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5 thoughts on “Site Comments Policy

  1. I’ve been reading your books from my childhood , the first is still in my room, with my name on it when I was in third grade.
    Each has been an adventure for me and why I write these lines to thank you for each of them .
    I’ve flown with you every word of your books , I felt the wind on my face and fear in storms or lack of speed . Periodically open the manual the Messiah looking for some help and it has never failed , although I must say that sometimes I have delayed several days to understand .
    I do not want these lines look like a thanksgiving to God or something, but I want to tell you that today, over many years , many flights, many joys and many sorrows, your stories have been there with me to this day .
    Richard thank you very much for sharing these moments.

    Please , sorry about my english.

    Santiago, Chile

  2. I had an idea to write this email for a long time but i got ready to do so just now. It is important for me that it’s you persanally who reads this message. You are a special person for me. I have only a few of those in my life. There is no specific reason for that just because you are…The answers that I get from your books are always stright to the point and I communicate with you there sometimes. Just thank you that I know you even though you don’t know me.

      • Thanks for replying. I am from Russia originally but I have lived in USA for two years and I visited Grand Canyon. When I was reading your book recently I saw pictures of Canyon. I felt nostalgie of that place…it was amazing that time being there

  3. I think one of the things I enjoyed most was making a perfect 3 pointer in my SNJ or my 2T-1A in the last minutes of a summer evening before sunset… rounding out a few knots above stall… touching down… and making easily the first turn off.. it was a feeling of love…of understanding…of gratitude… of appreciation… all amplified when I hopped out to put the a/c in the hangar… and the leading edges where already clean….

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