Autographs, and the Complete Jonathan

TODAY IS THE PUB DATE of the New Edition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  It’s the complete edition, now, since it includes a Part 4, that I had written immediately after Part 3,  years ago, but never published with the first parts.  It didn’t get published since I thought it was just not proper at the time, it was something in the future of the flock (and in the world of humans), that would never happen.

I thought I had thrown Part 4 away.  But a while ago, Sabryna was going through old files and she found a fading old typewritten Part 4.  She visited me, asked if I knew what she had found.

I said no.  Then I couldn’t stand her silence, “What did you find?”

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An Odd Feeling…

HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED to you?  For years my Shelties have been sweet little dogs. They’ll bark, of course, since they’re so good at watch-dogging, and you love them for that.

Yet little Lockie, grown now from a puppy to a powerful dog, sometimes in the night, I’ll be typing on my computer in bed, like now, and something strange happens.

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The Leaf Who Touched Madrid

IT HAPPENED THREE YEARS ago, in October.  I was walking with Zsa-Zsa, or rather I was walking down a grassy road on the property and she was being a Shetland sheepdog exploring the lefts and rights of the road, checking to make sure the  squirrels were properly where they belonged, in the trees instead of on the ground, that the sparrows were in the sky and not resting on the grass. that all the mice had their little passports to travel the covered mini-roads over the meadow.

Winter would be here, and ZZ would soon have to taste the snowflakes, check out the footprints of raccoons, watch eagles shake their frost and fly from the tallest trees.

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Roofs and Stars

DO YOU KNOW how hard it is to live in a house?

Difficult, very difficult.  If you want to see the stars, your problem is the roof.  The roof will cover just about any star in the night sky.  A roof is very nice if its raining, or snowing, but when you want to see the stars, a roof is a considerable bother.

I went onto the Internet, of course, and began planning.  If I’m in my bed at night (and there’s Lockie, too (though he doesn’t spend much time looking at stars when there are pillows to be shredded), what are my options?


(My ceiling, pre-screen)

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Teaching the Person We Used to Be

I’M NOW READING a book which suggests that life creates the universe, not the other way round.

I wrote a book like that years ago, in three pages.  It’s in the story of my friendship with the me when I was ten years old.  It’s about my discovery of why things work in space and time.  The reasons for the book don’t matter here, but the conversation does.

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A Special Meeting of Spirit Guides


For the last several years, wishing for a dear female friend, I found that wishing is not sanctioned by a culture which measures age.  It used to be, that I’d wish for someone to touch my life and sure enough, I’d find someone perfect.  Now I find that if we’ve lost our dear friend after many years, we’re supposed not to care, any more, for anyone.  In these times, lacking a friend, I gradually became ready to die.  At least this decision brought a meeting of my spirit guides.

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Under the Stars

LAST NIGHT I STAYED at a little bedroom with a big skylight three feet over the bed, lots of windows and stars.  That took me back to the days I used to sleep in the back yard with my telescope and watch the sky.

It was then when I saw (I think) a pair of UFOs.  It was at midnight, clear and dark, no moon.  It was the Fall of 1951, no satellites, then.   I was nodding at my constellations when, south of Lyra, moving from west to east, came two star-colored lights, in formation, about as bright as second magnitude stars, and way up high.  No sound, no contrails, and faster than any airplane then or now.  They flew some 130 – 140 degrees, from one edge of the sky to the other, in three, maybe four seconds.  Then gone.

I haven’t seen any UFOs since that night.

Years later I flew with the Air Force for a while, went through gunnery school southeast of Phoenix, less than an hour by F-86F from Las Vegas.   Learned some things I’d remember forever, but wouldn’t even think about till I opened a book two days ago.

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A Warning for Me, Advice for You

I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT that this little place was a small personal website.  It doesn’t seem rational, but I’ve thought that you knew that I was the sole advisor of the site.

I’ve thought that since it was my site, I could delete any messages that suggested ideas that differed with the strange ideals (my personal ideals) that I thought might lift readers from the conventional to something that felt loftier, more fun.  If you didn’t know, I must tell you now that all this time I’ve been screening (deleting) a fair number of comments that didn’t quite fit my taste.

Now I’ve heard from a thoughtful reader that this is not fair.  That there’s an informal Internet Courtesy that requires almost anyone with almost any ideas to write what they wish on websites.

Of course I don’t agree.  If you feel that this is true, though, that I should allow most any comments to be published here, please let me know.  If most of you agree, I’ll thank you for the wonderful comments you’ve already sent, delete the website, and send my apologies for violating the Courtesy.

It will not be the first time that I’ve felt like a ferret blown by a hurricane and raised by squirrels…so much to learn of kindness to others!


A New Family


All my life there have been bright and clear events, all of them happening in plain sight, but I haven’t noticed them, till all of a sudden now.  They’ve never been secrets, they’re like friendly dogs, going for walks with me year after year, and I never noticed.

How many events are there?  Hundreds, thousands?  You’ve been aware of most our event companions, unless like me you’re part of that two percent who never got the word.

Want an example?  Here’s one I noticed yesterday.  Just noticed it!  Yet it’s been walking with me since I was maybe eight years old.

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