Marriage of a Different Culture

I GUESS SOMETHING I had said about loneliness reached my guardian angel.  She’s beautiful, of course, as all of us are in our highest realms of spirit.  Spoke softly, a kind of music in her voice.

“Hallo, Richard!”

“Hello, dear spirit.  You’re my angel?”

She laughed.  “You can say that.  Most of us have specialties.  Safety in airplane crashes, protection from storms on land, storms at sea, accidents on roads, in elevators…  Everything that you believe can happen in a lifetime, you have angels to help when your mission in life is not quite finished.”

I knew there was more for her to say, but she didn’t go on.  Not Telling Everything is part of an angel’s training.

“Are you going to help me,” I said, “with another airplane crash?”

“I don’t think you’ll be having another airplane crash.”  She was so solemn about that, that it was my turn to laugh.

“What’s your specialty?  There’s no elevator on the island.  If you’re to be company for a lonely gentleman, I’ll accept your offer with thanks.”

“You’ll need mortals for company.  I’m just a busy angel.  There’s more in my specialty, but we’re all busy.”

“Forgive me.  Thank you for saying hallo.  My best wishes from the humans you’re helping!”

She didn’t move.  “You want to have someone special in your life.”

“Well, yes, that’s true.”  When there’s not a soul to talk with about all one’s gentle brushes with life, the funny moments of our lives…what would you say?  I said, “How did you find that out?”

“My specialty.”

“Oh.”  So that was her job.  Four years without a loving partner in my life.  Well yes, I had a beautiful non-romantic friend through the crash, she’s a friend now, still it would have been so much easier if my Personal Romantic Relationship Angel had found a partner before that.

“You’ve been busy indeed,”  I said.

“There’s a time, and there’s a not-time.  It was important for you to have a not-time.  You’ll understand in a while.”

“Maybe there’s no one in this country for me.  Maybe nobody in the world, ever,” I said.  Lots of reasons for that: I live alone, don’t meet anyone in my quiet place, soon as there’s a party, I’m off the other…

“Would you consider,” she said, “a woman from a different country?  I need to know.  Is someone from a different culture, would they…?”

“I’d love it.  I could learn a language, help teach English…”

“Language is easy,” she said.  “Would you enjoy loving with a woman from a different culture?”

I was a minute before responding.  “I have a problem with religions,” I said.  “If the culture has parades for religious statues, of holy days that I think are lost on us, I’d have a little difficulty with that.”

There was a checklist on her mind.  “You don’t like religions.  You don’t care about age?”

“Now wait.  If someone’s so young that she has no ideas of her own, that would never work.  I’d need to find someone who knew, who had lived some tests, someone who had learned that the answers are within us, even if our spirit guides have to drag them on stage.”

“Drag anyone?  I don’t think we’ve ever dragged…  Tell me an age.”

“Someone who’s thought it all through… how can I give a number for all that experience. And young women want to have children.  I don’t.”

“Tell me an age.”

“Thirty five?” I said.  “Thirty five and they probably know they have answers, and they don’t need children.”

“Thirty five.  And the top number for an age?”

“Any number is fine.”

“But you like beautiful women.”

“That’s important.  But I know an actress,” I said,  “I think she’s spent more time in this life than I have.  She’s wildly beautiful.  Of course I like beauty.  I don’t care about counting age.”

“OK, from thirty five to any age beyond.”

“Yes.”  Click on the checklist.


“There have to be Italians, the Spanish, French, German, Swedish women who aren’t connected with a religion, aren’t there?  No problem with the culture.  Of course I want one person, not families.”

“Same for near eastern countries, African, Asian?  Does culture have any thing except religion that will stop you?

“I don’t care for wars…”

She laughed.  “No wars?  You flew war planes!”

“I was mid-twenties the one time the United States had no wars. The Berlin Crisis, later cooled.  If I were in the military at thirty five, I wouldn’t choose me for a friend.  I’ve already allowed for some learning.  The trouble with the military…”

She frowned.  “Are we discussing the military?” she said.  “I thought you wanted someone to love.”


She smiled.  “Are you old fashioned?”

“Very funny.  No I don’t need an open marriage.  I like us to talk about decisions.  No, I’m not independent.  Yes, I’m old fashioned.”

“Anything else?”

“Her travels are finished.  She loves a country place.  She plays with her imagination.  Smart, of course.  Loving.”

She smiled.  “…likes Shetland Sheepdogs.”

I blinked.

Of course!  I didn’t have to say a word to this angel!  “You know everything about me, don’t you?”

“It’s nice if you tell me, too.”

“But you don’t need me to say …”  We can’t hide anything, I thought.  Angel guides know.  A test for her: “How do I like my special love to wear her hair?’

“What do you like?  Long,  Straight.  Dark.”.

“I knew it.  You already know!”

“How can I find a perfect woman for you if I didn’t know?”

I looked at her for a half-minute.  Everything about her was…  “She looks like you, doesn’t she?”

“It’s easier when I mirror an image of her for you.”

“So where is she?  How to I find her?”

“Richard, there are thousands of women across the world you’ll find are beautiful, have a bright sense of humor, are smart, loviing, speak English, love Shelties…thousands!”

She was quiet.  I thought it was my turn to talk.  “Oh, the problem is me, isn’t it?”

“Could be.  They’re looking for someone different from you.”

“The crash?”

“For some, the crash.  For others, you’ve been in this life too long.”

That got my attention, of course.  There’s a time for mortals when the belief of age stops attraction.  “But you’re here with me now.  Is it time for you to tell me that all I’ve done and said, you’re going to say it doesn’t matter?  Romance dies with the belief of age?  You’re going to tell me I’ll have to wait till my next lifetime?”

“Not really.  You’ll change appearance soon as you enter the belief of the afterlife.”

“Oh.  You’re saying that I just need to die.”

She looked at me, hint of a smile.  “Tell me.  Are you a difficult test for a mortal woman now?”

“I’ve loved a few women.  Didn’t seem hard to meet them.  When you love someone, it’s hard for them to be a test for you.”

She looked a question at me.  “Richard, you are a quiet man.  You live on a little island on the very edge of the United States, on a mountain-top, in a place that very few people visit, you’re surrounded by private lands, behind a gate, you go nowhere where you meet others, you don’t travel, your telephone is unlisted, you have practically no mail, you almost never give interviews, your website is unknown to almost every person on the earth, your email address is just this side of secret.  If you wanted to be totally unknown, Richard, tell me: what else could you do beyond what you’re doing, this minute?”

A long silence.  “Umm…   I could shut down the computer?”

“That would help.”  She just looked at me, the little smile, and all at once I knew how difficult her job must be.  I had asked my Personal Romantic Relationship Angel to do the impossible.

“When you put it that way, I don’t have a lot to say.”

“Well, not to worry,” she said, ready for a challenge.  “There’s not much for you to do in the mortal world, but there are a few things I can do.  The principle of coincidence, I’ll turn some wheels.  Much to happen with the magnetism of like hearts.  Invisible powers you can count on, when material powers are gone.”

“I believe you.” I said.  “Invisible powers.”

“We’ve met before.,” she said. “We will again.  So many lifetimes.”

When she said that, I knew we needed a long talk.  “I’ll be gone from your eyes now,” she said, “but I’ll still be near.”  A nod of her head, a flash of her smile, and she was gone.

Not a second for me to say thank you, I didn’t tell her how much she meant to me.  So many lifetimes.  Was she the one I so wanted to meet?

She didn’t ask for thanks.  All the angel spirit guides, busy beyond time, they do it for the fun of their work.

What a lovely belief for us to live!

31 thoughts on “Marriage of a Different Culture

  1. Richard, I love how you tell stories– you have such a way with words. I too have fought with the difference between lonliness and not wanting to be attached to the wrong person. The relationships I”ve had – I seemed to fall into – didn’t work for. I always feel like there’s someone out there who likes the things I like – reads the things I read. I wish I had the ability to put words together like you do – just beautiful

  2. how nice it must be to have these conversations with beings of light.
    It feels to me that it’s different than the incessant dialogue that circles my mind. Occasionally I’m able to slow it down to a speed that I’m able to decipher somewhat of a question answer session.
    Pondering now that if I were to put an image with the dialogue would it then become an angel.
    thank you.

  3. Richard, I love how I can wake up every day and read such beautiful stories. Once, I tried to send you a letter, but unfortunately it has never found the way. Sometimes, reading your texts, I want to ask something, want to discuss something. But, when i read it again, mostly i realize that the answers were all there in your own words. And I want to add that I’m from Brazil, just for you to know that you’ve changed people’s life even in the farther places.

  4. A lovely belief, for sure! And I do believe it, though I forget it sometimes. So many thoughts which are almost beyond verbalization. Sometimes I feel like just saying “Yes!”, but that hardly adds much to the thread. Anyway, I love this post and comments, and it leaves me with a lot to ponder. Thank you. 🙂

  5. I am in the middle of my search, too. I have been all my life, I guess. I’ve been through different relationships, one marriage, but still haven’t found the person I came to find. And I have always known there is someone. As a child I would talk to him, and I still do. Now I can feel him closer at some moments. If I close my eyes I can even touch his energy. I was born with this memory of a love so beautiful, so trusting, so perfect… I feel we are working together even if we haven’t met in this lifetime yet. We are learning form our time apart. We are learning about our own souls and about overcoming appearances. I cannot imagine his external outfit, just the beauty of his inquisitive soul. The honesty of his acts, his willingness to overcome the traps of the human ego… Sometimes I get lonely, too. Then I try some meditation to remember… and when I remember it is like going back home…

  6. Richard, I hope any woman out there secretly hoping to connect, will take this opportunity to send you a note, written from the heart and a current picture. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking in their eyes. Invisible forces…

  7. Richard, this still — a half day after reading it — has me re-thinking my loneliness, which I have been practising for far too long. I was finding is very “bell jar”… but I am now, ever so slightly believing that it might, with effort, maybe perhaps just possibly be surmountable.
    So far, from your writing here, these are my golden takeaways:
    1. There is, for each of us, an… aspect (or aspects) … task-focused spirits who act to help make relationships happen. We can find them with the skills of listening and imagination. Be honest with them.
    2. They only can work with what we provide them (me!), so it’s still up to us (me!).
    3. Richard, these strike me as a lot like talent agents. Do they ask the standard 10%?

    • I think our guides don’t know what to do with money, but as far as I know they do love to be recognized as our friends, as helpers toward the light. Most mortals think their work is just luck. Guides are used to that. But what a joy to be recognized by a soul with yet a belief of a body, instead of meeting us later, when we’d realize we were thoughtless mortals!

  8. 2014.05.14 – richard – i am 73 with physical problems, which i trust will be overcome, just as the wrench flew up into shimoda’s hand as he sat atop his spotless travel-air biplane. a similar amazing thing happened to you after the 2012 accident.

    over the years, i’ve read and reread almost all your books, and through them you have opened up to me amazing worlds, which i learned can be discovered as a gift while still in this world. at the same time, i realize everything you and others have taught me, ‘may be wrong.’ i see this as this as a result of the polarity necessary for creation itself, which requires plus and minus, right and wrong, and all the way to life and death.

    i was widowed three years ago when my beloved wife of 43 years died in just a few minutes from a massive stroke. when i realized what was happening, I held her in my arms and dialed 911 with one hand, but i sensed an in-time response probably would be impossible – we being half an hour from the nearest hospital, and she already having gone unconscious, totally limp, and if breathing, only very shallowly.

    i grieved very deeply for many months, and then one day the grief suddenly lifted. all at once the heavy dark blanket of grief covering me gently lifted and floated up and away. a couple of days later, a quiet, gentle desire came over me to meet someone just like you describe in ‘a different kind of marriage,’ and soon this woman miraculously appeared in my life. we were married a few months later, and ever since, we have been experiencing a very deep and beautiful relationship for the last two years. i must have an angel assigned to me, but unlike you, i have not met her yet, unless she is my wonderful new wife. i hope a similar event, intended especially for you in your own unique context, happens to you very soon, and among many other things, she will be flying beside you in ‘puff.’

    your relationship with puff has inspired me to begin securing a sport pilot license [spl]. if i am able to do this, i will begin looking for a new or used searay similar to yours. i have learned my age is just a number – your current reality being one of the best examples i know of; the restoring of my good health can be gifted to me, just as with you; and my lifelong dream of learning to fly will become a reality in ‘my puff,’ with my dear wife diane beside me – just like you, except you still need that soul-mate beside you, who I believe is coming soon! – charles

  9. David’s ‘practicing loneliness too long……’ – the reinforcing by focusing on the lack of something thereby creating the lack….
    ….perhaps Richard’s Angel turned up to move attention towards possibility, believing, knowing, hope…….changing the focus just enough to find a way in to deliver the coincidence……
    Happy manifesting guys……

  10. Richard,
    I began reading your books in the 1980’s, when I was going through some bad times. In more ways than one you saved my life with your words. It was then that I discovered my ‘angels’, and how we make things happen with our thoughts. I lost my husband last year (I use his email). We were no longer married but still had a relationship and miss him. Every once in a while he lets me know he is still around, and he makes me laugh with his antics!. I know the signs! I too am waiting for someone to fill the lonelyness in my life, but I know at the right time that will come. Thank you again for your books – Illusions is my favorite. I have given it to many friends. Some love it – others just don’t get it.
    But that is ok for them. I give you my best wishes!

  11. How cool is that – Personal Romantic Relationship Angels – yes of course! That’s just what I needed to hear right now as my current relationship finally ends. Excellent. I also thought how I should bless the last 4 years I have had with this woman – considering you have not had a partner all that time. Being grateful and counting blessings… and holding the right perspective… use it or lose it… thanks…

  12. Continuing with your words: when someone knows you love them, it’s hard for that person to be a test for you. Perhaps people who flip and change to hurtful behavior sometimes are “programmed” by their higher selves to perform tasks they would not be capable of voluntarily doing in this lifetime? Some years back my soulmate unwillingly taught both me and him lessons that may require a lifetime to digest – on a quiet island. For better business, the Personal Romantic Relationship Angel should also carry a toolbox with glue, tape, and a heal-your-heart quick guide, don’t you think?

  13. it has always been a solo journey from childhood to now….
    the depths of ‘Oneness’ i experienced were with the ‘birds in the sky’ and the flowing Ganges and the angels around……
    Now i know relationships with mortals need an element of effort to nurture it…and somehow with effort ‘the unbearable lightness of the being’ gets lost…..To merge into this vast infinity….a deep breath of fullness..with the mystery of nature upholding every cell in your being….u and the creation one…..

    will find the words a lil later…
    this was just a HI… Richard……

  14. Richard, It seems to me that you do have someone to love on that mountaintop of yours: you. And now you have little Locky, too. It has taken me a lifetime to understand that when I love and accept myself and treat me as my own best friend, loneliness disappears like the darkness of night when the first shafts of light appear in the east. I have found that life can be rich and full to overflowing – even on the apparent emptiness of an ocean as one sails into a new dawn. That is when the soul bursts with fullness, an ideal time to share all that wealth and love with another soul. But if none can be found, I have the pleasure of dancing alone on the beach as the wind plays with my long hair and the sun gently kisses my cheeks. And I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be alive, dancing with my shadow.

    • Is this why the Internet has been born? At its highest level, it can share such love between us? Thank you, dear Juliet, for the beauty of your angel light!

    • Juliet, that was beautifully said. It seems we find our answers, not necessarily when they are written, but when they are needed.

      Thank you!

  15. Thank you for Jonathon Livingstone Seagull … When I discovered your book, I knew I was going to be alright. I knew I had friends.

  16. Wishing this image to materialize in a very human beautiful form. dreams do come true. I ‘m in a difficult place in my current marriage right now but I dont lose hope yet… dreams keep me going.

  17. Hey Richard, thank you!

    I am in the bath, reading John-Rogers and Peter McWilliams’ book Life 101 – Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life In School – But Didn’t!,
    and they asked, in a particular chapter, for us to think about whom our Master Teacher might be…

    I thought quite a while on that, with various gentle, eloquent elements of people I have known, imagined or read (I was just reflecting this lunchtime, when out with my beautiful Irish Wolfhound, Barnie, that I feel so much serenity around grass and trees etc., that perhaps nature is my guide?),
    and instinctively my thoughts turned to you, and JLS and Illusions in particular.

    I have read well over 2,000 books in my lifetime (most in my childhood; I have noticed that my ability to concentrate on reading is a metric for my internal emotional stability, and when life got tough, I couldn’t read), and your books especially, your soul as transmitted through your words, resonates very deeply
    (as it evidently does with all seeking souls, proof that you have tapped into the magic, majesty and beauty of life, for which I, along with many many others, thank you deeply for having had the courage to share),

    and (sorry for the long sentence, clearly I am a thinker more than a writer!), I wanted to ask whether it was silly of me to wonder if you might/could be my Master Teacher?

    (Yes, the Internet is a wondrous thing: some years ago, my biggest snake (who sadly no longer lives with me), Samba (19ft female reticulated python, cared for and loved for 22 years), became ill, and in my search for answers, I connected with a chap halfway across the world, who gave me some advice, and then proceeded to email me a picture of him as a boy, with 5 or 6 pet lizards all over his head and neck, a fantastic photo, and just being able to touch souls with people who love animals, was a joy.)

    My favourite childhood book was The Little Prince, by St. Antoine de Exupery. Did you read that too?

    Warm wishes for your soul to find its soothing.


  18. P.S. just as my metric for the stability of my emotions is my ability to read, and the metric of my happiness is my ability to (belly) laugh, what is your metric of your loneliness?

    What would your non-loneliness look/feel/think like?

    You have gone to great lengths to separate yourself from other humans, which means you are seeking something by so doing. Does creating space around you enable you to find within what you are seeking? And could you also find that same thing, by creating space “within” you? So that the space could be there, wherever you are in the world?
    (Said gently and lovingly, not reprimandingly).

    (Ideas stimulated by the book Life 101, page 183, by John-Rogers and Peter McWilliams.)

    Loneliness, by definition, is a dis-ease with one’s own company, yet you have distanced yourself from others, so, as your Spirit Guide pointed out, it may be a little more complicated to meet suitably entrancing company when on your own island… Gentle smile.

    Your recompense for your beautiful writings has allowed you to run farther away than most, yet is your solitude providing what you seek?

    My gift is serenity. May you find your path to yours in timely manner.
    Gentle hug.

  19. I am 77 and I tought myself to fly ultralites and paragliders, I have read most of you books. Good stuff. I am still trying to figure out why I am here, to the best of my knowledge I haven’t made a difference yet. thanks for all your books. dave

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