Lucky’s Prophesy Comes True?

AFTER HE HAD died three years ago, I talked with Lucky, my Shetland Sheepdog.  He talked about what it felt like, to be out of his body, why he had died, why he was not sad to leave me or his life as a mortal.

He knew that he was exactly where he needed to be, and that we would be meeting again.  I agreed with that, still a few tears from the change.  As he had been, I was a mortal too, and felt as though we had been separated by my beliefs of space and time.  Ten years we had been friends, and I loved him still.

He was not sad for the limitation of my understanding.  Most mortals have that problem.

“I’ve been always with you,” he said.  “I’m still with you, even though you don’t see me.  You’ll understand, some day.”

“What was it like, Lucky, dying?”

“Different for you.  You were so sad.   I lifted out of my body.  No sorrow, no sadness.  It felt as if I got bigger and bigger…  I was part of everything.  I’m part of the air you breathe, with you always.  Don’t forget!”

“Oh, Lucky. I miss you.”

“You miss me when you can’t see me, but I’m right here!  I’m here!  I’m all you loved about me, I’m the spirit, the only Lucky you loved!  I am not gone, not dead, I never was!  You walk every day around the roads, the meadows, and I walk with you, too!”

Me and my invisible dog, I thought.

“Are you coming back, Lucky?  Will I see you as a dog, ever in the rest of my life this time?”

He was quiet for a minute.  “I’m not sure,” he said.  “I’ll have to see about that.  There’s so much to learn here!  I’m learning quickly, remembering, mostly, but it may be that I’ll never be a dog again.  It was good, our times then.  But… I don’t know.”

“If you do come back,” I said, “Let’s pretend you decided.  How will I know?”

Lucky must have been thinking about it, even though he had not made a decision.  “If a person comes to your front door,” he said, “someone from the south of you, and if they tell you that there’s a place with Shelties for sale, go and see it.  I’ll be there.”

I didn’t ask him how I’d know him, didn’t need to.  I’ll know Lucky.

Three years went by after that talk with Lucky.  Quite a few people came to the house in those years, and nobody that had a word to say about Shelties.  Maybe he was already born, and he was already here on earth.  Without a sign of what he had said, I couldn’t know.

After my crash, I talked with him again.  Just a quiet talk, when at last I was able to walk along our path again.  No decisions from him about coming back to meet me in this lifetime.

This morning, though, a few hours ago, a realtor came to meet me.  She brought her Sheltie with her, Jingles.  Absolutely beautiful, that dog, the same bright collar of soft fur around her gentle face, an amazing fur scarf the color of lightning, she was just this side of incandescent white, too bright in the sunlight, to see her.

We talked for a while, the realtor and I, and when I told her about Lucky, how close we had been, the realtor mentioned a place where there could be a Sheltie to a good home.  It was Jingles’ birthplace.  I’d have to pass the owner’s test of a home, but the dog was there.

“How I can I reach her?”

“I have her email.  But she’s not far, on the mainland.  Just south of town.”

After a minute, I thought about that.  The realtor’s town is south of me.  South of town is south of south to me.  Hadn’t Lucky mentioned that?

She said they have Shelties.  Today was the first time since Lucky died, that I remembered  his words, now his prophecy:

Someone living to the south.  Entered my front door.

This person would tell me about Shelties nearby.

Had Lucky arranged, back then, for me to meet him?   What he had said in the talk of three years ago, has it come true?

Last night I had written for these pages that this was a time of the Silent Ocean, a lonely time for me.  When a few readers thought I was asking for their healing ideas, I took that story off line.  I may re-write it.  It’s part of my life and it may be someone else’s, one day, too…I didn’t want them to think I was asking for help.

After I took that story off the website, hours before the realtor and Jingles came here, I thought in the night, maybe a dog would be good for me, and I’d be for him, too, it might solve a double loneliness.

An hour ago, I sent a message to the Sheltie owner, asked if she might have a dog available to a good home.

I’m waiting, now, to see if she answers.

12 thoughts on “Lucky’s Prophesy Comes True?

  1. Yes, yes….this is exactly how it works! I think it is our concept of time that throws us off when we bring messages from withih/without into our life. For Lucky it was clear….for you to have held in memory this conversation is the work that you did to bring it into conscious play…here and now. Perhaps you wonder what more can happen? Perhaps just getting to this point is the marvel….i am excited to hear how things develop on this exciting journey for you.

    Oh, and also happy for the resolution of the mystery of the Quiet Ocean and as many us of know it had a purpose anyway….

  2. I have two invisible dogs! My lovely Mariposa runs beside my car and travels everywhere with me. She crawled up on my bed last nite. She is so tall right now, possibly up to my shoulders. She is showing me colors I have never seen before! She is helping me remember…her grace and patience is almost too much for me- it overflows in me-
    And my Clancey, Mariposa’s sister STILL sleeps beside my daughter every single night.
    They even somehow find ways to help me still feel their soft fur and to hear their glorious cooing sighs…
    Thank you Richard for your words about Lucky~perfect timing

  3. Richard,
    I too am a lover of Shelties and can relate to the loss of your Lucky. My little boy Smokie was with me almost 12 years before he decided it was his time to leave me.

    Smokie was my adventure mate, We kayaked and sailed together. Hiked many trails. And regardless of the ups and downs in my personal life, he was the one consistent. So when he passed, I thought that was that. I had been given the one true gift of love in my life and I was grateful.

    On a side note. The reason I even got into the Sheltie breeds was a gift the nuns on Shaw Island. Do you remember how the nuns used to greet each ferry?
    And every time there was a sheltie right there with them. So happy and joyful.

    Smokie stayed with me for awhile after he passed. There was a song from the Lion King that (sounds corny) that helped me through those tough times. One day, when I was going north on 101, that song came one just as I passed the turn off to the home of his breeder aka grandma. Fate or maybe just him time to go up there and play with the other dogs.

    Such a loss. I cremated him and his ashes are in the waters behind the bird estuary at San Juan County Park.

    About two years after he passed, his grandma called and said she had two new litters. I hesitated because with me nothing could replace Smokie. But looking at new puppies and having a great chat with Helen (aka grandma) was always fun, so I went.

    She has an area on her back porch where she keeps the babies and what beautiful babies they were. Just as I started to get closer to the kennel, one got away from her litter mates and walked up to the edge of the fence and just looked at me. Love at first site and so now I have my Cassie three years later.

    Lucky is letting you know that it is OK to love another one. If that connection you have there does not pan out, please let me know. There is a wonderful lady in Hoodsport that has been breeding Shelties for 30 plus years that may have some available. You will like her as she is one of the most wonderful and interesting life forces I have ever connected with.

    She too, is picky where her babies go.

    Thanks for reconnecting with your flock on the internet.


  4. Thank you for once again sharing your beautiful stories. It’s a most inspirational way to start the day — a story from you.

    I am saddened that you took down your previous story. I understand if it didn’t garner the response you were expecting that you may feel it’s flawed in it’s approach. But it’s also beautiful, and real, and haunting, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I read it.

    It was another way of expressing the emotions you had shared just before the accident. That isolation and how it causes loneliness. It is powerful.

    My favorite part of reading is when you get a moment to look into the realities of someone’s soul. To hear the kinds of things that always go unsaid. Society doesn’t want us to talk about our insecurities, vulnerabilities, our challenges. We only get to express them in writing. But reading these truths from others makes us feel better about feeling those things ourselves. Like we are all experiencing our version of the same universe.

    Sweet that you worry about those who worry about you though.

    Very very glad you are back. No more going away!

  5. Dear Richard
    So glad to have you back in the skies! And like so many others from the old flock around you I enjoy your idea of sharing your thoughts with us.
    Reading your very open and honest yesterdays story I thought by myself it could possibly encourage some wrong reactions. So it’s surely a wise decision to take it from the web.
    Besides: while reading “Travels with Puff” I found myself again and again worrying about the unhappy history of the poor little airplane before you got to know her. I share those sensitive feelings for a certain aircraft. They all have strong personalities. I know you’re one of the finest pilots. But still I had some moments in fear that there could be another incident for Puff, of course only with maybe some damage to her, and no harm at all for you. It was so strange to hear the bad news then. But it’s over, you made it, and we have you back.

    Keep flying, enjoy walking with your (soon-finding-you new-4wheel-barking-) friend from south of you and of course: Keep writing. Thanks so much!

    Many happy splash-in’s from Switzerland

  6. A couple of years ago I had just finished reading a book about deceased animal communications with their owners from the afterlife. I began wondering why I had not experienced some sort of contact with my totally beloved Shady who died immediately with a heart attack on our kitchen floor at 11:15AM, 4/11/10. I decided to pray to the universe for sign that he was now alive in the afterlife. I did this for several minutes with all the intensity I could muster. I did get a sign! About 2 weeks later I was getting in my car after walking my two Shelties in the park when I saw a white feather stuck to the very center of my driver’s side door. My car was clean and I had not driven in wet weather for a stray feather to somehow fly up from the street and stick on the door. I believe this was a sign from my spirit guide. You see, this is not my first white feather sign. The first happened when my mother was on her death bed in a hospital. I was sitting in a chair next to her when I saw a white feather drift down past the window next to her bed. In something like 10 to 15 seconds later I noticed that white feather ascend up toward the sky on and updraft. She died within about 2 hours after that. I believe that sign was from my spirit guide, but it was years later that I came to that conclusion. Also, I believe that many years ago my spirit guide created the situation whereby I smoked my last cigarette after many attempts to quit…… but that’s another story. I believe I have a wonderful spirit guide 🙂

  7. If it is Lucky….there is no way you can not meet. Those ‘settings in motion’ our furry family members set up…they are powerful things and straight as an arrow. If we’re meant to be together, there is nothing on heaven or earth or in-between that can prevent it. I’ve traveled this path myself and am so very happy for you. It’s so special when they return to us and to be able to recognize the process in motion is a gift beyond words.

  8. My dog’s name was Morgan, and she was not happy, owned by a nurse that worked 12 hr shifts, and I worked at her hospital. The nurse complained to me one night, while I was on her floor to see a patient, that no one was wanting her dog. The animal lover that I am, had to ask what the situation was, and she said her boyfriend didn’t like the dog, and he was stuck in her apartment for 13 hours a day and she had an ad that no one was answering to giver her away. She was a rottweiler, German Shepherd mix. I felt such sympathy for the animal, I told her I’d come out to look at her.
    I arrived on the following saturday, the gal was holding the dog on a leash on the apt. grounds, and I just opened the door and Morgan broke the leash and ran over and jumped in my lap while I was still seated in the car, and proceeded to lick the heck out of my face. I hadn’t even time to get out yet! I knew then that this dog and I were meant to be.
    I took Morgan everywhere, as I was semi-retired, and traveled much. She was the best pet I ever had, and got along with my cats beautifully.
    Well, wanted to let you know how our story began. The ending is a story also. Morgan had a stroke at 2am one morning, she put her nose to mine in bed and I woke up to see her literally keel over. I jumped out of bed to see what happened and she was having a stroke. I nursed her back to health, and then she got cancer. She was 13. After much angst and weight loss, I decided to put her down. I arrived at the vets, and they gave me a room to sit with her after they gave her the shot. I sat on the floor with her head in my lap and talked to her as she slowed down her breathing, and after she quit breathing for a full 5 minutes, I let go and wailed like a banshie! Oh, poor Morgan! Suddenly, she started breathing again and sat up. Oh my! She could barely move, and I laid her back down and told her she could go, please go and be happy and know how you are loved. She did finally quit breathing. Yikes, I’m crying, this was such a heartfelt moment, and I knew she was willing to come back to be with me if that what I wanted. So that is the story.
    Morgan loved to sit in the passenger seat of the car and sat just like a person, people would laugh when they pulled up next to my car, and see her sitting there focused intently looking straight ahead. She first came a few days later in the car, I felt her there and could smell her. A few times, the cats seems to see her and meow. But mostly it’s in the car she appears, I feel her there and can hear her panting as she did when she was excited.
    Thanks for letting me share this.

  9. My cat came to visit me a month or so after she died. I had been missing her so much and one morning I felt her jump up on the bed and walk over to me to cuddle like she used to, and I said “Frankie, you’re HERE!” and held her and listened to her purr and I was so happy. And then the alarm went off and I thought, oh, was it just a dream? But it was so real that I could FEEL her fur and her weight on my arm, and I believe she was really with me and after that didn’t feel so much sadness of missing her. Her life and death were both gifts to me. I’m crying remembering. It would be fun if she showed up here again, and, I’m content with the time we had. Hope you’ll let us know – did you and Lucky meet again?

    • Your experience with Frankie after he died, that’s happened many times. It happened to me, some 25 years ago: FLUFF, the sound and weight of the little Persian cat, the purring, and when my wife and I reached to touch her, she was gone!
      Since then, I woke one morning to hear happy barks from Zsa-Zsa a few days after she died. It was like she was outside and wanted to come in. Lucky? I had a long series of talks with him through an animal communicator, months after he died. He did not care one but for my belief that we were separate. He is with me “in every breath I take.” Lucky was always a wise and thoughtful friend from my days of being his master, my dear Sheltie has become my own master, today. To grieve at his death, he said, that’s silly. We’re together right now!

      • Wonderful! And I saw your later post about finding Lucky in your new beautiful pup! It’s funny, I was thinking south could mean anywhere and not just the next town 🙂

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