to me on the porch where we had been sitting and told me to ask the Chief that same question. The 11:11 are The 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual laws that govern the universe. After 30 years of searching, I had finally gotten my answer! My favorite Law is the Universal Law of Free Will. After this he took some time to talk to me about what we refer to as UFO’s and other beings from other planets. The native people have been in contact with them for centuries! These native people are far more advanced than most of us realize, and I love their simple ways and the fact that they put so much meaning into everything they do! Anyone can find out more on the Internet, the book that he wrote is Maka Wachpi Wicohan.

    Mitakuye Oyasin ( all my relations)


  19. Richard, when you said you ‘put your new book down for awhile’, did you mean a new book you are reading or a new book you are writing? I hope it is the latter.
    Best, Jim

  20. I will not speak of my personal experiences that led to the conclusion that follows, simply because how I arrived at this truth is irrelevant to truth. I hope my brief explanation is not misinterpreted.

    What you call God is indeed Everything. A word almost impossible to understand. It is not just energy or any one human thing. It is all those things and an infinite amount more that humans are not developed enough to accept even if they could comprehend. Humanity is in its infancy. Explaining string theory to a 3 year old will at best fill him with wonder but not understanding( there are many exceptions to this rule and every other rule). Whatever you can imagine, aliens, angels, spirits etc are not only “real” they are the inevitable result of Everything. We, them, you, others are here for “one main reason”. To advance and grow Everything. We have limited ourselves in order to grow. When you are All ,you can not grow to more than what you are. So then what? Stagnation? No. You “die” and you become an infinite limited yous with their own power that have individualized and personal experiences that directly affect the All. You do this out of love for yourself. Out of love for growth. Out of love for joy. Out of love for Everything. So embrace your Everything. Your aliens, your spirits, your more, well, they are Everything else lol.

  21. Hi Richard,..I,m just Glad to have met..in your essence,written into every word you ever wrote..and speak..”YOU!”…Like ALL authors who lay their Spirit “on each line”..”ALL”..in “daily life”..who may never write “that book within!”..yet openly “share it!”..who?,by simply “being” Reveal to US..”the otters of the Universe!”…”love!”..purest,Divine!” and GUIDE us!..”Home!”….

    I “met” You!!…in 1978!!..YOU Didn’t know it!! (Or perhaps???? YOU DID!”

    “for? “YOU!” flew a “spaceship”..by “a synchronicity”..my mind couldn’t challenge,Yet my Spirit recognised full well!!..”beckoning” “ME!”..to “dimensions” I had “Mislaid!”!

    I KNOW..an “E.T!”..AM “I” Crazy!! …Yep!…..AND? ..As You survived your recent Crash and “remain in mortal gown?” I have perhaps?..THIS ONE chance..to say…I,m so glad..”YOU” “stayed!”..”still flying that “saucer!”..Even if just ?just long enough to say “Thank YOU Richard Bach E.T. with honours!…”IN 1978!” YOU! “Invited “ME!”…”STAY!!!..IN ALL GRATITUDE,as my eyes fail,to write “properly!” “I LOVE YOU!” “ALWAYS HAVE,ALWAYS WILL!”….”ALL,My Spirit Guides that “ever” “spoke” to me?? ECHO!! THAT..and I get such joy..to see “Many World Over, saying “In their OWN WAY”..THAT SAME LOVE!”..and gratitude,for “your flying Visit!”….GOD,WAS IT EVER SO NEEDED,..THE WORLD THO’…I “Flew” Last Year..in a small plane, my “Bucket List!” ITEM Number #1..WHY?..”YOU KNOW!..AND KNOW EXACTLY “WHO!” “GUIDED” ME THERE!…For ALL we talked of my instructor and I?..An Instructor who at age 17..read a book!!..and “knew!” “I MUST FLY!”…AT 50!..HE? AND “YOU!” GIFTED ME “WINGS” “AGAIN!” AND?YOU”KNOW!” “HOW I GLORIED!” IN MY “.ONLY” “HOUR!”flight ..YET? “EVERLASTING”…”MY GLIMPSE”..of the “Gateways you portray in every syllable you utter!…to flights beyond FLIGHT!…Thanks?..is never ENOUGH!..”E.T!”..Love Archie

  22. Personally I’d love to see 1000 space ships showing up all over the world. It would wake up and shake up humanity. Knowing for certain that humanity is not alone in the universe, that there are worlds and wonders far beyond our own, would certainly expand the way people think and open all sorts of new possibilities.

    But I have a concern. When I read the original post a while back and this time as well I felt an intuitive twinge when it came to the 1000 ships. When I imagine this scenario I see people becoming so distracted that automobiles collide, buses crash, semi’s jack knife and this side effect could result in a lot of damage, injury, and even fatalities.

    I also see a global wave of panic. With all these ships looming I think most people’s first response would be fear. And all that fear energy could cause problems.

    This makes me wonder if our Alien friends have seen this too and if it’s one reason why they have not made themselves known en masse. I believe they do not want to harm us in any way, even as a side effect. If this is the case could it be that it’s up to us to imagine the kind of scenario in which humanity would invite and embrace their existence on a large scale while being certain to cause no harm?

    For me, your adventure has prompted me to ponder this question. “What is the best way for our alien friends to show up and make their existence an accepted fact for all humanity, but without inadvertently triggering any harm?” Perhaps the answer to this question, held in enough minds, would open the door for our extended family to show up for a visit.

    • Perhaps they’ve been practicing the best way for years. The Phoenix Lights event, at night, was seen by thousands of people, yet there was no panic, there were no accidents. They were there over the city for hours, no one had to rush to see them. Some of the movies have us panic since dramas require us to run like sheep. I doubt we would, in an event we’d call “real life.”

      • “Practicing the best way for years.” That’s interesting and it makes sense. I wasn’t familiar with the Phoenix Lights event until you mentioned it so my first image of ships over cities was similar to the movie “Independence Day,” huge mile-long ships hovering close to earth in daylight. That would be distracting and intimidating. But smaller ships far up in the sky like the Phoenix Lights? Say, the distance of the average jet airliner but stationary and in daylight? Yes, that could work! Thanks for the perspective-shift Richard. Now I’m getting excited at the possibility.

  23. Interesting event Richard. Glad to see you using the Focus 10 method of communication, Monroe training still lives. If they do materialize 1,000 ships over the various capital cities you have your absolute affirmation of the truth of your communications. In the mean time I hope it is still true and not just dream desire which haunts us all in that altered state.
    Much love Richard, keep flying.

  24. That was beautiful, Richard, and so happy you shared this with us. I sent you my connection story last time, so you already have that. And while it feels like a dream, it is so much more than that….. Blessings all around us, so much love streaming from the Great Central Sun. We ARE that…… LOVE.

  25. ‘God’ is all of us, so we are infinite beings with no limitations. By letting our minds – ‘souls,’ the infinite and spiritual part of our being, – detach from the constraints of our present Earthly bodies, if even only temporarily, as you did in your meditation while in a quiet gentle frame of mind, we can experience, understand, participate and enjoy all that is constantly and eternally passing through the universe. As the universe is limitless and unlimited, so are all of us. We all can enjoy the experience if we free our minds from, as you said, the chains of this world. That is how we can introduce ourselves to and enjoy the company of ETs. To them, we are ETs or EUs, extra universals. Wasn’t that the relationship you articulated with Don Shimoda?

      • Yes, I believe very much that we are….i think we need reminders of that daily from everywhere. Too bad this is hidden within all these posts as i find this small little thought very powerful.

        • I agree, Jennifer and Richard. All ambassadors, though I feel rather inadequate for the post at times. For what it’s worth, the RSS comment feed is very handy, when it comes to noticing so many of these great comments. 🙂

  26. Richard, Richard, why do you hate organized religion so? I am a practicing Catholic who finds no conflict with science or anything in this essay. Of course there are other worlds and other beings (ETs or whatever)! Jesus himself said so, although most people think his “other worlds” comment meant civilizations beyond those in the known world then. The person we call God or Father created this entire universe, and not just ours but a billion other universes too — perhaps even universes without number. One of my favorite lines in the Bible is “we see as through a glass darkly (now), but then (when we are with God) face-to-face.” We will know as we are known. We will know what God knows about these universes and the peoples who live there. And yes, God is Love and the Bible says that too — very clearly and in those exact words. Anyway, off my soapbox! ET, I am listening too. Speak to me so we might become friends. Welcome to our planet, friend! Perhaps those who come after me will be able to visit yours. In the meantime, make yourself at home in the harbor of my mind.

    • I hope I never said that I hated organized religion. I did a lot of Bible study in earlier years, and found that save for some brilliant lines, the remainder wasn’t for me. All the battles, killing, the murder of men and children, the rape of women and destruction of infants, the leveling of homes so that one stone was not left over another…maybe that meant glory for some, yet those words sounded like hell for me. If that devastation is the Word of God, will someone please help me how to find the God Who Never Talks? Anyone who takes the most loving words of any language: _Mother, Father, Brother, Sister,_ then turns the words into holy titles that they wear to support their ambitions of power, if they be religions Eastern or Western or Extraterrestrial, they have lost me. I don’t hate organized religions, I just prefer to be where they aren’t.

  27. Thanks very much Richard.
    I have had a connection with the Galactic Family for over 25 years. I love the work of Robert Monroe also. All is well.

  28. Dear Richard,
    I’m extremely excited to write these lines,
    Love is all can will UNITE millions of hearts in a short time,
    I Know, I intuit.

    The time to follow books that only conducive to separation and fear is over.
    We are in the Age of RECOGNIZE THAT WE ARE LIVING BOOKS flying free as Jonathan Seagull.

    7 years ago when I arrive at USA, the first book of Richard I bought was:
    The Ferret Chronicles-THE LAST WAR-:
    In the Foreword is this:
    – If Oz exists in our mind, then can no one destroy it, ever?
    – Is the world in our mind, too, and not outside?
    – What if all we see about us are reflections of what we think is so?
    – What’s reflected When we decide to change our thought?
    That I promised …. If I had to watch one more prison scene, one more aggression ….,

    It’s happening now in this Earth.

  29. Voltaire once said we should put aside the bible for 200 years, then reread it with fresh eyes. We would be horrified. I, myself, am already horrified at this book which condones rape, murder, stonings, torture, and killing children and babies. All I need to know about ethics I can read in the Girl Scout Handbook. So much nicer. No torture, no drama.

  30. What a delightful and well-written story! It filled my heart and mind with hope for our planet and all of its species. Thank you, Richard, for role modeling such authenticity and such trust in your own understanding of universal truth. I, too, have loved your books for many years. I’m so glad to have recently discovered your blog site!

  31. Interesting idea, this intergalactic love-fest. I wish I could believe that it’s possible in our lifetimes. But I don’t.
    Richard, in RFS you said that we are a pyramid of conciousness and I agree. To expect that the pyramid can be upside-downed quickly is unreasonable. The base nature of our beings almost insists that it cannot be, though I fully support such a notion. At heart, we, collectively, are a bunch of unruly, big dumb monkeys, from any objective analysis. To expect a ‘miracle’ of ‘worldwide epiphany’ is, I believe, intellectually dishonest.
    If there are ‘others’ monitoring our activities, they must surely realize this fact. The best we can hope for, IMHO, is that most of us are wiped out by war or disease or plague or “American Idol” and that the remaining populace has a higher number of switched-on humans and that the ‘others’ take pity on our miserable situation and save us from ourselves. Then, and I believe, many generations hence, and only then would they try to make any sort of meaningful contact with our weak, simian souls. I figure that to them our generations are a meaningless speck of time in their reality, if they are as ‘high’ as we presume them to be.
    It’s been the ‘dawning of the age of Aquarius” for 40 years and nothing has changed. We are even more ruthless and cruel and possessive than ever. Reading Bach, Vonnegut, Thompson and Ram-Dass eased my young mind. But my older wisdom tells me that the monkeys have taken control of the zoo, and any hopes of this changing soon is chimera at best, delusional at worst.
    My advice? Clean our own corners of the universe, teach the next batch of naïve souls, and hope for several generations to figure it out. I am pretty sure that it will not happen in our time.
    PS- I’m in, BTW. Show yourselves, higher beings, travelers from beyond. Show me how I’m wrong. I rather fancy the ‘Independence Day’ scenario. Beats the Twilight Zone scenario – “To Serve Man.”

    • Maybe it’s still an inverted pyramid, and maybe those who live by Love are at the peak of it. I agree with you, that the world around us is in terrible shape. If they decide to kill us all, I’d say, “Hey, kill away,” and be the first one to leave. Because it is not within anyone’s power to kill us. The best they can do is shift our consciousness to a different level, and with a scenario like this, one even closer to Love.

      What if there were no name for the others who live by love (since any label for a group sounds authoritarian), but just a whole paragraph to define the ones aligned:

      “We represent the life-forms of our family who believes always in the power of love, and those still interested in playing the game of life and destiny in the dream-worlds of space and time. They include our angels and spirit guides of this life, ourselves and our dear extraterrestrial friends of all forms who refuse violence, our friends and wise animals of this family living now and those who have passed into a belief of an Afterlife.”

      Any way a zombie could be aligned with us?

      • This last paragraph of Richard’s descriptive i find really useful as an affirmation to remind one of its orientation here.

      • Richard, I loved your paragraph outlining all those belonging to/supporting the alliance. It certainly covers the members and their intent and shows how difficult it is to come up with a simple title or name for a group that represents so much, so many, or a title that doesn’t contain words that have connotations that weren’t intended by the authors.

        I also appreciate the comments that have resulted from the sharing of your experience. You have a wonderful group of open minded people posting on this blog. I know their comments are being read by those of the ET/Angelic/Terran group of love centered beings, and are being taken into account.
        With love and light,

  32. Hi Richard

    It makes sense to me that this is all illusion, so are these aliens part of the illusion, or are they conscious reality? I just wondered where they fitted in the big picture.

    I understand that consciousness is love and unlimited freedom. I understand that this reality is rather like a game which we play with five senses, that has lots of levels, and when we ‘die’ either play the level again, drop back one, or move up to the next. So, I imagine that these angels/aliens must be from levels further up in the game, who are willing to show us back doors into other levels. I understand, not having played video games, that there are methods by which you can jump into the next levels, so we could get there in this lifetime if we knew the secrets.

    Does this make sense to anyone other than me?

    Good luck with your next book Richard, I’m looking forward to it.

  33. Oh, thank you, Richard – and YES! Reading of your latest “little adventure” means to me _powerful_ things, things stirring and courageous and hopeful – just as reading all of your other adventures of love and imagination over the years have moved and inspired me!

    I’ll offer a personal tale, in the hope of contributing to the building, positive energy I sense on your website.

    As you know, Richard, but others here may not: clear skies, especially in winter, are a rarity in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. But at least around my town, we’ve been having an unusual run of sunny days – and a good couple weeks’ worth of brightly clear nights, wonderful weather for star-gazing. I’ve found myself irresistibly fascinated with the planet Jupiter, in particular, but astronomy is only one piece of the backdrop here.

    Suffice it to say, I’ve been outdoors at night a lot, lately. And, while gazing heavenward, also meditating on this message from the ETs. And blogging on cosmology and quantum physics, and talking with my friends about the ETs, and their message, and those night skies, fascinating me. And, well, ya know: where a mind is focused, so may shift the frame of any space/time illusion!

    Before ever reading this latest post, Richard, I found myself unexpectedly dropping into a lucid dream a few nights ago. Mind you, I haven’t _tried_ doing anything like this, for years. I remember thinking, though, “OK . . . where to now?”. I projected toward the Andromeda galaxy (its close, I thought, and I’m rusty at this!). I remember trying to, and quickly sensing this one Terra-like planet (where we might seek refuge?) and mentally “rang a bell” to see if anyone was at home – but didn’t get a response before I lost the connection and woke up.

    So, not any real big dramatic experience, but exciting enough to me that I wanted to share it, as one more facet of which I feel aware, to this prospect of our “exoplanetary family” being here, and apparently ringin’ the bell so’s to see who might be home!

    Anyone else, here, having experiences of heightened awareness/channeling? Any more clues anyone can offer, to where else online that discussions similar to this one can be found?

    Any too-much distraction, in all this, from writing that new book Richard? Or is it _helping_? (only hoping so – not trying to trick you into _revealing_ any details!)

    Peace, Charlie

  34. Yes, I believe that family is exoplanetary. And also that everyone is getting the exposure that they can best utilize.

    This is how it looks when it’s working. (It’s always working.)

  35. Richard: In answer to your questions, real or a dream, I would like to propose the following to you, and to all who are participating in this interesting discussion you have inspired.

    My proposal begins with the Human Spirit and its “interaction” with the physical world, from our own bodies, all the way to our planet, moons, stars and the universe at large. Indeed, no discussion of this nature would yield anything but chitter-chatter if one did not, or could not perceive that we are, in fact, spiritual beings interacting with A) one another and B) the physical universe we find ourselves engaged with.

    That immediately suggests something rather fascinating about your experience and the experiences many people report having, with what we loosely refer to as “Extraterrestrial Entities.” To the point, an infinite being has billions and billions of years PAST, present and future. That being the case then I am, you are and everyone else on this blog are ETs of one kind or another.

    Unless one came into “existence” yesterday then our past is long, filled with life experiences in places, on planets perhaps, with numerous other cultures, races, body types, families, Intergalactic Civilizations and philosophies.

    That one remembers any of it in a fully conscious sense right now is irrelevant to the truth of the matter. One IS and eternal Being, or one is not. And if one IS then a long and fantastic span of interaction with intergalactic races is not a flight of imagination in the slightest degree. It is about as reasonable as concluding that any child of 5 years old has probably met an adult or two. Not in his dreams, or was it “odd” or an imaginary flight into the unknown.

    As an example we could consider a member of a tribe living in the Amazon jungles, far and away from any contact with the modern world of cities, airplanes and computers.

    Imagine such a dreamer within the tribe wondering if WE exist. Because when he/she leaves their physical body, in the comfort of sleep or a meditative state perhaps, he finds himself in communication with one of us.

    Is it merely a dream? Is it imagination? Dare I say that he is simply RECONNECTING with other eternal Beings; newly, reconnecting with his own true, spiritual self. No mystery, no hocus-pocus, nothing to fear and most of all, no reason to discredit his natural abilities and perceptions.

    As for who we are (like ETs to him) and our intentions toward him and his tribe, well, all we need do is look around. We find the decent and the loving among us and we find those few who would do harm to both him and his tribe. We find the best and the worst of humanity in our ranks. So one should assume it would be a similar circumstance, on a full scale intergalactic level. The best and the worst of individuals exist in any culture of scale.

    I would like to propose that your experience and the discussion it has inspired is far more fascinating than just the immediate questions posed. It is an invitation to grow our wings. But not with the aim of discovering IF extraterrestrials exist, marvel at any superiority they may have technologically or spiritually, or even to imagine some peaceful intergalactic armada arriving on our shores.

    Rather, yours is an invitation to take our place in the universe as creators, as indestructible eternal Beings reconnecting with our heritage and our place among the stars. As such we graduate into dynamic individuals, each with the power to be agents for planetary chaos or agents for “Universal Love” – Being to loving Being, Star to Star.

    Anything less is a denial of our innermost spiritual nature, of our past and thus, our future.

    Accept your invitation, Richard, and we step that precious step into the greatest adventure ever offered a resident of Earth: BE THY SELF and the mysteries of the universe unfold before you.

      • Richard:

        “Say, could you be?”

        Please do finish that question. You know, it is sure, how questions half asked and puzzles cleverly contrived keeps a playful soul dancing across galaxies on one leg until the other shoe drops.


        PS: On the other hand I will “never mind,” if you wish it so and just go buy one new shoe.

        • “Could you be… a loving extraterrestrial?”

          Isn’t that an impolite question? We can tell, from the quality of our answers, which is rooted in Love. Answer yes, and part of us, at least, is connected to unchanging reality. We’re wise to love ETs, ’cause they’re us, too.

  36. Richard, Thank you for your kindness in sharing this message.

    I was led to your website a couple of weeks ago. Though I’m not aware of having any experiences with ET’s or Angels, I feel a camaraderie with everyone here.

    It seems to me the ET’s see earth humanity heading into a dark period that they perhaps experienced and would do differently if they could change it. Seeing us as family members, they hope they can wake us up to make a different choice before we enter that dark tunnel of consciousness. If 1000 ships over the capital cities can have us pause to reflect on the current direction we seem to be heading on this planet, then go for it.

  37. Dear Richard!
    How very exciting to read about your ‘mind encounter’! I’m so glad you’ ve got in contact with them. I believe they exist as much as we do. Nevertheless I am a bit afraid of them …but I feel confident knowing that you are the link between us. Please continue your brave journies and share with us the reassuring messages you receive! Maybe I’ ll also be brave someday and will have my own ‘ telepathic moment’ with them. I love this side to read about your ideas, thoughts. They are nourishing my spirit and mind over and over again! Thank’s!
    All the best, Miriam

  38. Dear Richard.
    This message excited me. Let me give you my opinion: no matter who it was, they are far more advanced beings, than we are. Mostly they look like angels. Who but them? If they share that the the only reality is Love, they are exactly angels. If you realize that it was a pure contact, so you really did it and it wasn’t a dream. And the most that is that you shared that. For me that means that if you made it, we can contact with them too, each of us! That’s beautiful, amazing! What if they are trying to test you and everybody who saw your message? You said that they want us to become interested, become curious about it. So they want us to reach them some day. And your message is supposed for me to say “Hey, you can meet them”.
    I’ll be waiting for our meeting. During this time I will learn to love the whole world and I am sure that it will be my best dialogue ever. May be then I will be able to learn more about all secrets of love and to become the expression of Love myself.
    So I say thank you for your message. Good luck with your extraterrestrial love experience.

  39. I want to respond again, if that’s okay or allowed. Not sure, but I’ll try to be brief.

    I would first like to say that the responses are beautiful, and well-written. You folks have some great ideas and points of views. Mr. Bach inspires, doesn’t he? And here I thought that it was only me! Keep on flying Mr. Bach, and make the pathways that we may follow in our own way and time!

    I’ve been thinking from time to time about those ‘lights in the sky’, bright pinpoints that twinkle and shine, and it makes me wonder. I do find my gaze wandering upwards more these days and nights, and my first thoughts I would communicate to another living being, smiling and compassionately with a touch of playful, questioning mischief—just as I would any earthbound person or unknown animal, —are, “Hello. And how are you?”

    But I think I’m a skeptic at heart, it’s my protection from becoming swept away so easily in action, and for all those bright lights or dream-images that I am still uncertain about, I find myself wanting to see or know more before fully accepting the ideas that they represent. I would be one of the first to wish them well undoubtably—more to learn, more to grasp at, more variety and more possibilities—and my child-like curiosity would cause laughter and celebration at some concrete evidence. As it is now for me, I am reluctant to just start flat-out “loving the stars”. They’re so far away, and I am still challenging myself to just be…here…

    I do have faith in humanity, and the innate good intentions that exist within ourselves. I just think that there is so much ‘work’ to do here, with the people that are falling, or have fallen, astray, and with myself as well—and perhaps that keeps me from seeing more from those vast reaches. Yet I think that any “higher” beings, essences, or presences would know that and understand. I imagine that they could certainly handle my wildly uninhibited aggression that would really be an expression of ecstatic joy and wrangled sanity—like a child the first time in a candy store, what goodies and treats there are everywhere, as far as the eye can see !

    –peace, and be well as always


  40. Hi. Googled your name to see how you were doing. The last thing I had heard about you in the news was your plane wreck. Good to read you hadn’t left yet. Your story, Illusions, kept me sane as a teenager and the Ferret story about writing has guided me as a writer.

    Have fun.

    • Budgeron and Danielle thank you for what you have said. I thank you, too. I know at least three of us have read the Ferret Chronicles!

      • Oh, I am a fan of Budgeron and Danielle too! Please tell them I periodically re-read Chasing the Muse because it’s the best book on writing out there! I also cherish Illusions and I often turn to the Messiah’s Handbook. And I loved the recently released Part Four of Jonathan L-S. You, Richard, have brought great joy into my life and I thank you!

  41. Richard, you are fearless!
    Did you dream it? Define “dream”!
    Yes, it was all the product of your mind, but few people are able to free their minds to the point of experiencing something like this – at least, not while awake and neither feverish nor under the influence of hallucinogens.
    Did other beings speak to you? Yes! They live inside you. You broke the illusion that there is a “you” and allowed yourself to hear your own other voices, normally silent because they are inconsistent with your concept of “Richard Bach”.
    Aliens? Yes! In a way – you were dealing with parts of yourself that are from outside (“alien to”) your “Richard Bach” identity. And yet, when you see them, they sound like your identity has been greatly influenced by them over the decades, doesn’t it?
    Just… try not to take them too literally! (Or, take them literally, and see where it takes you – although the rest of us would prefer it you didn’t let them crash you into any granite cliffs…)

  42. Richard,
    My extra-physical friend, as he calls himself, introduced me to Jonathan. (The other book he wanted me to read was Be Here Now by Ram Das.) No wonder they want to talk to you. Lately I have so many dreams which mostly make no sense at all and at times I get confused about certain events and wonder if it was “real” or a “dream”. Sometimes I can change the dream by remembering in the dream, that it’s not “real”. It’s called lucid dreaming! I often think of One and your experiences through time and different dimensions when these happen. But as you say, this whole life is but a dream, isn’t it?

  43. I have had these experiences before, but have never been able to find a definite answer. This is Sunday morning early 3:24 AM. I stepped outside to see if I could see the stars since we are supposed to have a sunny day today. There were a few stars, but in the western sky a much brighter light. I thought, “I wonder if this light will move like I had seen other similar lights move in the past.” Looking up it did begin to move in an irregular pattern, up and down, back and forth horizontally, taking an irregular path in a fairly confined space, but not defining a particular shape like a square or a triangle. In the past I have searched the internet to see if others have had similar experiences. I found many. One from Europe mentioned that the lights seem to be responsive to our consciousness! I stepped beneath a bare tree to see if the light would move with my using the branches as stable indicators of its movement. There was no wind to move the tree. The light did continue to move.
    The mystery remains. Lights responsive to our questioning consciousness? The experience does not seem to be rare!

    • Curiouser and curiouser, our friends the ETs! If we can suggest communication by thoughts, why not ask them questions in thoughts, and see if they reply?

      • Richard,
        Good idea! We can probably do it both ways, outside on a clear night or anytime in calm, quiet, open meditation as you have done. Then just see what we get!

        I was quite amazed when I read that others have suggested that they seem to be responsive to our consciousness because I had intuited that myself before read it, but thought that that was just too far out!

        • If any thing is going to rid you of the fear of being ‘too far out’ Michael, then it is being here in this community of people who find that it is quite the norm to explore these things. Continue to share these experiences like the others so that we may find solice in our desires to seek the truth.

  44. Richard,
    I checked outside tonight, Tuesday, 3/17/2015, at about 2:15 AM. There were very few stars visible, probably a haze or very thin cloud cover, but at about 45 degrees to the west, the bright light was there again. It did begin to move a bit, first in an irregular path sort of gently bobbing horizontally, then a little later up and down. I had asked if it would do this, by a thought in my mind. The response was not immediate, but the movements did occur. I did express welcome and asked, “Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, could it turn green! No response on that!
    I came in and looked on-line searching on Google for – Bright light in the west that
    moves gently. I soon found this video and the movements look to be very similar
    to the movements I see. They zoom in, probably with a telescope, and the shape becomes much more defined…yes…looks like a space ship! This, I believe. is an older video from North Carolina. I only have binoculars , 10×50, not nearly powerful enough to get such a view.
    Link below:


    • Sunday, April 12, 10:38 pm
      After listening to an interview on-line, I had an intuition to go out and look for a moving light. A twinkling light to the southwest just above the trees which are about 1/10 of a mile away down our driveway. Checked again while writing this at 10:45 and the light is still there moving and bobbing, back and forth, up and down sometimes with a little red, but mostly a white light. The movements are quite pronounced or definite. It looks like a twinkling star and I cannot tell how far away it is.

  45. Thanks Michael, very cool!

    When you look at all the “spiritual web sites dedicated to teaching, then you come here and the information is right in front of all of us. Those who know, see the beauty, so exquisitely express by everyone, of who we are and why we are here (on earth). We are not here by accident, we are creators, we are here to love all beings and I give the deepest thanks for the profound information expressed in such a loving way.
    Richard, you started it with your writings so long ago, Illusions will always be the best of the best! Thank you for your creations~
    With the Love that we all are, everywhere in the Universe ~ Toodie

  46. Hi Richard: How profound! No you are not crazy, I used to think that LOL! I talk to and communicate with positive ET’s all the time. I had a profound UFO and spiritual experience when I was little. I wrote an article about it in Sedona Journal of Emergence in the E-Publishing in 2012. I also have a website if you or anyone interested would like to check it out. I do have a journal and am thinking of self publishing at some point. It’s really amazing. I am part of Ashtar Command in fact my Star name is Cheryl Ashtar Zanael and they are also part of my family.I can go on and on 🙂 anyways, blessings for all you do Richard and everyone, lots of love and hugs 🙂

  47. Hi Richard,

    I enjoyed “Johnathan Livingston Seagull”; Just wanted to thank you for sharing these amazing ideas and experiences. Yes, I do think that this message was communicated to you so that it could be communicated to others. It relates to what I am experiencing in my journey. As Always Thanks for the Wisdom!

    Love <3 Light 🙂 Limitless…

  48. Hi Richard,
    I’m glad for your exciting experience! You contacted in a conscious way, however you have never been disconnected, maybe your physical mind was not fully aware of it.
    Was it dream or real? Tell me what’s the difference? You wrote “the illusions” !
    It is very interesting to me the first time I found your website and the first thing I saw was this post. Your book “Illusions” was introduced to me in teachings provided by “Bashar”. He is an ET being channeled by Daryl Anka. I follow the information he provides. The information I received through this conduit gave me a crystal clear understanding of the creation that I was seeking my whole life. It helped me to lighten up and let go of the old believes that weren’t serving me. I feel joy and deep appreciation of my life and now I “know” that joy is the main purpose of life.
    Who is Bashar and his people? They are ET beings from another dimension. Their race is a product of hybridization of human genetics with others in order to develop a higher density race. Keeping in mind time is an illusion too (like the physical reality) we could say they are our family or in a sense our grand grand children coming to our time-space reality to guide and assist us to take the right path toward our evolution from third density to forth density as themselves are transitioning from forth to fifth density.
    There are many channelers who are performing as a conduit of receiving information from higher realms (both physical and non-physical). They receive thought patterns in meditative state and interpret into our language in public vocal channeling sessions. I found Bashar’s channeling extremely clear, straight forward and practical. I am now exploring other channelings which give fundamentally the same message just from different perspectives.
    What you have done in your encounter experience is also channeling. You cleared your mind from the physical brain noises, so you were able to make the contact and receive the information you needed.
    Bashar in one of his transmissions recommended your book “Illusions” which I read and tremendously enjoyed. So, are your ET family observing, loving and caring for you? I would say yes. Do they want to talk to you? Well, I guess they are already doing that in higher levels of consciousness as well as in your dreams. They just left it to you when you feel is the timing for you to talk in a physically aware state too.
    You are a ligtworker. Everyone of us who dared to step a foot out of the mainstream belief of physical reality is a lightworker and is serving the entire collective energetically and adding to positive energy, helping entire humanity to walk toward awakening.
    Enjoy your family reunion and keep sharing your explorations with all who love you.
    My unconditional love to you!

  49. Hi Richard and family. This is really weird for me to write this, yet I am doing so before my mind censors. I could feel what it was like to be there and hear “them” talking with you as read your post. Whilst I have no doubt of other “dimensions” or sentient beings, it is something I have not actively pursued. Richard, I too can relate to your initial response. I have met many people on my journey ,since 1980, who talk with other “dimensional entities” and most seem to be a little high on the magic dust 😉 , being unable to have any sense of living or functioning.
    Myself, I have connected regularly with the essence or whatever it may be called. In these times I have received profound and often challenging messages. It is always the response from within to these messages, that assure me of their authenticity. In fact it is in this space I practice my craft (work). Many times I am in awe of what is given/received to share with people. I often feel sincerely humbled.
    This post has come at a time when I have been feeling quite despondent with the apparent reality of how humans disregard their home and the being that share it with them. I also know the truth it is simply a matter of love , as you so succinctly remind us Richard . Love is the answer. For me I sense that we all operate on many “dimensions” simultaneously, it is really a matter of choice as to “where” we choose to place our awareness.
    Does it matter whether it was a dream? I know at time I have difficulty know whether it is a dream or waking sleep : ) . For me it seems exactly like an experience from ONE.

    All your books have been manna from heaven on many occasions. My favourites are specifically Illusions,Jonathan, One and Bridge Across,
    Regarding your question “Did you dream this?…….As you once wrote “Perspective use it or lose it……..”
    Thank you again with love Martin

  50. “Did they reach me because it was a way they could reach you?”

    One of the possible answers is “YES”.

    Thank you, Richard…for sharing.
    Thank you for choosing to be born.
    And Thank you for choosing to write your books.
    You do not know how much I would have lost from this life-experience without your books.
    Thank you for all the wonderful words for all these years.

  51. Hi Richard! You may not remember this, but we were pen pals for a short while in the mid 90s on Compuserve during the dawn of the internet. I was living with my family while my then husband was on a military tour of duty in Okinawa. I have always been a big fan of your writing.

    I am currently in the beginning stages of writing my own book of dreams and spiritual experiences. I wish I had copies of our email exchanges. You were curious about life on Okinawa.

    I’m glad to see you are still very active. It would be great fun to share the first chapter with you.

    Warmest regards,

  52. Wow! I wrote my previous message BEFORE I read your post. I had been so excited to find you at all, I had gone straight to the comments to send you a note. Wow, wow.
    Now I would dearly love to share my book with you. What a stunning post you made. Is this going to be a new book for you?


  53. Your book “Illusions” made a big difference in my life as to how we looks at life. I’ve given several paperbacks to different friends throughout the years. When someone I know seems to be having a crisis of sorts dealing with life, the first thought that come to mind is you and that wonderful book. When I meet someone that thinks as much as I do about the book(s) and you, it’s like meeting a soul mate. I’m so glad to find this blog…uh, thanks to Facebook! 🙂

  54. Hi Richard,
    Remember that post I wrote some time ago when I pondered, “when you see a little ant cross your kitchen counter….do you ever wonder if you kill it will there be an ant/ants somewhere wondering why it didn’t comes home? Well, it seems according to some research studies that ants do experience loneliness! The study is was entitled “lonely ants die young.” Im now an ex ant killer

    • I wish I’d seen your comment earlier, on whether an ant might be missed if somebody killed it. It makes sense to me! Reminds me of the studies done with plants. They seem able to think, reason, help each other, even express emotion, yet those studying them have no idea how. Seems simple enough to me.

      Watching life, in whatever form it chooses to take, is fascinating to me. Currently this house is overrun with spiders, harmless ones, but as stubborn about where they build their webs as I am about my own space. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen an ant in here, though. The only bugs I kill are wasps, when I don’t have time to think about it. Something about them panics me. And now, I’m off to see what I can find on lonely ants. I think I’ve said this a thousand times, but so often I find whatever I most need at the moment, right here…

      • I read the name of author Itzak Bentov on Richard’s list of books he loves on an earlier page of this site. So I read two fascinating books by Bentov, one of them, titled ‘A Brief Tour Of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book’.

        In this delightful book, Bentov writes that although individual ants have a very simple mind, they have a very intelligent collective consciousness. And, the fun part is that we can communicate with this consciousness. For instance, says Bentov, we can request the ant deva, as he calls it, to take itself away from the cookie jar. We can thus make a deal with it. And the currency of the Universe, says Bentov, is Love. We can send some love to the ant deva and thus help it evolve. If we do that, the ant deva will indeed respond with care and love, and leave our food alone. (The point, of course, isn’t saving the cookies, but expressing Love.)

        Needless to say I tried this out and it seems to work!

        – P

  55. Just THANK YOU ! – All of you.
    With Love, from beautiful Snowdonia, in North Wales, U.K.
    (P.S. – learning to fly a Gyroplane ! Oh, Wow !!)

  56. Interesting… since I believe that coincidents / accidents have “their” reasons (and we either find / understand it, or won’t)..
    And this is series of too much coincidents, not to have some meaning…

    ..first, I am not religious person. I folow some spiritual way, which I feel as true / meaningful to me, but it evolves through time.

    I have had few encounters with people suggesting / claiming to have some connection to similar / same entities as Richard was writing in this article. My approach was very similar – google about it 🙂
    And for me, it ended in “dead end” (i.e. way not worth pursuing).
    But looking backwards, it seems the main reason (for me) was those poeple themselves – and my perception / suspicion of them as charlatans (or at least self-deceptioning).

    I even tried some meditatios with few of this people (but probably “guided meditations”, or shared with others, was not my way.. or maybe I just wasn’t ready)
    Anyway, today I realized that because of this, I wasn’t even thinking about the ideas they were talking about..
    and now, reading this article, it makes perfect sense to me!
    There are less doubts (if any), and I feel like giving it shot this very night..

    And to explain a bit more about those chances / coincidents I mentioned earlier (and that led me to my current state of mind):
    1 – this is my first visit at this web page, ever
    2 – this was the first article I (randomly clicked and) read here
    3 – last few days, I had unusual dreams (I use to have dreams a lot while sleeping, even lucid sometimes), but those dreams were new to me – I was seeing things, very detailed, that I had never even thought of.. like last night, observing what heapens after death occures (with “soul” it is just a hazy memory, but with body – it was like time lapse of decomposition, a very vivid one.. those scenes, I never saw that in movies or in my fantasy.. not realy theme I would choose to think of)
    But more interesting was, it felt very lively, like I was present there, but I felt no fear, I was just observing what was revealed to me..
    Other dreams seemed more like alternate reality, even alternate history of events 20 years ago.
    I never had this kind of dreams before. Actually I never gave much thoughts to my dreams.. tried some techniques for lucid dreaming some time ago, but even then I felt that dreams were quite different to lets say, aware state during meditations (I tried zazen briefly, but developed some other form of meditation that works better for me, based on autogenous training to calm the body, and then work with mind in similar way, I was reading subsequently in Eckhart Tolle books).
    But this last few dreams felt like I was totally aware, even though I was surely sleeping… I didn’t know what to think of it, but gave it time, maybe I’ll figure it out.

    Equally interesting is the way I got here:
    4 – I first encountered Richard Bach few years ago, when we (me and me girlfriend / soul-mate) got to know a girl, which become our close friend (the whole story of this, of her place in our lives (she turned two agnostic logic thinkers, into love feeling spiritual seekers.. we even both quit our jobs later and now are living our lives totally different way than before – just to give a glimpse of how deep transformation she sparked), and our place in her life (we met her freshly split from her relationship, and few months later we helped her to move to new home, then to go to race with us to the woods, where she met a guy – and we sparked series of events for her, that eventually led to her another moving, to a different country (he was a foreigner), and now they are married).. just to give a brief example of “coincidents” we now realise are not coincidents. The whole story is so magic, it could be a book (or at least a comment as long as this is so far), so back to the point – during helping her to move to a new house, my girlfriend picked a random book from her vast library.. the bridge across forever 🙂 ..so this is how we met Richard Bach. Then we bought the One, and after some time read the Illusions.
    5 – we loved the books, but felt the Richard’s story was told, the message received. We forgot about Jonathan. Since yesterday..
    6 – my girlfriend made me a surprise for my 30 birthday. I flew before, like a passenger on a big plane (which I found interesting, but except the feeling during take-off and landing, and the view of course, it felt a bit like traveling by train. Nothing slightly similar to descriptions of flying by Richard.
    And yesterday, she gave me the oportunity to experience a co-pilot experience in a small two-seat airplane (TomarkAero Viper SD-4, if someone is interested.. the manufacturer is a gem in such a small city as we live in 🙂
    7 – thrilled, I was thinking whole day about flying! How it would be!
    And I remembered Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. The book I never read.
    It’s weekend, so we bought an audio-version on-line, and listened it today. Amazing. I understand now all the fuss, Richard was mentioning in his life, after publishing Jonathan.
    Anyway, flying reminded me of this book, which reminded me of the author, a person I wasn’t thinking about for some time, but subsequently was reading about him in wikipedia.. and you know how it goes at that website – those damned blue hypertexts. When you find yourself 20 pages off from the original page you started with. So I started with Richard, but found myself flying between Globe Swift, F-84F Thunderstreak, to P-51 Mustang.. oh, what a machines..
    But I somehow got back to original page, read it to the bottom, and don’t know why, but clicked to external links, which led me to this page, this particular article and eventually to writing the comment I am now writing.

    What was I trying to say? No really, what was I trying to say..?
    Yeah, that probably yes, that through Richard, I was able to realise that this entities are someone, worth spending a thought…
    And probably other people too (I don’t think this article was written by Richard specially for me, but I can answer for myself, I don’t know how other see / feel it).

    Another interesting thing I now realise is, I almost never write any comments / share my opinions on web pages – and even though, now I am contributing this fairly long comment. Why? I don’t know! 🙂
    Perhaps it will have meaning for someone else.
    (if someone would ever read this, to the end.. because I wouldn’t. I didn’t read any of previous 104 comments either, because it took me over hour to write this on this phone actually.. And it is night (or early morning) here, in few hours I am flying by myself for the first time, so I definitely should be sleeping now, and yet I am still writing this post.
    Probably feeling more excited about our space-family, than by flying?
    Deep down I knew we are all ONE, but somehow never thought to be able to communicate to those “higher (in meaning of dimensions) representations” of ONE.

    I wish Love to the universe.
    I Love you.

    * when I am using two different words separatred by ” / “, it is because they are synomyms, and I am not sure which is more suitable / better explaing, what I am trying to say. I’m central-europaean, and most of my english is learned not from school or conversation, but from reading books in english, audio-books and movies (watched with english subtitles) – so if there are some sentences a US guy would formulate other way, it’s because my mother-language is quite different to yours 🙂

  57. I’ve read all your published books and love them; but I only now discovered this website and, reading this, read the message it referred to.

    Thanks for sharing. Makes sense to me, too.

    The reason I stumbled onto this was, in rereading ILLUSIONS II, I was wondering if Puff is now as conversational as she ever was. Is she?

    Loving Aloha from a fan/admirer,

  58. Hi Richard,
    I wonder sometimes after you wrote that loneliness had reared its head in your life. How are you? Were you able to disappear it? Did it leave on its own? Have you any thoughts or help for your unmet friends who suffer from this as well?

    • Thank you Jerianne. Loneliness did stir about a bit, and has a lot to do with the new book. I was able o disappear it. Soon as the book is finished I’ll certainly share the ideas.

  59. Dearest Richard,

    Yes your post means everything to me; especially where it is my own belief that between now in 2015 and 2017 (our linear earth time in this timeline for this collective consciousness we are co-experiencing) what we commonly refer to as “ET’s” shall emerge to be not only commonly known and generally accepted but formally acknowledged by State governments. At least that potential reality is a choice we as humanity can make.

    I will send you a private email regarding my own experiences and knowledge that has served for me to more than validate the probable truth and existence of ET’s.

    As an aviator I believe it likely that you’ve met many who privately will share numerous events of UFO sightings by legitimate and credible eyewitnesses.

    There is right now as I write this (June 12th, 2015) a documentary available on Hulu called “UFO Chronicles: What the President Doesn’t Know.” I’ve yet to watch myself but others have remarked it is a well done piece and was intended to be very credible. I’ll let you know my thoughts relative to that after I’ve watched it.

    About 10 years ago I tried a little experiment and asked for an encounter whilst in a meditative (Alpha) brain wave state. What emerged for me was meeting someone who was clearly having difficulty in navigating this earth experience as a human. A troubled homeless Soul whom we helped along as best we could for awhile providing shelter, food, legal support, and assisted them in obtaining a good job. A friend remarked to me after they met this person “He is a rare type of ET whom has chosen to physically incarnate to better experience being an earth human but that has proven to be a difficult task to navigate and understand our culture and how to exist within it.”

    I intuitively knew that to be the case from my own observations of this person’s journey and their own created difficulties of life most others would have easily avoided.

    So was your conversation a dream? I think not.

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