Is the Handbook a Divine Document?

Steve Stocker sent this comment to us:

I remember you saying in an interview once (and I think Shimoda said the same) that you could use almost anything in the same way; an old newspaper or whatever. Maybe so, but I’ve never mastered it. With the Messiah’s Handbook, it works beautifully for me. As usual, my biggest problems are forgetting that and “arguing for my limitations”. And I just realized that I love the humor mixed in with profundity! So many things lack that playfulness; for me it’s a necessity. :)


I had to reply.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for seeing that a little humor works well.  Yet it’s important for me to _believe_ that the Handbook is just part of a story, that there’s no chance that some divine intelligence was using me to write what it wanted to say.  So when I found your comment, I was frightened.  What if the Handbook turned out to be inspired text, after all?
I picked up the first thing I could see, a telephone bill, concerned still about what I thought you said.  My finger came down on the following sentence, and the words “…you’ll never have to worry…”.
So, thank the Maker, I’m not worried.  But why does the Maker use so many more words than I do when I write?  I guess she does that so that I can pay my phone bill.

25 thoughts on “Is the Handbook a Divine Document?

  1. Richard,
    When we are focused on the highest feeling that the heart gives us, we are receiving and transmitting messages from moment to moment 24 hours.
    in my case when I left the power of dogmatic organizations for years, my inner Donald Shimoda still testing me, in both the outside world and the world of dreams ….,and everything has become for me in living books, inanimate objects, nature and people …, but I never forget your books and the powerful Handbook…,

  2. “Is this handbook a divine document?” Why not!? I believe we’re all perfect expressions of perfect Love and we each contain the Divine within us. While we’re all here to learn, some of us are also here to help and to teach, like Jonathan in your book. And I also believe any of us can be conduits. To reiterate what others have previously expressed: your words help us to remember what we already know. Thank you for the treasures you have provided.

  3. Steve, from my experience opening any book works fine if you ask the right question with the right attitude. It can offer guidance but isn’t a fortune telling device, nor can you ask things like “directions to the turnpike.” Ask with sincerity and a genuine need for guidance. “Don’t worry” often comes up for me as well as “trust” in these books.
    but it’s important to know not to rely on anything completely but your own true self. Because sometimes books, and teachers, and experts, and authors are wrong. And sometimes only YOU are right.

  4. Oh my, I didn’t mean to worry you. I think belief is key for me. I believe it works, so it does. Suggestion accepted. 🙂 So many things to ponder in the post and the comments!

    I think Ruth has a valid point. All of us “perfect expressions of perfect Love” and therefore divine. Though I still have trouble accepting that. I believe it, it makes sense, but I think what we’re taught about perfection is way off base. From Illusions, it’s always a perfect sky, yet always changing. Love that.

    And thanks, Jerianne, you make a lot of sense, I think. I try to remember that it’s a guide for where to look for whatever it is I need to learn. Like searching for that turnpike exit and reading that a map might be a good place to start!

    • Oh Steve, I hope I didn’t sound like I was lecturing you. Just trying to give some helpful tips on what worked for me with the “book.” I also noticed something interesting. A kind of fun experiment. You might like to try it. I think of a word ( a simple word to start like, say, “window” ) and then open a book. When you practice this enough times you will see that you can open a book on the word that you chose. I have no idea how or why this works or why, in fact, you would even want to do it. But it works. Takes a little practice though. And you have to start with simple words. Then bigger and more complex. Kind of a silly game, really. But it will astound your friends.

      • It doesn’t sound silly to me, Jerianne, and thank you! I have something new to practice, and it sounds like fun! I didn’t feel like you were lecturing, just sharing your own experiences. And I can always use all the help I can get! 🙂

          • And I with you, thanks. I’m honored to be a part, however small, of this community. Sometimes it seems almost surreal!

  5. I think it depends on how creative one is. In my life, the answers lie in everything, everywhere both inside and out.

  6. When the words of the Handbook were channeled into and through you and you were inspired to type or write as they flowed, or edited until they were just right… What was your role, if any, in the creation of the divine or the sacred?

    D. Shimoda said that “… the world’s best movie is still an illusion, is it not? The pictures aren’t even moving; they only appear to move. Changing light that seems to move across a flat screen set up in the dark?”

    In the theater, looking up from one’s seat the picture is not visible in the ether between the projector and the screen. On the printed book, is it the words that make the divine, the reaction to the words, the concepts expressed, the physical book, the blank page itself?

    Is the act of writing or reading or viewing or imagining or believing… is it the action that is the experience of divine. Is it personal and universal? When a reader has an experience of understanding the divine from reading the words is that a shared experience that has the illusion of being private and personal?

    I choose to think there are an infinite number of non-conceptual gateways to the profound experience of communing with the divine and sacred, any of which are available at any particular moment. Equally present are an infinite number of illusions, some beautiful, some not.

    Becoming the one who lets go, the one who refuses to cling again… the one who has already let go, who is already free, that is the pursuit of a lifetime.

    Divine past-due medical bill? Looking up through the ether from my seat in the theater, the choice is there to see it.

  7. I guess the divinity is IN the person, the human being… that is why it works with ANY book, newspaper, magazine… or telephone bill….

  8. Richard: It has been perhaps four decades since I first read ‘Illusions’ and if my arm were twisted to breaking and I were forced to choose, I would say this book was your finest hour. So many beautifully written ideas and my soul still smiles remembering how Shamoda cleaned his Travelair windscreen by simply waving his hand and all the bugs came back to life and flew away. I guess you have to have flown into hayfields in an open cockpit aircraft as I have to fully appreciate the problem and the elegant solution. I prefer not to think of Illusions as divinely inspired since the implications start to cloud the simple truths and serve only to deflect the truth seeker away from the message and towards the messenger. This appears to have been the fundamental flaw in all the world’s great religions. So for now you will have to remain my favourite author, a man of flesh and blood created as we all are from the celestial elements. No Messiah Bach for me and I know that suits you just fine.

  9. I think it would be interesting to turn this around and search instead for the right question to ask yourself wherein after thinking it through, only you can provide the correct answer.

    I went on Amazon and searched for this handbook. I found it, but for some reason I held off on ordering it because I thought I had all of your books. Anyway, I searched on the bookshelf where I keep your books and couldn’t find it. I made a notation on my large and growing to-do list to order the book and forgot about it. The next day, I went into my home office/library to replace a book in another section, and there it was lying face up on the bottom of the shelf. I love when something like this happens. I literally must have at least a thousand books and what are the odds of it appearing like that so conveniently when I need it? I’ve kept it with me ever since.

  10. My thinking aligns beautifully with JenniferfromBelgium and JerrianneAustin.
    The Messiah’s Handbook is a reminder, a guide. It’s for each one of us to choose our own path without limiting our creativity.
    To all, I thank you very much for all shared helpful thoughts.

    Jennie (Midwest USA)

  11. Since we are all One, and all of us ARE Divine, could not anything we say or write or do be inspired, if we are acting in harmony with our higher truth, consciously – or even un-consciously? Seems to me that the most profound stuff I’ve come up with has been when I was waking up first thing in the morning, or after deep meditation, or when journaling intensively, etc. Times that I have sought to deepen my connection with higher truth, and also times when the angels have whispered in my ears when I least expected it…..

  12. Messiah? Maybe…..and what about Einstein, Curie, Michelangelo, Galileo, Hawking, Jobs, Austin, Twain, Dickens, Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare, St Vincent Millay, our country’s founding fathers, or any of us who hear the whisper of a great idea.

  13. Sorry,
    I used Bing Traslator. Now it appears in spanish language. Rare things!, not my fault. The original comment is:

    Last week I was walking, just walking, and found a bar with the following sign repeated over 7-8 panels: “Discover the space where you belong”. Ten meters beyond had to return me to reread it. Of course it was the message I needed those days. Not necessarily the answer – the site is not the bar, I still do not find the space to which I belong, but one feels safe and accompanied when messages appear. The answers will inevitably generate new questions… (I think): “But… What is the space to which I belong?” No one has the answer for you except one (suggestion also accepted).

    Richard, don’t worry, but you know that your books are inspired. How many worlds we create in the course of our life? Someday we know it? Perhaps the members of these worlds be surprised and wonder like our Angels… Why this subject keeps his mind full of crazy ideas?
    “-Have you ever read this about the loss of perspective, Don?”

    I love that!

  14. I believe there is a bit of divination all around us, inspiring us and others to bring something into being that may or may not have been here before but now in a slightly different form. Ergo, “same old wine in a brand new bottle”. However, this “new” incarnation may be easier to understand for some.
    Isamu Noguchi, a wonderful artist, put it together once that rang true with myself.
    “In order to be an artist you must deny your teachers. Then you must deny your past. Finally, one must deny their self. Then you are free to let the angels descend and hear the tinkling of bells”.

  15. Another great post. Thank you. I have angel cards, and pull one when I feel the need to get inspired. If you feel the book/resource is full of inspiration, it is. “Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be opened” A S K I think that is key to all inspiration. By asking, we’re open.

  16. Dear Richard.
    That’s an interesting question. “What if the Handbook turned out to be inspired text, after all?”
    Well, if some divine intelligence found or chose you, I can say that you had enaugh love experience, or maybe you had your own heaven in your soul to see or hear these words and write them. So you rose very high, so high, that you could reach their thoughts and understand them.
    And as for the number of words, it can mean that you often catch the main ideas and write them down.
    Sorry my meticulousness. Maybe I am not right, but I am interested in these questions too.
    Privyet from Moscow!

  17. Dear Richard,

    Although the post made me giggle, I’m afraid that you can’t use that flimsy excuse anymore since anyone can use Facebook Messenger to make crystal clear calls all over the world without having to pay for a anything else other than the Internet connection that many of us already have. Having said that, telesthesia is just as real as the WiFi modality that allows to share communication data without us being able to see or feel the binary digits that are being sent back and forth. In the same way that science is on a quest to understand the laws involved in regard to the Higgs boson particle, we are all on a quest to discover our telepathic abilities, and because I have absolutely no doubt about that on my mind, that channel is more open to people like me for now, but eventually telesthesia will someday be as mundane as catching a flight on a plane.
    Thank you for continuing to share your truths with us, and I reckon that you’ve shared many truths with us through your books over the years. Please don’t be afraid to be more like Donald Shimoda who tells it like it is without worrying about the effect that reality might have on someone else. It’s by doing just that that you will transcend the position where Jonathan was in after the latter had thought that flying any higher or faster was just not possible. I’m afraid that some of the assumptions you’ve made over the years in certain areas of your life are preventing you from soaring as far as you can reach. I do not say that with disrespect, but out of love and great admiration for both your courage and intellect.


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