Is this possible, an event like this?

IT WAS A dream about a dear friend, an old pilot, who had been killed in a crash years before. In the dream, I saw him with his J-3 Cub on floats, he landed on a lake and I met him when he reached the shore.

I knew that others, after they die, take the appearance of what they think was their favorite appearance while on Earth, and asked my friend why he looked just as I remember him, instead of as a young man?  He said he likes being seen as the old-timer.

I flew with him in the Cub, and he pointed out toward crystal cities on the horizon (“For those who like city life,” he said).  Then he asked if I wanted to fly the Cub.  Of course I said, Yes, please.

“Just a minute,” he said.  He slowed way down, then pressed the Cub into a spin, from about 2,000 ft.  “OK,” he said while the airplane was spinning straight down, “you’ve got it…”

I recovered, laughing.

“Do you have mid-airs here?” I asked, after a while.

“Sometimes.  The airplanes just pass through each other, of course, nobody’s hurt.”  Then in case I needed reminding, he smiled and said, “Now you don’t want to do that on Earth…”

I asked what I could take with me from this moment, to prove this was more than my imagination or a dream.  What could I tell his son to show I really talked with his dad?

He answered at once.  “Ask him about Uncle Eddy.”  Then the scene dissolved and I woke.

I wrote later to his son:

“… an odd thing happened that I wanted to check with you.  About a month ago I had a remarkable dream about your dad.  I was by a lake in the forest, not quite knowing why, when I looked up and saw a Cub on floats on downwind.  It landed on the water, and it was your dad, looking just like always and really happy.  I asked what he was doing here, and he said that he flew kids, mostly, to give them an intuition, before they’re born, a love of flying that would later draw them into the air.

“We talked for a while in this dream and we flew together.  It was vivid, unforgettable the whole event, and I’m still remembering it, and how glad I was to see him again.

“For some reason I wanted verification that this was a real meeting.  I asked if there was anything I could say to you that would make sense, beside it was an interesting dream.  He said I should ask you about Uncle Eddie.  That was the end of the dream.

“I don’t have a clue what that might mean, if it means anything at all.  For a while I wasn’t even going to mention the dream to you.  I don’t know if your dad had a brother, or whether Eddie might be a dog’s name, or what it meant.  But finally I thought hey, I’ll ask.  Whether or not that name means anything to you, this remains the most memorable dream of my life.”

His son’s answer came the next day:

“Your dream was interesting, all right.  Dad always enjoyed giving kids their first airplane ride.

“As far as ‘Uncle Eddie,’ the only person he may be referring to is Capt. Eddie.  He was an American Airline pilot who flew for Dad at the seaplane base when he had layovers down here.  Capt. Eddie owned a Piper J-3 on floats and kept it at his house.

“Odd that you mentioned it, since he just died, at the age of 93.

“He flew every Saturday morning up until his death.  The last few years of his life he was very frail and kept the airplane at our seaplane base.  We would help get the airplane ready for him every weekend.  Capt Eddie was still a very good pilot to the day he died.

“I never heard Dad call him anything but Capt. Eddie.”

Honest, this event really happened.  What do you think?  How do you explain this dream?  Does it need explaining?

4 thoughts on “Is this possible, an event like this?

  1. I sometimes have dreams like that too and have wondered the same thing. In fact i had one this morning about meeting a grand nephew who isn’t born yet. In this dream visit he was about four years old. His mom is having a difficult pregnancy and is in the hospital right now fighting to keep him. I had the same experience where he told me to tell her what he said to me. So far I haven’t heard back from her.

    I have noticed that when I have these kind of “dreams” or “visits”” that there is a feeling to me at least of it seeming “real” such as there being more sensory details, there being a lucid quality to it, and there being a sense of depth to the other person or people in the dream. While these factors may also exist in my dreamy dreams, these dreams are often lacking in some details — like the horizon being out of focus or foggy, or time seems to skip forward — and people in these dreams seem more like I’m watching them in a movie instead of being there in person.

    Sometimes it is hard to tell if the current thing going on in your mind is “real” life, a “real’ dream, or your imagination creating a “dreamy” dream! To me it feels like you really spent time with your pilot friend!


  2. In 1993 I learned that my favorite person had “died” in a car wreck. I dreamt of her over 4 nights.

    In the first dream I walked in to a party and saw her dancing and happy in the back. I went up to her and said, with GREAT relief, “Oh my God, Amy, they told me you were DEAD!”

    She said, “How could I be dead?”

    Like it was preposterous. So I hugged her and joined the party.

    Second night, same scene, I didn’t remember last nights dream. Went up to her, shocked. Said, “Oh my God, Amy! They said that you were dead!”

    She looked at me confused because didn’t we just have this stupid conversation? “No, Teska, I’m not dead.”

    I felt a little dumb, of course she’s eternal in truth. Our relationship has always been about that.

    Third night, I still asked the question. She just looked at me with disdain until I let it go.

    Fourth night, I finally passed the test and just hugged her instead of repeating the silly rumor that she was dead.

    Now I think of dreams as messages that we need but would be freaked out if we got them while awake, e.g. hearing a voice with no speaker. It’s a way to know something without skipping steps in learning. It’s so open to interpretation. I had a lot more peace because of this communication with Amy. And I’ve talked to her a few times since then as well. I’m a believer.

    It takes some practice to believe and live from something that no one you know believes or lives from. You may start out alone but eventually your real flock finds you and then it’s easy peazy!

    Come to think of it, it was one of Amy’s friends who turned me on to your books. :)

    Thanks for sharing this dream, Richard. So fun to have you back with us!

  3. The funny thing about these dreams that weave into reality, is that they are always the utmost in vividness, strength, and recall-ability. We know their value before we awaken.

    Being offered a glimpse to the future, or even the mesh between worlds is something I believe most experience in their lives just a handful of times.

  4. such a lovely dream message Richard. you know when I was a kid, 11 years old, my grandma died… in some time I had a dream about her being young and happy and riding on a bicycle- it’s something she wanted to do all her life but she had some issue with keeping physical balance and couldnt learn to ride a bicycle when alive. I know it’s true what I saw because it was so her)

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