Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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  1. Hello Richard. I happened upon your wonderful little book in a street book sale and I am delighted to be able to write to you personally and thank you. It is such a beautiful book and it never ceases to inspire me and encourage me to be like Jonathan and follow my own path. I reccommend it to everyone, it’s my favourite book, and I love books. I have just finished The Bridge Across Forever and again, I want to thank you for your truths. I am on my own special loving spiritual adventure with my husband and am lifted by the hope and the clues and the magic that is sprinkled in your words. I am glad you listen to your heart and that your words have touched so many x

  2. I was “forced” to read this book while in college for a class.
    I am glad I did. I have always been an outsider also so this book spoke to me in a very deep way. Now I read it at least once a year if not more.
    It also got me to discussing it with a friend who suggested Illusions. I read that as well and have been hooked on your books ever since.
    Thank you so much for your books. They are a real blessing.

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