One More Life for Jonathan Livingston Seagull

THIS ANNOUNCEMENT has been published today in other places, and I think it needs to be published here, too.


My name is Richard Bach.  In 1970, after 18 rejections by major publishers, the book about our little friend, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, was finally published. 

He startled publishers around the world by simply becoming himself, and flying into the hearts of readers who saw his life as a mirror of their own.

As he strived every day to exceed the best flying he had ever done, his readers found this was true for us, too.  When he discovered that he could only do this by loving the principle of flight itself, so we could discover and love the principles that matter for us. 

Jonathan didn’t care about food, didn’t care for recognition in the eyes of the Flock, he cared only to learn the secret ways of flying higher, longer, faster than he had flown before.

Sure enough, when we found our way to excel in sports, in the arts, in business, in the technologies of our time, in anything and everything, our own excellence is the joy that we search for, all our lives.

We survived the injuries it took for us to do this, survived the distress of our loved ones, we became different from everyone else because of our attraction to that which we loved.

Even today, Jonathan is changing once more.  He came to us in books, in films, in the comments of those who won the races that they cared for.

Now he’s expressed in our latest technology, too.  In an application for mobile devices that brings Jonathan to life on our own screen, his story is told again by interactive action.  We’re with him as he learns, as he fails, as he struggles, as he survives.  Through this application, we can direct him in the altitude and the direction to fly, we can watch him practicing at high speed, at night, and discovering aerobatics.

We can discover how to do what we need to for ourselves, right now, in this lifetime.  We hear the important rule Jonathan’s been hearing: “Practice, practice, practice!” 

Learning to be the master of any subject, we feel the joy of doing it well, doing it beautifully.  In time, our principles won’t need technology.  They’ll live in our hearts and we’ll become our own instructors. 

There’s nothing that can keep us from being the free souls we’ve yearned to be, from the day of our very first flight.


11 thoughts on “One More Life for Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  1. Congratulations Richard! This is incredible!!!
    After the Kickstarter campaign, I was afraid that this may never come to being although new that a way would help bring this to life.
    I am stunned by this and can’t wait to share with my two – they will love it!
    Each page/scene is stunning – the scenery, the interactivity, the way the scenery changes as you move the tablet, the variety of interactions.
    The production company, Kind Heart Productions, have an extremely worthwhile mission.
    I sincerely trust that this will excite new generations…and existing generations…to our seagull friend!
    Well done and keep challenging the world!

  2. Congratulations, Richard! I love the introduction above that you wrote! As many times as I have read the Jonathan book, I still found this article exciting and enticing, leading me to really want to read it!

    So Jonathanโ€™s lesson is that whatever you deep down dream of being act and live like you are that already! As you do that you will discover the skills and knowledge you need to accomplish your dreams โ€” and also maybe develop other dreams! You will also discover the fun of always learning and creating and maybe even how exciting it is being a guide to others who are seeking to learn also!

  3. Richard
    This is the second comment that I’ve ever put in here. I’m an Iranian 25 years old girl/woman..I don’t know which one, the thing is when I started reading your books I was just a teenager. You changed my life. Your books influenced my life in a way that I’ve never got back the old direction. I feel the vivid sprituality and light in your words. Richard, I just wanted to tell you I feel so blessed to live in your time. So blessed. To be on the planet Earth, while you are on it. Not after that. Not before that. I’m living this life while you are! And that is huge! That’s a gift. God bless you Richard. You’re so great. I hope you know it. We’re all great, but you’ve shown your light, expressed it, we’re still trying to do so. Learning to do so.

  4. Hello!

    Years ago,I read Illusions and thought it was silly. A short time after that I read it a second time and it changed my life! I suppose the world had made the student ready! Since those days, I have had a career as a surgeon and became a pilot. Your book, tattered as it is, has remained a good guiding friend for many years.
    I’ve read many of your books and today, I just saw that you wrote Illusions II.
    Thank you!

  5. I will check.out the app – congratulations (to us all!). I grew up in the ’70’s and would listen to a JLS audio book driving in my grandparents’ car and loved it. Now I am a parent and would love my kids to hear an audio version as well as see the film. I never got to see the film myself. Any way to get a copy of the movie and/or an audio book version?? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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