Illusions II

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Illusions II

14 thoughts on “Illusions II

  1. If it’s OK to re-post my Amazon review here, I can’t come up with any better comments. Except maybe a huge thank you! Again.

    Amazon and the postal service, as usual, beat their estimated delivery date. Richard Bach, as usual, far exceeded my expectations.

    From near-death experience to healing through affirmations and belief in the perfection of spirit, this book is absolutely riveting, inspirational and a beautiful reminder of what is.

    It’s not easy for me to find teachers or truth in this world. Then along comes a book like Illusions II, and I remember.

  2. I am an avid reader of Mr. Bach’s books. I prefer to read them in English even though my first language is Portuguese. I’ve always had this dream of meeting him in person.
    I knew he lived in Washington somewhere, but I was not sure until I decided to google him. I am originally from Brazil, and now I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I do fly down twice a year to take care of mom, who’s 89 years old, in a city called Araraquara, State of São Paulo, Brazil. When I first read Illusions I was so impressed.I went to a fair,( for the elderly) down there and was amazed that over the speakers, they were quoting bits and pieces of the book. Now, when in Brazil I like to read for my mother, so I decided to buy a version in Portuguese… less work than trying to translate it for mom. Any ways, If Mr Bach ever decides to go to Brazil, I would love to be his personal translator. Please use me – love Jose

  3. Oh! There’s a book 2! Exciting! I just finished the first Illusions (reluctant messiah) and it is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to read all of your other books too. So glad I now know about your books! Love to you!

  4. я сам бывший военный летчик, армянин по национальности, читал вашу книгу ,,Иллюзии,, на русском языке. За месяц я его читал 20 раз, у меня был трудный период по работе и ваша книга мне очень сильно поддержал. я очень вам благодарен.Cпасибо богу за такую душу что в вас. Cпасибо.

  5. its been 10 years since I last read /re-read your books Richard..
    Running from Safety was the last book I had read/ re again , somehow I find reason for belief in “God” , “Love”, “Hope”, “Soul” because you had it written down and I found it here on my Reality Space Time “Philippines”…..

    BTW ,,,,, i still dont see any of your latest books here at our local bookstores.
    Might i say National Bookstore ….I might have not had time when it was available.
    I would like to buy a paper back…..i dont really like reading on a phone or a tablet.
    I would have to ask that bookstore second time I visit…..
    thanks for keeping it UP.


  6. Just rereading Illusions II, I would love to see “Lesser Maxims and Short Silences” published someday! Including Wolves on Stilts! ;)

    • Thank you! I suspect the publisher would wonder where the readers are for that book. I’d say, “Have you ever seen a wolf on stilts?”

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