Stranger to the Ground

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  1. Hi Rich,

    I just started reading “Stranger to the Ground” via an electronic version. I had never heard of the book before and only found it after searching for material on the F-84 Thunderstreak. I was immediately mesmerized and drawn in by your description of strapping into the aircraft and starting your flight. I haven’t gotten far in, but know I will continue to enjoy it. I have just ordered a used paperback copy, and am trying to find other hard copies to read from.

    I will comment more as I read it. Do you feel any special attachment to the F-84 Thunderstreak? Also, do you have any pictures of yourself in USAF days that you could post or send me?


    Ron Lapp

  2. Dear Richard,
    I have the great wish, to say “Thank You” to you for the nice hours reading your books. I didn’t read all your books, but my favorite books I’ve read twice or more.
    The first contact to your books was STRANGER TO THE GROUND (in German: MEINE WELT IST DER HIMMEL = My World is the Heaven). I found this book in our library of our litte city in Germany. I was 13 and insane to flying. It gaves me a look in the cockpit, what I couldn’t do in this age! In later years I read this book again and again and after beeing first glider pilot and later privat pilot the adventure of reading changed more and more.
    This book was my first book from you and it has a place of honor in my little privat library. The next favourite books are “NOTHING BY CHANCE” and “THE GIFT OF WINGS”.
    I wish you many wonderful flying adventures and a lot of healthy


  3. Started reading this book during a night flight in a (multi-engine 🙂 ) passengerplane. On the tablet a copy of the pilot manual of the Republic F-84F Thinderstreak. Very good book. Could only written by an experienced pilot.

  4. I was an F84 pilot and I have practiced the HABS and LABS systems. I like to get an electronic format of the book if possible.Congradulations and thanks a lot.

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