13 thoughts on “It Happens, Sometimes

  1. I can’t help wondering if maybe he wants to be an honorary member of the FRS? Makes sense to me, my ferrets all got along well with dogs! 🙂

  2. OH my, how cute is that? The joy our 4 legged friends bring us is so amazing. They can bring spontaneity to our lives as well as such humor. What a blessing.

  3. I found myself wondering if maybe this sweatshirt is his “security blanket” if it has your scent on it. My Sheltie Skippy used to carry around clothes I had worn too – especially when he was an older puppy!

  4. Yesterday I finished reading The Ferret’s Cronices: in the Sea, in Spanish, is a story in several stories, harmonics adventures dreams that interact with each other, where we can not define where it begins and ends…

    Shall be that the Spirit of Lokie, of the Hurons, of the Richard and us as readers interact with each other simultaneously in several space-times and in this Earth to express Beauty and Love?

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