Is Television Good for Me?

AT FIRST, DECIDING ABOUT television was a simple matter of thoughtful grading. A slow matter, too, as I had been watching television for all these days and never thought of grading it.

How I grade: Every news event in a half-hour newscast, would earn a grade from me, its viewer. There may be fifty events or more: a newswriter’s few sentences about what she feels is newsworthy, that’s one event; some sentences she finds tragic is another; that she finds funny is another; a story about a person; about nature; about entertainment; about the weather; a commerdial: each scrap of video is an event.


If my spirit is lifted by what I’ve seen.   Score = Plus 1

If my spirit is unaffected.                       Score = 0

If my spirit is dragged down by this.     Score = Minus 1

I’ll note these numbers on a piece or paper, then add them up to get a Plus (Pleasure for my spirit), a Nothing for it, or a Minus (Empty place where my spirit used to be).

At no time in my life did I respond in any way to a news event on television. It would be nice or not-nice, but never once did I write letters, mix in street demonstrations, never voted for or against, never gave or asked for money.

I planned to do this test for a few days, since I knew the results of my scores before I began. I knew that my spirit would never be lifted by news programs, by all but a few well-written and photographed programs. If my grades were deep in Minus Territory, why was I wasting my spirit on television? Wouldn’t Quiet be a better background for my life, than some vast Minus television score?

Better I use a video screen to see videos, knowing I have to choose them first, and they’ll matter to me, and most likely be positive.

Then before I began my grading began, something happened that confirmed my grades. The World Trade Towers collapsed.

It took me a few seconds to realize that the world in the United States would be changed. I knew that if I kept the televison set, that I would see the first scenes of the collapse thousands and thousands of times. That the news would be full of it, there would be rings of death and war rippling out from Ground Zero.

Years of controversy, years of lies, efforts to find truth, efforts to crush new evidence of the event. I didn’t think of the number of young mortals of our military who would die, and the number of whatever we decided would be the population of Theirs to die. I didn’t think of the money that would be earned for the companies who manufactured the tools of war. I didn’t think what a great way to earn billions of dollars for war denominated companies! I could have thought about that, but I didn’t.

Instead, I put the television set into the back of the pickup truck and left it at the recycling center.

Here is my television set today:


In these thirteen years, have I been sorry I missed the newscasts? No. The missed the entertainments? No. The situation dramas and comedies? No.

Would I have liked some of the programs I never saw? Probably. I didn’t feel sad for not seeing them, I just didn’t know they were on the invisible channels for my non-existent television screen.

Only recently have I received broadcasts, usually about food and exercise from a transmitter you’ve seen before:


Aside from this, gradually, the Internet gave a small part of the world that I half-way cared about. I heard about the tsumani, about the Japanese nuclear meltdown, about the Malaysian airliner on the web. Did I do anything about these events? No.

My world became local. The little towns nearby continued through all the crises with not even a tremble from the world’s earthquakes. I got to know the forest nearby, noticed when the sun rose and set, when the moon turned about the earth. I wrote about a world much more important to me than the television reports.

I lifted my days on some events that changed me, but they were never on the channels. I flew off-airways in small aircraft. I had a crash that taught me that no matter what happens in space-time, nobody dies. Horrors and tragedies in daily life here on Earth, they don’t much matter to our friends in the afterlife, those worlds where we live for countless multi millions of what we would call years.  As mortals, we can decide whether any event is a tragedy or a delight or both: a belief of ours.

I’ve changed my consciousness from television to the Internet and to books and personal life.

I’ve discovered that Lockie, my Shetland Sheepdog, is capable of finding a small half of a candy bar that was hidden behind a computer on a table that would not support his weight without collapsing…it was not possible for him to have retrieved that candy bar. But he did. I was not aware he had left the kitchen when he disappeared to make that remarkable retrieval.

Is that story ever going to be on television? I hope not. Has my spirit been lifted from the books I’ve read? Balloon-like, has it lifted. Lots of books on death and dying, lots of computer information about crop circles, aliens, events that may even touch you when I put them on this website, offered for your interest from mine.

How do I think about politics? I don’t think about politics. At all. If at some day politics touches my world, decides that I am a loss to their world, that’s fine. Destroy writers, political leaders may say, extinguish my belief in life as a mortal? Certainly, if they wish. Destroying our bodies or not, by one or by millions, there’s no person or event who has the power to kill me or you or any expression of life (I learned that from my airplane crash).

There are thousands of, part of me says millions of, television news stories I’ve never seen. I don’t know about murders, about all sorts of crime, about terrible accidents, about natural events that kill and displace humans. Senseless political events that kill so many others, I’ve never heard of them. Does it hurt me, that I haven’t been told about them, and so many others that never made it into the news? No. If I had a chance to go back through the last ten years and learn about them, would I do it? Nope.

This world, just like others, like planets, like heavens everywhere, is a belief for those of us who accept them. We play with our beliefs, shift them, change them, dance with space-times till they cannot teach us more, and then we fly into dimensions where we can learn other things that we’ve never heard about.

All these beliefs of mine, I didn’t have them in my daily consciousness when I started this lifetime. Gradually gradually, year after year, a web of light spun around me as they do for most everyone. Ideas that made sense to me, they stayed. They fit like puzzle pieces into the other pieces which had stayed, too. Right now I’m learning a difficult lesson – that loneliness is a self-imposed belief. That we have others who we’ve cared for and who care for us, though perhaps not one of them has a body in space-time.

Can’t some of them be still wearing a body? Of course they can. I think I’ve been learning that when we stop trying to meet one other who will change our life, it will happen by itself.

Do I know that’s true, body or not?  Yes.  And that it will be a surprise? Without question.

Do I enjoy it? Not a bit. Yet again, slowly slowly, I’m learning how to touch a loved one with no body at all. How to let a spirit visit my mind. Gradually I’m learning a lesson we’ve had time and again – how to live in a spiritual world even while we believe in space and time for our lessons.  Every lifetime we decide, regardless of others, regardless even in this age of television, who controls the adventures of our lives.

How much patience, how much care we pour, into our education!

73 thoughts on “Is Television Good for Me?

  1. Well, if you don’t read the newspaper ( or watch news on tv) you are uninformed, if you do, you are misinformed… True story for all times!
    For some reason I remembered the movie Mona Lisa Smile, with Julia Roberts. She plays a progressive art teacher in all-girl conservative college in the fifties, I think. There is an episode when she shows to the girls a black and white photo of a woman and asks them “Is this art?(pause) What if told you it was portrait of my mother?(pause) What if I told you Ansel Adams shot it?” – To me it seemed so profound for some reason. How important it is to recognize what is truly inspirational and uplifting to us, regardless of outer influences…
    Sometimes I browse through random YouTube videos, and I am amazed how much talent there is on Earth, how many amazing singers, musicians, dancers, artists, writers, that we will never hear of. Are they all channeling the Spirit through themselves to share it with fellow body-wearing souls? Is art supposed to unite us all in the Spirit?

    By the way, this is no longer the age of television. My tv set has not been turned on for weeks. I cannot get my kids to watch tv anymore, they are plugged into their hand-held mini-computers/communication devices. The brainwashing comes subtly through side-bar advertisements, that target us according to the pages we visit..

  2. Interesting choice – discarding your television. Like the Internet, I don’t believe that TV, in itself, is bad. While there are things on it that are demoralizing to the Spirit, there are also things that are uplifting as well. I do think, however, that balance is important. With all the technology out there: TV’s, computers, laptops, netbooks, iPads, iPhones, etc, I think it’s just as important to spend time with the company and laughter of friends and loved ones, reading (for pleasure or knowledge), getting outside to enjoy nature, exercising (even just by taking a peaceful walk), taking care of and loving a pet (who becomes part of the family!) and so many other things that would be a plus to the Spirit. I know we each have our lessons to learn in this lifetime and maybe there are many paths to get there, some easy, some hard. I do know that reading your books has helped me on my path. I find your books uplifting for my Spirit and a definite “plus”! 

  3. Richard writes..’Slowly, slowly i am learning to touch a loved one with no body at all.’ Richard, could you expand a bit more on what you mean by slowly, for example does it mean recently like a new realization, or does it mean throughout your lifetime, or other….? And, how would you express your methods of how to touch a loved one? Thanks.

    • You know how to do that! A simple little auto-hypnosis, an imaging of being open for one certain spirit (I don’t define it, it let the spirit do that), try to remember what was said, if anything. This, and lots of practice.

  4. And how can we compare life here in space.time to television? It is just the same. We choose what we want to see and experience. We choose if we want positives or negatives to influence our life. We open up or we shut down just as we want. Some do it consciously, others without knowing they have this power at all. And what do we get? We get a world of diversity, of different people and choices. A world with love and tragedy alike. A world full of learning opportunities for all who want to learn. And this is the beauty of it all. The different choices, the different stories, all out there for us to see as we please. Pure beauty. Available with just a click on the remote of consciousness.

  5. We don’t watch the news Richard, they advertise atrocities in the breaks before it is coming up, like it is a drama, which I suppose it is. Our army friend told us that what is reported as happening yesterday actually happened two or three weeks before. My friends and I marched in London against invading Iraq, but still they went. We have to find a different way and maybe just living our life as we see fit, not getting drawn into things like wifi, mobile phones, indiscrimminate television programmes and other forms of control is how to do it. Non-compliance in anything that does not feel right.

    It seems strange that you are looking for someone to change your life when you have changed the lives of so many. For me, Jonathan says it all and I identify more with him, I’ve always been a lost soul, not looking for a soulmate just home. But, in Gooberz, Linda Goodman suggests that souls can move from body to body, taking on the memories of the new body. Maybe your soulmate is moving through bodies so that you can experience different types of relationships, different adventures. Barbel Mohr said, in one of her books, that someone told her that if you were stuck in a lift for twenty-four hours with anyone at all, at the end you would love them, I’m not suggesting you should sabotage lifts…

    Lockie’s gorgeous, give him a hug from me.

  6. Thank you, Richard : ) I first read your books many, many earth years ago now. And I have enjoyed them many times since. I’ve forwarded this piece to many I know. I stopped watching television about 2 years ago now. No, I do not miss it. Do I hear by other means anything that is necessary for me to know? Yes. I feel even more Present to Life. My world is quieter, softer, more local, more enjoyable. And…I felt an invitation to live in what is a more balanced fashion to me: equally aware and present to what is Unseen by many, as well as to that which is more densely visible. That invitation came wrapped in a feeling of loneliness. Isn’t Life efficient? The Perfection of the fit of the puzzle pieces always brings me to smile. Thank you, again, Richard. What a gift you have been.

    • “More Present to Life.” What a lovely affirmation to offer us! Not just one step, but a whole flight of stairs to lift us all.

  7. Dear Richard: I guess the real question might be “Is information good for me?”. The source of the information it seems to me is irrelevant and by choice we can find the information we most need to acquire from many sources – TV included.
    But certainly not all information is good for us in terms of lifting our spirits and so being discriminating about content is probably a good idea – but is the criteria you have set for judging correct?
    I can not tell you how happy and spiritually uplifting it is for me (and I am certain for many others) to find a new post in my inbox from Richard Bach – the single most important person to have informed by belief system. Yet at the same time, I feel incredible sadness to think that you are lonely – the guy who barnstormed in mid-west hayfields sharing pan bread in the darkness with a racoon, initially mistaken for a timber wolf, as his only companion at that moment in time – this guy must laugh at loneliness I thought.
    Does sadness bring my spirit down? You bet. Shall I therefore stop reading these blogs because some of what is written brings me sadness? Certainly not! So perhpays the criterion for deciding the value of information can not be so judged and needs to include something else – but what?
    Perhaps a new way to look at the value of information might be in how it affects us in terms of love. I can be happy and love. I can be sad and also love. In fact oftentimes it seems it is love that makes us sad. Why should I feel sadness for Richard Bach’s self-imposed loneliness? Because I care for my teacher!
    Yet sometimes a student can give back to the teacher. So, to the sage I say (for what it is worth and with all apologies to JFK) “Seek not to make yourself less lonely, but rather seek to bring happiness to others through your presence.”
    And as always…………thank you!

  8. No television for me too
    and, you know what I’ve learned- every relationship always starts with touching the soul for me, not the physical body, even if the person is close by. And when souls meet it doesnt always mean that bodies will too… so in the end I think it wont matter whether bodies meet. Because soul is what is real anyway.

  9. I must admit that I often watch the news on television and read the paper. I am very interested in politics and I am convinced that keeping in touch with the world by using media like newspapers, radio and television helps to stay involved with other human beings who live in other parts of the world under circumstances which are much worse than I live in. I think that politics is very relevant in changing the world in a better direction, but maybe it’s different in our Europe, with all it’s different countries and political ideologies in comparison with the United States, where there is only a choice between Democrats and Republicans, which do not differ in a real significant way.

    But I agree that watching the news mostly does not contribute to a better feeling. I prefer to read books, like yours and other inspiring writers. I think it’s true that watching the news does not change the world we live in. We have to change it ourselves and it starts with yourself and the people you are directly involved with: your partner, children, family, neighbours, collegues etc.

    • We watch a lot of TV mainly British and American, Russian TV, Al Jazeera, National Geographic, History and if you look you can find a lot that is informative and incredibly interesting. But I keep in the back of my mind that propaganda, manipulation is the name of the game. I wish I believed that politics was key to change – I just see such corruption, lying, speaking with forked tongue, discombobulation that I am surprised any of us believe what politicians spew out anymore. Politics is more about staying in power than it is about change. Just look in Africa for multiple examples. But we can hope. Jane

  10. As always, thank you Richard for sharing your thoughts and insights. It’s a pleasure to read the thoughts of a mind that travels a similar path as mine, but different enough so that I receive fresh insights. Score: +1

    I’ve also eliminated the news and virtually all TV, but I think now I’m going to use your numbering system for any remaining TV and also carry it out into life events for some fine tuning. “Will going to that party lift my spirit, leave me neutral or subtract from it? What about that food? Or time with that person?” I think it’s time for my spirit to soar high ALL the time, or at least as close as I can get to that.

  11. I can still feel guilt over television watching–it seems to be in there with the Puritan stuff that’s still in there. I live in a rural area now and get three channels. One of them is PBS, and I never tire of the animal shows but also their programs like Bletchley Circle, Scott & Bailey, and yes, Downton Abbey. Sometimes I watch the stuff some call trash tv–Biggest Loser or the Voice. So, it’s good to own it–to publicly admit I do watch it. The one criterion I maintain without difficulty is the one you mention–do I feel better afterwards. That lets out the news or any political programming. And leaves the things that make me laugh or sing or think interesting thoughts.

  12. So beautiful. So true. So meaningful. However, I must add that the only wonderful thing you missed by trashing the TV is Mr Rogers Neighborhood.
    Oh, what a wonderful place to live! In mind and body.

  13. Hi Richard,

    Your comments above ring emotion of recognition in me. It must have been in the 70s when I stopped listening to the TV and radio news, stopped reading newspaper and magazine news and more recent began weening myself off of violent movies; and making good headway. I saw even way back then that these things build unpleasant emotions in everyone, no matter people are aware of it or not, and the phenomena is accumulative and one of the main causes for all the negativity in the world. People are full of anger and depression and most often are not even aware of it.

    More recent I found out that I, no one else, creates my world, in total. The idea of collective consciousness affecting us – well that only determines the tools we use to navigate and learn life – the time and cultures and the tools of these two situations, and we have the freedom to pick and choose within these parameters. This is what the freedom of choice is; the freedom to taylor make our lives by what we want or by default – by being unaware that we can choose our preferences.

    The murders, political situations, disasters, the crime . . . Are these a part of my world? Only if I pass a TV broadcast at a moment when such unpleasant emotions are being handed out to the masses, and I allow myself to get pulled in. But I do not allow such an unwanted, unhealthy event within me any longer. I don’t listen to radio and continue not to pick up a newspaper or magazine. And if I do pass a TV at such a time, thats part of the collective I choose to give none of my energy to. And like you, all of these occurrences across the nation and the world that I never hear about touch me even less.

    I no longer have any problems in my life, why would I want to go looking for some.

    I experience, like you, loneliness. I am fully aware its been my choice. Several times since the early 70s I have consciously changed my life by a conscious choice, bucking the belief that the Universe works against us so much of the time and that is reality. It is not reality. We each create our own reality. That is brain-washing, which has been going on since before birth. Now I believe I know clearly and precisely how to buck this brain-washing, and now its simply practice, and loneliness is seeing its last days, with me. How do I know this, because I’m changing the beliefs I hold about myself, consciously and with all deliberateness. Very simple in idea, but bucking the huge momentum of brain-washed ideas of what we were taught is reality, takes consistent practice. It does indeed work. I know because I have done it before.

    • perfectly put – practice is the issue – so easy to get lazy and let the lower negative thoughts and vibrations become one’s mental environment

  14. Your dance with loneliness strikes a chord with me, Richard. And I am certainly not the first to say that the worst kind of loneliness can occur while living with another. We are strange animals….growth is inevitable…but sometimes it is so slooooooooow.

  15. You have just described, Richard, the way I prefer to look at life, myself. And so does my husband. Long ago, we chose no TV. We do own a TV, on which we watch the movies and videos of our own choosing, but we have no cable; no capability to watch news or what we consider to be garbage. We choose to be uplifted and inspired. Sometimes educated, on the things we wish to be educated on. Sometimes we just want to laugh, which we do heartily, any time of the day or night, just by virtue of who we are. We don’t need to watch something to make us laugh…. we are our own entertainment. I have found that it really bothers certain folks when they know I choose not to know all the gory details of the “news of the world.” They may say I am uniformed, and my response is, “Yes, that’s right! Thank goodness!” I already know all I need to know about human nature; I know what we humans are capable of, both the beautiful and the horrible. I choose to focus on the former, although I have never fully learned to release the pain of the world…. I have shed many tears for the earth, for all living things, and then I reach for the light and find myself back there; back here. I choose to change the world by being the best Be-ing I can; that’s my best offer. Here on Whidbey, it is truly amazing how many people choose not to watch TV. I don’t know if we’re unique in that way, but the people I know in other places on the planet tend to be TV addicts (you folks on Orcas, though, you guys get it. Your enchanted isle is one of our favorite places to visit. I think islands, in general, tend to be that way. People live on islands for a reason, literally surrounded by a vast sea of consciousness, ever flowing, ever moving). The folks here, at least the ones we know, aren’t enamored of the electronic mind-numb-er. We love being around others who choose joy and light. Kindred spirits are the best….. You are that to us, Richard. Thank you!

    • I can relate to this. I used to think that not being ‘informed’ was just denying reality or ‘putting one’s head in the sand’ but I would also rather put my energies into being the best “Be-ing” and on cherishing and honouring beauty rather than put my face in the detritus. What you give your energy to just gets more powerful so why focus on the lowest human energies. Jane

  16. I am wearing a body that has changed considerably in the past 70 years. What has.not changed is the certainty I arrived on this earth plane with- – that heart’s knowing that I shall meet the one other who will change my life, all ways and always for the best.

    • I’m convinced, as you are, that our meeting will happen. It’s happened before and it will again. We are communicating creatures, in the belief of space-time and in spirit. I think we disconnect from time to time for good reasons, but connect again, each time higher, when we’ve found what we wanted to learn from loneliness. Thanks, Parris, for telling your stories about the adventures of the finding for so many readers!

  17. “Right now I’m learning a difficult lesson – that loneliness is a self-imposed belief.”

    Walter Russell was an American philosopher, artist, scientist…all around modern-day Renaissance Man. He had spiritual experiences throughout his life. His major work is THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD, in two volumes.
    In Volume I, page 20, he wrote “6. Knowing not Me in them, they are alone in all the universe; but knowing self of them as Me in them, they then are Me; they then, with Me, are all My universe.” He was writing of an extended thirty day spiritual experience with God or Source.

    I have not had anything like such an extended experience, only a few moments now and then. Once in meditation or prayer I asked the Father or Source, “What is heaven like?” An answer came immediately, a voice in the head, “My heaven is being with you.” That just astounded me! My first thought was, “Wow, God must really like to slum it!” Not that I live in a slum, but live a pretty ordinary life. I soon realized that that’s the way God relates to everyone.

    That is unconditional love which has a way of creating unlimited conditions and opportunities for loving. We can relate to God or Source and to others in the same way God/Source relates to us. Knowing that dislodges, thoughts and beliefs of loneliness.

    • “My heaven is being with you’ – what joy to live every moment with that knowing – personally I slip into the murky waters of negativity rather more often than I would like and I realise I need to remind myself daily that I am more than this body and most of my thoughts. Thanks for this. Jane

  18. Another affirmation of your wisdom. When I was preparing to move from California to Michigan in 2007, the first thing I did was cancel my satellite TV service. I kept my internet access, but was selective in my use. I didn’t watch TV for more than a year, and really didn’t miss it. After moving, I began watching TV, and quickly learned there were two things I could no longer tolerate: ads and news. Now I do enjoying a handful of shows… but I record them so I can skip the ads… and you couldn’t pay me to watch the news. I’ve come to despise it. Like you, I’m trying to localize my world view, and I look forward to the day when my attention is dominated by the construction of my Vans RV-8. Fortunately that day will be arriving fairly soon… and I will be grateful for the new knowledge, skills, and focus it will bring to my life.

  19. So, we don’t enjoy all our lessons, do we? Sometimes, our higher self wants to learn about something that we, the humans living the experience, don’t enjoy that much. Sometimes, the person we are would like to learn other things, more fun, less hard, enjoy the presence of our companion, the adventures together, the joyons we choose to live. But then, we realise that the higher self we are wants to learn about “how to live in a spiritual world even while we believe in space and time for our lessons”, and that can be a bit difficult for the person we are. We can say “no” to our lessons, and choose to believe in our space time world. But when I do that, I feel restless, something is wrong in my life. I need to turn to the lessons my higher self wants me to experience. Even if I don’t enjoy them that much at first. But at the end, there is always this feeling of Love when I go for spirit, even in those times when I chose to believe in suffering while experiencing my lessons. So, from my own experience, no televisions for me either. I’d rather watch the world with my heart.

  20. I can relate to your view about TV. News, politics, weather, commercials are not my cup of tea. Quiet would be a better background for my Life too and mostly is. I use the TV just for watching the positive shows on pixl, hallmark,
    etc. I .also use the TV to watch DVD’S of my choice. Only up- lifting ones.
    I sometimes need a break from the quiet.
    I have read most if not all of your books. Loved them all. I bet I had ten copies of Illusions, gave them all away. Gave my son Jonathan the Jonathan Seagull book when he was little. The only book I have now is Hypnotizing Maria. Love that one too. Yours books really are story telling filled with mystique, inspiration and truth. Spirituality at it best.
    I understand what you are saying about the difficult lesson, that loneliness is a Self-imposed belief. Haven’t figured out if it’s a choice, belief or just plain fear.But I feel change is in the air.
    You have your cute little Lockie to keep you company and entertain you, now that’s a big plus !

    • Lockie brings me things to learn that I never knew before. Sometimes on our walk, he’ll be gone into the forest. I get a little concerned: “Lockie, Come now!” Nothing. Five minutes later here he finds me again and we walk together. Is he telling me that we walk sometimes together, sometimes alone, yet a bond is forged that will never break? The original Lucky, and Zsa-Zsa listen to this, and in their spirit world, they nod, silently.

      • What a beauty is Lockie. My beautiful Bouvier rescue dog has shown me that with perseverance, with faith, with gentle small steps, with trust in getting to become a better “Be-ing” that I can help her and me overcome anxieties and very ingrained behaviours and travel beyond what I think are the limits of my world. I must mention Cesar Millan also as showing me a different way of relating to my four legged beauties. Jane

      • Somewhere between the spin dry cycle and putting socks on to keep my feet warm after walking on the shampooed wet carpet I thought about this – about Lockie going off into the forest and then returning. I wonder if he is looking for a Dear One (too)? It’s a guy-thing, to be lonely together.

  21. When my dad became very old and very sad at a world turned young, I said to him, “Turn off the TV, Dad. Create your own experience.” There’s no other world out there, but yours. TV can make you think otherwise.

  22. When I think about what really impacted me on the almighty TV…the show Star Trek (it allowed me to dream thank you Ray Bradbury), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (made me wonder) and all the shows related to Jacques Cousteau (made me want to go one step further in my explorations). For those few shows in the many years that I have flipped the channels looking for more…I am grateful/

    • These are TV programs I loved too and were inspiring to watch! And so did the Thunderbirds with that typical optimism from the sixties: there is no problem that can’t be solved by brave human beings and advanced technology.

      Try to stay away from trash shows and there is a lot to enjoy on TV. The same counts for the internet. There is a lot of trash and balony there, but there is also Wikipedia to look things up and to get information about books and other media to look further and of course, this wonderful website of one of the greatest writers I know!

  23. Here is a story about loneliness. I was feeling it about 4 yrs ago, and decided to ask the universe for help with this. Way too many beliefs from my history of relationships were hindering me, and I realized this.
    So, a few days after asking, I drove down to the local waterfront park to do my walk, and when I got out of the car, I felt an energy surround me. I knew instantly that something would happen on this walk. As I proceeded down the path, I said out loud, “I am ready”. For what, I didn’t know.
    I did the usual walk, about 50 minutes, and on my return, suddenly sat down on a bench. Don’t do that, but there was no thought about it, I just stopped and sat. A moment later, a person appeared. We talked, and turns out, he was homeless. I knew this is what awaited me. We agreed to meet again the next night, and after a few weeks, asked him to move in, and if he was willing to do some work on the house, I’d give him a room and bathroom to use. He agreed. I learned so much from that experience. I learned that people are what we’re here for. We are on this planet for each other. I fell in love with this person, ended up meeting his whole family, and then, poof, he was gone. It lasted about 2 years. ( he was in my house for 3 months) It was well worth the lesson. I learned that loneliness is self imposed. That life is more enjoyable when you share. No need for return, just in sharing, joyous things happen. So…..I share, and know that in the asking, one will receive. I learned that and so much more. My history is just that, history. Nothing to do with today, or any tomorrow. So what that I had many failed relationship. My story of that was keeping me from any more relationships. So now there is no story at all, just sharing, caring for those around me, and asking for what I desire.
    Thank you for your stories Richard.

  24. I like your rating system. I’ve been using something similar in a way for things that I do with my life. I think of this system I use as an “energy in – energy out” way of evaluating things that I read, watch, or do in my life.

    I used to be a the-more-you-give-of-yourself-the-better person. I often wondered why I felt tired and wasn’t really happy. Then a person I worked with once told me this: “You can’t pour water out of a pitcher if you don’t put water in it first.”

    That’s when I started looking at the things I was doing and reading to see if it put “energy in” my spirit or took “energy out”. I’ve noticed that if I have had a stressful day for some reason that I tend to do something that puts a high level of energy back in. I’ve learned what kind of activities do that for me. I’ve also learned that if I preventively do many more “energy in” (+1) activities than neutral (0) or “energy out” (-1) ones, I’m much happier.

  25. what wonderful posts!
    I think loneliness is a test of our belief of separateness on this earth. If we forget our interconnectedness loneliness reminds us, prompts us to seek truth, make changes, go deeper helpings us to connect with friends, soul partners/ mates we are meant to. I think we can use TV to drown it out, shutting out the world, numbing ourselves in the process and creating more separateness. Without it there is space for creativity, books, meditation and the knowing we are never alone.
    I thank you Richard for creating this space for like minded souls to share with one another. Having a spiritual group or community even online I think is so important.

  26. Great wtg Richard living life without a tv! I agree with your desire to focus mostly on uplifting events or the unspun unvarnished WRITTEN truth that can be reread and properly digested (, 9 -11 , MH17 , etc!)
    We got rid of our TV in April 2012 after hardly ever using it in the previous 2 years. I dont miss TV at all, I find it boring because as an internet addict I like to interact and make choices all the time online. Now the rare occasions I watch a movie or streamed tv show online i more often than not fall asleep before the end because there is nothing for me to do except watch – its boring ( or exhausting in the case of oo7 movie Skyfall which was so fast paced that I fell asleep halfway through! ). But my wife does still watch a few reality shows streamed at times of her own choosing but I hope in a couple more years she wont!

  27. Hi Richard.
    I have for long been an admirer of you and your beautiful books. I recently came accross this fun, thought provoking site. A riddle has been rattling around my brain since you expressed your being in a state that of loneliness. That riddle inspires this question: have you considered why you have chosen to believe you are lonely
    Kind regards

    • A lovely question, Glyn. Several answers have come from time to time, little waves on my beach. The latest one is that I’ve made it a test for my angels. I’m willing to be a little lonely, unless they can meet these criteria for me and for my companion:
      I must live on an isolated mountain-top; I will not meet with other people except for random visits to the airport and the grocery store; I will communicate by computer when I feel like it; I must know who her spirit is by some intuitive sense that I can’t remember whether I have; she can be of any age; she must live in the United States or be free to travel here; she must be beautiful to my old-fashioned sense of beauty; she must know nearly anything about nearly everything; she could please speak English and some other language/s (I have a rough start on Spanish, French and German) and she must love to share the other/s with me; she must love to talk about ideas; she must find me as fascinating as I shall find her; she must have a lovely smile and find humor when it’s called for; she must love Lockie the Sheltie; she must… What? I’m running out of charact

    • All I need, Glyn, is one person to say, “Why, that’s me!”
      Out of seven billion spirits playing mortal, don’t you think _one single woman_ might say that? If that’s too much to ask, then how many spirits-not-playing-mortal might consider the offer?
      Please don’t say, “None.”

      • “All I need is one person to say, ‘Why, that’s me!'” Oh goodness me all these quote marks! 🙂 I talked to the herbs while watering them this morning, asked them about testosterone and oestrogen, what they think. Does oestrogen put up her hand and say that?! REally? Testosterone says just let me know where/who you are. Like, bang, bull’s eye truth. Anyway, the condensed sunshine’s intense green told me something else, about love. That love IS. Just is. That consciousness is. That sometimes the very last thread remaining between voluntary incarnation on this planet and … is this – the desire to KNOW what is. Consciousness and love. Sigh. By then the spray from the leak in the garden hose had brought my feet back to earth.

          • Isn’t this where the Universe’s sense of humor comes in? I think they send us who they think we need, who they think serves all concerned best, despite our best outlined intentions. At least that’s been my experience.
            I met my ex on a blind date arranged by my then-boss, expecting nothing. I knew before he said his name that we would be married, and we were, for 23 years. He was the opposite of anything I would have listed, but we are friends to this day.
            There have been a variety of people since, none of whom I could have predicted but all of whom served a purpose I needed served, though I couldn’t have said so at the time.
            I don’t think we’re meant to be intention-less but to just remember the Universe isn’t intention-less, either.

          • May I second that! Sometimes when I get it, it’s like experiencing the ‘B’ of the bang, the spark of life

  28. It’s funny that you sent out your post about whether television is worth watching.
    I just entered the third week of not having turned on my television. It’s a very strange sensation to pick up something to eat and walk over and sit down and not reach for the remote to turn on the television. My God I have been turning it on for years and years!
    Three weeks ago the thought hit me that by watching television I was turning over my brain to strangers under the guise of being entertained. Sure, I often sat and justified myself by criticizing what I watched as being simply empty drivel targeted for somebody who just didn’t like to think.
    But I realized there was more to it. There was an unarticulated lie that’s been told for years and years under that guise of entertainment.
    That lie is: we know you and we care about you. They don’t know me and they don’t care about me. Oh they care as far as how I figure into their marketing plan. That’s hardly what I would call caring, which means someone is actively concerned about somebody’s welfare.
    My friends and my relatives care about me. The companies that support the media of television don’t.
    So I asked myself why I was giving a good portion of my day to people who don’t care what happens to me. Sounded pretty dumb to me. I decided to stop.
    And here I am now thinking more, reading more, and generally being more at peace with myself. I’ve even started to think about creative projects that I had completely forgotten about. Not watching television feels really good!
    From the other comments, there are many who are feeling that way, too.

  29. This rattle has turned into a crash bang wallop, I live half a world away in England and the noise has kept me awake half the night!
    If I was one of your Angels I would send you this message (perhaps that’s it, they’re asking me to send it?)
    Message reads: Richard will you please turn off that…. ILLUSION!! You know it to be false, and only a few lines ago you stated it was self imposed. How am I supposed to know who the woman of your dreams is when she’s in your head, not mine. I could send you the woman of my dreams, but that would be most unsatisfactory… for all three of us!
    You are suffering from Chicken and Egg syndrome.. The sequence is: loneliness goes, woman of dreams arrives. This illusion is preventing the woman of your dreams to enter your life. Message ends.
    I would like to refer you to page 75 of one of the most wonderful books ever writ (my belief!). Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours. Oh boy, if ever there was a self prophesising…
    I send you this with the greatest affection, for you have been one of my closest companions for the last forty years.

      • Loneliness is purely a state of mind, and has no place in reality. Where as, in reality, love is everywhere. It was you, and people like you, who showed that to me. I can’t thank you enough for those gifts in Jonathan and Illusions you gave me all those years ago.

        • My dad, like you was a flyer. He was never happier than when he was scimming his little Auster over the waves, along the beach. I am certain that if Puff was around in his day they would be inseparable!

    • I think it starts to get sticky when dealing with human beings, physicality and relationships. With projection and all….not sure if we can all see it from the same angle. There are probably a slew of aspects to be considered that we, on a conscious level, cannot even begin to fathom.

    • love this Glyn – argue for your limitations – turn off the illusions – that opened a door for me that seemed jammed shut but just needed a little push. Getting glimpses of a state of ecstasy that does not care where I am, who I am with, what I own, how much money I have, I just have to welcome it and know it to be there. Of course I will drop like a stone with depression and disbelief at times but it is about practice and about keeping the connection – even while I also spray my feet or drop egg on my top or trip over the step. Love this blog Richard – was so disappointed with Gremlins.

      • I mean because it would not connect with the story – said it was embarrassed. I agree with Earl about seeing your emails in my inbox.

  30. Wow, this is timely for me! I have one television in the house, watch almost none of it, yet leave it on nights for the “noise” (I usually sleep afternoons/evenings). And virtually all of it drags down my soul even though it’s turned so low I only hear every third word or so. And I wonder how many others there are like me. More and more, the internet has the same effect. Aside from this site and a handful of others, most of what I see leaves me wanting to scream “Who cares?!”. Maybe I just choose the wrong (for me) venues. Just as well I don’t have any satellite of cable television.

    Lockie and the candy bar made me smile. The seemingly little things can be the most profound and most important to our worlds. I’ve been pondering this post for the last few days, then pondering all the comments. There must be enough beautiful thoughts and ideas to keep me thinking for a year or so! And what kept whispering to me most of last night was that every event is neutral. I’m free to look at it as a curse or a blessing, or to dismiss it entirely. Thirty-some years after reading “Every person, all the events of your life, are there because you’ve drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you” and I finally learned this? Whoever mentioned this being a slowwww process has it right, at least for me! Anyway, thanks to all, what an incredible post and comments!

  31. Yet again, Mr. Bach takes his perspective on something that otherwise belongs to our daily lives. The result? Our world is shattered! Suddenly we remember! Life is much more wonderful and interesting, much more enjoyable and full of mysteries than TV would ever tell us!

    Richard, this text is simply priceless. It enriches my life. Moreover, it came at a moment I really needed it. Perfect timing! Perfect perspective!

    Thanks Richard. This website is really a blessing. We are so lucky to have you around!

  32. A most interesting topic, timely as my husband and I are to the point of no return…….getting rid of the TV! Thanks all, for your wonderful perspectives on life and namely Richards many books. For Martin Filliatrault…………excellent building an RV-8! my husband built a Harmon Rocket and we flew all over the US for 10 years enjoying the time immensely! Your ship is your energy manifest as a beautiful aircraft……..remember that always and always thank it for the wonderful flights you two will have………always……..
    My most cherished moments were flying a glider under and around clouds, they are magical, no TV program can duplicate the feelings gained by doing something in nature that we can feel deeply.
    What a wonderful group you’ve created Richard…………..Glyn’s reply to you was perfect!

  33. Every problem has a solution, right? Well here’s mine on the issue of loneliness and Earl’s insightful post made me me think of it. Laugh at it! ( a la Victor Frankl’ logo therapy) Exaggering It can make it seem pretty funny. And by laughing at it the Issue will most likely disappear. And Like Glyn said first you have to disappear your idea of loneliness for a soulmate to appear. So start laughing, Richard. Because when you’re happy, we’re happy.

  34. Rate TV you may, we can rate writers by the same criteria and you Richard, are pure helium. So many times I have had my spirts lifted by one of your books. Had to buy additional copies of some, the first falling to pieces from over use.

    Although probaly not quite as averse to TV as you, (I have lived in households with television), one of my small boasts is that I have never in my 52 years owned one.

  35. I’m enjoying reading the conversation about love, loneliness, and Richard’s description of what he wants.

    I believe she already exists and that is why you are feeling what you’re calling loneliness. Your experience of loneliness is the call to action because she is reaching out to you as well. If you were complacent, you wouldn’t be moved to even talk about it. She will know exactly how to connect with you.
    Nothing can stop her from reaching you.

  36. i thought the twin towers burning were beautiful… i was however young when it happened. there was no morality in the way i was perceiving it, i was just a kid looking at powerful fire and energy, & i suppose death. later there were politicians, replays, commentators, theories, agendas… ugly. i never liked that part. nor do i like the whole terrorist thing. but just watching the towers burning was beautiful.

    ugh, i need to start grading more things in my life in this way…. i don’t have a tv but i have enough distractions to avoid the essential, and run around in circles focusing on the mundane. space time is weird stuff. i like the linear context of my life. i like waking up and making “progress” each day. i had a dream though, a dark-green vine maze in the dark of night, monsters chasing me as I look for a way out. sometimes i chase the monsters just to be unafraid, oh how they run when i get that way. i told someone this and they thought it would be funny if i just sat in the maze and chill’d. maybe that’s the way out? it’s just a dream, anyways, but when I wake up I am afraid my life will become like that dream: every situation a challenge, a twist and turn of the maze, forever. with obstacles to overcome and lessons to be learned everywhere, any situation can be conductive to moving forward.. learning… but the nightmare is, it never stops. it just keeps going, increment by increment, finite steps towards infinity, and i never reach the ultimate. if i ever have that dream again i’ll try doing what my friend said, sitting and chilling haha sure is fun chasing the monsters though.

  37. Since I left home after graduating in 1969, no television has found it’s place in my various homes. I may be out of touch to a degree, I may seem simple minded, but I am very free of the residue of watching that programming devise.
    I don’t suggest others follow this process. One needs to follow their own pathway. Obviously, I have a computer – it is a great tool for an independent person to research and learn in their home.

  38. Hi Richard,
    I’ve been a fan of yours since before Jonathan. I was born in ’53, airplane crazy with my dad. I read ‘Stranger to the ground’ in my 7th grade school library and intrigued you had the same last name. Later, with your other books I was profoundly impacted, so my son’s name is Richard Bach. I don’t know if we’re related-but I hope so. It would be an honor.
    Paul Bach

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