Orcas Fly-In New Information

IT’S OVER.  A great fly-in, lots of airplanes, and I think Puff was the star.

They printed T-shirts, caps and fluffy sweat jackets with a drawing of Puff for this year.

August 5, 2014:  There may be just a few unsold, or they may all be sold.  I think I can get a number of the hat patches if you like them.  Who knows, maybe make a different patch, just for Puff and us.  Let me know by a direct message to me at richard@richardbach.com.


14 thoughts on “Orcas Fly-In New Information

  1. I was once at that Fly-in and I must say the atmosphere was great! Real aviators, full of passion, sharing fantastic stories and having a wonderful time along with their flying machines/companions. A magical gathering!

    I have addressed Karen as I would love to get one of those T-shirts!

    Happy flying!


    • Many visitors touched Puff, just lightly, and said, “She’s so beautiful!” How happy to feel and to hear those words, after keeping me alive in the crash and lifting us to fly again.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! And a terrific honor. I only wish I’d known or thought to check ahead, since I’m headed your way (from N.D.) on Saturday and could have scheduled my trip a week earlier.

    But in any case I’ll have along my well worn (and signed at OSH) copy of Biplane! (for reading while staying on a nice little tugboat on Lake Union)

    Anyway… I just wanted to say keep up the great writing and sharing your thoughts with us. It always brightens my day when I see your name pop up in my inbox.

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you greatly for the beautiful and inspiring words. My daughter sent me
    A Gift of Wings a couple of years ago as I was beginning my quest to learn to fly at age 61. Some things are truly mystical. My first instructor is named Dexter. I have since read a couple of others and continue to be inspired. Soloed last week. I am very happy to learn, just now, that you and Puff are well and flying. Thanks again.
    Eric Thorne

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