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  1. “Illusions” is a strange and precious curiosity to me, unlike JLS which was an indispensable companion for me as a child. My first copy of “Illusions” was a gift (from someone who never I told of my attachment to JLS), and ended up lost. Yet at episodes of extreme stress in my life it just inexplicably showed up, on it’s own seemingly; orphaned in a plane seat next to me once, and in a thrift store (not with the books but ironically in the lamp section). I finally bought an audiobook copy, and it’s not since visited on it’s own. I’m sure (pretty sure I think anyway) it’s somehow just me but that doesn’t make the circumstances feel less weird.

    Thanks for a great book that always manages to bring me to a peaceful place.

  2. The first time I read “Illusions” I was 12. I was an avid reader and I was asking for a book to read. I had just finished JSL, and as she handed me “Illusions”, I was hit with a one two punch of philosophical, thought provoking, and self introspective literature. It still stands to be one of my favorite books. The concept of the reluctant messiah really caught my attention.And the idea that anyone can perform these miracles if they were to just open their eyes and peer through the veil masking the world reminded me of Buddhism. This myriad of ideas from different philosophies and religions around the world gave it a more a wholesome feel and made it a thought provoking read.

    I thank you sincerely for helping to open my mind at such a young age.

  3. Throughout my life I have read hundreds of books and none have made a bigger impact on my heart than, “Illusions.” I have given this book as a gift to many friends and am so grateful that you shared this story with the world. I am now writing a story with a character that shares a similar twinkle to Donald. Every time I work on this character my heart fills up as if a friend is coming to visit. Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring work!

    • That will be a lovely book, Bridget! I have the sense that she (or he) will keep you (and your readers) happily off-balance until the last paragraph is finished.

  4. Thank you so much for this book…..I was 9 years old when my brother passed it on to me (him 6 yrs older and always wanting me to be at his level since the day I could walk)…..It was the first time my mind opened to anything other than what was going on right in front of me…It shaped how I saw school, church, my family…society. And in such a very positive way! My daughter is now 10 going on 11 and says to me today “What if everything we are living is a dream, mom….what if we wake up one day and this is all a dream”

    My response was ” Well, have I got a book for you……” Tonight she opened the same pages in the exact book I did decades ago….I look forward to seeing her eyes light up!

    Thank you……

  5. I was about 10 when my mother gifted me this book, I’ve read it cover to cover many times since then. I’m now 18 and have kept it on my beside table for reference all these years. There is such a great feeling that lingers long after the words have ended. Thank you for all the wisdom.

  6. I bought this book when it was first published. I must have read it a “million” times since. I now have two grown sons who have their copies. With each reading, and as each year goes by, the Illusion lessons get more clear and more pertinent. The best book ever! Thank you….

  7. I was gifted this book when I was 16 and it changed the way I look at everything! My journey began! I have bought Illusions so many times I can’t recall and every time I end up reading it again and again before I pass it to someone else that needs it! Usually a person that I don’t know well or a person that I have just happened to meet. This is such a wonderful amazing book that I even have a tattoo “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world… the master calls a butterfly” on my foot! It isn’t the only quote I have by Richard, also “There’s no such place as far away” and there isn’t!
    Thank you!

  8. I love “Illusions” it is my bible. When I start to let life & the world get to me I read it again. I was attempting to list a quote from the book as my favorite quote. I wanted to get it right. Loaned out my copy. I was attempting to write the quote ” Take your death with some seriousness. Laughing on the way to your execution will be misunderstood by the less enlightened, & they will think your crazy.

    • “Take your dying with some seriousnes, however. Laughing on the way to your execution is not genreally understood by less-advanced life-forms, and they’ll call you crazy.”

  9. I came by Illusions in an odd way. A man I worked with left the company and had been gone a few months when he knocked on my door. I was surprised and asked him in. He said no, he just wanted to give me a book. We were never close, only co-workers, so I was surprised. He handed me the book and left….this was in 1985. Since then I have bought several copies, always loaning them out and never getting them back. EVERYONE should have this book and read it over and over, like I do. I love it and enjoyed ONE, but it never affected me like Illusions did. Thank you . I suggested it to a friend tonight and tried to explain the story to him, but I think everyone will read it differently. Wonderful work and I appreciate you so much.

  10. The greatest thing about your book “Illusions” is its ever changing and ever evolving application to life. Read it when I was young, and in re reading it, I’ve found new meaning and new ways it has spoken to me. Your writings are ones that are timeless, because anyone, anywhere, and in any place in life can apply what your words speak.
    That, I think, is the best thing about your writing, is its versatility

  11. Thank you so much for that book, Richard!
    You’ve managed to put in words something that that we all felt, but could not express.
    The book is so otherworldly inspirational that no wonder people compare it to the Bible. When I read it I feel that the Truth is so close!
    I use both Illusions and the Messiah handbook when I needed answers, and it works so damn well!

  12. So many of your ‘Thoughts on Illusions’ reflect the need to pass a copy of your book on to to someone eelse. As if they wanted to spread the ‘gospel’ of ‘Illusion’. I wonder if this is how Christianity expanded throughout the world by the passing and sharing of the Bible? Even large hotel groups used to have copy of the ‘gideon’ Bible’ in every bedroom! A new beginning of a new gospel? Perhaps ‘illusions’ ought to be placed in all public places for everyone to read at their whim?

    • Hate though I do to set yet another religion loose on this planet, what harm could there be in printing _Illusions_ in black binding, with onion-skin pages, and leaving one in every hotel I visit?

      Ah…I don’t travel these days. That will be a fine idea, for the next lifetime.

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