Running from Safety















If the child we were asked us today for the best we’ve learned from living, what would we tell, and what would we discover in return?

6 thoughts on “Running from Safety

  1. Running From Safety has and will remain one of my favorite ‘go to’ books. I give it to friends, relatives anyone, who I believe needs to ask that question. My copy is worn and tattered, pages dogearred, passages memorized.
    I’m such a fan of Richard Bach that at a very young age, I was certain our paths would cross. I was fascinated by old bi-planes, even would seek out the airports they flew out of, one here in my home town, Van Sant Airport, just a little grassy strip in the middle of a field. I went on to become a flight attendant and often flew in and out of Seattle, WA.
    I’m quite certain nine year old Dawn would have lots of questions to ask and I would simply observe.
    Thank you for flying above and beyond and giving us the gift of your words.
    With kindest regard,
    Dawn Richards

    • Van Sant was the home where my friend, old biplane pilot and antique collector Billy Howe used to fly! May his spirit bless you now!

  2. Hi, Mr. Bach,
    Let me start off by saying that I adore your books and your writing is so inspirational to me. Everything I’ve read by you has always made me stop and think (that’s a good thing!). Anyway, I’m trying to get ahold of “Running from Safety”. I always have purchased your books through the iBooks store. Is “Running from Safety” available through iBooks like your other novels? If not, will it be released on iBooks sometime in the future?
    Any information you may have regarding this is greatly appreciated. iBooks is the quickest way I can buy books and I REALLY want to read your book.
    Thanks in advance!

    • _Running from Safety_ is available on a few website bookstores. If it isn’t on iBooks, I’m sure the president of iBooks would be glad to make it on her shelves again, of only she had a call for you about its sudden disappearance.

  3. Hi Mr. Bach,

    I just wanted to say that your books inspired me as a child, as a teenager, and still inspire me today. Jonathan Livingston Seagull taught me how to keep dreaming, pursuing my passions and giving my best to them, being a better human being, and for that I will be forever thankful!!!

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