32 thoughts on “It’s a Water Landing!

    • I’ve seen this clip maybe 50 times, and I still love it. Words are mysteries, sometimes, but pictures? Big clues!

      • I wonder if that’s because words can be relatively precise, but images are more open to individual interpretation. They allow us to paint with a broader brush.

        I definitely need to try a sea or float plane at some stage this lifetime!

        • Remember a float plane keeps you well above the water. A light seaplane will give you quite a sense of skating on the water, or we can simply fly at one foot or so and you can have that feeling for hours, and no problem if you touch the surface at 70 mph. On land, of course, it’s difficult to have that feeling without knowing that an engine failure would scratch the airplane.

          • A seaplane it will be then, (and preferably one that can be flown open cockpit like Puff).
            Thank you for sharing your flying with us. It is so wonderful to get a taste of the flying you do, and in such lovely surrounds.

      • It looks like everyone felt it. You captured something harder to capture in words, deeper than words. Maybe time for another movie?

  1. While I was watching this, it seemed like I could actually feel the motion of the flight with all the wind and water. Maybe that feeling came from the viewpoint the camera had? For at least a few moments of it I forgot I was watching a video. Although I’ve been up in single-engine planes, I’ve never been up in a sea plane. Now I feel I’ve at least had a taste of experiencing that kind of flight — so thank you! I would love to really do that sometime.

    • The GoPro Hero3 camera was mounted on the side of the left float, a few inches over the water when Puff is on the surface at low speed and the left float is on the water. The cockpit is low, too, so you have a good sense of what it feels like.

  2. I had no idea that your cockpit sits that low! Now that looks like fun in the best sense of the word. Enjoyed my morning wake up drink flying over the water…and I didn’t have to get wet. Thank you for sharing your happy place with us…I now get a sense of how exhilaration co-mingles with an incredible sense of peace.

  3. Fantastic Richard! That landing was like you two were still flying, but had squeezed all the air out between you and the water.

    I love how quickly Puff gets on the step. I can just feel her eyes get wide with excitement as you push the throttle open, “Let me go! (Wheels up for a water takeoff) Let me goooo!! C’mon, point me into wind already (Wheels up for a water takeoff, okay Puff, here we g…) Weeeeeeeeeeee!”.

    Puff, slipping the splashy bond of bubbles!

  4. ~ puff definitely has the right stuff ~ what a nice surprise with my breakfast this 4th of july morning ~ enjoy ~

  5. Wow! That is so much fun! What a great vid. Thanks for sharing it. The long one is my favorite. It gets me in a zone somehow.

  6. Thanks for the morning fly and for those of us who can’t get enough, the long version too! I’ve always wanted to kayak in that area. Now my dreaming has shifted a bit 😉

  7. Another view of the world through your eyes. Simply perfect! Thanks, as always, for sharing the ride and the journey, Richard.

  8. I Shared these wonderful six minutes with my brother Dario …,

    simply we Fell the Unlimited Greatness of the Spirit that shelters us,

    Thank You, Richard

  9. Очень интересно, спасибо, я никогда не летала и вряд ли буду, мне очнь понравилось!

  10. I love this. I can nearly feel the water splashing up against me. No wonder you love it so. There is so much beauty. It’s a great way to start Independence Day. Thank you.

  11. Beautiful! I had no idea how fast you had to come in when landing on water. Very thrilling to see. And I am so happy to see you and Puff flying at home. Next time I’m up in your neck of the woods, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the two of you.

  12. I’ve been wanting to fly with you for over 35 years now… one day (soon?)… so I love the long flight… bit teary actually… especially when you banked for final approach… circuits and splashes… after splashdown I heard the words in my head from Bridge – if only they could invent a sailboat that flies [sic]… yay for resurrected Puff… love her roar on take off…

  13. ….i love the Little Sucia video-i could imagine bringing a picnic lunch, pulling up along side the island and having a midday repos. 🙂

  14. Wheee! That was fun!

    Moved to Seattle a little over a year and a half ago, took a flight w/the fine folks over at Seattle Seaplanes and recently picked up a book on how to fly floatplanes (or, more appropriately, how to get them on and off the water, and also get them to go where you want them to go when you’re on the water). The plan is to add the seaplane rating next year. Of course, I have to renew my CFI before Sept., get updated on my medical and do an IPC…so many things! Your video is a nice bit of inspiration to remind me how much I love flying, even if I haven’t been active in awhile. Thanks!

  15. Oh it felt so wonderful to be flying with you and Puff again, Richard. Thank you for taking us all on such wonderful flights with perfect water landings. What beautiful scenery. And I loved Little Sucia, too. What a wonderful place to sail to and drop anchor for a day or so.

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