Music Abhors a Vacuum

POP QUIZ: What did a rock band used to be?


Macho tough-guy/tough-girl street gang!

Rag-dressed heavy-metal!

Jagged lyrics, lost in lightning.

Once they were spectacle.  Once they were Shock Rock: Look at Us!!!!!!!!

Now the old rebellion’s turned predictable convention  –  it’s Yawn Rock.  We drum our fingers in their din, bored.

Yet the axiom remains: Music abhors a vacuum.

Where are the New Rebels?  What does a generation do to reject its parents, to dump Society and Everything It Stands For on its ear?

Not hard to imagine.  The first of tomorrow’s street-wild are beginning to appear today: the Super-Shock Bands of the Twenty-First Century.

You guessed it – house lights go dim right on time, stage lights come up.  Instead of body-hurling, cannon-fired on stage, the rebels file aboard dressed in matching light-gray business suits.  The business this evening, they yell silently, uncaring what the old guys expect, is music.

No throat-blasted screams, no cascades of fire onstage, no guitars smashed to splinters…no such like-my-dad nostalgia for the New Underground.

Rebel Rock, they call it, every chord original harmony, clear melodies haunting and pure, lyrics from poetries deeply known, sung so their audience catches every crystal word.  The rebels, defying history, respect the folks who come to hear.

Everyone over 30 gets up and walks out disgusted, furious.

Crazy kids!  How come every generation knows exactly what to do to enrage its elders?

One thought on “Music Abhors a Vacuum

  1. As ancient and as new as sound is to listening; it takes vibrations to summon effect. Ears are good yet some deaf feel better. Seldom has music ever been left alone to be played by the players and heard by the listeners. Divide and conquer anyone? Seems possible to rouse a nation with a simple anthem. Lay them gently in the ground with a sombre lament. Raising spirits. Falling tears. And everything in between. Music. Music is. Flung about. Battered to death. Worshiped. Ruined. Dealt with. Cheap. A pleasure. And just about every other thing imaginable. We hold its creators in such low esteem for decades yet shower such false glory on the latest “tune” It is life.
    Love reading your writings again Richard. I have truly missed this and for some reason (!?),what you are writing is extraordinarily poignant to me at this moment in my life. I’ll either figure it out or just go with it!..Awerabest to you man. George.

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