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      • but sadly, not all the Ferret books are available on tape or CD.
        I’m still looking for a VHS of “Nothing by Chance”.
        By the way. it is a great experience to listen to “ONE” and “Bridge …” read by you AND your original “co-reader”.

  1. Hi Richard, that’s great news. I have no idea how many copies I have worn to death or given to friends over the past 30+ years. Talking of audio, it reminded me of a song Hey Jonathan, by Jeff Dumas who wrote it in memory of his mother. It’s a lovely uplifting piece you can find it on youtube, I thought you and some RB fans might enjoy it. Best wishes, a friend you have yet to meet.

  2. YES !!! I already discovered this. I have two books on Kindle, Illusions and Illusions11
    The Universe keeps me in tune with all I need or want !!!

  3. I sit on the Board of the International Institute for Global Leadership. IIGL is exactly as it is called. Young people all over the world find us on the internet and when they are looking for leadership development information and support. WE SEND THEM BOOKS and your book, Richard, is the first level reading for ALL of our program participants/students. “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” opens the minds and hearts of our young people (usually 20s and 30s) and sends them into a realm of possibilities they never knew existed. The first level of seven levels has two books, “Jonathan” and “As a Man Thinketh”. a book from the 1880s. Both books allow individuals to KNOW how much they are in charge of their own lives, how open the Universe is ready and waiting for their input. http://www.globalleadership.org

    • WE cannot thank you enough for making it possible for us to start each “student’s journey” with “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. As with all of us, over the years, the students report returning over and over to the book as their insights and experiences expand and shift their thinking and their lives. BLESSINGS and LOVE, Naomi

  4. Nice!
    I am not giving up my copy of Jonathan though… It is falling apart, it is taped together in many places, but it is still my friend – very much loved!
    Thank you!

    I wanted to let you know, Jonathan is required reading in my martial arts school. All students must read the book and write an essay every time they test for the new belt level.

  5. It’s about time. I had downloaded “Illusions II”, “Hypnotizing Maria”, and “Handbook”. I have yet to read the “Ferrets” sequel. Did they make it to Kindle? So happy to hear this. Now, I can direct my friends to Amazon. Take care and keep the feathers coming!!

  6. Dear Richard, we met several years ago at the Splash In…you were kind enough to sign an old battered copy of one of your books…thank you! But I wish to tell you something before I burst…..two weekends ago me and my sister took a ride in the B-24 Witchcraft. Our father was a gunner on that type of plane and it was AMAZING!!! Two questions…you wrote about Puff being silent after being in Kermits hanger with all those war birds during a storm. What would she think about keeping those planes flying to take we who have never been warriors for a ride to perhaps honor our fathers and grandfathers who did it with the threat of life and limb? Second question, what do you think about it ???

    • Puff is wordless about warplanes and the belief of death they have spread. She won’t speak of them.

      I think, that if they matter to you, fly ’em! I have my own quiet thoughts about the ones I flew. One (the F-86F) was beautiful, and it flew as seamlessly as it looked, but like Puff I no longer enjoy even thinking about them and the obedient kids (like I was) who would do anything to fly them.

      • Thank you Richard, you have once again givin me pause for thought…..as you have done many times in the last 40 years since I first read your words…thank you.

  7. Great! I’ve been looking for your books in English. I live in Russia and I continue studying English. That’s great, I can see the original texts now. Thank you, Richard! Privyet from Moscow!

    • Thank you!
      There are Russian, German, Italian CDs of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
      I recorded four of the Ferret books in audio cassette or CDs:
      Rescue Ferrets
      Writer Ferrets
      Air Ferrets
      Rancher Ferrets had a beautiful CD, too. Find it on Google, Amazon, Ebay?

      • but no “Last War”. The book that really brings all the others together. interesting note. I always take a copy of rescue ferrets with me when I travel to the Oregon Coast. It always seems to find some one who needs more than I, and seldom returns with me. (Thank goodness for affordable books I can give away).

        • I agree! By the time that the last book was written, Simon & Schuster decided the books weren’t earning enough money, and didn’t ask for the CD. I don’t know that I could have read one of the last scenes without crying myself, anyway, the one where Shamrock sobs for her ancient dear ancestors on the Rainbow’s control pedestal. I’d love to read the story (in fact, all of them if they’re gone by now), but today I can’t afford the cost it would take to make some CDs. Someday…

  8. I’m so happy to hear this! I don’t have a kindle yet, but read ebooks on my computer and iphone. Perhaps now is the time to introduce my Kindle-loving grandsons to your work.

  9. Harrison Ford had an unfortunate mishap similar to yours. Just wondering if you reached out to encourage him to fly again. Seems like many around him want him to only fly “green screen” after this.

    • I know just how he feels. He’ll have thousands of letters from unmet friends, more to some addresses he doesn’t have, and many that he’ll never have time to answer. He did a beautiful job, landing in an open space, so not a single person was frightened. Well done, Harrison Ford! And he’ll decide later whether to fly again. My guess? He’s already decided to rebuild his beautiful PT-22.

  10. thank you for all you work, you are a great inspiration for me and you give me the force to starting my own way in the art of writing, today is my work and my passion. I have all of your books in paper, now i can take the digital version of all of they, excelente idea for we, your eternal followers.
    Greetings from Argentina, sorry for my english, in here we speak spanish.
    I will always be grateful to you, William.

  11. Dear Richard!
    I nearly forgot to tell you this. Now I am reading “Stranger to the ground”. At the moment when you were speaking about mysterious soviet military pilots unknown to you, wondered if they felt the same you do while flying an airplane, I remembered my grandfather. He served in soviet Air Force that time. He joined it in 1941 and retired in 1984 in a rank of lieutenaunt-general. During WW II he shot down 28 German planes in dogfights. There is a title about him in Wikipedia: https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Базанов,_Пётр_Васильевич
    And I can tell you: yes, he felt the same you did, he struggled the same difficulties, the same storms and he loved to fly too. He was the hero of the Soviet Union, my hero and the man who gave me this love to aviation and the sky. So, you were right. On that side of mystical Iron Curtain pilots also flied just because they loved to fly. It was their job, their life and their everyday deed.
    Another privyet from Moscow. Thanks for attention, now let me continue the reading 🙂

    • At last, Mr. N. Fifty years later! I hear the answer to my Cold War question: How do the Russian pilots feel, sharing the sky? Thank you for this lovely completion.

      • Richard, my friend, I’m glad I did it! Moreover I wish you find all answers to similar questions.
        By the way, my name is Stanislav. I’me pleased to be acquainted with you.

      • Hello again, Richard!
        Continue reading your e-books, this idea is just a marvel! It is so convenient, I can see any book I want. I don’t have to waste my time finding them at lots of book shops. Since you published this note I couldn’t stop reading. I’ve already read three of them. Now I share them with my friends. They are very delighted.
        My friends and me send you their warm privyets.
        P.S: My grandpa (a Russian fighter pilot) has heard about violent temper of Siamese cats. His friend had one and once he had to change the curtains because of his pet’s behavior. (Maybe it is another answer from the past, I don’t know. But if you are still interested in Russian and soviet pilots’ life and history, you can ask me any question you want.) thanks for attention 🙂

          • Fine 🙂
            So I just should tell you this. The thing my grandpa and my friend, who was a military pilot too agreed.
            It was my first visit to Berlin when I looked into the sky and realized this:
            “Wherever you go, what ever country you visit, there will be the only sky and the only sun for everybody. And any place in this world is the same Earth, just a little from another side.”
            Little words of my first experience. I was fourteen.
            Returning to our pilots again. I guess, each of them would gladly share this opinion with me. As for their duty, they were ready to fight, but the main thing they wanted was the peace in the world and guarding the border of their country. Russia is tired of wars.
            Unfortunately today we have the same problem as many years ago. Sometimes it looks like the Cold War isn’t over. What a pity that our governments, of Russia and the USA, are still can not come to some kind of an agreement and understanding. The simple human relations and friendship between two persons of different countries should not depend on the policy of governments, even if they do not match. I wonder if you share this opinion with me too.
            As for me, I’m just a supporter of Peoples’ Friendship.

          • How I wish that our “leaders” would somehow learn to grow up! I guess that they get to live a safe life, they send children they have never met to go and die around the world. And we agree. We agree.

            Lucky for us that this is only one of thousands of lives, while we learn to live our own rules, or try again to live their wishes as they gain power and make billions for the war industries.

            Forgive me. It’s been like this for so long that I’m finally just tired of it.

        • Dear Richard.

          I understand you and I agree. You are right, for some people the war is just a bloody business. And as usual aggressors try to receive income from it. The dirt of politics is the main reason why do I try not to watch TV often. I’m tired of it too, though I am only 22. You don’t need to apologize and I have nothing to forgive you. You are awesome man, Richard. You’re my inspirer.
          So let’s talk on another topic other than wars and politics. Of course I have another thing to tell you. Since I first read your book I finally decided to become a writer too. What if once I will inspire somebody? How many people can I inspire? One man, or the whole world? Last year I started to write my first book. It is difficult because I am a student right now, trying to write my thesis. First I’ll chose different profession for several years to stand up and make some money. I hope my work will not stop me from writing books. What did I say about my acquaintance with Jonathan in my first letter to you? “It brought me two lovely stories…” A mistake. Three months passed and there not two, but NINE stories I have to write down. And I’m trying. Some of them came to me in my dreams after I read another nice books of yours. Thanks to Don Shimoda and Ferrets 🙂
          So I am ready to action. I built some kind of heaven in my soul and I will help people to reach it too! Now I do it every day. The life goes on and I am sure, that we are, each of us, the only people who can make it better. It would be wonderful if I meet you once in this life to tell you much. Now the only thing I ask you is to wish me good luck 🙂

          P.S. I gave Jonathan Livingston Seagull book to my girlfriend, Veronica. She is in a hospital now with violent pain. Yesterday she read it and thanked me. Moreover, after reading she started to feel better and the pain disappeared. And she thanks you too.

          • Antoine de Saint-Exupery was one man. His book _The Little Prince_ has sold, they say 160 million copies. Assume three readers per copy and some of newspaper, magazine, radio, television, stage appearances, movie references and website comments and widespread merchandising, he’s reached what — a billion of us with one story that touches our hearts.

            You are one man. When will your book begin its journey?

  12. Hi Richard!
    I am a Bulgarian “girl” who now lives in San Diego, CA. A special someone gave me “Illusions” when I was 17 and I will be forever grateful for that gift. As a teenager in Bulgaria, this book was an eye-heart-mind-opener for me. My life beautifully changed since I read it and “Illusions” became my personal bible 🙂 Today, 20 yrs later, I own almost all of your original books on paper and keep giving copies away as gifts to special people. You have truly inspired me and taught me how to stir my own destiny into the direction I choose, you have unlocked and unblocked me, and awakened me …
    This is how most of your fans probably feel, but I needed to say this, too 🙂
    I have two questions for you:
    1. Your audio books you were talking about – are they by any chance recorded by you yourself, your voice? That would be so special, if yes. I have never listened to a book before so excuse me if the question was silly.
    2. As someone who admire your work, I have always been imagining saying hi to you in person 🙂 Having the chance to shake your hand and tell you THANK YOU would mean the world to me, so my question: Do you still ever do book signings and if no, why not? 🙂

    Congrats on having your books on Kindle – the best way to take all of your “messages” anywhere with me 🙂


    • You’re right…the books were recorded by me and (with _The Bridge Across Forever_ and _One_) with Leslie Parrish. I recently recorded _Jonathan Livingston Seagull_ and _Illusions II_ but I don’t know if they’re on line yet. To the best of my knowledge no one else has recorded them (or if they did, it was not with my permission). I know Richard Harris made a recording of _Jonathan_ which many people enjoy.
      I no longer do appearances for the books, except very rarely and very close to home. I guess the publicity years ago was more than enough for a lifetime, and now I’m happiest to live as quietly as possible. But please consider this little answer as our meeting, Kalina, and my warm best wishes to you!

      • Thank you Richard!!! I love that you’ve recorded One and Bridge Across Forever together with Leslie. That makes it so special.
        Please, if you ever happen to plan a very-rare appearance, let me/us know here! Doesn’t matter where, you are worth the flight 😉 I really appreciate our virtual meeting in this forum, though, made me happy! Wishing you great health and much inspiration always! THANK YOU for all the clouds and clear skies, and all the pages of pure joy!!! <3

      • Oh my… It is simply beyond words to describe how special it is, hearing one of my favorite books (The Bridge Across Forever) read by its author. This was completely new to me. It is sheer magic. 🙂 I wonder if it would’ve had the same effect if I hadn’t already read it? Anyway, thank you! Again.

  13. I find that one of the great pleasures in life is to read a book that is beautiful in both content and physical condition. After having had loaned books returned in less than optimal condition, I’ve become one of those strange souls that tries to have 2 copies of books I enjoy. One, preferably hard back, I keep for myself. Another, paperback this time, is my loaner copy.

    Having said that, nothing beats ebooks for travelling and convenience. The memory in my kindle is already bulging, Now with this news Richard, I’m afraid it’s going to be bulging a little more.

    • Hi, Nick,

      I think we must be close alternate selves of each other! I think exactly as you think about books. I, too, prefer hardcovers for myself and the paperbacks I loan. I am well on my way to collecting hardcovers of all of Richard’s books. I already have the paperbacks. Not all the hardcovers are always available, though. I will get them eventually, of course. I am holding them in my thought!

      – Pushku

      • Hi Pushku

        Yes indeed, books can be lovely things. Even more so when they are a reflection of the beauty of the thoughts and ideas they contain. (I wonder how JLS would look as a medieval style illuminated manuscript? Not a straight copy of the style, but drawing on it for inspiration.)

        I wish you much luck in your search for hard back editions although as you said, not all are available.


  14. Congratulations, Richard! This will definitely help you connect with the newer generations who spent more time on social media than we did. While growing up, I’d go to bookstores on a regular basis and I regularly checked the section where they placed yours in order to see if you had any new books that I had not read. When I found something new, I usually bought the new ones on the spot in order to read them as soon as possible. But things are different now; my wife and children do share my passion for good books, yet we simply don’t spend as much time we once did at bookstores. When the Borders I used to go to all the times with my children closed, my daughter proclaimed that she was going to resurrect such a store when she grew up. Needless to say that I tried to explain to her that the stores weren’t doing too well financially and that that was the real reason they were closing. The point is that I’m convinced that I will have a much easier time to pass onto my children the love of your books when they are in new media. I look forward to buying “Jonathan Livingston” in electronic form. By the way, I must have bought at least ten hard copies of Jonathan over the years to give out to people I cared about. So, I wish you great success with the new publishing formats. I think you’re going to do very well!

    From my iPhone,


  15. I am now on the hunt for the audio CDs.

    And as a side note, I love reading these posts from all over the world. All of us under one sky, one sun, one moon. Each of us touched by these thoughts put to paper. Beautiful, simple and magical.

  16. Richard,

    Amazingly, this was the first I knew of any audio books you’d read personally. So I just bought “The Bridge Across Forever” on cassette. I do have “Jonathan” on an LP somebody gave me years ago (the one read by Richard Harris), but I’m ordinarily only interested in printed, physical books. What a joyous discovery! 🙂

  17. Fantastic! I now have a Kindle, so I will have to get busy with it. LOL

    Do you find it hard to believe how many books you have written, Richard? When you look back to the start of your writing, did you ever foresee any of this?

    P.S. How is Puff?

    • I never thought I would be a writer. But I never thought I could hold any job more than about nine months. Since the second thought was true, I was forced to the first one. I wrote articles (mostly flying articles) for years, then realized that a chapter in a book was about the length of an article. And books don’t get thrown away. Go on writing, and after years, it’s true — you have a few books.
      Puff is just finishing her annual inspection. She’s fine, looking forward to the summer again.

  18. One of the treasures in my library is a set of the Antique Airplane Association Journals that you edited back in the ’60s.

    I assume that you have copies, but if not I will be glad to send you mine.

    A collection of your Flying Magazine columns from the same period would be a real treat, but Ziff-Davis probably wouldn’t allow it. My favorite was “The Dinosaur And The Snowflake”.

    • I have just the faintest memory of those stories. Yet I sold only the First North American Serial rights, back then. I own all the other rights. If you wanted to try an experiment, you could send me a copy of The Snowflake and we would put it here, on the web, as an Antique Piece of Writing for those Who Like Airplanes. Was that the one with the Luscombe and a sort-of engine failure, landed in the snow of a Nebraska hayfield? You’d need to send it as a Word file, though, and that would be difficult.
      Thank you for the old memories, Hawkeye!

      • On a hunch I did a Google Search for:
        Google Books “Flying” Magazine
        and whaddyaknow, there are digital format issues all the way back to the 1939 “Popular Aviation” series.

        The first issue I looked up was Oct 1968, and there was your column ‘A Lady From Pecatonica’. Like seeing an old friend.

        I think it was you (or maybe Budd Davisson) who once said, “magazine articles have the life-span of a Mayfly”. Seems like the fine people at Google have extended it considerably. I will scout around and make a list of dates and titles so your fans can enjoy them.

  19. I would like that Hawkeye…Richard is that possible, to have Hawkeye list them for us? How would that feel seeing those again for you Richard?

  20. Dear Richard,

    I just read that most of your books have come up on Kindle.
    That’s great news! Thank you for bringing those wonderful stories into this world.
    Only recently I came across some of your books.
    The first one I read was ‘Out of my mind’ and after having finished it I immediately started reading ‘Illusions’. Currently I’m reading ‘One’.
    And again I am touched by the warmth, love and wisdom, coming from this book.
    I noticed that unfortunately none of your books are available in Dutch.
    I was wondering if you would be interested in me translating one or more titles in this language, for free. That way, those people in Holland who prefer to read in Dutch, can also enrich their minds and souls by your inspiring stories.
    Warm regards,


  21. Hello Richard,
    We are two of your biggest fans, and soulmates to marry on July 4. A dream we have is to put Lydia’s music to lovely video taken from a 1928 Travel Air 2000 (not a 4000 like Don’s, but really, really close!!).
    It will be great to get your works on Kindle! We use iPads, iPhones, Macs… and Lydia gave me a regular Kindle Fire a couple Christmases ago. I’m a semi-retired software QA guy (your son James is an inspiration!), with maybe 30 hours in Piper Cherokees. Mostly I fly the X-Plane simulator. Love the new Elytron biplane design. This can levitate like Don’s Travel Air!!! We wish you Happy Adventures!!!! -lydia and john

  22. Something just for fun… Find one of those Kindle, iPad, iPhone etc. covers that looks like an old, weathered book. Purchase Richard’s “Messiah’s Handbook” for Kindle… and you’ve got a really Donald Shimoda electronic edition. Easy to flip to random pages. Maybe spill a little aviation fuel on the cover, but don’t get it in the works…


  23. Just a thought. If you buy from Amazon Smile, a portion of the purchase goes to the charity of your choice. Just google “amazon smile”. Everyone should have a good home, food, education of their choice. Someday soon, everybody should be able to fly – but you’ll need one heck of a collision avoidance system!!! 🙂

  24. Hello Richard. I m not sure that I write this message in the right place and here can be mistakes, because I am Russian :). I just want to say thank you for your books. They touched me deeply and every word is so close to my feelings of this world now! Thank You.

  25. Sir, i just wish to say thank you, for not only sharing the inspiration you found in life, but also for keeping up with times/technology to keep the body of your work available to us.I discovered “Illusions” in the late eighties (my go to copy is a november 1989 dell edition paperback) and it changed my life…since then i also read many other writers, Millman, Redfield, others….but nothing struck such a chord as “Illusions”
    …on Jan.15 2014, i died from H1N1…without fear or complaint…i had shared the light with many, and i knew it was just a part of the game….i was revived once, died again, and 12 minutes later came back (well for now at least )…the last 15 months has been a long tedious recovery process, as i am sure you can relate to….The ONE thing that kept me going was my copy of “Illusions”…not because it became my “bible” , because as it said “Everything in this book may be wrong”, but because over 2 decades ago it taught me to “trust that the current knows where it is going” and i have lived by that knowledge ever since..i recently learned you wrote a sequel, and i have yet to read it, as i bought it only yesterday.I just want to say thank you sir, should you ever read this….I doubt that even you truly know how many lives you have touched…or like me, how many you have reminded, that Love is everything.

  26. Richard, I grew up reading and loving your books, stories and articles. You’ve been my guide and invisible friend for a long time now. My dad read your writing before me though and we’d talk about together sometimes.

    Once when he found a draft of a story I’d discarded when he was taking out the trash, he gave me the highest praise possible (this is a very smart airplane fan and a reader of a lot of literature). He said “It’s good writing–you’ll be another Richard Bach.”

  27. I am so happy to see your books in electronic form! Now a whole new audience can find them easily! Although I have all of your books, I bought them again on my Kindle and now can access any of them anywhere! Thank you!

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