Illusions II

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Illusions II

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  1. If it’s OK to re-post my Amazon review here, I can’t come up with any better comments. Except maybe a huge thank you! Again.

    Amazon and the postal service, as usual, beat their estimated delivery date. Richard Bach, as usual, far exceeded my expectations.

    From near-death experience to healing through affirmations and belief in the perfection of spirit, this book is absolutely riveting, inspirational and a beautiful reminder of what is.

    It’s not easy for me to find teachers or truth in this world. Then along comes a book like Illusions II, and I remember.

  2. I am an avid reader of Mr. Bach’s books. I prefer to read them in English even though my first language is Portuguese. I’ve always had this dream of meeting him in person.
    I knew he lived in Washington somewhere, but I was not sure until I decided to google him. I am originally from Brazil, and now I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I do fly down twice a year to take care of mom, who’s 89 years old, in a city called Araraquara, State of São Paulo, Brazil. When I first read Illusions I was so impressed.I went to a fair,( for the elderly) down there and was amazed that over the speakers, they were quoting bits and pieces of the book. Now, when in Brazil I like to read for my mother, so I decided to buy a version in Portuguese… less work than trying to translate it for mom. Any ways, If Mr Bach ever decides to go to Brazil, I would love to be his personal translator. Please use me – love Jose

  3. Oh! There’s a book 2! Exciting! I just finished the first Illusions (reluctant messiah) and it is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to read all of your other books too. So glad I now know about your books! Love to you!

  4. я сам бывший военный летчик, армянин по национальности, читал вашу книгу ,,Иллюзии,, на русском языке. За месяц я его читал 20 раз, у меня был трудный период по работе и ваша книга мне очень сильно поддержал. я очень вам благодарен.Cпасибо богу за такую душу что в вас. Cпасибо.

  5. its been 10 years since I last read /re-read your books Richard..
    Running from Safety was the last book I had read/ re again , somehow I find reason for belief in “God” , “Love”, “Hope”, “Soul” because you had it written down and I found it here on my Reality Space Time “Philippines”…..

    BTW ,,,,, i still dont see any of your latest books here at our local bookstores.
    Might i say National Bookstore ….I might have not had time when it was available.
    I would like to buy a paper back…..i dont really like reading on a phone or a tablet.
    I would have to ask that bookstore second time I visit…..
    thanks for keeping it UP.


  6. Just rereading Illusions II, I would love to see “Lesser Maxims and Short Silences” published someday! Including Wolves on Stilts! 😉

    • Thank you! I suspect the publisher would wonder where the readers are for that book. I’d say, “Have you ever seen a wolf on stilts?”

      • Would also love, “Lesser Maxims and Short Sileces.” I’m retreading Illusions ll. Beautiful. Glad to hear first hand that you and Puff are well. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I found my way here this morning after sharing a quote from Illusions in a post about kindness on my website. I had no idea there was a sequel! I’ve had the same dog eared copy of Illusions my mother gave me on my 21st birthday for 31 years. Through over 30 moves, endless reinventions, dark days and sunny skies, I have carried that book and the messages inside with me. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others to let go of the things that hold us back so that we can open ourselves up to the things that will propel us forward.

  8. Me encontré con Ilusiones 1 en 1.982, de la mano de un amor de juventud. Era un piloto muy joven y romántico. En ese momento tu libro me inspiró. Hoy, casi a mis sesenta años, lo he vuelvo a leer y releer y,comprendiéndolo en profundidad, me sigue inspirando en esta parte maravillosa de la vida … Muchas gracias, Richard !!.

  9. Dear Richard,

    You lived my life for me, before me, and then wrote about it, so that I could be guided in my life, just like millions of others of our family.

    I, kind of, know you. I wrote to your son while you were in coma, that I knew then that you would come back, just to tell all about it. And you did. Just the way you have always been. Clear of what is real.

    You are my Don. So, here is wishing you whatever you want.

    In thirteenth century India, a saint by the name Dnyaneshwar, asked the almighty to give everybody what they want.

    Jo je wanchhil to te laho, pranijaat

    Love you. ❤❤❤

  10. Richard Bach, j’ai lu Illusions à 17 ans. Apres la lecture, je l’ai serré sur mon coeur pendant un long moment…parce que mon coeur l’avait entendu…et reconnu !
    Surtout reconnu…puis j’ai lu tout ce qui a été traduit en français. J’attendais la traduction d’Illusions II …mais vais probablement l’acheter en anglais…c’est trop long !
    J’ai 62 ans maintenant et je vous remercie sincèrement de nous faire encore profiter de votre immense talent.
    Lucie x

  11. Thank for your original book Illusions. It is the philosophy on which I base my life, and try to share with others. In Crete at the moment, and finding it hard to find a copy in the English language. I will buy Illusion II when I return home to Ireland!

    It is my wish that Illusions be introduced to all children at the earliest possible age.

  12. Cuándo estará disponible en español? Soy Argentina, y adoro sus libros, todos! cada página es un hermoso viaje lleno de aprendizajes. Recuerdo que el primero que llegó a mis manos fue “ningún lugar está lejos”, regalo de mi madre cuando yo era pequeña, y desde allí no hizo mas que maravillarme con sus libros, fui encontrando en cada uno algo que me guía… soy una eterna agradecida! que sea usted siempre feliz!

  13. I’ve owned more copies of Illusions that I can count. I loan it out and never see it again. I even own a small book copy of the Messiah’s Handbook.

    I recently order a first printing, in hardback, of Illusions that I will cherish forever.

  14. Richard
    I had contacted you on the passing of Stan Sweikar who was the restorer and caretaker of 431K. I thank you again for your words I read at his funeral. I have had the Fleet in my hangar getting ready to sell. It turns out myself or the family could not part with it. I will be 1/2 owner with Stans daughter. It will be kept and flown from our grass airstrip in Virginia. VA99. We are a peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay. If in the area ever please visit and get acquainted again with 431K.
    I would to get a hard copy of Illusions autographed to keep with the Fleet. If they are not available thru your outlet I can find a copy on Amazon.
    Mike Roe

  15. Just found out about this sequel to Illusions. I read that several years ago when I was still a teen. It was the one that got me reading spiritual literature. But as an adult I left spirituality far behind. This sequel will be my attempt to go back.

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