If It Weren’t

IF IT WEREN’T for our own belief in the reality of the physical world and all things physical, what else might make a difference to us? If we were spirits, the kind of beings that some say we are after our lives as mortals are finished, what would we care about?

A short list of What They Care About, for spirits:

Bodies? No

Money? No

Intimacy? Yes

Family? Yes

Air? No

Water? No

Food? No

Communications? No

Love? Yes

Business? No

Manufacturing? No

Social services? No

Freedom? Yes

Conflicts? No

Financial security? No

Friendship? Yes

Political systems? No

Planets? No

Airplanes? No

Relationships? Yes

Science? No

Understanding? Yes

Organizations? No

Learning? Yes

Grief? No

Life? Yes

Wars? No

Death? No.

Telepathy? Yes

Clothing? No

Shelter? No

Personal security? No

Individuality? Yes

Improvement? Yes

Language? No

Tests? No


Short list of their Noes:


Bodies? No

Money? No

Shelter? No

Airplanes? No

Water? No

Science? No

Conflicts? No

Food? No

Business? No

Manufacturing? No

Social services? No

Financial security? No

Political systems? No

Wars? No

Planets? No

Organizations? No

Death? No

Grief? No

Air? No

Water? No

Food? No

Commnications? No

Clothing? No

Tests? No

Shelter? No

Personal security? No

Language? No



Short list of their Yesses:


Love? Yes

Understanding? Yes

Telepathy? Yes

Life? Yes

Relationships? Yes

Learning? Yes

Friendship? Yes

Intimacy? Yes

Family? Yes

Freedom? Yes

Individuality? Yes

Improvement? Yes


What is it about the lives of spirits, that I have forgotten?

184 thoughts on “If It Weren’t

  1. You are right, Richard.
    This is a great feeling that this can be true. It would be great to know for sure.
    I guess everyone can come to understanding of it just when he thinks twice about what life leads him to.

    Watching this list of yesses and noes I found some questions for you:
    Are you talking about a spirit as a Supreme Being?
    Do out really think spirits don’t need tests? Every second of life is some kind of test, even my questions to you. How they will be learning so?
    No planes? Really?
    I think it is a matter of wish to bring a plane near you. This is about not only planes, but water, food (just to feel the taste). Moreover, what if spirits can transform into everything they want? For fun or to earn some experience. So called variable “I am” (it works in real life, I checked). I guess they will not stop from being a plane or a ship with a clear human mind? 🙂
    And what about planets? I guess spirits need places when they can have some rest too?
    After some learning there will be time to look back and see what have you discovered. Then you can taste the fruits of your wisdom and then move forward. This can be hard to move without any recreation. And this place can become there home. And I am not talking about this place being Heaven. It’s just a rest area.
    The real Heaven is in our souls.


    • 1. No. Not I’m not talking about Spirit as a supreme being, but as spirits, lower-case individual expressions of Life, much like the individual usses who still believe we’re not totally connected with supreme Love.
      2. No again. When spirits need tests, they come to the world of Spacetime. Here we see each other as separate material beings, most of us in conflict with others. How well we do in the tests of our belief of competition, may improve our timeless spirit-selves. Learn patience, learn Love, and perhaps we’ll take another step as even more perfect spirits.
      3. No and yes. Spirits know that they can make anything appear: clouds, civilizations, airplanes. They know (as we don’t) that everything material is built of imagination. The difference? They know that, and we’ve forgotten.
      4. No on the planets. The idea of Place, same as the idea of Time, requires the belief of Spacetime. Not required in a spiritually functional dimensionless world.
      5. We share some ideas in different words. You say this place is a rest area, I’d suggest it’s a classroom. At different times, of course, they can switch definitions.

      • Spirits surely have “no opinion” time again including here mortals write their “opinion” of course this is only my opinion , much love and peace to you all, thanks Richard, I love your mind and work 😉 Glen 😉

        • Our opinion is important for us, since it changes as we grow. I used to believe that there was no way to understand the events of this lifetime, or what they might mean. I don’t believe that any more. Today it’s my opinion that we can know — it’s as if we’re born with a certain fog around us, and if we care, the fog begins to dissolve and we can see farther than we could before. Today, my opinion is that I can see as far as the place where spirits meld with the One in Love, but beyond there, it’s fog again — I can’t imagine what happens after that. Lucky for me, there’s plenty to learn before I get there.

          • Wow, my opinion has changed again! You are right, to see the place as far as One in love, yet to understand after that its fog again….what happens after that gives us much to learn and a wonderful hope….thank-you Richard….with those words i grew a little more today! 😉
            Glen (UK)

          • Richard Bach? I can really communicate with you? Is this really you responding to all of these comments? Can you tell me about the One in Love. Please. Do you think that maybe we keep coming back here to learn to be the best version of ourselves eventually, (or maybe there is no end to improvement) the goal is to grow unconditional love..to really own peace and be able to give unconditional love … I just found this site, wondering if there were a way to write you a letter, doubtful that you would ever even read it. And it appears that you are interacting with the public, and then I see something about which I am very much interested to learn more… this is kind of incredible. Anyway, I think I will still look for an address to maybe mail a letter to and will fully enjoy exploring more of your journal entries (while I wait very impatiently for your book to arrive in my mailbox!!!!). Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are wonderful thoughts.

          • I think that there’s no requirement that we come back. We keep returning into the worlds of time and space because we know we can do so much better that we did the last time. When we finally do that, we realize that the belief of evil has no power (and never did have it) to touch Love. It’s been our own tests, in our own schools, that drew us here. Improvement stops, perhaps, when we become part of Love, ourselves. That’s just a guess, beyond my capacity to understand, for now.
            You already have my address, Laura, and the address of so many here that have found answers to the questions that once puzzled us, too.

      • I believe that with each day, we are all in a classroom, and
        the subjects and lessons change constantly. Some of us
        take ‘things’ learned with us; some do not. It’s all a choice of
        what we are looking, searching for. Some days, I feel as
        though I’ve lived a lifetime. Other days, I feel like a sponge,
        constantly absorbing new and useful information. On either
        day, I take the knowledge with me; feeling free and prepared
        to go on till the next time.

        • Isn’t this Comments section fun? We can share ideas with those who care about our journey, find what it feels like to be a spirit advanced beyond us, along her way.

          • Richard,
            Yes, this is fun. So glad you are open to accepting comments again with sharing ideas with us all on a spiritual journey. I have found so many on the internet that are creating awesome incredible divine manifestations and I have also. Just being in their presence we learn what they are sharing now. This is so important because there are not too many of my friends or relatives that seem open enough to share some of what I learned.

      • Well Richard, I believe that being here is yes a classroom, there is so much for each soul to learn; and I believe that it is a rest in a way – we are not forced – all right I take that back, we are given opertunities(?) to learn, some people just do not take them; they float along in the world because everything in their space time is just the way it should be (for them at that time).
        All Richard, this time thing: both of us were not concious(?) for a period of time. What we experienced there cannot be expressed here; and/but yes it did take time, maybe only time because we do have living bodies in this world. Though when I was there, I did make the spiritual decision to come back because if I had died, my mother would have died too.
        As for place, we were somewhere (mentally) yet the mental part is connected to the body part at this time; which makes time and space part of the realty of the earth time.
        I have not figured out how to not have space and time while I do have a body. Where will I go when my body ceasts to exist? Where did Donald Shimoda go?
        I guess that I am stuck in spacetime Richard.

        • Stuck in spacetime? True for us: we need Here-and-Now to experience mortality. Spirits don’t need that, no matter how puzzling that may be for us mortals.

          • Sometimes we feel lost when we forget that de are not alone and that great mind and soul are Wating for us. Sometimes we loose time or path but soon we Find eachother

      • Agreed. why would a spiritual being, as who we truly are, ‘need’ any ‘thing’ to emphasize their existence? I imagine that ‘we’ as in our true natural state, are not given to any physical needs, for, in essence, we are full of the spectrum of infinite possibilities, what else is needed to emphasize one’s existence?

        Thank you Richard for a wonderful interpretation.

        • I feel as though our soul or spirit does not need to be feed with physical energy like food for instance, but rather a energy of love , as to the physical body needing a physical source of energy, nutrients that are physical elements that break down into the physical body, that transmutes into energy for us to function the vessel, but it is love, a high energy that feeds the soul to become healthy and pure.

      • Of course this is a classroom! We came here to learn from others or from ourselves, to make something special .some just follow whoever they think is the teacher the others become the teacher themselves and start to learn from and with their spirits.

      • So I guess that when we come back to earth , when we choose to come back , we have a bad case of amnesia, well to begin with, don’t mean to hijack any comment here but I find this discussion very interesting, I feel the same way about energy and learning but feel quite lost sometimes , I do have much to learn and to remember I guess

    • Lo conoci hoy en su libro al otro lado del tiempo , el cual este libro estaba en mi biblioteca , solitario , lo lei y luego investigue sobre usted, no tenia idea quien era y ahora estoy ansioso por leer otro de sus libros, mi pregunta es el ser humano encontrara la paz espiritual alguna vez? Gracias por lo que hace!…. saludos desde Argentina!

          • I love that Jen….yes!
            But not everything ‘attainable’ should be…..
            I know, I know… “says who!?”
            I can’t answer that….unless there IS a Supreme Being.. then it’s Him
            ….(I know, I know, could be ‘her’…’it’…)

            it’s simple, I think!

    • Hi Richard I just read Jonathan Livingston seagull and it has so many spiritual truths, how did that book come into creation, I mean…. You’ve must of been studying alchemy and hermetics before writing thus book. My friend who passed on suggested the book to me and she performed many incredible faith healings and manifestations in her life. Just curious are you some kind of spiritual alchemist. LOL I am wishing to perfect my own body here even though you say in spirit we wouldn’t care about bodies. Anyways, our bodies from wingtip to wingtip is just a thought in the mind of the great gull!

  2. i think that if i were a spirit as a human would view spirits (like you said in preface) i think i would care about how to communicate….or whether my communication method would be understood by those who i want to communicate with. Guess it would be a matter of faith in my abilities.

    As far as intimacy and love….two separate things…..that would be another topic

      • Is there such a thing as a wounded spirit? A vulnerable spirit assumes that it can be wounded, and die in a realm where there is no death. Can Love die? For mortals, or course it can. A spirit, living in the continual awareness of Love, knows an intimacy far beyond the limits of spacetime. A spirit has left the belief of wounding or hurting each other to the world of mortals.

        • Dear
          Richard, Jennifer and Family,
          I think and I sense we could differentiate between the nature of our individual spirit that is LOVE and its constant creation of Bodies-Minds that born and constantly dying. Although the Body-Mind is fiction is a wonderful tool of our Individual Spirit in Its evolution to express LOVE in this space-time called planet Earth…..

    • Once an entity realizes her capacity with telepathy, there’s no longer a reason to use the belief in co-mmunicating. Communication is a sub-set designed for mortals, and requires at least two entities sharing a common ability. It’s fettered about with languages, words, nuance, visual cues…a zoo-full of beliefs. Telepathy, that feeling from afar, is a highway to direct understanding, and doesn’t require that another entity be the source. When we’re skilled in telepathy, need we bother with communicating?

      • I think that telepathy works here but personally, i am unaware of how to bring it about consciously…do we need to be conscious during it? Would spirits even have consciousness? I wonder because if they are love in their highest form there would be no such thing as being aware or not aware of anything….would there be awareness like we think of it? It seems like all this stems to ego within self….and a spirit would have none cause they would have no body, no brain, right?

        • I would disagree, the ‘spiritual self’ is not given to egotistical natures, for it has no ‘ego’ or ‘brain’ that would interfere in one’s immutable understandings or one’s self in the infinite spectrum of eternity.

          For me, the conception that the ‘self’ is conscious at all times, that is, ‘we’ remember who we are and were, this would seem to be a great waste of time if we did not accomplish ‘something’ in that time and retain it as part of our experiences.

          It seems that many believe that ‘we’ are just another version of the physical being that was so confused and complicated that ‘we’ seem to desire to be enlightened within the sphere of mindful matters. However, what truly ‘matters’ is not who we would be, for the ‘matter’ is gone and the true consciousness is evident and ‘we’ are so ‘free’ of the burdens that we once took so seriously, that we would be truly in a Heavenly Place, or state of being.

      • Communication, as I see it, is intimately connected with understanding. It’s one of the essential channels for insight. Here in the Now, we’re subject to our immersion in whatever dominates, or wherever we direct, our attention. Communication implies receptivity to a fresh perspective, and (at least a momentary) awakening from the defensive self-reinforcement we bury ourself in. Yes, as body-free spirit we may no longer need “communication” as such, because we’ll be free of the ego-connected involvement that has to defend our beliefs, our assumptions, our personal history, etc. Maybe we can be truly connected ….

          • The real question is, when will we be free of fear enough to have the ease of telepathic communication. I think it is fear that keeps use from flowing freely.

          • Once in a while we can get, or send, a telepathic message. Does your dog tell you when it’s time for a meal, before you think of it?

            Aside from dog-telepathy, dying will work.

          • What about “hope” Richard? Sometimes on this planet in this lifetime all we have is hope, which I know saves a soul….
            Glen (UK) 😉

          • You’re right. On this planet, that’s true. If the afterworld we don’t need for hope, for we know that our lives are an expression of love, and no harm…that there is no such thing, as harm there. Understanding that (which we automatically do) is one of the delights of that realm.

      • Of course one of the great advantages of telepathy is that it is done, or comes from, a place other than the mind. You can’t be in your head and use telepathy. On earth at least it happens from deeper place, a “heart space” is just what I call it. Animals communicate telepathically with each other, in the same way that humans have speech. I think humans in our early evolution used telepathy too, so we all have the innate ability to do it, we just need to remember how. I think humans “chose” speech over telepathy (I’m not implying this was a conscious choice) because speech is convenient for connecting with large groups (like hunters surrounding the mastodon) and perhaps more importantly, speech hides our thoughts, guards our privacy. The world would be a very different place if we could read each others thoughts! A better one?

  3. Dear Richard,
    It is a welcome sight to read your words once again.
    The Yesses & Noes are a unique and impeccable way of expressing The Way. They ring true. I AM grateful.

    Once again (perhaps excuse my persistence?) I imagine all of this, from Illusions on out, as a emancipating movie. Does this feel like it is of value to you these days? Earth’s inhabitants are more ripe than ever for your sharings and stories around Truth.

    I remember you once telling Donald that you’d never want to write another book…and yet…

    My continued gratitude for the light you shine on and into our Universe.

    Endless Blessings,
    Steve C.

  4. Sweet Spirit Richard,
    I am filled with such joy at finding your written words and wisdom and insight once again.
    What if this human body world is just a small piece of what IS elsewhere? What if there are other body worlds not yet measure-able to us here that are just as flawed, with pain, and that way of be-ing is just a part of the universe as it is and there is no other perfect being-ness. What if what Is…just Is? And we are moving from world to world, experiencing, living, dying, loving, learning, but there is no Ultimate Love? No perfection of Love? Endless alternative universes or be-ing-nesses, with endless ways of knowing, experiencing…
    But then again, what if there was an even more ultimate form of Love that we cannot imagine, but is temporary just as our lives here are temporary? And trying to achieve the ultimate form of Love is just as random to come across as the rest of the ways of be-ing? And so the achievement of it is not linear or subsequent from striving to achieve it, but part of random selection of some kind.
    So truly grateful to be able to share thoughts with you.

    • An endless procession of failed spacetimes? That could be true. Yet I prefer to believe in a higher sense, called Love. As a flawed mortal, in my cage of beliefs, even I can design a way of living vastly better than the ones now in use. How much better than mine is a system designed by Love to run forever beyond space, beyond time?

      • I know. I prefer to believe in Love too, but why or how could any spirit ever leave that place if is the ultimate Love? It would have to be the highest form of everything, right? And wouldn’t that make lives linear, only one place to go, only one place to shoot for, to strive for? An ending? Is that where all spirits who attain that place end up forever (similar to a heaven)? In a universe of many dimensions it is a final place, a universe I had always thought of as infinite. Does infinity not exist then?
        You say “a system designed by Love to run forever beyond space, beyond time”. Now that does sound more infinite. As Love goes forever where do improvement and learning come in? Does that go forever? What would there be to improve upon? What would there be to learn? Is not Love the ultimate of everything and therefore no further learning or improvement necessary? Does that not make Love flawed if there is room for improvement and learning? If it is flawed why would we want to attain it and live it forever?

          • Agreed. Do you think everyone then will have their own spacetime sense of forever Love, if we are all individuals? But if forever Love spacetime is a sense where all are individual, where does the concept of One come in to play? Has your philosophy changed around us all as One? I fear I have fallen out of step with where you might be and I ask for forgiveness for this.
            Along with telepathy, what of teleportation? If our highest form is not corporeal, is a sense, will our spirits be in one place? Will we be able to be anywhere, everywhere, everywhen, or able to move from one place or sense to another? From one spacetime to another if we think we need to go somewhere else to learn somethng. Maybe we have all already been to the spacetime of forever Love and realized we needed to go elsewhere to learn something and then return. Maybe we have all been generated from there and will return there when we are done here.
            I do love this Comments section. It has been years since I have found such wonderful intellectual stimulation. Thank you again for this!!

          • It’s possible, but highly improbable, that I might have the smallest error in my thinking. The concept of spacetime is a realm designed by mortals, for mortals (including ET mortals, too). Love is beyond mortal sense, though we may have a beautiful concept of what It may be. As we become One, does that mean we must never return to mortals again? I’d say yes, but there may be some examples where that has happened. (But perhaps those individuals were not _quite_ one with Love.)
            Certainly teleportation is useful for spiritual beings. Lots and lots of examples of that in the literature. Rarely but it’s possible for a few of what seemed to be mortals, too (see _The Initiate_ and _Life and Teachings of the Maters of the Far East_).
            Coming here and Going Back when our lessons have finished? Time and time, thousands of examples of that…including us, I’m pretty sure.
            It takes not forever, but a long time for us to experience what it’s like to live on extraterrestrial planets, or to be planet-free… a lifeform extending a few light-years in deep space. What’s “a community of them” like?
            Does a Big Bang followed by a Big Crunch, does that happen over and over, like the inside of a combustion chamber on a reciprocating engine? If that happens say every 30 billion years or so for us, it still doesn’t take forever to do a thousand million cycles or so, any more than it takes forever for us to run our engines and drive our cars from home to a shopping center and back.
            Why have you started a whole new book on your question, Michelle?

          • no love is flawed. no being is. nothing is.
            to see flaw is to be ignorant. ignorance is not flaw. it is a gift among many gifts. one of stepping stones. or how do you get to there from here?

            thanks Richard.

      • Dear
        Richard, Shawn, Michelle and spiritual family:
        I think the best system designed by LOVE is the simultaneous life-times described in the books The Bridge Across Forever, One and Running from Safety ….. If we lived millions of cycles of Big Bangs and Big Crunches … .this means that this family is now ready to move to the next level of evolution to LOVE?

  5. Thank you for writing this!
    I found ‘grief’ in the shortlist of noes. What is the way to deal with the pain – seeing your loved ones in grief? Is there a clinical spiritual switch?

    • The best way to deal with grief (for me) is to realize that the spirit of our loved one is perfectly alive today, though we (usually) cannot see them in physical form. It takes a lot of research, through hundreds of books and thousands of experiences from others, to reach that point. The intensity of our missing them can be dissolved by an experience or three in dreams, in hypnotic adventures or in a series of strange coincidences. Remember that as mortals, we’re not supposed to believe that the “dead” are alive, no matter what form they take. In our culture, we’re taught that grief is a difficult mountain to climb and the best we can do is to cry a lot. An education in death and dying is now available to us, and if we love the subject, it’s a fascinating world.

    • I guess they care about Love. Some of them have evolved to the point where they realize that our sense of self, that’s a belief, too. Beyond them are those who have become one with Love and no longer manifest as individual entities. It must be that the idea of selves is an important tool for a lot of us in this part of our journey, but like hammers and saws, they’re not required as we progress.

      • Hi Richard! Yes it is so nice to actually speak(?) to you and maybe receive your viewpoints afterwards. I have a friend who continually pointed out that if I was hurt by something he said, I was allowing myself to be hurt. Do you believe that there is a spacetime where we will not be hurt, all right, I know the answer, of course there is a spacetime where love will cover all. Have I answered my own question?

    • Jessica,

      There is a writer, now passed on, Walter Russell, quite a genius in many fields who had extensive spiritual experiences. His major written work is THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD, in two volumes. a record of a long spiritual experience with God or Source. Volume 1 page 20: # 6:
      “Knowing not Me in them, they are alone in all the universe; but knowing Self of them as Me in them, they then are Me, they then, with Me, are all My universe.”

      Love expands the self into unity with God / Source.

  6. As a Psychic Medium Metaphysician for 33 years I can tell you Richard that Spirits (people who die in the physical but live eternally in the spirit world also known as “Heaven” ) DO care about “communication”! You said No to that but it is a resounding YES and they communicate with telepathy (which you also said YES to) but they communicate in 100’s of different ways! From your favorite song together gets played on the radio in your car just as you are thinking about them to white feathers dropping in front of you or in your home (how did it get in there?!) to pennies dropping too in front of you (from Heaven! ) so Spirit (which people asked what is that?) are US in the next dimension and we all go to the same place..we all know it….we have all been there 1000’s or more times…our true Home between lives. We have a Spirit body which inhabits the Soul…all co-joined together. No you can not lose your soul. Hope this clears up some confusion for you and your readers.

    • Thank you Shawn! I wondered whether communication was part of telepathy, and if it was, it didn’t belong on the list of Yesses. Now, as I read your comment here, I realized there are other aspects than telepathy that mean Communication does belong there. May I change the list to include Communication beyond Telepathy? Awkward. OK. Just plain “Communication” is there again, and readers can figure it out.

      • Hi Richard, as I get so much “communication” from spirit all the time, it would be wise to say they LOVE to communicate in ANY way they can! So please change it as you see fit. You are a very wise soul and my students over the many decades have been introduced to your book, ” Illusions”, by me, which has awakened them, stirred them, and we have discussions about what is in there and it has really helped them. Peace, love and light to you and yours! 🙂

        • Dear,
          Shawn and Family,
          I think and I sense that Richard refers to the reality of the spirit that is timeless- spaceless, therefore it is simultaneous, no past, no future, therefore the highest aspect of our spirit is continually living in this state of Love that projected the Illusion of the film between birth and death … but Richard refers to the purest individual consciousness, our original state, never born, never dying……

          • How you can refer to that sense I believe in…how can you even refer to it without having been there, yourself, Pedro? Are all of us adventurers through infinity? Even the idea of “us” in timeless, spaceless, spirit “form,” even that’s a belief. The highest sense that I can imagine, is that “we” are not locked by any belief, but “we’re” already One in Love.
            A life in such perfection doesn’t sound like fun to me, but that’s probably why I believe there are worlds yet to discover, and why I entertain a fiction of us as separate, wondrous individuals.

    • It makes sense communicating to our loved ones on earth but is telepathy the only way we communicate on the other side? Are we able to speak with a voice to each other if we wanted to?
      Are we able to laugh?

      • Funny that you should say that. I had an experience in Argentina, where Sabryna thought (still thinks) that I had died. For me, though, it felt like a lovely dream. Some elders at a some kind of long table or desk were saying that I was not going to die, this was just a mid-term meeting. There was lots of laughing about what they said (that I can’t remember, now), and I was still smiling when I woke from what must have been four minutes of unconsciousness.

      • Yeah, Joelle.
        Frankly speaking, when you asked about the voice I remembered Dolphins. They communicate like sending each other files loaded into an ultrasonic waves 🙂
        Isn’t it fun?

  7. Curious to find ‘life’ on the list of ‘yes’s for spirits? Life is a mortal concept is it not? I have labored over what it means for something to be ‘alive’ versus inanimate and when we list the characteristics of living creatures we find the number one common factor and greatest desire is to procreate (#1 because it is more important it seems than survival since most creatures are at their most vulnerable while giving birth and raising young). Would a spirit have such desires do you think? I would also move ‘telepathy’ to the ‘no’ column simply because it would seem to come with the spirit reality. No body, no speech, so the only other form of communication imaginable is telepathy. What about ‘expression’? Do you think a spirit might like to revel in expression as you revel in your writing for instance? Thanks as always for the thought provoking email!

    • If Life is a limited sense, if it’s mortal life, it doesn’t belong there. My intent was the greater Life that spirits need to understand their existence and the direction of their path. Expression, of course. That’s on the long list.

      • Do you sometimes worry that our desire to ‘live’ forever with our own unique consciousness is incorrect? We bathe in the notion that “we are all one” yet our egos seek to make us believe we can remain as unique individual spirits after mortal death. Why? What if the truth is we simply are just drops of rain returning to the ocean after death never more to be distinguished one from another but truly thereafter “one”. Why should such an equally plausible scenario frighten us so? We make claim to encounters with ‘spirits’ who have no corporeal reality as proof of continued unique consciousness after death. But working with the ocean analogy, we also know that water again evaporates from the ocean into unique droplets emanating from the “one” ocean consciousness. Yet each new droplet has little probability of being identical to some previous drop of water once fallen again into the ocean and consumed. While perhaps wishing for my individuality to exist forever, I find no fear in entertaining the thought that it may not be so. Thanks for your postings that cause many of us to clarify our thoughts and possible beliefs.

        • I’d question your comment about “our desire to ‘live’ forever with our own unique consciousness…” That’s certainly not my desire. My consciousness has certainly changed in this lifetime, and I hope it will continue changing (that is, improving) over the timeless life ahead. Of course that timeless life is already happening now and only this apparent belief of a separate time-bound existence seems to be our temporary classroom.
          The thought of being an indistinguishable expression of life would be a concern for me. I’ve got lots of different characters within me now. The ocean of drops is an enchanting metaphor, yet the thought that my consciousness is fungible into any other consciousness, That’s difficult for be to accept, just now.
          If I’d take a poll of my inner characters, I suspect that ninety percent of then would choose infungibility, for their future.

          • Perhaps if I replace the word ‘live’ with ‘exist’ my meaning would be a bit clearer? Hard for me to reconcile a difficulty with ‘our desire to ‘exist’ forever with our own unique consciousness’ versus a resistance to consider losing one’s individual consciousness due to returning to the consciousness pool of total experience after mortal death. They appear to be cause and effect of the same notion. Limitations intrigue me and I marvel at how difficult it is to simply express an idea with language. You have mastered it of course as an underpinning of your craft. Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas with my favorite author! Have not yet found a definition of ‘fungible’. I may have to update my 1940’s war-time edition pocket dictionary but then again MS Word doesn’t know it either:) Pardon my ignorance.

          • I fail as a writer when I use words that mean nothing to my readers. What could have I been studying, when “fungible” becomes an important word?

        • But are we not already that drop of water and the ocean both?? it is just the peeling away of everything that seems to be what is happening…well to me…. It is all here now for us all….

  8. I think the ultimate reality is LOVE and it is spiritual. However LOVE or love requires
    individuals with the ability to choose to LOVE / love (in a human way) or not.

    By loving we come to realize (understand) that we are One with God/Source. God
    created individuals to experience LOVE which has to be a free choice.

    I once asked God / Source, “What is heaven like?” The answer came immediately,
    “My heaven is being with you.” That astounded me, but I very soon came to
    realize that applies to everyone, yes to everyone! We can accept that or not!

  9. Many years ago I had a few dream-like experiences that happened while my body was asleep in which I felt like I was in a white place, like being in fog or inside of a cloud in a place, only with no body but with a sense of me as a being. I could also sense others around me including family and friends plus many others. If I started having thoughts I could choose who “heard” them — myself, certain others, or the whole group — and I could “hear” them. Some of the things I “heard” there made me feel a sense if “wow” that stayed with me when I physically woke up. I don’t know if these were experience dreams or dream dreams but everything on the yes list was there and none of the no list. I have met others over the years who have had the same dreams or experiences about being in the white place. What could it be? Whatever it was always left me feeling very loved happy and with a sense of belonging I have not had one of those experience dreams in a long time. What you wrote about above brought all of that back for me. Thank you!

    • This is remarkable. A few minutes ago I was talking about the fog that surrounds me, and here you prove that it’s there around you, too! Like near-death experiences: one experience may not mean much, but thousands of the same experience from around the world, they do suggest a truth about our life beyond.

      • Yes , Richard, I agree. There was a very sad day some years ago when my mum almost died. Unfortunately I was miles away but I felt something was wrong – I prayed and asked one powerful saint to help my mum. I saw my mother next day and she told me about her near-death experience: she said that she saw the dream in which she was buried , but then she got out of that grave and realised it was not her grave anymore.

  10. Good morning, you have forgotten that boredom with the space time continuum drove more than a few folks into “care of the body” as a pass time. On a side note, it’s good to see you in print. Thanks, Jim

  11. I think if a spirit choses to play this game then it has to care about many of those noes. Of course it doesn’t matter how many times the indians kill me. If I want to have the most fun then I have to be the best cowboy I can. 🙂

  12. I would add peace and light. Thank you for the updates and meaningful things to think about. It helps to unravel life’s difficulties and gives hope.

  13. Just a ‘thank you’ Richard…how is it, that every time life throws up so many challenges, a post comes into the in-box which reaffirms all that I/we/us/the ‘is’, believe in?

    Again, thank you.

  14. what a long journey so many of us have taken. Funny I thought of you today after watching Belle andSebastian the adventure continues at a local french film festival. After walking away from loves for me this post and themovie giveme hope there is still a good love to come. Your books gave so many of us so much to aim for Richard. I hope life is kind and looks after you. Isn’t getting older miraculous in hindsite <3

  15. It seems to me that what matter for a spirit is to go beyond oneself, to reconnect with… higher levels, to expand or enlighten the own consciousness.

    Sometimes we need airplanes, sometimes we need to suffer, sometimes we just need to wash the dishes. The key is the consciousness.

    Thank you for all your writing.


    Juan Carlos

  16. Richard, I agree with your ideas about spirits. They leave signs around us everyday. I would think they wouldn’t need planes because they have the ability to fly wherever then want to go with the freedom that they need, right? And yes, love is really all you need here and in the spiritual world. I still wonder though…in the Bible it states that we will no longer have human form and yet people say all of the time that when someone dies that we will see them again in heaven. My question has always been, “How will we know it’s them?” How will I know it’s mom or dad…or anyone of my loved ones? Any thoughts?

    • I think that we as mortals use bodies as an immediate recognition source. That works well in dreams or apparitions, but after a while it’s no longer required. I can tell when it’s my mom who speaks to me without seeing her. You know it’s me because my language is a little bit different from anyone else’s. And by the time I get to know your syntax and the ideas you love, so will you be unlike any else, who’s ever lived before, no body required.

      • Thank you, Richard. You have helped me to understand something that has been elusive and that no one else has even tried to answer before.

  17. I feel your list tries to separate ‘spirit’ from ‘physical’. Personally, I am of the belief that there is no such separation. I feel when we die we will still have a ‘body’, just not one as dense as the one we have now. And, we will still care about it. We will still want to create just as we do now, but our creations will appear instantaneously because we will not be in the space/time continuum we are now. Hence, one of the reasons for physical life, to learn and understand that all our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. Both in the ‘physical’ world and in the ‘spirit’ world. And, I think, Richard….you will still have a wonderful interest in airplanes.

  18. I am a fan of yours from many years. Thankyou for your Email. I believe we spend a life time fearing death and about seven years ago I had a reality check having cancer. I began to live today and face anything that a day brings with thankfulness in what I have and to know that fearing the unknown only keeps you fearing. I know I am surrounded by spirits and that one day when I die I will join the spirits in heaven. I have been given more time to experience this life in a whole new meaning. All I can tell is that we are all born and we will all die and everything in between should be wanting the knowledge and wisdom of living life in peace with lots of love and joy of helping others know the truth. It is all very simple but man kind has made it to complex. Keep sending your thoughts it’s great to debate to help others think about what they are believing. It is never to late to help. Oh I was healed and live today a Stronger person .

    • Just because I don’t respond, doesn’t mean that I don’t care. You’re speaking to all of us. Thank you for being here, and for talking about something that matters to nearly everyone.

  19. Stupid question, probably. My foreigness getting on the way, sorry. What do you mean by “individuality”? Doesn’t individuality belong to the individual? Aren’t individuals a collection of atoms gathered around a certain frequency? I can’t imagine spirit caring about individuality. Can anybody provide any light on that one? I feel spirit more like oneness, or more like the vibratory field rather than the atoms around it. That field not really separating into individuals, more like collectiveness made up of individual frequencies, all vibrating individually and vibrating together at the same time. Those seem to be my memories of spirit. Group and individual being inexticably linked.

    • “Aren’t individuals a collection of atoms gathered around a certain frequency?” Strange as it sounds (even to me), there’s no physicality involved with our individuality. You have a certain individuality in your ideas, but are atoms required for your ideas, mortal or spiritual?

      • I agree. Atoms are not required. They are just the dressing. Do you think it is important to our spirits their differentiation from others? Or do you think that others’ learnings and improvements are as important to them as their own? or, even beyond, do you think others’ improvements, ideas, are also part of who they are? When we don’t have bodies, where are our boundaries? Don’t you think that the field that pervades it all, pervades our spirits, too? And if that is the case, where do you end, and where do I begin? Can some of my ideas come from your own mind, here on earth, if we communicate through the field? Can they come from our spirit friends’, too? Having no minds, do our spirit friends’ ideas belong also to the field, and belonging to the field, aren’t they everybody’s?

      • Dear Richard,
        For me the YES for Individuality is one of the most important that Spirits care of…., because in our world there are millions of books and hundred of organizations that keep the false belief that we loss our Individuality and endless rewards and punishments if we fail on the path…., this Post is a Great Gift to learn again and again….., Thank You.

  20. I, as a spirit…(would)
    care about finding openings into the physical world.
    That opening is called ‘Free Will.’
    All humans posses a Free Will opening but none comprehend the enormous number of spirits which enter and leave through it.
    I, as a human…(only)
    recognize the spirits I choose to manifest…to make a difference in my world.

  21. Hmmm. Good thought exercise for a Sunday morning. I wonder what spirits will say about knowledge. Would spirits care about knowledge, or ARE they knowledge? Learning is on the list, but learning doesn’t necessarily equal knowledge. At least for earthbound souls. But understanding is on the list, too. So perhaps learning + understanding = knowledge. At least for spirits. We humans are too stubborn and close-minded sometimes to get that.

    I would also posit spirits care about wisdom, which should be the end result of learning/understanding/knowledge. It is also the end result of relationships. And life. And love. And everything else on the Yes list. And the end result of all of that, including wisdom, is peace. So I would add peace to the Yes list.

    Meanwhile, I’m hesitant about putting communications on the No list. Isn’t telepathy a form of communication? I think technological communications should be on the No list, but maybe not. We cannot foster most of what’s on the yes list without communication. Even if it’s telepathic. We can’t even be having this wonderful discussion without technological communication. So maybe it’s all about with whom spirits are communicating. With themselves? Then I would argue telepathy is communication. With earthbound souls? Same argument. But earthbound soul to earthbound soul (which isn’t what we’re really discussing, so excuse me for my deviation) definitely needs communication.

    Thank you for asking this question. And thank you for posting this. It was a good meditative exercise. I don’t think any of us get those enough!

    • Is it fair, if I go back into the original website post and change it, so “Communication” is on the Yes list? I know it’s possible, but then the comments suggesting that it should be there will seem to be crazy. But if I change it, I’ll look good and they’ll be the crazies.
      Sounds good to me. Off to change the original post… : )

      • I believe communication is everywhere at every level. It forms the illusions in which we live, it streams between apparent worlds, universes, beings, forms and non-forms. It is physical, mental, spiritual … everything and every non-thing. So, yes, definitely yes. We are communication: of love, of thought, of being, of being together.

          • ….and going a little further is what we really mean by ‘change’ …? Could it mean we knew it before…are reminded of it by affirmations on what seem to be coming from the outside? Is it really a shift in thought? Hmnn…..

      • “Is it fair, if I go back into the original website post and change it, so “Communication” is on the Yes list? I know it’s possible, but then the comments suggesting that it should be there will seem to be crazy. But if I change it, I’ll look good and they’ll be the crazies.
        Sounds good to me. Off to change the original post… : )”

        Now that just gave me a chuckle and it’s funny, when I read the conversation about changing it to a yes, I thought that the conversation would look odd then. It’s good to laugh a little.

  22. What a ” Boon ” it is to receive your Blog , Richard. I wouldn’t say you have
    ” forgotten ” it … but from within me comes ” Creativity .” Spirit Consciousness , it seems to me, includes the ability to dynamically Create … but importantly, understanding the result of Ones Creativity , on the Whole, before doing so, thus Telepathy.
    Your a Blessing … Christian/Grumman 11

  23. Greetings Richard, and All,

    Jennifer said intimacy and love are two different things. That made me think… Why yes, how could love be bound up intimately with hate for example?

    Louise asked about laughter…. We adore laughter as humans, it makes us feel better, therefore it is clearly spiritual/intuitive/oil so I am certain there is joy beyond our here-and-now.

    Soul is mind? I believe so anyway.

    I am however wrestling with the concept of what Spirit is……What is that strange inner-notion that is so elusive when we try to examine it?
    As mysterious as conscience.

    Family on the Yes List….personally I’m not so sure….

    Isn’t that just our ego refusing to let go of the thread of a connection that we cling to in a world we fear may be full of potentially ‘dangerous’ strangers.
    Surely a place without separation would likely be free of family bonds?

    Pondering still, good discussion, humbly, thank you, from the Scottish contingent.

  24. I never seem to be able to figure out what to say. But I am here with joy. Always grateful that someone can put into words what I have difficulty expressing. Thank you to all…

  25. Space and time? I believe dreams work the way consciousness does with the physics removed. Perhaps spirits need the limitations of the physical to have something to change. A game without rules can’t exist, even if the only rule is ‘we’re playing’.

  26. Oh my, no error in your thinking.
    Why have I started a whole new book on my question. I fear I am rambling too much out of excitement over this discourse.
    A Community of them – is that the same as One? Communities are a mortal concept too I would think and full of relationship dynamics – you have relationships as yes. What does a community of Love look like, you ask. I wonder if they have relationship dynamics and if so would the dynamics be fully functional (as opposed to dysfunctional in the psychological sense) and oh my wouldn’t that be amazing and to me something difficult to conceive of what that would look like because I don’t see much of that in my line of work as a psychologist.
    Would there be many communities and would they have different characteristics from each other or is it just One community. The One.
    Simultaneous lifetimes – I love this concept. It opens up the possibility of infinite possibilities in a person’s worldly life and dimensionless life. I think I need to go back and read Bridge and One again. Come to think of it I had Jonathan and Illusions packed for a trip this week but now I am going to replace them with Bridge and One. Thank you for the “reminder” Pedro.
    Your communication question that you then answered. Agreed. Communication can only happen if the sender and receiver are both open to it and capable of it, yes? And it can take many different forms. In our corporeal sense it can happen online, through words, non-verbals, through song, etc. Telepathy to me has always meant a way of communicating without using the spoken word, yet using words directly from one mind to another (the dictionary definition), so is a separate concept from communication.
    I feel that some of those who have left this life return when I become available to hear them, when I “lift the veil” and “communicate” with them, like I do with my father who died when I was a teenager whom I now think of as being in a parallel universe as a very different being, female even. Others who have left this life I cannot even find although some I do not wish to find to communicate with either for they do not come from or bring Love. I think of the spirits I know as working hard at something, whether is it just working hard at Love or helping us here or others elsewhere to understand what Love is and how to get there from where we are. I think of them as coming and going from here for those reasons. I feel I am never far from my loved ones departed from this life. They live simultaneously with me in other spacetime, the dimensionless world. Spiritually functionally dimensionless world – I love this term.
    Soooooo then I finally get to our own beliefs in the reality of the physical world – Do spirits value mindfulness or meditation? Is that not what Eastern philosophers (and now having grown to be a big movement here backed by the latest neuroscience) believe as bringing us closer to being One? To step back from our selves, to see our selves outside of our selves, separating from our emotions yet fully aware of them, focused yet aware of all that is around us…..although I am not sure Love is always the goal for meditation. But meditation is right in line with dissolving illusions and changing how we perceive our existence. Our realities are created by our perceptions and mindfulness and meditation are key to changing our perceptions… or the key to seeing reality…in this dimension of spacetime. Would there be no need for meditation in a Spiritually functionally dimensionless world?
    I have felt fairly brain starved Richard these past several years, so thank you for helping to feed and strengthen my weakened soul with this venue. 

    • Lovely ideas, Michelle. Two that I need some help with, though:
      “our own beliefs in the reality of the physical world” and
      “Our realities are created by our perceptions and mindfulness…”
      Could the words “reality” and “realities” be replaced with the words “appearance” or “illusion” and “appearances” or “illusions”? The suggestion of a “false reality” leads me down a path that ends in a sudden cliff.

      • And I knew you would take me down this road of illusions and appearances and I love you for this challenge. I spent some time before posting last night trying to recall my past thoughts on illusions and appearances and I think I did grasp those concepts when first I read them in your books, but then I also know that my belief in what you say are the illusions I have created for myself are…they seem so unchangeable. Who in this corporeal world has been able to change them and move to another spacetime without having died first and then remain there, or do we always come back until we master the illusion? Who has done that? Can we really truly change illusions so much that we will find ourselves in the Love spacetime if only briefly without having died first. Maybe I am being too literal, too thick, too stubborn, too faithless in what a messiah teaches, or I have too much psychological training. Remind me – can dreaming or meditating, or hypnotic states or dissociating create such a change in our illusions and we only have to believe in them enough for us to enter another spacetime or to enter the Love spacetime. You did this when you took a sort of power nap in your book and discovered Love, right? But you came back here. I thought I have felt this Love, the Zen space, at times, briefly. But the inability to maintain it reminds me of the Christian concept of blaming those who don’t find god and believe in god because their belief is not strong enough if you cannot find it or cannot maintain it and that leads me to the same place that false reality leads you, off a cliff.
        I remember Jonathan going through phases of attaining higher consciousness as he practiced flying until finally he reached the point of being able to control his flight. So I thought you were saying that is what we must do in this corporeal life in order to attain Love spacetime. That his life with the flock was an illusion until he created another illusion for himself by learning to fly. There is work he did to get there though, physical work – an illusion too?, hard work that moved him from one illusion to another? so are you saying that when we work in the same manner as Jonathan that we will find the Love spacetime and it is only attained through a loooong journey filled with hard work? Are we doomed to never reach it if we are not motivated to work that hard, or lack the knowledge? But we have angels or spirits coming back to help us?
        I keep straying away from your original question of what does the Love community look like once you are there.

        • We can do that in some of our travels into alternate worlds. Visits to a heaven-world, for instance I imagine some of us have been to the same place: a huge and beautiful library. Nearby is a pond and a fountain, and lots of stone paving around those areas. In the enormous library, we can read records of past lives (and I guess future lives, too). A place not far from there, a sort of chiseled outdoor theater where we can meet those who play parts in this life or others. This place was clear to me the half-dozen times I’ve been there, and I’ve read about the same place since then. I guess we go through phases too, but could a place like this be a Love community, too?

  27. Richard,
    Greetings from South America. I love reading your words whether on this blog or in the form of books. It is a big pleasure to find someone who thinks just like me and wonders about the same too. I can’t wait for your next email.

  28. What if…………we are remembering everything we already know? No studying what we think we don’t know, and yes, it’s a game and we’ve already won!
    You all, are very blessed souls, we are remembering how to vibrate, which allows us to change our perception of what we create. Right now on this site, we are creating for each of us a different point of view, of reality here.

    Loving who we are exactly as we exist right now is paramount to seeing love in All Beings. Animals, plants, etc., everyone! No matter the physical condition presented, it’s all an Illusion for the Game! I feel we all can agree, Richard has created a most marvelous Game and we as participants, are able to enjoy seeing his creation…..as our own. Happy creating…….that’s why we agreed to be here in the first place, to show how “Free Will” works, don’t you think? Keep this simple, try not to over work LOVE…………it’s everywhere, in everything, surrounding us always no matter where we exist. The more we Love ourselves the more the Love vibration goes out to everyone and their vibration changes too.
    Toodie PS: We All speak to one another telepathically………on many different levels, try to be aware of what you are thinking…someone is listening! : )

  29. Hi Richard, What if the noes were within the allness of what spirit cares about? And that the noes just mean that they know what comes first: connection before communication. I like to think of the ISP as Source connecting us to each other through our connection with our Self. Connection covers so much more than verbal communication.

    I do believe that spirits care about the physical because the part of me that knows that I AM is what created this body and the body of my experience in the first place. It’s when I get attached to the form that I forget and everything gets mucked up.

    We look for soul in man/woman, things, experiences instead of connecting within ourselves and letting the forms change and trust all is given before we even know we have a need.

    That’s all for now.

  30. What an intriguing post. I wonder if we could also see the “Yeses” in the form of values. Those qualities that resonate to the heart of our spirit.

    Whilst the “Noes” could be seen as possibilities of, or vehicles for, lessons. Some can be pleasant (such as airplanes) and others can be very unpleasant indeed. Either way, they are not needed by our spirit but they may be of use to us during our journeys here in space-time for whatever learning or adventure we may decide to have. Or we may choose them because we don’t see another way.

    They may also have their own spirit, taking that form because that may be how they can best reach us at that moment.

  31. Dear Richard,

    Your books changed my life deeply, and served as a guiding star in a very special time of my life, between 12 and 18 years old, and after that as well. I recently found out about this website and was surprised when I read your very own replies. So, first of all, thanks for all your precious insights, you have a very very bright mind, heart and spirit. Second, one curiosity: have you ever read about kabbalah? It seems it describes many things in common with what I read from you. Most probably two sources trying to explain something bigger, the universe, life… in a very smart and innovative way.

    Best regards,

    from São Paulo, Brazil

    • It’s astonishing and to some extent interesting, that you believe the Kabbalah and its ideas are close to mine. I’m glad that it works for you, Ricardo, but I’ve been so turned off by organized religion that I shudder at the thought of opening even one page (is it a book?) in the Kabbalah.

      • Is it because we missed the essence of the books of the religion as you explained in the 4th chapter of the JLS or is there any other reason?

  32. What if one thinks the other is his/her soulmate, and the other after a long time of several years and always acknowledging the connection, says there are no feelings for the former. Do you regret leaving Leslie?

    • I’m grateful for the years we spent together, and the tests we learned to lift above, in those days. We’ve each of us changed, since then, and we’re off to different challenges now. Neither of us (I hope I can speak for Leslie) regrets leaving the other in the years since. We can love our fifth-grade teacher, yet the time comes when we find ourselves in a different school, with different teachers.

      • Your reply is wise and beautiful, Richard. But in reality, it is really difficult. What if the other has got a new teacher while the former is left simply alone, unable to find a new teacher even when living in the loving kindness of the Universe and then aloneness turns into loneliness. It is pathetically difficult. What concrete suggestions are you going to give apart from all the myriad of usual suggestions floating?

        • I sense that you know what I’m going to say. : )
          Some lessons are not only difficult, but we may fail to understand what they mean for us, or what gifts they bring to us. Have you ever had a lesson come back again, when you thought you had mastered it? Or come back again and again and again?
          When we’re alone, we may feel bad about that feeling. It may stay as a lesson for us year after year…we may die with that lesson unlearned. Yet some of us can find that it’s OK to be alone, and be happy in our quiet solitude.
          I met a friend today, struggling with life after her husband died.
          She knew it was a test for her, but it was terribly difficult.
          If that happened to you, how would you live with that event as your test?

          • That’s funny I recall a conversation that you and Leslie had about just that. About what either of you would do if the other died.

  33. Dearest Richard,
    Thought provoking and educational as always…I sense that spirit connection and communication of ultimate Love here every time we, as a group, meet! The sense of unmitigated Love and Joy in these “meetings” is bliss. I think we’re all individuals and One as Love and Spirit both here and in the higher plane of existence, all levels at the same time…very much like in your book “One”. And I sense that Ultimate Love is also Ultimate Communication as well…all at once and across all beliefs of existence . What wonderful ideas…no, realizations…I find here with all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, which being a manifestation of eternal spirit and love, goes a very long way! 🙂

  34. It seems like the spiritual side of life is always there waiting and wanting our aknowlegment and openness,
    we can go as far or deep with it as we want or will allow. We can change our reality completely but it’s difficult with all the burdens, distractions, fears, stresses, emotions, regrets etc…
    I have a feeling you have always been/felt connected regardless of what else has gone on, that part of your success is due to staying connected spiritually and how writing can be such a vehicle. Did you ever go through a stage of seeking (besides love) of what some call enlightenment or has it always been there?
    I also wanted to share an experience that happened last year with a yogi. Previously I had been attending yoga retreats where he would come for ten days once a year. But his body is very old now and he no longer is able to travel. But I went to the retreat anyway. While I was working I suddenly realized I could talk to him. I could hear him asking me questions and I would simply answer in a thought and felt it being recieved. During the entire retreat I felt his presence more than when he was physically there. Perhaps the body can limit us or seem to limit our awareness and without one we can be more aware. I suppose meditation teaches this.

    • I’ve come to doubt that we can change our reality. If you were to say. “We can change our beliefs completely…”, I’d agree right away.
      There must be a world where advancing is simple, but somehow it missed our little dream of Earth.
      No, I never had a stage of seeking enlightenment. Like many others, though, I’ve had a few times when the Light found me, instead.
      The center of the Light, as far as I can tell, is this blinding Love. (I need to say blinding, because it’s extremely, intensely bright, but it doesn’t hurt our eyes [or whatever it is that we use to see, instead of eyes.])
      So I’ll guess that your yogi friend may be surrounded by that light.

      • I have seen that brilliant white light which is blinding yet does not make our eyes close down due to its brilliance. What happened was that I was standing near a guy, I never knew who put my hand on his left shoulder, not I nor anyone else. When I realized that my hand was on his shoulder, out of sheer shyness and politeness, I immediately pulled my hand away. It was at that time, and precisely at that point where my hand rested that I saw the beautiful white light shining filling me with amazement and joy. 🙂 It was there for a second or a millionth of a second, and that light was resplendent.

  35. I imagine spirits existing without the limitation of space-time that we have. That being true, I say yes for memory, yes for challenge, yes for emotions, yes for connectivity, yes for love, yes for happiness, yes for dreams, yes for personality, yes for activity. No for missing too much past lives – memory yes, but suffering no, no for sequence, no for limitations like ours, no for contemplation. Sometimes I meet my father, who passed away, in dreams that I call encounters and not dreams, and all the above is there. He gave me Jonathan Seagull when I was a boy, and that’s how I got here.

    São Paulo, Brazil

  36. Dear Richard,

    “What is it about the lives of spirits, that I have forgotten?”

    My soul resonates to that question indicating this:

    “Well…. the items you mentioned may very well be all on the ‘Yes’ list, but to me , number one on the ‘YES’ list, surely comes PLAY.”


    • Gulay, I wonder….does a spirit need to express itself? I imagine it as a pure form , therefore, it is its own expression….hmmnnn….

      • Hi Jennifer, I think so. Just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Donald Shimoda. Aren’t they pure expression, I don’t know where Richard ends and they begin or vice versa.

  37. Dear Richard
    I noticed this website today, and I think this will be my new favourite websites from this day on.
    I love your books, especially Illusions 1 and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. When I went to high school they inspired me so much, and made me think less about impressing everyone else, but rather improving myself and doing what makes me happy.
    I have read both books more than seven times each, and they always put a smile on my face.
    A respond to this comment would mean the world to me, but if not;
    Thank you.

  38. Just reading some Jane Roberts and was reminded of your acquaintance with Jane and Rob. So that brought me here. Makes me smile to read here, and makes me happy to see my own growth reflected in yours. Gonna pick up some of your work, which I haven’t in many years. Peace and love, Richard.

    • Friends with Jane and Rob, and we meet 40 years later! What a strange web of coincidence, Lisa, that we’d find each other after all this time gone by.

  39. I re-wrote your questions with some of what came through for me. Thank you for asking the questions.

    IF IT WEREN’T for our own belief in the reality of the physical world and all things physical, what else might make a difference to us? If we were spirits, the kind of beings that some say we are after our lives as mortals are finished, what would we care about?

    We would be more interested in connection and expression. The physical world would be more like play than something we struggle with or against. Using this life experience to try as many things as possible that we get to try while we have a physical body would be more important than preserving it. And possessions would be interesting for what joy we would get out of it and then passed on to someone else. If something were lost, we would know that it would be found or something better would take its place. We would probably adjust more quickly when a loved one transitioned to non-physical, and develop a closer relationship with them. We would be interested in those physical beings who were interested in connecting with us, and share what we know so that they might have more fun.

    What is it about the lives of spirits, that I have forgotten?

    That they are here support me and remind me when I forget. I get infinite do-overs and to be less concerned with getting it right and more interested in the joy of expression. To trust that life is for me. That the things that feel bad are telling me to stop doing that. There’s more but I’ll stop here for now. That requests are fulfilled and questions answered immediately. Appreciation improves my creative focus. ox

  40. Funny, was wondering if I should comment, then read the previous comment about Jane Roberts, and felt that I should. I am a lover, and a practitioner of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, who I really believe is/are the next step of Jane & Seth. I also can’t help feeling that I might be the next step of Abraham-Hicks. Hubris? No. . . I think, THAT’s how powerful and radiant we are, if only we can allow ourselves to feel that.

    Anyway, the reason I came here today was because I was reading about Blue Origin’s spectacular test flight yesterday, and the fact that their insignia is a feather. And the fact that you Richard, and your books were my first conscious introduction to all of this stuff. And that my husband, my beloved, has become an aviation enthusiast and can’t get enough of it. He’s taking his private pilot training right now.

    Just felt like sharing!

    Love & blessings.

  41. Richard, gracias por compartir con nosotros, tu familia y nuestra familia de ideas compartidas, como decia Louise. Tus fantasticos libros nos han unido, y esta union podra ser una red de apoyo para todos , en nuestro caminar evolutivo. Que te parece?

  42. Hello sir.
    First of all, I’m sorry that I’m going to ask you an old problem about your book. Because now I’ve just find the way to contact to you, chat with you, and ask you some advice.
    I’m Nin, 20 years old, studying about International Trade at university. I’ve read your book named “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” last year. The story in the book gives me a lot of thinking about what I’m following to do. I dream to travel to a lot of new places in my country, and to others in the earth. But the biggest barrier of me is money. The most important to help me go travelling. And I think about what if one day in the future I meet a serious sick while I don’t have any job to earn money in case. I just go travelling, explore the world. I feel messy with a lot of thinking. I confuse about my studying at university. Is it useless to study there? I like freedom. Don’t care about taking a job to earn money, but… I feel it’s not true in real life. Could you give me some advice?

  43. Hi Richard!
    Hello America!

    I heard news about your new president. Congradulations, ladies and gentlemen! As this site’s permanent guest from Russia I hope it will be a day of the beginning of growing closeness between our countries. I hope soon we’ll say goodby to the last ghost of Cold War and all our misunderstandings will disappear. May be I am just a dreamer, but I hope so.


  44. I wanted to thank you for your life of serving others. I am 54. In my early twenties I was given two books ( I was a horrible student. did not like reading!!!) to read. First was Jonathan Livingston Seagal. the other was illusions. I have not read a full book since. My life has been blessed and very rewarding. I truly believe I owe it all to you for setting me on a spiritual path. pat yourself on the back. I am your greatest accomplishment.

  45. Thank you Richard for communicating here. Thank you even more for putting out a little book called “There is no such place as far away” I used to have many questions and like all of us here was a seeker, I still am but not as much. Your book crystallized my thoughts in what matters most. For many years now I read this book every weekend and have gifted it to many others. I am glad I got an opportunity to thank you.

  46. Hello, Richard —

    I read your list of “Nos” and kindly disagree.

    What good is ice cream without a mouth? What use is music without ears? There is no finer thing than ice cold water on a scorching day…save for fresh lemonade. And any smart spirit wouldn’t miss any of it, given the chance.

    Is it coincidence that every one of our senses has fantastic experiences tied to it? That air, shelter, airplanes are intensely wonderful things that a bodyless spirit can’t truly enjoy?

    Death, grief…there’s no more efficient way to focus our feelings about love. Many of the nos on your list help accelerate the learning process. A bodyless spirit would miss so much…

    Life here on Earth is, for many spirits, the ultimate “E-Ticket” ride, a chance to temporarily savor a lot of those “nos” and make enormous strides towards reaching the “yesses”.

    And sure, some spirits do Care About things like money, just as little kids excitedly race around Chuck E. Cheese collecting “meaningless” tickets. At their stage of development it’s fun and exciting — and something they almost always outgrow. That’s part of the learning process, realizing politics, wars, and the latest fashion trends aren’t the best use of our time in Paradise.

    Even a failing body feels so good when you finally take it off. 🙂

    • Hi Richard… I have experienced a lot of things in this lifetime that has thrown yet another possibility into the tub of suggestions. Mind you, I am not firm in this theory but it does fill in a lot of blanks and it could make a lot of sense… We have many questions about the paranormal. Ghosts, spirits, demons, time travel, fairies, past lives, guardian angels, parallel dimensions, Life after death, aliens, etc. There are theories on each of these subjects. What if it could all be wrapped up into one bundle? And so I begin.. I read Illusions in 1988 since then I call it my bible. I met Richard on an airplane in 1990 not realizing who he was. My spirituality has had me on a journey since then and oh what a journey! I have been taken to the other side of the veil to say goodbye to someone I lost, I have zapped people over tables because they touched my shoulders to check my balance and instead I found out they were drawing off my Aura. A psychic vampire. I did it but it wasn’t me! I have been told by a Reptilian that I can’t be touched, I have received the Holy Ghost, I have had Evangelists seek me out on Easter of all days, to shake my hand and tell me I have a great, great relationship with God, all while talking in tongue, I can take a door to door person of the church and no matter the denomination, have them begging me to come stand up at their church and speak, because of my theories, people tell me I have a spiritual light that comes on around me when I am doing my teachings, I am somewhat psychic, I can read your mind, I am an Empath and I am a healer, mostly stage 4 cancer. I teach you to heal yourself of anything that ails someone, and I have never read a book on it. This all because of the book Illusions and my meeting Richard on an airplane in 1990. So moving past all this but not leaving it behind, have expanded outside the traditional box but not leaving behind the foundation of God and Love. Now, what if…
      Most of us have seen Star Trek The Next Generation, on the show they have a holodeck where on their time off they can go play on this deck. They program in the computer what they want to play for the day, if its a pirate, then that’s what they enter into, a pirate ship and there the game begins. What if, in our playful, spiritual selves, we have access to something similar.” We” program in, this life we have taken on, we program the players in, and what obstacles we want to hurdle, master, and their experience. Just like a game we play online right now. Be it Guitar Hero or Donkey Kong. Death is our only out, or we master the game, whatever the mastering consists of. If no one masters this for quite a while, it starts to become our reality? Forgetting what our true lives are. Something like Arnold Schwarzeneger in Total Recall, take a vacation! Be a spy! etc. Or maybe its part of the rules to playing, that we have no memory of our lives outside the matrix. Figure all this out and you graduate to the next level or you can exit the game. If we die, then we exit the game and this is where, being on the outside of this matrix, our deceased loved ones can come in and throw hints by appearing before us as ghosts. Each player has their own stage, If we start the game, then it’s us who are the director, producer, actors, screenwriter. This Illusion is like the silver screen, we choose if we want to play or not, the only weapon we get to go in with is Free Will. we hold within our hands the beginning, middle, and end. ( Ahh Richard, I just had the lightbulb go on!
      It has been a few years since I read Illusions, I think I need to have a nice evening of roughly 4 1/2 hours and visit an old friend. and see just what has changed in my perception of the book… Thank You Darlin’ )
      Free Will is all about the game tactics, our enemy is Ego, If we can master the Ego, then that gives us a free pass to home or a phone call (so to speak) I’d like to phone a friend, ha ha… Anyone can join in on the game, or create their own holodeck game and level up is combining their game with yours. When we die, we exit the game, take a potty break and jump back in, only you have to start over and try to catch up or catch me. We are allowed to do this as many times as we want, hence the Reincarnation theory, Ghosts are them who have passed on sending signals of remembrance, to say hello. Evil people are other spirits just keeping the game interesting (stimuli), that’s who they wanted to play this round. Like choosing the dog in Monopoly or the horse. Only they chose to be a rabid dog. You Are Never Given A Problem In One Hand without the solution in the other hand. Free Will is what keeps the others watching and or jumping into the game. Our enemy isn’t the conspiracy theories, our enemy is our Ego. Are you kind of seeing what I’m coming through with? I was taught that this is the only level that we do Not have direct contact with God but that God still has an eye on everything. When needed, this is where our Angels come in at. Ghosts are a hologram of our deceased players, Angels are key players as the Hitlers of the world are your best buddy on the other side giving YOUR game a little obstacle and spice.
      I’m not saying this is true but I’m not saying it isn’t. But if it did turn out to be true, wouldn’t it make death boring? All except how they programmed their exit… I’m going to stop here as it is late and you have enough to get an idea of where I’m going with this. I would love to hear what you think, Please be nice, it’s just a theory. Thank You, Richard, now I have that appointment with an old friend… Good Night… Barbara

      • All you need now is a quiet place to reflect a bit about this game, and to finish your book. I guess you’ve read _Journey of Souls_ by Michael Newton. If the job of angels is to be the messengers of Love, would they be happy killing millions of people, even in your game? Would you be glad to play a game of Monopoly which required destroying real estate, instead of building houses and hotels?

        Is the idea of death boring, when it reminds us of our immortality as spiritual expressions of perfect Life? Dying is a lovely (and spectacular) reminder!

        Some fine ideas here, and I’ll agree with many aspects. Yet, your task is not to make others agree with your game, but to make it so beautiful that we can’t help but play it with you. Tell us when your holodeck is set up for a game.

  47. Hi Richard,
    I love your books and been reading them since I’ve been about 15. Illusions was a mind blowing eye opener. Loved it, recommended it, named my band after it when i was in my 20’s. Believed it as truth. Got into many arguments about living how ever you like. I haven’t read Illusions 2 yet but am ordering it now. Since finding and reading your work I come to realize the only real truth lies in the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ and what he taught about the Father , our Father ( Love) personified. Now I want to live in Jesus example. Like attracts like and Jesus had it down man. I believe he is the original bad ass. Have you come to faith in a higher power? a true creator?

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