THIS LITTLE CHAPTER WILL BE the shortest one on the website.

When I was a child, I decided to live a very simple life, to find easy, obvious answers for questions that may have stumped me for a minute or two.

My writing is as simple as my mind.

If there’s any idea that puzzles you, about anything I’ve written in any book (this probably won’t happen), ask me here and I’ll answer with a few short words. There’s a small possibility that you may not quite agree with every step of my guileless mind, but at least you’ll find how easily this one lifetime has been to live.

Thank you.


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  1. Oh my. Just tonight, I picked up The Gift of Wings again and found the first few paragraphs very interesting. You talk about how it is best to not meet an author. That you’ll know him best by reading his books. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Having suffered through many a “literature” class where students were tasked with deciding what an author meant by making the drapes in the dressing room red, I often wished to just ask the author. Tennessee, Did the red drapes have some symbolic meaning or were they simply red?

    And now you offer just that opportunity. Although I won’t be a five page paper on Illusions, I can now ask you… Was (is) Donald Shimoda a person with a physical body?

    • Donald Shimoda, as far as I know, never had a physical body. Nor did I know someone like him. Yet how did he say things I never thought of: “They give you a book to read,” about becoming a Messiah? I guess there are lots of little places where non-physical friends can talk with us.

  2. Oh no, how funny. It’s happened again. I woke up about ten minutes ago (01h30), don’t know why, turned on my computer, don’t know why, this mail has been delivered to my inbox, and – again – it is the only mail I don’t want to leave until daylight.

  3. I looked through my old copies of your books for things I might have scribbled in the margins or underlined with a question mark, and I couldn’t find any. I came across a place I underlined where you equated near death experiences, out of body experiences, and death in a way that seemed as right as rain and I felt myself relax. Maybe simple is a way to describe your clear style, but there’s certainly no mistaking the profundity of what you write.

  4. You’re lucky in a sense. I found out what you discovered as a child only late in life. I have only begun to try and live simply. I’m not sure if I’d agree with you that your writing is “simple”. The writing may seem simple but the concepts are not. We are all ‘One’ and ‘parallel universes’ are not simple concepts to get ones head around. If we are all ‘one’ we can never be a ‘victim’. How many of us feel that? Thanks for your books and your life lived…..I have no question.

  5. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your generous offer. This might be too vague, but I’m sure that I read in one of your books that you just ‘gave up’ worrying. Do you mind me asking how you did that as I’m struggling with that one at the moment?

    Thank you (for everything as always),

    • I gave up worrying when I discovered nothing can destroy us, ever. Should I care if someone kills my body? What can possibly be taken from me on Earth — things that don’t work in spirit? I care about projects that I love, but worry? Not any more.

      • Dear Richard, thank you for replying. Your post below about how we can choose whether to let other people affect our happiness has helped me keep in mind that the same is true of worry. I can choose whether or not to worry. (I’m not saying that it’s easy, but I’ve remembered to try). Thank you again. Ali

  6. Dear Richard,
    Over the years, you have gained knowledge about quantum mechanics and other esoteric realms of thought…and non-thought.
    I just wondered…Do you still believe in nothing by chance?
    At one point in “Travels with Puff,” you came very close to saying that, all-but-not-quite-most, expressing the idea you held true to and wrote about all those years ago.
    Just wondering…Thank you.

    • The belief in Nothing by Chance, long ago, was once a hope. Ever since has it become, for me, an unswerving certainty. There’s a reason for everything in our lives, though we many not know why for a while. Lessons come for us to learn or to ignore (until the same lesson comes back to us again).

      • Hello Richard,
        Your website has been quiet for a while now…not sure if that’s a good sign or a bad sign. It’s been even longer since you posted this section about Questions, so I don’t know if you’re even going to see this, but I thought I’d ask anyway.
        I have a 1969 hard cover copy of your book “Nothing by Chance.” I was reading the bio notes on the back of the dust jacket today and saw something I couldn’t remember reading before. I read, “Mr. Bach is also the author of a children’s book, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” published in 1968.”
        I thought “Jonathan” wasn’t published until 1970 by The MacMillan Company. Was it actually published as a “children’s book” two years prior to that?
        (Just an aside, the bio included another sentence that made me smile: “Both books (“Stranger to the Ground” and “Biplane” – P.) were chosen by the American Library Association as among the 25 best adult books for young people of their respective years.” Young people of their respective years…I’m still trying to figure out what that means. Perhaps it should read “for wise young people.”

        • Thanks for caring. I’m fine. The notice of a children’s book is a puzzlement to me, too. It could have been printed in some parallel universes.

          Part of my mind, these days, has been intrigued with what seems to be (at the least) an economic collapse or (at the most) the end of the world as we know it. None of us will die, of course, but I wonder why we need such drama in our dreams. Perhaps we’re not tired enough of wars to halt the beliefs of our military/industrial/congressional men and women to earn new powers, new incomes.

          When we sleep, and have a dream in which we have have all the political influence and even more money that we’ll ever wish, does that make us happy, when we wake?

          Does Love, as they say, have purer eyes than to behold evil? Does the one reality, does Love, care what we dream?

          Speaking as a dreamer, now, I’d say that the Real doesn’t care one bit about what we dream, nor, I suppose, what we believe. It…Is.

          • Dear Mr. Bach,
            Thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear that you are doing well. A quiet website may simply mean that you are engaged in writerly things, or chasing Autumn leaves with Lockie, or lying on your deck practising cloud vapourization…but one wonders a little.
            I understand what you are saying about the state of the world. I find myself recalling lyrics written by Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot in a song called “Too Late for Prayin'” : “Nothing left but promises, nothing much is certain. All we see is want and need across the board…” and “For each child with eyes that smile, there’ll be ten more crying’…” Lyrics written in 1974 and yet they seem more relevant today than they did then. That it should be so makes me sad.
            But, the last paragraph of your reply made me smile and reach for my battered old 1977 paperback copy of “Illusions.” I think Donald Shimoda was speaking through you again: “Reality is divinely indifferent, Richard. A mother doesn’t care what part her child plays in his games; one day good- guy, next day bad-guy. The Is doesn’t even know about our illusions and games. It only knows Itself, and us in its likeness, perfect and finished.”
            A hummingbird visits my feeder as I write this. Borrowing from you, perhaps within our hearts is the best place to begin our journeys. Perhaps if we keep working on love, then perhaps one day our dreams will be worthy of what underlies them, what Is.

      • Stunning photo.
        As an aerial photographer, when on assignment, we often envision beforehand the image requested. And, then in a microsecond, capture a view that had not been discussed. Click !, and we have a view providing instant insight, explaining everything our clients want to present to the marketplace.
        Some photos just happen, yours is a keeper. Hope you use it on your business cards.

  7. Dear Richard,
    I met you many years ago on NPR, where I related my story of a 10 year quest to find MY blue feather from Illusions. I later met you at your book signing in Pasadena. You were so gracious to sign my book of yours “personally”. I was the last in line and frustrated the screener as she asked me to write down on a slip of paper what RB will put in my book. I told her, “Richard will know what to write”. She then sighed and said, “oh, you’re one of them”. I giggled inside and patiently awaited my turn.
    I reached the table and you pulled my book in front of you and searched for the post it note.
    You looked up with blood shot eyes and said,”Uh, there’s no note”.
    “Richard, I am Michael from the NPR show call-in. You’re the writer, you will know what to write.”
    You smiled and leaned back and greeted me like an old friend. It made my soul glow. You assured me you would repeat my story at every dinner/cocktail party, which made me fill with pride. RB, my favorite author, is gonna tell MY STORY!! What an honor! How much better does it get! Not idolatry, by any means, but more like a truthful living respect for a fellow traveler.
    I LOVE your “Bach~izms” and they have helped comfort fellow travelers over the years. I developed an “alter~ego” affectionately known as “The Dalai Goat” so I could spread some of mine/his musings based on your inspiration.
    Here’s today’s that I think mixes well with your posting of today:
    So happy to see you are doing well since your “episode”. You have not been far from my thoughts since I read about it. Consequently, you have ALWAYS been in my thoughts as inspiration due to your writings.

  8. A while ago, you wrote “If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.” How does one solve this problem after being hurt by a close friend?

    • Your friend is free to live and say whatever she/he feels like living and saying. So are you. You could decide that you cannot be hurt by anyone, you could live as if you never heard what was said, you could laugh that there was a mistake by someone who thought what she/he said, you could ask, “What did you mean, did you say those words?” or you could leave a suicide note: “You wanted to hurt me, and you did.” Someone else’s choice does not change our happiness, I think, it’s our choice, that matters.

  9. Well, OK. For the record I ask this. If we are more than our senses tell us that we are, and we have come to this place to have fun and to learn, why is it so important for us to remember that we are immortal, not-of-this-world beings? Why are we not content to just play along, experience what we have chosen to experience, learn what we most need to learn without the remembering? If we are right to minimize this lifetime by spending our brain power on remembering who we ‘really’ are, why do I meet so many others who refuse to accept the possibility? Are they the ones who are sticking to the script, the ones who long ago agreed to suspend disbelief and so refuse to acknowledge their real selves? Are we (those of us who believe in a spiritual existence beyond this world) the ones who are not playing by the rules of the game of Illusions? Are we blessed by this remembering or cursed??

    • When we begin to learn the game of chess, it seems that our opponent simply appears suddenly and takes our pieces one by one from the chessboard. But in time we find that moving pieces hit-and-miss does not work well in our games, we learn that there are hidden principles behind chess.
      Same with the game of life on Earth. Live without principles and our life is a mess. It will be lost in time and we’ll come back again to try another game.
      One spiritual principle that works in space-time is called _Express Love._ Another is _We Cannot Die._ When we follow the guidance of our principles, our lives seem to work much better. We’ll have storms, of course, but we learn how to sail them through, instead of falling overboard.
      I’ve found that I prefer living with those who have found their guidance, instead of hearing others tell about tragedies and how live cannot be fair. I let them live as they wish, and ask the same courtesy for me.

      • I love how Richard expressed this- it is important to note Earl, that in this response Richard uses the word ‘seem’…because it is a perception of one individuals view of his/her world. So, in fact, maybe your answers lie in your perceptions such as in your last question ‘are we blessed or are we cursed’ well, you could be the one deciding that…

  10. Richard,
    I think that is the most important Post to expand our concerns:
    In the Book Running from Safety, in chapter 41:
    Always remember who you are, my friend, never believe what you see at a glance all around you, …
    Armed thus, not paying attention to that ring of dragons, …..,
    That stranger was born!.
    I might you expand a little more about the ring of dragons, in every lifetime diminish their power?

    • >> Thank you, Pedro. I hadn’t read Chapter 41 and 42 for years, and in the next-to-last page I was swept by a line, and burst out sobbing, and Lockie came to comfort me.
      Our dragons, of course, are our friends. They are gifted with offering us lessons that as mortals we hope will never come to us. How often do I think of them as loving me so much that they’ve taken the job of “enemy” for me? Just about never. I so need to practice on this!
      They diminish their power over us at the same moment that we gain the understanding that the power comes from within us. Unafraid, certain that we are immortal reflections of Love, their power over us goes to a smile of recognition from in their eyes and a word: “Congratulations!”

  11. Hey Michael if your story isn’t too long would you mind sharing it here?
    Also just a comment for Kevin. I once read that if you bless the people that hurt you, you will attract blessings and great things will move towards you. Of course that is easier said than done!

      • The book was called nine steps for reversing or preventing cancer and other diseases by Shdema Goodman. She tells the story of how a friend really hurt her and instead of holding a grudge she decided to bless them with all her heart. Well this same person later on ended up introducing her to the love of her life.

  12. This is not a question about your books, I have no questions on your words, I think. Ever since I read Jonathan as a child and then Illusions, as a young teenager I believed everything you wrote was real. I never had any doubts, even with Donald, whether flesh or imagination, I had no doubt he was real. But later in life, I sometimes wondered, does he live according to his words? Does he always act following these principles? Does he really believe in what he writes? Does he REALLY believe space and time are illusions? Can one live in this world with that belief when we are supposed not to? Can he? I wondered because I have lived my life with that belief always present, but sometimes I have been struggling myself with it. Sometimes, the physical world strongly interferes, and I just don’t know anymore, I get lost for a while. Then something inside tells me to hold on to it. No matter what others think. No matter how strongly appearances tell me otherwise. Does that happen to you, too? That there is a small missmatch between your life and your beliefs? How far can one go when living according to their beliefs? Do you hit walls from time to time, too?

    • Lucky for me, Amelia, I looked at the world early on and knew my thinking was different from others. A recent change was when I went to the hospital after an aircraft crash. I would never have gone there, but since I was unconscious, other people assumed that I would want to be there, instead of considering whether or not to be healed underneath the wreckage of the airplane. When I woke up I was in a hospital, surrounded by people whose best sense was to do whatever they do in hospitals. My friend Sabryna doesn’t quite agree with me, and it was from her sense of the situation while I was in the coma, that I survived. So I guess I did the best I could, and she did the best she could, and everything worked well. I never once, since believing that space and time are illusions, have I fallen back to the belief that they aren’t. We both go on this way even now, doing the best we can for each other. My best works for me, hers works for her.

  13. Maybe you have covered this before somewhere….I have a question about the choice of illustrators for your book ‘There’s No Such Place As Far Away’ could you tell me what led you to the two illustrators?

      • Richard, this isn’t a question either; I honestly can’t think of anything which isn’t crystal-clear. But I just had to say that, for me, There’s No Such Place As Far Away packs more truth, wisdom and sheer beauty into so few words, than anything I’ve ever seen! Maybe it isn’t surprising how many older “kids” have also spoken so highly of it. As for me, I also love the illustrations! 🙂

        • Thank you. Rae Hansen, the little girl I wrote the book for, was killed in an automobile crash when she was 21, in college. I like to think that she’s an angel, too, bringing the story now and then to readers around the world.

          • I never knew there was a space-time girl behind that book. And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she was helping bring the story to those who need it. Another bit of synchronicity; one Amazon review stuck in my mind. It was written by someone who’d received it as a gift, and he spoke of how much it’d helped him deal with grief at the time. Can’t remember the details, but it made a lot of sense. What a nice thought, a never-ending circle, from playing mortal to angel… Thank you!

          • Hi Richard.
            I have your book “There´s no such thing as far away” and I find it very beautiful. I was searching in the internet about RAE and arrived at your site and just discovered that Rae Hansed did was a real girl and unfortunatelly died in car crash.
            Can you tell more about her? When was she born? Did you knew her? Where she was from? What did you feel when received her letter (did you feel inspired right away to right a book?)?

          • The driver who killed her was drunk. Her death was as if I needed even more to despise alcohol. In reality, Rae is just as alive as we are. But oh, the stupidity of some of our dreams!

      • I recently ordered the watercolor version of this book to add to the original one that I had (with Ron Wegen’s illustrations). I have to say i like them both. The watercolors are beautiful and blended and float through with the story and i feel carried in it. But, i do like the first publishings’ illustrations too. They are a bit more distant which allow me to be an observer and concentrate on the story. They reminded me of engravings.

  14. Hi Richard – Thank you for offering to answer questions. Although this is not a question about one of your books, I’ll put it out there anyway. In 2012 you discussed a get together on your old website. I’ve seen several people mention it recently on your new site. I know that I (along with many others who have joined your website) would love to meet you as well as meet each other – fellow travelers with similar beliefs. Is this something you’re still considering?

    • It’s a wonderful idea. I’m not the person to organize it, and I found that in order to find someone to organize it, I need to know what his or her values are, and I can hardly do that since I don’t see anyone I don’t know. So many things I get into that I can’t get out of.

      • Ah, I see the dilemma. Well, although it would be a treat to get together in person, I’m grateful for this website – thank you. It’s a wonderful community that really feels like a family. I love reading not only your posts, but all the fascinating and thought provoking replies. I’m sure a lot of effort goes into maintaining and keeping up with this site and I want you to know it’s appreciated!

  15. Hi, it’s Ruth again – I’ve tried for several years to get the movie Nothing by Chance. Do you know of any plans to release it on DVD or anywhere one could obtain a VHS copy? I’d love to see it.

    • _Nothing by Chance_ was sold to another company, and since then I have no idea what happened to the film. I assume that it has been lost or destroyed. The book, lucky for me, still exists.

  16. In Illusions, ” one ran and one walked back to the car” LOVE that! I don’t care to know which one did what. I can imagine that answer. I want to know who the old man was. Something like, ” he looked at us to see if we recognized him” that has always been a curiosity to me.. Can I get the answer Richard?.

    • I think I know the part you mean, but I can’t find it in the book. (The book was written on a typewriter, I don’t have a Search-the-Text utility for the typewriter.) It wasn’t the little girl chapter; I thought it might have been the vampire chapter, but no. Another book?

      • It was the little girl and her grandpa chapter. I have imagined the little girl walking back to the truck while her grandpa runs back to the truck. Of course the Is has imagined it quite a bit better.

        • : ) I saw it time and again in the Midwest fields. Folks who are so beautifully intelligent, and pretend to be Oh-shucks common. They’d sometimes bring a basket with a little lunch or dinner, wrapped up with a gingham tablecloth. What a delight it was, to meet them!

  17. Now it’s time to open your present. Gifts of tin and glass wear out in a day and are gone. But I have a better gift for you. It is a ring for you to wear. It sparkles with a special light and cannot be taken away by anyone, it cannot be destroyed. You are the only one in all the world who can see the ring that I give you today, as I was the only one who could see it when it was mine. Your ring gives you new power. Wearing it, you can lift yourself into the wings of all the birds that fly. You can see through their golden eyes, you can touch the wind that sweeps through their velvet feathers, you can know the joy of going way up high above the world and all its cares. You can stay as long as you want in the sky, past the night, through sunrise, and when you feel like coming down again, your questions will have answers and your worries will have gone. As anything that cannot be touched with the hand or seen with the eyes, your gift grows more powerful as you use it.
    Dear Richard, what’s the ring in real life, and how can we learn the joy of going way up high above the world and all its cares?

  18. I have a question Richard,

    When I was 11, I read Illusions. I was at a crucial turning point: Deciding to learn more than just the way technology works but rather how the universe does…

    Now, having spent nearly 30 years studying every esoteric system I could find, I’ve concluded that nothing contradicts, or better communicates the simple truths you described. Thank you.

    Einstein is quoted as saying “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” I have always believed the reason we can’t directly understand some of the real detail “beyond day to day experience” is that regular consciousness is not made for this purpose. We have to change consciousness into something other for it to apprehend the “mechanism” of the universe. But then, our language is rooted in day to day experience, so we would not have the words to express what we have seen. Plato was probably right…

    Here is my question: I always felt you hinted that you might write a regular, straight-up, non-fiction philosophy book. Did I imagine it? Did I foresee it? If so, where is this secret book?

    I know that, in a strange kind of way, it can be tiresome receiving thanks for writing something a long time ago. Nonetheless, thank you again… and again. For every one person you hear about, no doubt a thousand more have been changed for the better by your successful attempts to make the ineffable ‘effable’ 😉 .



  19. All your main Characters are fascinating, but one of them always remained mysterious to me. Drake, from Gift of Wings.
    Did you ever met him? How did you get inspired to create him?
    What do you think about him today? In retrospection?

    • Thank you for remembering Drake! I never met him in person, nor knew that he existed, but I so wished he would be _somewhere,_ that he appeared in my mind. I know that he could be out there somewhere today, since he knows how to be hidden, and he knows his mission is just as important as it ever was.

      • I remember from my schooldays when I discovered that I did not understand mathematics and my dream of becoming a jet-fighter pilot was shattered. One moment, while making a bicycle daytrip, I had this fantasy or wish that there would be a flying school which was open to everybody wishing to become a pilot. And giving the opportunity to learn to fly on interesting historical types of aircraft like the Tiger Moth, Texan etc.

        When I read your story “School for perfection” about Drake and his wonderful flying school, years later, when I had acquired my flying license, I almost at once remembered this fantasy/wish. Just coincidence or are their really cosmic powers at work?

        It was fun, learning to fly on a Cessna 150, but it would have been great learning it in a Tiger Moth or/and Piper Cub with 65 horsepower and learning aerobatics on a Texan (known as Harvard in Europe), or having the chance to fly on historical Fokker aircraft like the D-VII.., D-XXI or G-I…

  20. “If you will practice being fictional for awhile, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats”. Richard, what’s up with THAT? How do you practice being fictional in a fictional lifetime? And if bodies and heartbeats are illusion, how does the fictional quality of fictional characters supersede it? (Forgive the breathless nature of this message, I got a little of that starstruck fan thing going on over here).

    • Why, those words were written in a handbook for young Messiah students! An advanced person would be just as puzzled as you were. Of course we drop the unnecessary events of a space-time belief, just as we do when we choose an advanced belief of a world of spirit, learning of soul.

  21. When practicing love is it ever productive to avoid people? Like if every time you start practicing with them you feel hatred or anger or fear instead of love? I do this sometimes and call it practicing self-love. But I’m open to the possibility that it is a cop out.

    So grateful for this opportunity to ask a question!

    • I’d suggest that our feelings of hatred, anger and fear are good reasons not to have anything to do with the people who stress us. I think we learn that this event on Earth is a game in space-time, and that the game is not our life. Why spend time with poor players? Let ’em go!
      [This statement was written by one who has not learned to love poor players.]

      • Yeah, that has been my position on the whole. But then I think about Donald dealing with the callers to the radio show and how he seemed to enjoy every single one.

        The people that I try to avoid keep trying to engage. So I end up pushing away and they almost all end up getting louder in their requests for connection.

        I don’ remember Jonathan having anything to say on the subject of “avoidance for the good of all.” 🙂

  22. Hi Richard. Two questions:-

    1. Is it still possible to go barnstorming, as in Illusions, or have regulations become so tight that it is impractical?

    2. Did you ever learn to make pan-bread that was actually enjoyed by people other than yourself……

    Lots of hugs,

    • Sure you can barnstorm as they did years ago. There will be no insurance, as there was none for me or the early flyers, and you’ll need to pick parts of the country that do not have towered airports (or any airports) nearby. Nowadays, there are lots of 199-foot GPS towers out in the fields. If they’re 200 feet or more they must plot their positions…199 feet tall there’s no regulation on the towers. Lots of agricultural aircraft have problems with a new tower, or wire strikes in low airspace. The upper central Midwest seems best: regular size fields (rectangular quarter-mile long and sometimes half-a-mile long).

      • This is one of the things I miss in crowded Western Europe. No barnstorming or landing in hayfields possible. Or maybe possible, but not allowed. On the other hand, there are a lot of uncontrolled little airfields with grass-runways all over Europe and even in a small country like the Netherlands. But that’s not barnstorming.

        It would be fun to own a little amphibian like Puff. Just take my bike to the airfield of Teuge where I learned to fly: it’s about 8 miles from Deventer, where I live and fly to Friesland in the north of our country where there are a lot of lakes (it will take less than an hour): but in spring and summer there are to many boats there to land safely. I live in a beautiful country, but it’s a little to small and crowded…

  23. Hi Richard – I have a copy of your book: Mensajes para Siempre. Despite taking several semesters of Spanish, it was many years ago and I can no longer understand it! I like that this is a book of quotes from your other books with a footnote giving the book from which it was derived. Any plans for an English version?

  24. Richard, a long time ago I was forced to learn about the “Other Side of the Coin”…How others are faced with, and affected by, our own output. Part of that teaching had to do with realizing selfishness, which I believe is a result of our ego controlling us, instead of the other way around. My question is, does all this adulation affect you in a negative way, inflating your ego, or does all that just slide off like water off a duck? I’m still so primative that it would probably set me back a whole lot…Sometimes it does just a tiny bit anyway, in my field as a so-called “Expert” on boats, especially wooden sailing ones. More importantly, I suppose that I’m missing several important points even to ask this question. Please comment however you see fit…Although I am one year older than you in this life, I see that you see more clearly than I do, and would appreciate any suggestions for avoiding this problem, or even better, nullifying it. I suspect that I am completely missing one or several important principles, but am too foggy to see them. Thanks, Very. …Jeff Lane

    • When we do what we love, and share it with others, the power of the gift will touch us both. When we see some beautiful work, lovely craftsmanship in a wooden boat, in an actor’s work, in a book that reminds us of our own path, of course we’ll be grateful that everything worked as we hoped. As in your life and in mine, it’s our gift that matters, not our image of ourself. It’s isn’t like rain on a duck, its warm sunlight.

      • Jeffery, i found kinsmanship in this question that you posed to Richard. I especially appreciated the way in which it was it worded and the imagery created. The response from Richard was equally as appreciated. A response, which Richard conveyed back to you in his own version of that image —that our gifts, when shared and adored, are like the warmth of the sunlight upon us.
        Thank you….I am going to be using this positive image the next time compliments come my way.

  25. Hi Richard, I remember feeling that Illusions was your way of dealing with people putting you on some type of pedestal because you allowed a message from Source to come through your writing. Is there any truth to that?

    I’m also having trouble remembering which book had the scene in it with a group of people who were re-enacting the same drama over and over again. They were trapped into repeating it over and over again. That and the vampire scene in Illusions stuck with me over the years.

    • You are so right! Being set on a pedestal was a task for Jesus. The stories suggest that he enjoyed it for a while. Yet, if we allow that lofty belief to happen to us, I sense that the time will come when we will be sorry if it ever happened.

      • Oh and I saw several feathers in the clouds within the day of your answer. It seemed to answer my second question in my first post. My husband says that they are called Mares hair clouds but they really looked like feathers, just like the illustration on the book.

  26. Hi Richard wow you are so brave to let us ask questions, what a gift! I think one of the greatest blessings we can have in life is freedom, to do as we wish without obstacles and your life seems to be a reflection of that. My question is have you ever had the inclination or become involved with charity work or any kind of organizations that were close to your heart. If not that’s fine your books are gifts enough, just curious.

    • Never had the inclination to become involved with organizations. I don’t agree with the ideals they choose nor with their methods. Politics, religions and charities assume ideas that I don’t share. They’re free to do as they wish, of course.
      I live as far as I can from them all. It isn’t for me to change them, fortunately, and I hope it isn’t for them to change me.

  27. Hi Richard.
    Perspective – Use it or loose it. If you turned to this page you’re forgetting that what is going on around you is not reality. Please tell, describe me[us] about “other” reality! I am sure you have what to tell us from your own experience, because till this moment i am only looking for it. And please tell us more about when, where, how and etc. did you meet Donald Shimoda and who is He for you? Благодаря ти Ричард и бъди щастлив.

    • There are millions of beliefs, but only one reality. Happiness and disaster, riches and loss, everything in space and time shifts and changes. It may take us a lifetime to find that the only reality is Love. Love does not exist on any map, nor does it exist for any clock. Love can be expressed in all our beliefs, yet it can not be reduced or limited. Always Love has been, ever will it be.

      Donald Shimoda, to my knowledge, has never had a body, never had a lifetime as a mortal. As I began to tell his story, it was as if he were with me, showing scenes for me to write. I remember that I asked, How does one become a Messiah? I typed it, and there was no response. I thought I had found the limits of a character. I left the typewriter, found a potato chip in the kitchen. Returned to the page, read my question, and I heard him say: “They give you a book.” Some characters, I found, may not have limits.
      Donald Shimoda came to me from time to time, most recently after my crash. For me he has become more real than many I’ve met with the bodies. Isn’t it true for all of us? Isn’t it the quality of character that seems most real for us? Even the quality of character within ourselves?

      • About Donald Shimoda….
        It’s too easy to forget the magic and miracle of who we are and where we come from, to become trapped in negativity and self created limitations. Donald will always be a reminder of this, the reality of who we really are. Whether he had a body on this earth or not, it doesn’t matter because that reality is real and it exists within us all. He reminds me of this every day and for this I am eternally grateful. I was 15 when I read Illusions, and became an expert at vaporizing clouds, but not so good at walking through walls (not for a lack of trying.) Later on I realized that to do this one must be in a very high and pure vibrational state. This takes dedication and practice, perfection of thoughts and actions, but as many saints have said miracles are only part of the journey, not the goal.

      • Dear Richard.. humanitarian of the spirit and soul, I just finished Illusions 2 and something you said caught my eye. You mention spirit guide a few times, is that what Donald Shimoda is to you? It makes so much sense, since we all have them!

  28. As I wrote in a post in the subject about watching television: I maybe different in my view on the world in comparison with most visitors on this site: I am very interested in politics and I believe that the social-economic systems we live in have great impact on how we live, feel and think. But “Love is all that matters”. When we really try to make that the center of all our thougts and actions, bad politics and bad social-economic systems and wars are impossible!

    • Would Admiral Byrd have made a much bigger event if he had discovered a hollow earth? His life was discovering, so the two videos on one are of two different presenters…and Bryd did not mention it when he could easily have done so. I think I’d need more information.

  29. Hello Richard!
    I was just reading an old interview with you, where you were telling about your Manhattan job. You decided to become the one who you wanted to be, although it wasn’t that easy. I have no idea about what kind of job you were talking about, but I wonder, is it right to quit something you’re really good at (and your success is guaranteed) and chase something you dream about, something that makes you truly happy (but you’re not sure if you can succeed in it)?

    • Hi! In Manhattan, I was an associate editor at Flying Magazine. A friend suggested that since I could write articles that some readers liked, why could I not write books? I had never considered that before. How does become a writer of books? Not quite a dream, but a fascination for me. One does it by practicing, I found, and by holding jobs to buy food till ones books are finished. Of course that’s still the way that one becomes a writer. Maybe it’s the way one does anything…one just begins it, makes mistakes, and in time one doesn’t quit. Plan on some difficult times, plan on the beautiful days which will meet you and your dear ferocious persistence, one day.

  30. Hello Master Richard,
    My name is Tim, I am a russian photographer who lives in Tokyo. I must apologize if my english is wrong.
    I`ve been with you for 21 years now, though its my first time writing you and even realising that I could too. I am 30 y.o. and I`ve met Jonathan when I was 9, I read it in russian than. My amazing father gave me the book and told me to spend some time with it.
    Since that day I` ve been coming back and holding to the words of your book dearly for very long and I wanted to say Thank You, Richard. You teached me to be always inspired by life.

    And whenever I feel lost, I remember that you love all because of the one – that is all inside of us.

    I am 30 now. I do portrait photography, which has two ways – one commercial and one is private. The private one become a therapy for many people I portrait, I inspire them to open their hearts. Many people don`t know how to open their heart or be sincere even for a moment, and I inspire them through photography… and through being always inspired by them. They always ask me… where do you start, how do you become a person who just being sincere, who is not tangled in the material values, and I always answer – well, I started with reading a small book by Richard Bach…

    I did not had a question when I started writing this message, but I knew I will have one by the end and I do have now. It always take some time to be sincere, to stop holding… 🙂

    I wanted to ask you about fear of being alone. Do you experience it? How you deal with it?
    This one is always comes back to me. The further I go – the more scared I am that I will not meet there anybody…

    • There’s no fear for me when I’m alone, but I do talk with the people I don’t see. I talk with my friends and family who have died, and I talk with ones who came to me as characters in my books. And I guess you know that from time to time they’ll tell me their stories in a way I never would have expected. The first time I saw my father after he died, for instance, I asked why it was that he was so stern with me, why he asked from me things that I could never do (to stay in school, to become an academic, for instance). He smiled and said, “That was my job!” So often these friends bring to us what no one else could say. I prefer to have one person to live with me, but sometimes when she has to be elsewhere, the friends of my chosen silence come when I’m alone, and say Hi.

    • Tim;
      Fear not. In reality, it is impossible to be alone. Mortal consciousness, the human dream/illusion, may allow that feeling but it is not part of reality. We are all part of the infinite expression of infinite Life connected by infinite Love which allows us to experience all the companionship we could ever need. After reading Richard’s gifts, I have found that loneliness is not part of my experience.

  31. Hi Richard.

    In both “Biplane” and “Nothing by Chance” you describe some minor crashes that you experienced, but nothing as serious as the event with Puff. I wonder if you would mind sharing whether your approach to flying has changed as a result of this accident and if so, how?

    What was it like, the first time back in the air? And subsequently? Have you found that it changed the pilot you are?

    Having survived my own mid-air a couple of years back, I would be really interested in your thoughts on this.


    • The little crashes then were mostly landing gear failures, a ground-loop for me and two friends I agreed to fly the Parks, and once when I hit a back-furrow in the grass. So long ago that happened, and it seems like now! _Illusions II_ talked about the crash, the rebuilding of Puff and flying her again. One learns a lot about death and dying for us, too, when our airplane crashes.

      The event with Puff, I think, cured me of flying into wires. As far as I can tell, there are few wires over the open ocean, where we’ve flown since. Still I look for them!

    • It’s simply imagination. The ideas of our heart become truth for us, in time. I believe there’s a grand reason for our belief in this world… and that’s true for me. Others disagree, and that world is their truth.
      If our own sense of past is troubling for us, why, we can change it! If someone believes they had a wicked parent, for instance, they can simply invent a loving one instead, and keep living with that dear parent until he or she is true for us, and the other dissolves. Impossible for some, easy for others, but that new past is available when we choose it for ourselves.

      • Richard;

        Thank you for all you have given … so far.

        What do you believe is the “grand reason for our belief in this world”?

        • One reason, it seems to me, is that we choose a world that seems to be real, with difficult tests; yet the answer to all of the tests is simple, powerful, and already within us. Discovering this, we learn much about the reality of our eternal spirit.

  32. Hi Richard,
    I’ve read most of the books you’ve written, even your Ferret Chronicles, and was quite excited to see you had written Illusions II. I just ordered that today along with The Messiahs Handbook. Your words just resonate with me. It’s as though my insides just sing as you touch the cords that say truth. Thank you for you, and your ability to wait softly and hear the words being given to you after you ask those questions that everyone wants answers too. I would like to be able to open myself to answers , how to I just let the answers come? How do you do it?

  33. Hi Richard,

    Would you please clarify the quote, “Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness.”

    For whatever reason I don’t literally understand the sentence. Not that I agree or disagree with its meaning lol, I literally just don’t understand the sentence. And I am very interested to understand it.

    I asked my mother if she understood and she seemed to be fearful and illusive and wanted context, but then she said she just didn’t understand. This peaked my curiosity only more, haha.

    Thank You!!

    • “Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of our selfishness.”


      “When your highest sense of right,
      matches what you truly want for yourself,
      then you have demonstrated your own beliefs in everyday practice.”

  34. I have been reading Illusions for years. And the wompire from Tronsylwania chapter has stuck in my mind, refusing to unhook and leave me in peace.

    This last week, I was blessed to be in a space where I could watch the depth of manipulations and see how amazingly sticky they are. How pervasive and invasive, especially when wielded artfully. I was shocked, as I watched these spirits of different kinds of manipulations play out.

    Shocked both at the depth of others capabilities in the game, and shocked at my own capable manipulations that I use like dearly loved tools – pushing away others who scare me in fear and defiance.

    “He even told you he’d be hurt if …”
    “He was going to suck my blood!”
    “Which is what we do to anyone when we tell them we’ll be hurt if they don’t live life our way”

    And in an instant, I suddenly understood this in a new way.

    My choice, to be hurt or not.

    Harmony and Balance in these spaces seem to be where Donald Shimoda, in his Advanced Mastery of Spirit – Is – when he gently taunted the good Christian right on the radio.

    I just wonder, is to possible for it to be my choice to be in fear or not?

    Thank you for sharing your gifts. I know you couldn’t help but do so, influencing my impressionable 10 year old mind for One.


  35. What would Shimoda say about Artificial Intelligence?
    I’m wondering if one day AI will show us the nature of illusions of this World.

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