Is It Possible

that we (that is, some of us) are finally given a chance to rebuild the world?

Well, OK, not to rebuild the entire world, but to rebuild our world.  Our own private personal world, our own belief of events that seem to come into our awareness, into our consciousness.

  1. Is it true that our world has been split into divisive groups of people, angry with each other, one in which wars keep blossoming here and there around the planet, that nature itself is retreating from the acts of human beings? 
  2. Are there are islands of discarded plastic containers and boxes and bottles, collecting, forming in the Pacific ocean?  
  3. Are cheetahs and giraffes and elephants next on the long list of endangered animals? 
  4. Was the destruction of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, was that a false flag event that our own government planned and executed?

If we agree to only two of these questions, then sure enough, our world needs to be rebuilt.

There was a time, less than a century ago, when “Radio” became the first technology.  People would gather around their radios, and listen to disembodied voices, telling us stories, telling us what others thought was happening all around a world we didn’t know. 

I’m one of the last several millions still alive, who remember this.  What once had been a strange novelty, could be found in every home.  Parents echoed the radio: “Lands sakes, Dickie, the world is so much smaller, these days!”

I clutched my little zebra doll, unaware of the truth my mother had spoken.  Before the radio entered our home, that little zebra was a huge event in my life, in my world.  Mom, of course, was most of my world, my dad was someone I could dodge, my older brothers the same.  Other people, other places, they were stories about transparent ghosts, they didn’t really exist. 

Seven decades later, my guardian angel told me the same thing that Mom had said:

      “We have the power of vanishment of our beliefs, in this world as well as in heaven! 

      “Mortals caught in extreme violence, mortals in a crash like yours, they’re the same,” she said.  “You use your skills at vanishment to erase parts of your dream.  You aren’t aware of any crash, any violence when you died.  All at once you’re in a different dream, you arrive at the gates of your heavens.”

It took me a while to know that she was right. 

When my wife Sabryna had told me about the difficult events in our lives, those events were gone — I couldn’t remember a single one.  I thought this could have been a case of General Memory Collapse. 

Yet when she mentioned the lovely times we had shared, the walks in the forest when she had found and carried one pinecone of the thousands of pinecones around us, or the time thirteen years earlier, when Jasmine Ferret and Zsa-Zsa Ferret had an argument over a tiny piece of ferret-food, I remembered those events as clearly and bright as she did.

We all have the Power of Vanishment!

How can we use that power in the indefinite number of worlds around us?  I tried an experiment.

When Sabryna was away on business for a month, I stayed home.  We had taken our television set to the dump, on September 12, 2001.  We own a radio, but since I didn’t turn it on, it was silent. 

I promised not to listen to any news of any kind on my computer.  I used it as though it were an electric typewriter and a private telegraph to friends and to my website. 

Seems simple enough.  What happened?

Zero news.  Not one word about wars, about politics, about people being killed for no reason at all.  My total news sources were the windows of this house.  If it was raining, I knew that.  If it was night, I knew that.  When snow filtered its silence around the house, I was aware of that news.  If I needed groceries, I spent some time with oranges, lettuce, dog food and soup.

Me, two Shelties, the windows and a super-modern typewriter.

I guess you know about the world I lived, for that month.  As a matter of fact, I’m here now.  There are no wars in this world, no crime, no conflicts, no injustice.  All because I stopped.  I turned off every technology, every machine that can track a different world onto my carpet.

This simple experiment taught me that such a thing is possible.  It’s easy and it makes no noise.

Crazy?  Probably. 

Insane it may be, but listen to this:

It works! 


20 thoughts on “Is It Possible

  1. Hello, dear Richard!
    I can’t stand agreeing. Moreover I can say the same – we are are authors of one great book called Life. Everyone has its own chapter in it, and everyone can agree to take evil with him or to leave it away.
    Just like one book of yours showed us: boredom, cruelty and fear makes our life so short and… how to call it… undone!
    Everyone has a chance. There is no doubt about us – we are builders of our today, tomorrow and yesterday.
    And by the way, the greatest thing of tomorrow is that it awaits us in future. And we all have ability to make it better.

  2. Pretty much sums up the way I live my life in a nutshell. I decided to have full creative control over my life (as far as i can tell) and what enters me from external sources long ago…..a by-product is creating our heavan here and now… one of the ideas being discussed in your new book 😊.

  3. My wife has been nudging me to turn off the news lately.
    What will I do with that hour (or two every day)?
    I will write songs for children of all ages on my guitar I suppose…..

  4. Is it possible to change our physical and mental habits to love and unity?
    Example: 2 months ago I stop eating meat, it is simple a level of understanding. for my health and allow an animal not to be tortured, I understand in depth that an animal thinks and feels, has a soul. ..
    The ferrets, JLS, our pets, etc.
    Thanks Richard for this wonderful Post,

  5. Wow! I turned off the chatter in the world (media sources) quite a while ago. Listening to the daily horror stories left me sad and worried. Tuning out gave me back my lovely world. My husband kept saying that I was “burying my head in the sand”, but I was merely taking my mind out of the gutter. I have long believed that all of our world would be a better place, if more people stopped listening to all that is “bad” in the world. I have often thought that surely there is much more good happening in our lives, why is it we only hear the bad? My answer to my husband was that “I” am in control of what I allow into my life, and bad is not allowed. It felt confirming to read what you said here, Richard. Suddenly, I did not feel alone in my thoughts. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Well said Richard. In 2008 I was working for a company selling Warbird rides from hangar to hangar across the country. There was 5 of us & 2 Texans. We all agreed to totally live in “our world” without TV, Facebook etc. We only used our computers for our website.
    At the end of our day, when the planes were tied down & taken care of, we would listen to music or cassettes of old radio shows as we sat & relaxed outside our hangar.
    Our neighboring flyers would discuss current events. We were clueless. They thought we were an interesting bunch:)
    It still is a way of life for me. The constant bombardment of heart wrenching news is unbearable. Most people are addicted to horror! Especially the current political arena.
    I work with the public so I have to hear about it.
    Ironically, my husband was killed in his float plane years ago in the Islands.
    I had many of your books & found comfort in your writing @ that time. My experiences both in & out of body were very confusing & a bit frightening until I understood them. I had help from Native Elders and your words, Richard.
    Allowing my mortal & spiritual self to be knocked off balance with current overwhelming situations; I once again began reading your books over a month ago. Somehow I forgot if that makes sense?
    Then, I’m guided by MY Guardian Angels to your website this week. I have once again found comfort and I remember. AND I love your new book. Thank you with all my heart. Linda

  7. Dear Richard, I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay.
    I am a pilot student. I do not stop delighting with each of his books. You are able to make the flight live for what it is: UNIQUE!
    I would like to know him personally and share what we love: FLY!
    I send a strong and warm hug.

  8. Thank you so much for your timely thought.
    Our peace has been hijacked by those who control the modern machines of technology.
    Survival requires shutting off the purposeful disturbing noises of a lost world, and listening to the calming sounds of silence in our neigborhood.
    It Does Work –

  9. You are right of course, the news is deliberately bad to cause us fear, to help control us. A German World War 2 General, (I have forgotten his name) said: “Of course the people don’t want to go to war. But it’s easy to lead them into war. Just convince them they are being attacked.”

    Facebook just did an experiment with 700,000 of its users. They deliberately scewed the Newsfeed to be either more positive, or more negative.They studied the responses of the people. The results, of course, were that when hit with the bad news, the people became depressed, and when hit with the good news they became happier. When Facebook published the results (I am surprised they did that), they were of course widely criticized. But it proved the power of Facebook to affect what we think and what we feel.

    If anyone doubts this claim, then watch the ABC report, “Cracking the Code”, from the 1:50-2:40 mark. (One minute 50 secs, to 2 minutes 40 seconds.) Here is the URL.
    I quit my Facebook account about 5 years ago.

    Thanks for reminding me of this good advice Richard. Peace. 🙂

    • Facebook is one item that is creating havoc ..
      Another is the Smart Phone Industry. What a powerful tool to shape
      attitudes and beliefs. I imagine the keepers of Smart Phone control like
      the puppeteer …. off stage and hidden …. but creating and controlling the perceptions of millions of innocent people who stare at the latest “Breaking News” and believe it is surely true. That is a scary tool of power and indoctrination. So in addition to tossing Facebook – I’lm getting ready to toss my smart phone, and go back to one that is mostly made for phone calls only.

      • Yeah Jerry, I have never owned a smartphone, still have an old one. And smartphones can track us. People use them for banking, but all smartphones can be hacked. Did you know the latest iPhones can sense your brainwaves? Apparently when we are asleep in the mornings we go from deeper sleep to almost awake in 90 minute intervals. So you can set your iPhone to wake you at the most awake sleep pattern, closest to 6:30am, or whenever. The you put in under your pillow and it can read your brainwaves and wakes you when you are at the more awake time. This is amazing to me. They are forcing this on us though, here in Australia they have started ripping out all the old copper landline phonelines, so everyone will have to go to mobile, and then smartphones. And soon we will be a cashless society, starting here as the banks are removing ATMs now.

        Or, am I just dreaming all this?? 🙂

  10. Although I am very interested in political and other news I take care not to look at discussion programs or news items late in the evening. Reading a book, taking a walk, or a quiet talk with my wife are much better ways to have a good sleep. I don’t follow discussions on newssites, because the abusive language and personal insults annoy me. Internet is a great invention, but you have to use it critical and carefully: this site and other sites about things I am enthousiast about, always bring a smile on my face.

  11. I agree with you Richard, It DOES work!. It’s the inner world we are truly sculpting, so we create an outer that lets us admire our work. Are we then redesigning that world? I believe YES, the part we are in—and should we create in the process the idea to attract others of the same ilk, and believe there is power in quantity, a populated paradise can spring up anywhere, Growly or no Growly. Thank you for the delicious meals for my mind and heart that your words and books cook up. Having just re-read ONE for the sheer fun of it, I googled you. Here you are still, molding the alphabet and sharing new flight patterns.

  12. Intention! The only thing is really needed to switch between these Worlds. It’s so exciting to start a morning with the news full-of-trash! We’re, obviously, true masochists… Voluntary masochists! It seems that once you gather the intention, it only take you a second to stop. But we’re afraid to use this legal stop-word… Our choice!

  13. Dear Richard… I wish I could express all you’ve done for me. After read in Jonathan, even now owning Neil Diamond’s score, I was a young teenager. You helped change my life forever. Ironically, I’ve been paying for cable with a voice remote basically for 2+years. I’ve yet to set it up. I see what I see on the internet which I try to keep solidly “Zen” and I hear news from others but I find, with my mind racing from am to pm… I only need a certain amount of stimulation. God Bless you and thank you. I bought the newer version of Jonathan with the final chapter. Thank you. You may have saved my life. Even before I read it.

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