Introduction to _Part Time Angels_ (not quite published yet)

THE DAY I WAS PLANNING to delete my website, someone screamed, “STOP!”

She got my attention. So startling the voice was, that I said, “What?”

And when she knew I was not going to light the fire that sudden astonished instant, she calmed, and said, “Are you sure you want to delete the website, all these stories?”

“Yes, that’s true.” My heart started beating again. “I know that.”

“These are your own sheep,” she said, “and you’re destroying them? And you don’t care?”

“They’re not sheep, they’re words. They’ve been read. So I’ll just sweep the ashes, make room for other words.”

Whisk? All gone?”

“That’s what I’m planning. Do you mind?”

“OK. They might as well be buried. I’m sorry I screamed.”

“What do you mean, they might as well be buried?”

“They’re lovely stories, but if someone wanted to read them all on the Internet, they had to spend hours bringing up old ones. Today, since the someone is comfortable, knows how easy it is find things in books, they’ll never…

“You think they’re lovely?”

“Why yes, I do. You talk about being lonely, so your readers might think…”

“Writers talk about all sorts of things that happen to them. I never wrote a word about murders or wars or accidents, though, at least not much. I don’t do that.”

“But you know that people usually kill themselves when they’re lonely. Mostly men, more than women, but even so some things hint that you’re lonely.”

“Well, I’m not lonely now!”

“Anybody reading the book will think you are.”

“The book? What book?”

“Silly mortal! When you take the stories and put them on paper, it’s called a ‘book.'”

“I wasn’t going to print any book.”

“You weren’t going to print the book. You are now. True or false?

“You think they’ll be a book, the collection of them?”


“Maybe nobody will read them.”

“Maybe they won’t. It isn’t a writer’s job to sell books.”

“And my job is just to write pages of…”

“…everything that’s a joy to you. Yes, that’s your job.”

“What if nobody pays me?”

“Too bad. You don’t get paid.”

“But if I write this book, someone could pay me, just a little, if they wanted to?”

“That’s the way it works. You know that. Four of your boo…”

“Five of them. Bestsellers, you mean? Five of them.”

“But the rest of them, they didn’t…”

Do not dare say that! I love my books! Why, I think the ferret stories…”

“…they’re brilliant. The best writing you’ve ever put on paper. Maybe you wrote them just for a little family of readers, now, a whole little nation of them.”

“That’s kind fo you. Just for a small family. I like that idea.”

“Same with this collection of bright little sheep.”

“Just for a small family? Yes. You know, just because the family is small does not mean that the writing doesn’t matter to them. Even if I say I’m lonely, which I used to be.”

“But not now. You can say that in the introduction. You were lonely but you’re not lonely now. It’s a mortal’s life, sometimes to be lonely.”

“Not now. But when I was, I had my times to be lonely.”

“Gone in a flash, by the way. A whole mortal life is just a flash. Don’t get me started about never-endings and space-time, all right? That’s not why I’m here.”

“Oh? Why are you here?

“Simple job. Just to keep you from destroying the stories.”

“And soon as I promise, you’ll be gone.”

“Could be.”

“I promise.”

What do you think, dear reader?

Of course. The second I promised, I never heard from that sweet little angel again.

— Richard Bach  —  May, 2015


59 thoughts on “Introduction to _Part Time Angels_ (not quite published yet)

  1. “What do I think?”, you ask….love this post, but more importantly love, cherish and value the “stories” on this website. This community and family are friends I’ve yet to meet who have the power to inspire me, excite me, challenge me, make me think deeply upon some things or give me an electronic hug when I most need it. Thank you Richard for bringing us together. Words, yours and those of this community, have such power to influence and change lives. Your books changed my life and this community has given me hope and love when I most needed it. It’s all above LOVE and sometimes we (me) need reminding. P.S. would love a book of stories from this website.

      • Richard…may i thank-you…i love your work, daily i peek at The Messiah’s Handbook “Reminders for the Advanced Soul” look left or right when opening at any page….what beauty in words daily, it helped me at a very dark time in my life and reminds me to this day how each moment is truly a gift….i live to love and love to live…when i see a biplane in the sky over Surrey UK i think of you and Donald Barnstorming passing by with another reminder for me to look up and smile!! 😉

  2. Just letting to know you. Wanted a poem or quote on butterflies and found something from you. Interesting post thus one. I’m thinking like you and would like to read one of your books. What would you recommend?

      • Illusions should definitely be first. I buy that book for everyone. I keep it in my cabinet at work and open it up when I’m getting frustrated. I love that book.

    • “Illusions” is incredible, inspiring and all around life changing. I recommend it highly…. It’s been thirty plus years since I read my first copy and I still look for “blue feathers” everywhere….

      • Illusions! First and last, or maybe not last but definitely read it over and over again. It means something different everytime and has got me thorugh some tough times –

  3. Well, this ‘dear reader’ wants to thank that sweet angel for being so vigilant, and jumping in at just the right moment, and saving the stories. And yes, the ferret stories are amazing writing. Budgeron is my hero and my muse.

  4. Pretty good intro, Richard. We all need those little angels sometimes to stop us from doing something we might regret later. Or maybe just a conversation with your other self? Thank you for keep lifting our spirits, and for keep brightening our minds. Your words make us want to reach for more. C a n n o t w a i t.

  5. Thank you for putting your introduction up.
    YES! This says Richard Bach-its you. The banter between writer and his angel gets us right into mode for what is to come. As a reader i am now lead into the land of topics, value systems, and experiences that encompass the world of Richard Bach and I am now engaged in how this mirrors my life.
    It works nicely. As i read this introduction i am not judgemental on the writers’ experiences, of lonliness, for ex. necessarily, but how it rings true to me.
    Also, i like how you make promises and little deals with your angels and in turn, they live up to the consquences of that deal. It leads me as a reader to believe the writer’s value in sincerity, honesty, and trust.

  6. “… It isn’t a writer’s job to sell books.”
    “And my job is just to write pages of…”
    “…everything that’s a joy to you. Yes, that’s your job.”

    Most apt words about writing and books! And so simply put!

    “… Why, I think the ferret stories…”
    *I* think the ferret stories are the best you’ve ever written. I’m still struggling with that, because JLS is still my favorite. However, with Curious Lives, you answered some important questions that I had… What if all the wars and atrocities by humans in the world end? Wouldn’t the peace and quiet get boring after a while? Wouldn’t it be boring to be all smiley-faced and nice to everyone? Those ferret stories reminded me that there’s enough strife in the world, enough natural disasters to survive against. They can more than make up for the drama that we put ourselves through. Curious Lives made me *happy*, made me believe the world can be a better place not just because we’re all nice and courteous towards fellow planet-dwellers, but because we can all participate in the adventure of life! (Sorry if this doesn’t make sense… too many thoughts in my head and they make it difficult to sound coherent when put together so quickly.)

    “… just because the family is small does not mean that the writing doesn’t matter to them.”
    Remember that, please!

    Don’t ever delete any word you’ve written. They’re all precious!

  7. Greetings from India!

    Thank you Richard ! Part-time angels save us and you are one of them 🙂
    Lovely to see you on Facebook. Keep writing!

  8. Dear Richard.
    Your books are so simple and clear. I think we don’t need to be lonely to understand you. As I said once, you’re awesome man.
    As for your site I think she is right. It really looks like an electronic book with your little stories and dialogues wih lots of people.
    I don’t know why, but this dialogue reminds me “Illusions”. Can you tell me?

      • I love you Richard, your writing has been such and inspiration and catalyst to my own beliefs rearranging and my expansion and glimpsing what is truly possible! Listen to the Voice 😉

      • I agree with you, that is so. I am talking about the way you do it. It looks like you telling these stories and people may be can find answers to their question, or some missing parts of themselves by just opening one of these pages. A some kind of “Book of why” by Richard and his readers. Sometimes when I read your stories which you post here I find them so clear, that everybody, not only the lonely, can understand them and say thanks yo you.
        Forgive me if I didn’t understand you.

        • Shortly there will be some books of why, books that I like a lot. The first one is called _Part-Time Angels._

          • That’s it! So, you called it “Part-Time Angels”, a great name. I’ll be waiting for it. I like this kind of books 🙂
            Good luck to you!

  9. Dearest Richard,

    Could this website be a place where your little family can come together, say hi, touch each other’s life, for a long time to come? If it could be that, shouldn’t it stay?

    – Pushkaraj

    • Stay it shall. We should remember, too, that beyond our little website lies a vast immortal link of friends striving to learn and to lift even the belief of mortal life a little higher than it was before we came. Even centuries of belief can change, bit by bit.

      • Richard,
        Beautiful, bit by bit, changing centuries of beliefs, I’m working in that everyday, first with me and then with my friends….

      • Dearest Richard,

        That is so reassuring to know. Itzak Bentov, ‘Ben’, would probably say, “Sure! Evolution is the design of the Universe! Every creative consciousness pushes Universal evolution.”

        Don’t know why I thought of ‘Ben’.

        – P

  10. I say that it’s lovely to have a place to be together and share ideas and read your posts while being safe from the “thought storms” that tend to distract.

    Where else in our realm has these benefits?

    Yes, make a book and collect a little money for your efforts. By all means.

  11. Hello Richard,

    I don’t know if you remember me, I emailed you about 3 years ago, feeling despondent and sad about so many rejection letters.

    Your reply came back to me that same day:

    Hi Patti,

    Let’s see…Jonathan Seagull is 10,000 words, so if your book is “too short” then Jonathan is way too short and should never have been published.

    The point of publishers telling you dumb things like that is it makes a fine story when your book’s a best-seller. Cherish your rejection slips, as I cherish the slip with an editor’s comment, “Oh, dear no!”

    Nowadays the huge alternate to legacy publishing is the Internet, Amazon, Kindle, Lulu and all the others. Publish the book yourself, and get it out in the world now!

    Warm best wishes,


    You have no idea how much your words meant to me at that time, 3 years ago. I was ready to throw in the towel on a piece of work that I had spent years and years on. I felt so dispondent.

    I just wanted to let you know that your brief email came at the right time and was the nudge I needed. I have signed a contract with a very cool new publishing company called She Writes Press, they call themselves a hybrid company. Interesting concept you might enjoy reading about?

    Anyway – I am just writing to say thank you. You made a woman very happy that day, 3 years ago. And now with my book on it’s way to being launched soon, you have been an important person in helping to make this dream come true.

    Thank you Richard.


    • Oh, what a little card can do! Remember that, dear Patti and all the family here…we touch others more than we can imagine.

    • Thank you for that reference to She Writes Press, Patti–that’s a really good lead for me.

      And Richard Bach, if you’d taken down this site the other day I never would have seen Patti’s message, so that’s a sign that you shouldn’t take it down in the future….

      🙂 Catherine

  12. Richard,
    A few days ago we had a gathering at our home. Almost immediately our discussion began about Illusions. Not only did people love it….several mentioned how it was a life changer. It helped them to see the world differently. For myself, I continue to read it at least once a year since the day it first appeared. It is an endless source of joy….and Infinity.
    From there other of your books were discussed. Some had read many. Others were now excited at discovering them for the first time…or sometimes for the second or third times. Your sharing has been such a great service to so many. Please keep these books as easily available to the Universe as possible. And the same for any future writing. Thanks in advance.
    It is, indeed, a Perfect Sky…where Only Love Is Real.
    Steve C.

    • I tend to agree – Illusions is one of 5 most cited books by me.
      Together with N.D. Walsch’s Conversations with God, K. Gibran’s Prophet, F. Capra’s Tao of Physic, M.S. Peck’s In another Rhythm and maybe James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy.
      It gave me peace of mind and ability to see things in perspective. I loved many others (all from you, a lot from other authors too), but those, those cited are crown jewels of my knowledge and understanding to the universe.
      BTW I strongly agree with Amelie from post bellow me – not just about river analogy, but this “virtual” question is something which I am trying to explain to people around me quite often.

  13. What’s the difference? Had you deleted the site, what would have happened? We’d have had to struggle a bit harder. Those of us who want to be in touch with our Spirit Family down here too, would probably have found another way of doing it. It would have taken more time, more effort. But since that’s what we want, we would have found a different path, like a river whose course is altered. We would have found a new course to get to the sea. But Life is hard enough the way it is, thanks so much for not making it a bit more difficult for us. Please, I found my Family here, don’t make me search again. I will if I have to. But I don’t want to.
    Oh, by the way, that same angel visited me a few days ago. Isn’t she lovely! She’s the angel of virtual friendship. I was doubting about the nature of virtual frienships. I have never met my closest friend, just virtually. So when she asked me why I was having doubts, I told her: “Because this is not real! This is just virtual! It doesn’t exist outside of me and how I feel it! It doesn’t exist outside! In the real world!”
    Then she looked at me puzzled: “Oh, I see. So you think the real world is made by the things you think you see and the things you think you touch”.
    My turn to be puzzled: “Wwwell, isn’t it?” I was beginning to see she had a point, but I didn’t want to admit my own stupidity.
    She raised her eyebrows: “is it?” She wasn’t going to give me a straight answer. Silence.
    Then I said: “Right, so you mean the real world is just a projection of our inner feelings. I can choose my real world. Right? My virtual friendship is as real as I feel about it. Isn’t it?”
    “That’s closer” She smiled, shook her head, “so many things yet to learn, she still believes things exist outside of her…” she was saying as she vanished, as if she was talking to another invisible angel I couldn’t see.

    • Reading your message brought a visitation to me. That angel’s becoming a poet!

      “‘Virtual’ is the only life
      we’ve ever known …
      and we’ve never known it
      until now.”

  14. Thank you, Richard. For not disconnecting. Today, feeling the illusion that tells me this is all too difficult..wanting to return to existing instead of living..this connection with you..your energy…your creativity…to my way of thinking, is connecting me to those very things that are me..that are Life…taking my hand that I may feel a little less like giving up. Thank you for radiating.

  15. Love this Richard. Writing is one of your gifts – a gift that needs to be shared. Please continue to share your thoughts for as long as your strength to do so endures. There are souls out there who need your touch and affirmation that they too are never truly alone in their journey. XO

  16. Richard, I loved this introduction. And I am glad your site, which can be a piece of immortality, persists. As we humans continue to wrestle with the question, ‘why is there something rather than nothing’ – your writings continue to bring smiles and wisdom. Please never bury them…

    With appreciation,


  17. Who cares what anyone else thinks or their perceived loyalty, Richard. You have been given a rare gift to inspire and help people through your writing. So many people have been lost until they read your book(s) or maybe even a comment on this website that showed them the way. Never ever think of altering yourself or what you do to please anyone. I think the very few people in this world who have such a talent as you are most attuned to people and nature and therefore feel happiness and also pain more deeply than most. Sometimes I think the powers that be put someone or a roadblock in your path every now and then to test you to see if you’ll turn away because of one to the detriment of thousands. Richard, you save lost souls. There can be no higher calling than that on this earth.

  18. Dear Richard: I wondered, after reading your latest post, what it is that captivates so many of us by your work? The conclusion I have come to is that you offer a way of viewing the spiritual world outside of the confines and restrictions of structured religions – a way of stepping outside of the temporal and experiencing the possibilities of the permanent – a distinction Kant would have aproved of. I recently had my very own experience with my personal Donald Shimoda who appeared in the form of a man on the beach in Puerto Rico. He was very real flesh and blood for all to see and I knew I must approach him when others avoided him due to his ‘odd’ behaviour. I have tried to record the things he told me, not sure what I will do with my writings, but needed to write them down. Fascinating to realize that when we seek truth all our lives, we seem to be blessed with visitations or exposures to higher life forms who help guide us. You have been one such individual to me ever since reading your magazine articles in the ’70’s and later your books. Thank you for giving us the benefits of your learnings…..Earl

  19. “… just because the family is small does not mean that the writing doesn’t matter to them.”

    So now I have that Sister Sledge song “we are family” floating along as my resident ear worm now!

    Glad to be here, part of this funny little family.

  20. Richard,

    Your angelic friend reminds us how our concept of time is so local and personal. “They’ve been read.” is only a perspective. For someone who has yet read those words it is a future, and for those of us who read those word once again, we are in that instant revisiting that moment when the idea took form. All separate moments at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, words, and books. For forty years they entertained me, challenged me to trust my inner thoughts as I observed life around me, and gave me countless hours in silent imaginative thought and engaging conversation with others. Your books, and their characters within are warm and valued old friends. Every so often, their mere thought, or a read through reminds me of the reason we are truly here.

    Peace, my friend,

  21. Dear Richard…. there has not yet been a word that you’ve written that I have not taken to heart and savored for my soul’s remembering. Thank you! Please do keep them flowing, and flowing …..

  22. Thank you for sharing this. As a writer who goes back and forth on “what worth is this book I am writing? Who is it for? What happens if…..” this was the perfect thing for me to read. It energized me somehow – and helped me understand the voice I hear speaking for its existence is real.

  23. I agree with the angel…..don’t destroy all of the wonderful interactions you have had with your many friends out there. Friends who have not only found a way to communicate with you or to share their personal stories with you, but have also felt inspired by your posts and feel connected to you in some small way.
    Loneliness is can be eased and even overcome by reaching out to others. They to you….you to them.
    You survived your plane crash for many reasons…..inspiring others is one of them.
    Reconnecting with those you love was, I’m sure, another. But then, as you wrote in your book, which is one of my favorites and should be read by all who are lonely, “There is no such thing as far away.”

  24. Your sweet little angel and my Shower Fairy. In my case a 30-year friendship. 15 years of letters between us. She died in a Johannesburg hospice. I was in my office in Dubai. There she was standing in my office, then gone. I knew. I called to my head nurse working nearby had she seen anyone come into my office, no. Then my phone rang. Official news, my friend had gone through transition. We were two in a little family that included you, Richard.

    Back in South Africa now, correlating what feels like several lives in one! Possessions. What to keep, what to give, what to store, what to chuck. The letters? So many words. The Shower Fairy said absolutely DO NOT CHUCK, completely, utterly NO. She did cartwheels, somersaults and pulled faces. Why, I asked. And why should Richard not chuck his words too?


    Richard, if you let those words die then that death will ripple right through all the strings where those words live and part of your readers will die too.

  25. Laura is right. I know this because I was one of the “lost souls” you saved. And are still saving. I feel less lonely when you are around. Just being on this site fills a little of the hole in my heart.

  26. I felt sad when I read you planned to remove your site, then I kept reading and I realized that it is the beginning of a beautiful project. What a relief! 🙂

  27. Hi Richard:

    You asked and because you did so I will share my sincerest thoughts.

    I liked the intro; the direction is intriguing. But!

    Your strongest voice is sometimes your “poetic voice,” not always your voice of wisdom. Sometimes the delight and music inherent in a simple poetic thought can convey all of the wisdom we could ever hope to share otherwise. Perhaps it’s because music refuses to be contrived.

    And you are masterful at it when you let all of the mechanics go. You fly! and the story transcends both body and mind – an angel, indeed.

    So I do hope you will SPLURGE! on it.



  28. Now that you’re on facebook, you’ll hopefully understand when I say that I wish your post, and so many of the replies that followed, all had “like” buttons…
    By the way, decades of dreaming have come to an end, and the work has begun. I am finally actively building my Vans RV-8.
    Why am I telling you?
    I’m telling EVERYBODY.
    Thanks again, MJF

  29. Wow! Lori and Laura especially hit it on the nose for me. Not wanting to return to existing instead of living. So often, Richard, you shed a light on a sometimes-invisible and lesser traveled path, for so many of us. Maybe you don’t realize it sometimes. Looking forward to the forthcoming book(s)!

  30. So glad for Part Time Angels who know how much we love our little community. And how much we love this place of sharing amongst like minded friends.

  31. Do the angels part time?
    Neat trick, that.
    All angels do, some humans too.

    Part-time humans.
    Neat trick, that.

    What would you do
    If you could fly through
    time that parted
    See dearly departed?
    Mend broken-hearted?
    Get things restarted?

  32. Hi Richard,
    The first book I ever read of yours was A Bridge Across Forever. It was a gift from a friend, and has remained one of the most precious gifts of reading in my life and I still have it today almost 20 years later.
    I sooooooooo love your writing! I love your thoughts and ideas – I really feel that they reflect back to me some of the most beautiful aspects of my own ‘higher’ feelings and imaginings and the question I ask myself as I’m writing this is “Where does the line between each of our imaginations appear? I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t resonate anything like as deeply with your writing if lines existed.
    Rather I’m imagining a ginormous beautiful reservoir in the ethers where all our minds receptors dip in and out of higher thought and consciousness allowing each of us as a soul family that connection.
    I have only just come across your website and I am so very happy that it was still here for me to find to be able to say Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  33. Hi Richard,

    Just a quick hello from a little island between Scotland and Ireland!

    A friend gave me ‘Jonathan’ at around the same time I started flying lessons, and I graduated to Illusions by the time I got my wings. Most recently I’ve been riveted by your stories of Puff, and realised I’m not the only person who talks with machines.

    Thank you for the words.

  34. ¡Oh, Richie! No olvides de Acordarte…
    Read my eleven years Juan Salvador Gaviota, made ​​me realize that the person from whom sprang those wonderful lines , had a spring of pure and crystalline water in his soul , even dark circles not remember my poring sleep in that wonderful read .
    Right now my 26 years old, so in love and permeated my soul mate though this infinity of kilometers that separate us and prevented the communion of our souls , and waiting with my perfect my soul hovering hummingbird flight as it takes me to meet my perfect soulmate desired , comes to me, without knowing how it happened your beautiful book ” the bridge to Infinity ” then reborn in the hope that my reunion with more force, then reborn with your every emotion, and live my love yours senido between that Love and Leslie .
    Richie will make an attempt to fly. Wish us Love!
    With Isabella Honey <3

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