Life with my Guardian Angel

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Life with my Guardian Angel by Richard Bach

7 thoughts on “Life with my Guardian Angel

  1. Richard did it again. He has that unique way of expanding ones consciousness into remembering more of what one already knows. Thank you for sharing the details of your crash so that I could remember that death is never what it may appear to be. I loved the talk about heaven and remembering that heaven is only a state of being and that we are always here now. You are your Guardian Angel Richard and you play all your roles magnificently. Thanks for sharing your inner knowing. We love you!

  2. Just when I was giving up hope, this book opened my heart and mind to the abundance of love and angels in my life. You are truly a gift, I’m so glad you chose to delay your Heaven trip!

  3. Richard…I can’t wait for your new book. It will be required Christmas reading for a variety of my new, younger seagulls in training. Thank you, beyond expression, for continuing to write after all you’ve already given us.

    • The new version of this book is waiting for Amazon to delete the old version. It will be available soon…a few days from now?

  4. Fico feliz de saber como Ricardo Bach, se refaz, se renova e cria sempre algo novo para nossa leitura. Não esperava nada diferente dele. Sempre jovem e atual traz reflexões para esta nova geração de leitores que precisam desta formação espiritual. Acredito que será como o primeiro livro: para todos, mas nem todos serão para o livro. Abraços seu Rich!

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